Zeroshulk Frequently Asked Questions


Zeroshulk is a private-owned business which was first established as V. Kumar and co. It was later renamed in 1996. 

Since then, the business operations have expanded across varying commodity markets and has earned membership of the MCX stock exchange. 

This was in 2008. On its own, it has not less than 100 employees.

Zeroshulk is an efficient discount stock broker which offers clients an avenue to trade and make investments in commodity trading, currency trading, equity, insurance, fixed deposits and bonds. 

It has its trading platform spread across the web and different software applications. 

This discount broker has been evolving since its establishment and offers up to 20 times exposure across its segments.

Zeroshulk Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does account opening at Zeroshulk come with charges?

Ans. For this stockbroker, it is actually free to open the account and you don’t even need to fund your demat account. Also, the AMC is free for use on the platform in the first year.

Q2. Does Zeroshulk have a great customer service?

Ans. The discount stock broker uses few communication channels to provide just an average customer service to its clients. More training would be given to the support staff so as to enhance the general quality of service provided.

Q3. What are the charges on brokerage as issued by Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk offers three kinds of brokerage plans for customers. There is the flat INR 15 per executed trade for beginners, the monthly plan (INR 999 per month) and the unlimited trading plan which costs INR 2499 and covers for a lifetime.


Q4. What leverage values does Zeroshulk offer cross its market segments?

Ans. Zeroshulk is relatively safe when it comes to exposure. It provides 3 times exposure for future trading, 19 times for Intraday trading and none for options trading.

Q5. What are Zeroshulk offers?

Ans. Zeroshulk prides in customer satisfaction. customers have certain benefits to gain from such as zero account opening, open free trading account, open free demat account and flat brokerage of INR 15 per trade.

Q6. Does it take long to open a Zeroshulk account?

Ans. No, it doesn’t take long. You only have to fill out a form, receive a call from the sales team, provide a few documents to support and then the account will be activated within 1 working day.

Q7. Why should I open a trading account with Zeroshulk?

Ans. There are many reasons why you should. The account opening process is not stressful, it has an efficient online presence, it allows investment in other asset classes, no charges for account opening and it offers smooth working trading platform.

Q8. What are products offered by Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk offers its clients the following products; futures, options, mutual funds, commodity, equity and currency.

Q9. What services are offered by Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk doesn’t only offer products, they also offer a wide range of services such as trading services, Demat services, IPO services, Intraday services, trading exposure (up to 20 times) and portfolio management services.

Q10. How many days total will it take to open  a Zeroshulk account?

Ans. Zeroshulk features a ‘do-it-yourself’ easy way of opening account. On the average it takes about 5 days to complete the whole process.

Q11. Does Zeroshulk have a mobile app?

Ans. Yes, Zeroshulk does have a mobile app which is secure and easy to use. The app has great connectivity and speed of usage. It is good for trading and can be readily downloaded from the play store.

Q12. What are available trading platforms that Zeroshulk offers?

Ans. There are available trading platforms for different devices and browsers. The features and applications include desktop platform (windows and mac), desktop browser platform, android app iOS app, news flash, live markets, online MF buy etc.

Q13. Does Zeroshulk offer an offline trading?

Ans. No, Zeroshulk doesn’t offer an offline trading however, it offers full online trading with email support.

Q14. Can I use the chat support feature?

Ans. At the moment, Zeroshulk doesn’t provide a live chat feature but you can contact the customer support using the support number or simply send an email.

Q15. What are the advantages of using Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk has lots of advantages such as low brokerage rate and zero account opening charges. It has a great performance in different market variables and has available email and voice support.

Q16. Are there disadvantages of using Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk customers stand to gain a lot however, it may be lacking in only few things such as lack of advisory and less exposure.

Q17. What type of company is Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk is a private discount broker company located in India.

Q18. What does Zeroshulk charge on brokerages?

Ans. Zeroshulk charges INR 15 for equity delivery trading, commodity options trading, equity intraday trading, equity futures trading, equity options trading, currency options trading, minimum Zeroshulk brokerage and currency features trading.

Q19. Is LMT used in Zeroshulk? What does it mean?

Ans. LMT typically refers to ‘Limit Order’ in Zeroshulk.

open ZEROSHULK demat acc

Q20. How does one use margin in Zeroshulk?

Ans. There are different ways of using margin in Zeroshulk. Margin trading in Zeroshulk can be used specifically on duties, commodities and Intraday.

Q21. Is there a charge for Intraday margin? How much does Zeroshulk charge?

Ans. Zeroshulk actually doesn’t charge its clients for utilizing the margin on intraday.

Q22. Why do I need the Zeroshulk margin calculator?

Ans. You need the Zeroshulk margin calculator for a number of reasons. It covers most of the segments of the market, It helps traders manage their capital and plan their trade across different segment of the market  and you can even use up to 20 times of margin on the option trading.

Q23. What number of margin does Zeroshulk provide for commodity?

Ans. Five times margin is provided for commodity on Zeroshulk hence, there is no available Zeroshulk commodity future margin calculator that can be used to run calculations.

Q24. Is MCX enabled on Zeroshulk?

Ans. Zeroshulk sure does have MCX enabled across its trading platform. This is similar and is as simple as the equity trading.

Q25. Which documents are needed to open an account with Zeroshulk?

Ans. Not much documents are needed here. You simply need to send in a proof of your address, your income and your PAN card.

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