Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review – Charges, & Mobile App

Introduction of Zerodha Streak

Founded inAugust 2017
Founded byHarsha Manohar, Vipul Divyanshu and Jayalakshmi Manohar
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka

The Streak zerodha team has spent 6+ months with 5000+ merchants and received their valuable feedback on every feature on Streak. The Streak has made more than 900,000 customers happy by serving them.

And the biggest thing is that Streak has integrated its platform with India’s largest broker Zerodha.

As we know, Zerodha is one of the few stockbrokers in India with a full focus on technology and can be seen through some of its high-performance trading platforms including Zerodha Kit, Zerodha Pi.

At the same time, it continues to collaborate with smaller start-ups that work on specific fintech products, including the Zerodha SmallCase and now Streak. Zerodha is one of the leading discount stock brokers in India.

The Algo-trading based fintech company has invested 2.25 crore in the Streak. This investment is made through rainwater.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review
Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review

Zerodha Streak Review

  • First of all, you have to open this website ( in your browser. People who have an account of Zerodha can log in directly from here (Login with Kite). 
  • The dashboard will appear after login. 
  • You have logged in with Zerodha demat account. So, whatever your fund is, it will show here in equity and commodity. 
  • You can place your trade from here. You can also see your plan on the dashboard.

Like you will know about the backtest, how much backtest you have completed, and how much is left. How much you can deploy According to your plan, Dashboard, it will show you the balance of equity and commodity.

Zerodha Streak Dashboard
Zerodha Streak Dashboard
  1. Sample Strategies: You can see some Strategies already exist, which is in the sample strategies. Here is Williams, momentum, ADX, +di, -di. You can use them anytime.
  2. My top performers: In this, you can test your top performance by making strategies.
  3. Strategies: In this option, the strategies you backtest will show here.
  4. Create: In Create, you will know how many times you have created Strategies. And how to develop strategies.
  5. Backtest: How many times you have done backtest in it will be known. And how to create a backtest, you will learn from here.
  6. Deploy: You will know how many times you have deployed.
  7. Orderbook: An order that has been booked in Zerodha or has been rejected will be shown here in the order book.
  8. Position: The order that has been created in the Position option will be seen here.
  9. Sign out: From here, you can sign out your dashboard.

Zerodha Streak Ratings

Overall Ratings7.4/10
Star Ratings4/5

Algo trade without coding Streak works in 3 simple steps

Over the years, we have offered various tools to help our customers systematically – such as Pie Bridges, Kite Connect, Nest-AMI bridges, and more.

Kite connection is a very popular platform but mostly retails merchants don’t know about programming. 

So they don’t get the advantage of it. Apart from this, merchants monitor to Many stocks and track market movements, trying to find trading signals.

We want a platform that monitors our market-based strategies and alerts us when the right signal is produced, giving us a distinct trading edge.

Streak gives you a platform to trade Algo, without coding. With Streak, you can go through 3 simple steps as described above:

1. Create: In Create, you will know how frequently you have made Strategies, what’s more, how to make strategies.

Zerodha Streak Create Strategy Option
Zerodha Streak Create Strategy Option

2. Backtest: How many times you have done backtest in it will be known. And how to create a backtest, you will learn from here.

Zerodha Streak Backtest Option
Zerodha Streak Backtest Option

3. Deploy: Here, it allows users to strategize in their strategy to stay in the stock market and receive actionable alerts.

Zerodha Streak Deploy Option
Zerodha Streak Deploy Option

Streak Semi-Automated Algo Trading Process 

As we all know that Algo trading has been prevalent among retail investors these days.

This is clear from the way that 40% of exchanges on the NSE Itare done utilizing Algo exchanging. 

Zerodha is progressing in innovation and attempts to bring something new unfailingly.  Zerodha Trading Platform brings Algo Trading with the name Streak.

Streak is an online cloud server Algo-exchanging stage, where anybody can be unique about to any trader without having specialized information/coding abilities. It is a cloud-based stage offered by Zerodha.

Zerodha Streak Strategies

Zerodha streak has a ‘strategies’ page that rundowns every one of the strategies you have utilized on your brokers. A portion of these strategies will be in the ‘draft’ state, while a couple of will be conveyed you have distributed that.

you have the alternative to alter or erase any system as long have not sent it.

Once conveyed, a procedure can nor be altered or erased. Therefore, you are encouraged to be finished satisfied before carrying any system.

Edit: in the event that you need to fix it much more or change parameters like stop misfortune, take a benefit rate, or include a section or leave markers. 

At that point, select the edit alternative. In the wake of editing the system, its updated synopsis will be reflected right away. 

Delete: For this situation in the event that you need to delete the methodology, this alternative can be utilized. 

Backtests: This elective takes you to the backtest page where full nuances of individual scrip execution can be seen using this approach.

Streak Features

I am discussing Streak features, so let’s start. When you logged in website, you will see the dashboard. Step by step, I am talking about it.

1. Fund: In the fund section, you can see available balance along with margin used and the total account value.

2. Sample Strategies: You can see a few Strategies as of now exist, which is in the example strategies. Here is Williams, energy, ADX, +di, – di. You can utilize them whenever.

Three options are visible; if you hover one mouse, then two options will appear:

  • Algo details: To view the details of the strategy
  • Copy: To copy the strategy
Zerodha Streak Sample Algos Option
Zerodha Streak Sample Algos Option

To copy the copied sample strategy of the three dots option selected sample copy, you will be sent it to a pre-filled page with sample strategy details.

