Zerodha Trading Platform Review – Kite app, Kite3.0 Web, PI Desktop Software


Zerodha is the No.1 broker in India, providing services to invest in the stock market, derivatives, funds, and many other ways of investment. They are having more than 1.5 million clients all over India. Having a very high ratio of 15% of retail orders all over India.

Zerodha provides services as all the types of trading’s like if you are looking for a day trading which is called intraday trading is available. Trading of something that is out of exchange known as delivery trading also a part of Zerodha, options trading, and Future trading platform.

You can work on any of the trading types. Demo trading platform that is known as to use for demo only you can choose Zerodha who provides Saturday for this. Currency trading platform that uses some currency trades. All the mobile, web and software trading platforms type is with Zerodha. Zerodha trading platform reviews are very good that is provided by the users.    

Mutual funds investment is also a Zerodha broker’s service. Mutual funds are those that are used by the investors to buy their securities. Investors can be of any type. They can be retailed, institutional, and nature.

Availability Of Trading Platforms

Mobile Trading Platform Yes
Web Trading Platform Yes
Desktop Trading Platform Yes
Demo Trading Platform No
Intraday Trading Platform Yes
Algo Trading Platform Yes
Options And Futures Trading Platform Yes
Commodity Trading Platform Yes
Zerodha Trading platform
Zerodha Trading platform

Zerodha Trading Platforms

Trading can be done on anything, you can use the trading app on mobile, a software that can be used for trading at your PC and also an online trading web application can also be used for trading at the desktop.

All of the products of the Zerodha trading platform are mentioned below. All the stock market works are done by these products.

  • Kite (Mobile App)
  • Varsity mobile
  • Kite 3.0 (Web version)
  • Kite Connect API
  • Streak (Algo trading platform)
  • Zerodha-Pi (Desktop Version)
  • Console
  • Coin
  • Sentinel

All of the above are the products that are used by Zerodha trading. We are going to have a complete introductory look at all of them.

Zerodha Kite ( Mobile App)

Kite is a huge platform of Zerodha trading. It’s having all of the advanced options and provides all the facilities of this modern. All of the innovations are presented to reach and advance level for the clients and users.

Here are some of the main benefits of the kite platform that shows the importance of the Kite.

  • Latest Search

It’s having an advanced level research system, you can search your favorite stock, such as metals, bonds or anything else which you want.  You can search across 90,000 stocks.

  • User-friendly

A very high designed interface for both the buyer and seller, you can navigate the app at any time. Having very advance level keyboard shortcuts.

  • Real-time widgets

You can have all the latest stocks and quotes by using all the real-time widgets.  

  • Charting and graphing

With the advance system of showing visuals, you can have a charting view of all the stocks. No one can provide such a nice system.

  • GTT

You can trigger your enter or exist by just having a single click at matching your price conditions.

  • Unlimited extensibility

Connectivity of any app to the Kite for the trading experience is allowed. You can have any app in connectivity with Kite, its ecosystem.

Zerodha Varsity Eduction App
Zerodha Trading Platforms: Zerodha Varsity Eduction App

Zerodha Varsity

It is an educational app for beginners to get knowledge in depth. Having a huge collection of the lessons and the content is provided in different steps so that it will help you in learning.

It’s having a certification facility that you have to attempt after having some small quizzes at the end of every step.

Rating of Zerodha Mobile Trading Platform  

Criteria Ratings
Performance 7/10
Speed 9/10
Features 8/10
Availability 9/10
Usability 8.5/10
Star ratings ★★★★
Zerodha Kite App
Zerodha Trading platform: Zerodha Kite

Kite 3.0 (Web version)

Kite 3.0 is the desktop version of the Zerodha trading platform. Kite 3.0 is the online trading platform for Zerodha. It has all the finer options and it offers all the possibilities in this modern age. All innovations will be showcased to reach and advance the level of both customers and users.

The following are some of the key benefits of the kite platform, which illustrate the importance of kites.

  • Easy to use

The interface is designed to be very high for buyers and sellers, you can navigate through the app at any time. It has a very complex keyboard shortcut.

  • Recent searches

It has an advanced research system where you can search for your favorite assets such as metals, bonds or whatever you want. You can search for 90,000 shares.

  • Live widgets

With all the real-time widgets you can have all the latest stocks and quotes.

  • Graphs and charts

With a sophisticated visual display system, you can have a full chart view. No one can provide a good system.

All of the above are the complete features of Kite 3.0.

Setting Up Zerodha Kite 3.0

Setting up the Zerodha Dragon 3.0 web platform is a very simple process.

  • Open a Demat account with Zerodha and complete the form
  • You will receive your kite login ID
  • Use to sign in with your Zerodha Kite ID
  • After you successfully log into your account, you will find the  market watch option
  • Write a share name after clicking on it.
  • You will see Dropbox on the page, you can select the stock you want to purchase or sell.
  • After the stock option is selected, the plus button will appear, just click and add your share to the market
  • After the stock is added to your market, you will find options such as buying, selling depth, and stock chart.
  • If you want to press the buy button, adjust the stock, and place an order. Ready
  • Place profile picture
  • B or S icon use to Buy or Sell
  • You can see your ownership in the portfolio section
  • Click Chart to control all chart types that can be used for analysis
  • You can see all the latest notifications in the notification window

This is a different option that customers can use to set up their Zerodha Kite 3.0 account. 

Kite Connect API

You can have a super trading API for your startup with having 2 million trades on a daily basis and 200+ million requests of the HTTP. Just start with Zerodha and get 1 million clients at your platform. You can use all the steps to add it into your coding platform for Algo trading

Zerodha Streak Algo

Streak is an Algo trading platform for Zerodha clients and customers. It’s having the facility to have Algo trading.  A platform where you can do your trading without coding.   Streak is the fastest Algo creating a platform using all the stop loss and target profit for which you trade.

