Zerodha Varsity – Stock Trading Education Made Easy. Top Educational E-Portal about the stock market.

What is Zerodha Varsity?

What is Zerodha Varsity is a frequently asked question when considering the Zerodha Varsity overview. 

The answer is simple a definition of the varsity and the brain behind the development.

In a nutshell, Zerodha Varsity is a trendy and top educational E-Portal about the stock market initiated by Zerodha – the biggest stockbroker in India.

Varsity from Zerodha is absolutely FREE for users to access. Interestingly, you can get the fundamentals and advance concepts from the portal.

Varsity from Zerodha teaches customers topics about investments and trading. Each of the ten modules has different chapters describing the following:

  • 1. Fundamental Analysis
  • 2. Stock Trading
  • 3. Technical Analysis
  • 4. Futures Trading
  • 5. Commodity Trading
  • 6. Intraday Trading
  • 7. Options strategies
  • And some other key financial concepts associated with the stock market. 

As a matter of fact, Zerodha Varsity is unique, making it the best online trading education platform accessible for FREE.

In another development, the Varsity App on stock education has also been released and made available on Google Play Store.

Varsity from Zerodha is such a voluminous guide for any individual who is joining the Indian stock market and has no knowledge or understanding of it before. 

Varsity is powered and supported by premium content written in a logical way and excellent tools. Anybody can access the portal without any financial commitment.

In India, only 2 percent of the population invests in the stock market due to a lack of experience, knowledge, and information.

In addition, there are no useful resources in the educational system to give a good guide towards stock trading and marketing. 

Stock Trading Education at Zerodha Varsity
Stock Trading Education at Zerodha Varsity

That was why Varsity was launched by Zerodha in 2010.

It is a multi-purpose stock market educational model that offers profitable information about the Indian stock market in an easy language.

Whether you are a beginner, student, or expert who wants to learn about the Indian stock market from basic to the advanced level, Zerodha Varsity is the key because you will find everything about the Indian stock market. 

With varsity, you can easily conquer your trading fear, play safe, become experienced, and invest in the right place.

It is an avenue for learning how to read and understand the nitty-gritty and essentials of a specific stock for long-term investment. 

And the portal will teach you Intraday trading, what stop loss is all about, Technical Analysis tips, how to understand the market trend and make money from it if you are a day trader.

Without a doubt, varsity serves as a broking guide or knowledge bank which offers the necessary information to whoever wants to have a deep understanding of the stock market.

You may decide to start studying the module from the beginning or go straight to the module that suits you, depending on your current understanding and experience of the stock market.

Who is Varsity Designed for? 

Having answered what is Zerodha Varsity, it is necessary to know those who actually need these educational resources.

Its online stock market educational portal initiated by Zerodha is suitable for:

  • Users or traders who are looking for educational trading materials or resources they can access on the go from anywhere, using the Zerodha Varsity app.
  • Novices and beginners who are looking to start trading in the right direction following the right steps
  • Those who have limited knowledge of the stock market and want to acquire knowledge on different levels of stock market trading.

Although there are more than a few educational resources online to choose from, the fact is that Varsity is the most outstanding and ground-breaking of them all.

Overview of Varsity Modules

As mentioned earlier in this Zerodha Varsity review, this stock market learning-based project from Zerodha is grouped into ten different modules. 

The separation is carried out in a way that will make a beginner without any stock market trading background begin with the first module and by the time such a person completes the tenth module, he will be someone of good know-how of the stock market.

Explained below are the ten modules:

Module 1: The Introduction to the Stock Market

This is the module that sets the tone and pace for a starter-level trader and creates basics to get started.

In other words, it teaches how to invest the stock market including detail information regarding particular market entities.

Introduction to the stock market module shares all the knowledge concerning the stock market and how to invest in the stock market.

In other words, you will be equipped with information about how the India stock market ecosystem works and the way different entities are connected and related to each other.

You will get to know the necessary theoretical aspects related to the India stock market by the end of this module.

Module 2: Technical Analysis

This is the technical analysis module. It is particularly designed for those who want to trade stock at the intraday level.

All traders and investors who are seeking short-term investment and information about Zerodha Varsity Technical Analysis get to know different mechanisms and tools that can help them do analysis and then select the stocks that will earn profits for them.

Module 3: Fundamental Analysis

You are required to carry out a thorough fundamental analysis if you are looking to invest your money on a long-term basis.

Varsity Fundamental Analysis will provide you with tips and remarkable knowledge regarding how you can do long-term investment analysis.

With the Fundamental Analysis tool, you will understand how to read stock market profit and loss account, cash flow statements, and balance sheet.

Module 4: Futures Trading

This is the module for you if you are somebody who actually wants to trade at the derivatives level.

Zerodha Varsity Futures trading module will teach you diverse kinds of intricacies of derivative trading at the futures segment level.

Thus, be aware of the fact that it is better to study and understand the basics of Futures trading before jumping into the market.

Futures tools will make you understand how things work in the backend as far as futures trading is concerned.

It is certain that you will have the basic knowledge of the concept if you go through the Futures module.

Module 5: Option Trading

If you want to trade options either at the advanced or intermediate level, you need the Zerodha Varsity Options module.

The Options module teaches you how to set up the right tips and tricks you need for options trading, such as call ratio back spread, Buying and Selling option call, Theta, Gamma, Delta, and lots more.

The intermediate level of the Options module will make you understand options theories you can find for expert-level traders.

It may be difficult for beginner traders to understand it at first, but with time and regular practice, things will get better.