Here are some features of it.

  • You can add more than five conditions
  • Apply strategies of the loss and profit
  • Use the technical indicators
  • You can apply to backtest for performance


Software launched in 2015 for desktop by Zerodha trading platform. This is a partnership platform with Tradelab. A new update applied in 2016.  Pi is having all the latest features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Latest charting system

Pi is having a huge quantity of the charts for a display that can be used for visuals. It’s having more than 80 techniques for indications.  Zerodha desktop trading platform is having 30 tools for any type of annotation.

  • History of data

Zerodha’s online trading platform is having a very awesome feature of the historical data view in the form of charts. All of your previous trades, stocks, and FRO everything is viewable here.

  • Strategies and backtesting

Pi is having a facility of the back setting your all previous strategies. Even you can try their implementation automatically.  It’s having a powerful code language algorithm.

  • Recognition of the pattern

It’s having a pattern system and check in the charts for you with these latest features. This is a technical analysis work.

  • Expert advisors

You can get live advice from the expert advisors using their strategies and also from others.

  • Artificial intelligence process system

Pi is having the world’s latest artificial intelligence algorithm system. This is a neural system based process system. Above all are the features of the pi-Zerodha software features.

Zerodha Console – Backoffice Platform

Zerodha trading platform provides you a complete reporting system of your trading. Here are some benefits of the console.

  • You can have a different form of visuals about your trades and portfolios that makes it easy to understand everything.
  • Your trade history from start to end.
  • Provides you the tax reports.
  • Download access
  • Credits and debits management

All of the above are the advantages of the console that is the product of Zerodha.

Zerodha Coin App
Zerodha Trading Platforms: Zerodha Coin App

Zerodha Coin – Mutual Fund Platform

Without paying any commission you can buy mutual funds directly from the managing companies. You can have all your bonds and currencies in your Demat account. 

Here are some features of Zerodha Coin:

  • Mutual funds platform for investments
  • No commission
  • Reports provided urgently
  • You can increase SIP or decrease SIP
  • Complete tracking of NAV

All the above are the features of the Zerodha trading platform.

Zerodha Sentinel – Alert Platform

Stock market alerts provided just gave your opportunity to it to handle all your alerts. It will not miss any of your favorite stocks. It’s all in free with Zerodha brokers. You can make alerts on more than 80,000 stocks and bonds.

Here are some features of the Zerodha Sentinel:

  • Alerts and notification provider
  • Multiple triggers provider
  • Any last service alerts
  • Non-user of Zerodha can also use it.

Basically it’s a cloud-based tool for making prices on any of the stocks or contracts. Zerodha is a trading platform of all types. Zerodha provides services for all types of transactions as if you were looking for intraday trading, which is called Zerodha intraday trading. The delivery trading platform is also part of Zerodha, Zerodha can also be used as options trading and futures trading platforms.

You can work in one type of trade. The well-known demo trading platform is used only for demos. You can choose Zerodha, which offers Saturday. A currency exchange platform that uses multiple currency trading. All types of mobile trading platforms, web and software are with Zerodha. Very good reviews are for the Zerodha trading platform provided by users.

Zerodha Trading platform Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Having the best Mobile, Web, and Desktop
Trading platforms
Only Saturday is for demo trading
Visualization of all platforms is awesomeNot available on multiple devices
Latest updates with the trades  
All types of trading are offered at Zerodha
trading platform.

Trading Platform Orders Type:

There are different types of orders, you can choose any limit or any selling strategy for the order. Some of the types are mentioned below:

SL Orders

This is a trigger reaching price order type. Stop loss if it reaches the trigger price. It will limit the orders as the price hits the trigger price.

SL-M orders

It’s nominated as a stop loss on the market price when the trigger is hit in the case of the market order. The execution is guaranteed by the SL-M.


Any market price available order for Buy or Sell.


Permanent price selling or buying order.

Advance types of Order:

 There is some advanced type of orders and those are mentioned below:

  •    Cover order

Any order with a predetermined stop loss is called cover order.

  •    Bracket order

Any order having all in one with the buy price and stop loss and sell price bundle.

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open zerodha demat account
Zerodha Trading Platform: Open Zerodha Demat Account


Zerodha is a trading platform of all types. Zerodha offers services because all types of trading are available at Zerodha, such as when you are looking for daily trading, which is called intraday trading. Trade-in something is known as free trade, which is also part of Zerodha, Options Trading, and the Future Trading is also a part of Zerodha.

The demo trading platform, which you just want to test, Zerodha provide you free cash for test and demo. Currency exchange platform that uses currency transactions also available at Zerodha known as Currency trading platform. All mobile, web, and software trading platforms are on Zerodha. The Zerodha Trading Platform reviews are very good that is provided by the user.

Mutual fund investment is also a Zerodha broker’s service. Mutual funds are those that investors use to buy their securities. Investors can be of any type. All the trading platform types mobile, web, and software are parts of Zerodha trading platforms.

Zerodha Trading Platforms FAQs

Q1: How to use Zerodha trading platform?

Ans: Just sign up with your Adhar card and get started with any of the trading platforms which you like.

Q2: Is there any demo trading platform?

Ans: Yes, Zerodha provides the demo trading on Saturday.

Q3:  Is there any options and future trading facility?

Ans: Yes, Zerodha provides a facility of both the trading types.

Q4:  How are the visualization techniques at Zerodha?

Ans: Zerodha is having the best graphics and charting system.

Q5: Zerodha’s offering a multi-monitoring system or not?

Ans: No, Zerodha is not offering a multi-monitoring system. 

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