Module 6: Option Strategy

You need to read the option strategy module to learn about certain strategies you can use when you are trading in the options segments if you are serious about taking your skill level high.

Once you finish the Zerodha Varsity Options module, you can easily set up your own strategies.

Module 7: Markets and Taxation

This module is designed and of great importance to every individual who is trading at the primary level and finding it difficult to understand taxation and market shares.

When you go through the market and taxation module, you will know exactly the type and the amount of tax you will have to deposit depending on trade size and volume.

Module 8: Currency and Commodity Futures 

There are traders who trade at Commodity and Currency levels in the stock market, apart from Equity Trading.

You can get all your problems and concerns eliminated with the currency and commodity futures module. 

It will solve all your problems of USD/ INR pair, cross-currency pairs, currency pricing, and commodity basis.

If you are a trader who wants to explore diverse kinds of commodities for stock market trading, this is the module that will help you understand the standing of these commodities, including their returns expectations and risks involved.

Module 9: Risk Management and Trading Psychology

The risk management and trading psychology module teach the basic and advanced concepts about expected return, risk, portfolio optimization, trading basics, and value at risk.

In a nutshell, the module discusses some of the advanced concepts available in the stock market trading space and makes the users know some of the facts and intricacies associated with investing and trading.

Module 10: Trading Systems

Trading Systems talk about different stock trading systems and techniques. You may decide to ignore this module if you are a beginner to stock trading because it covers those areas that are absolutely irrelevant at this very stage of your trading cycle.

As far as the theoretical understanding of investing and trading is concerned, you can place yourself in a much better position at the completion of Zerodha Varsity.

It is recommended that you make sure you get some practical exposure as you learn these concepts.

If not, what you have learned can just disappear in no time, leaving you on the same spot you were before.

Zerodha Varsity Download

The greatest part of this experience is that Varsity Download is easy and FREE.

It is an extraordinary online stock marketing education portal without any hidden charges or premium alerts. 

Download for FREE and start learning about Indian stock marketing all the year round on any platform with ease.

Zerodha Varsity Pros and Cons


  • With Zerodha Varsity, you have access to premium and engaging content as the modules are available online for easy assessment.
  • The portal is autonomous, meaning that it can operate on any platform flawlessly. Varsity Download can be done with ease and accessible easily, whether you are using iOS or Android.
  • The modules are well organized with subtitles or topics.
  • Unlike some other online Zerodha platforms, it is totally FREE.
  • The interactive Question and Answer session allows for interaction and sharing of doubts and queries with other learners and Zerodha admin.
  • Precise, short, and simple to understand modules.
  • It comes with real-time illustrations and examples, making content readable and appealing.
  • The Varsity module comes from a dependable source of learning and knowledge.
  • It was written and compiled by professional stock investors and traders
  • Varsity modules are updated with most current information on a regular basis.
  • You don’t need trading or a DEMAT account to access Zerodha Varsity.
  • The platform is available on PDF format, meaning that you can read any of the modules in offline mode.
  • Varsity from Zerodha doesn’t require a login, which makes the entire process of content consumption convenient and super easy.


  • Going through the modules can be time-consuming while the flow charts are misleading.
  • It contains very lengthy content, leading to loss of interest at a point in time.
  • Varsity doesn’t come with multimedia facilities such as videos, audio profile, and podcast

Zerodha Varsity APP

The Zerodha Varsity App retains the richness and goodness of content of the Web version of Varsity and brings in a lot of features that will enhance your learning experience.

Zerodha Varsity App is available on iOS and Android and it is downloadable from the Google Play Store.

open zerodha demat account
open zerodha demat account


You can never be successful with guess tips and tricks in the actual stock trading world. As a result, in order to achieve great success, you must improve both your basics and advanced level concepts of the Indian stock market.

There are a lot of online platforms and portals where you can easily find information about the Indian stock market.

However, Zerodha Varsity is the only guaranteed online platform where you will get engaging content as per the current market situation.

It is a complete ten different modules with several subtopics. It can be accessed from anywhere with any device, including the Varsity App.

Zerodha Varsity will help you catch up with the dynamic India stock market and its processes.

It is the teacher that will teach you about investments, and alleviate the anxiety associated with stock trading.

Zerodha Varsity FAQs

What is this Varsity by Zerodha all about?

Varsity from Zerodha is an education portal that teaches clients the in-depth of India stock trading. 

Why is Zerodha Varsity Fundamental Analysis important?

Zerodha Varsity Fundamental Analysis is important because you can easily use it to establish the fair value of any company by analyzing the past and present performance of the company carefully. Fair value helps to determine whether the company is overvalued or undervalued.For this reason, Fundamental Analysis is essential in stock picking.

Is Varsity from Zerodha available for free?

Varsity from Zerodha is available online for investors and traders to access without paying a dime. 

What are the diverse kinds of Zerodha Varsity Fundamental Analysis?

Zerodha Varsity fundamental analysis is a way of assessing the inherent value of an asset and analyzing the factors that may likely impact its price in the future. This form of Zerodha Varsity Fundamental Analysis depends on external influences, events, industry trends, and financial statements.

How can I trade commodities on the Zerodha platform?

You are required to sign up for a commodity account on Zerodha by paying a 200 INR one-time fee if you want to trade commodities on the Zerodha platform. It is noteworthy that a commodity account doesn’t attract any AMC charge. The brokerage for commodity on the Zerodha platform is 20 INR or 0.01 percent, whichever of the two is lower-order executed order.

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