You can modify the sampling strategy according to your needs such as candle interval, volume, stop loss percentage, take profit percentage, combine with additional entry/exit position or enter your preferred strategy name and click on the backtest.

3. Basket: You can create a basket with stocks, futures, and currencies, with the convenience of the basket. The most extreme utmost for a basket is 20 contents for every basket. 

You can have in excess of 100 baskets, and you can get to these baskets by composing the initial three letters in the content segment while making the strategy.

  • Create basket:

The most effective method to make basket – Click on your Name in the upper right corner of the Website menu of the application and snap on at the Create a basket. 

  1. Start including stocks. You can have a limit of 20 stocks (stocks or fates or cash fates or blend of all) in a basket. 
  2. Finally, you must tap on Save. 
  • Including a basket make page: Search for your basket name To include basket and autocomplete popup will show the rundown of every single coordinating basket.

4. Portfolio: Section is divided by two part:

5. Position: Positions keeps of all the stocks, currency futures, and stock futures that the user might have entered during the day. The number of strategies created for a single position, the total position, can be seen to be divided on the status page. 

Positions also provide Exit All option. You can access it by hovering over a scrip. 

When you click on the exit all option, a popup appears and when the action takes place, it closes the position and terminates all the strategy associated with that scrip.

6. Holdings: Holdings maintains information of all scribes that were not purchased or sold with a CNC / NRML order.

7. Search: Search feature is present where users can filter and search. All coordinating scrip will be highlighted, and the rest of the recorders will be darkened for better portrayal. 

8. Orderbook: orderbook maintains all completed, open and rejected orders.

Orderbook have of two area: 

  • Open orders: Open orders contain SL-M arranges that are set by the client when entering a position. A single tick warning is sent to the client to close the status in the increase. 

If the client acknowledges the notice and shuts the status in benefit, the SL-M request will in any case be open and it is compulsory for the client to drop the SL-M request.

  • Executed orders: Executed orders keeps of all the orders executed including rejected, cancelled and completed.

9. Notifications: Streak gives you a clickable information, allowing you to place orders directly in the market through zerodha.

Zerodha Streak Scanner (In-depth)

Today we will tell you how the scanner of Zerodha is different from the rest of the scanner. First of all, you have to login on this website ( After that you will click on the scanner option that is showing.

The Scanner is a filter designed to solve the traders’ dilemma – stock selection. It allows users to list all shares between Nifty 50, 100, or 100 shares, which match the user’s conditions. 

Zerodha Streak Scanner Option
Zerodha Streak Scanner Option

With the scanner, you ought to just kind in your necessities and select the social event (Nifty 50, Energy, Healthcare, Real Estate) you have to scan, give a name to the scan, and subsequently click on Scan and Save Do it.

  1. Scan on: Scanner bolsters Nifty 50, 100 500, Equity Futures, MCX and CDS market1. You can likewise scan on explicit regions. 
  2. Time frame: The light timeframe is the one on which you have to run your output/scan. 
  3. Chart type: Scanner support Heikin Ashi outline and Candlestick. 
  4. Conditions 

Expect you have to acknowledge which stocks have high volume (more than 10,00,000). You can without much of a stretch know a rundown inside a couple of moments. 

The scanner permits you to improve in complex situations and use it on each of the 50, 100 or 500 offers, all items and money sections.

Let us know how you can take advantage of scanners to improve your business. Each condition has 3 sections: 

Indicator1 – Technical marker, for example, RSI, MOM, Supertrend and so forth. 

Comparator – A coherent comparator, for example, higher than, lower than and so forth. 

Indicator2 – Something to contrast Indicator1 and, a worth, for example, number, OHLCV and so forth. 


You can use most of the bolstered markers in Streak on all scrips to check whether it is giving a buy/sell signal. 


Scanner underpins the accompanying comparators: 

  • crosses above/crosses below
  • lower than equal to/higher than equal to
  • lower than/higher than

How Zerodha Streak Works

you have to follow three simple steps. 

  • In the first place, you have to make a calculation inside the Zerodha streak. For that, you can utilize any specialized markers or accessible exchange flags by entering your entrance and leave signals. 
  • This should be possible for different offers one after another. At the point when you are giving information, you have to choose the angle like choosing interims in the scope of 1 moment, 5 minutes, 60 minutes, one day and so forth. 
  • Contingent upon your business simultaneously, you likewise need to enter the objective cost and the stop-misfortune rate. There is no compelling reason to enter money related worth. 
  • When you are done, you can invert the outcomes by taking a gander at the outcomes further, altering some key measurements to meet your normal returns. However, make sure that whatever edits you make with the matrix 
  • Such as candle interval, stop-loss percentage, target profit, etc. you should stick with the numbers that are selected shares.
  • Else, it will just execute the motivation behind utilizing the zerodha streak. The back-final products give you data about most extreme benefit, greatest misfortune, normal benefit on winning exchange, 

The normal misfortune per exchange, greatest decay, and so on. With these results before you, you can quantify the nearness of the trading framework without truly putting any capital from your end.

It additionally gives you bits of knowledge into the sort of gainfulness and dangers related to your order.

At long last, post-testing you can send the calculation at intraday or medium-term request levels. Nonetheless, you cannot utilize any edge while you submit the request using the algo.

Zerodha streak returns into play and screens various stocks developments simultaneously, in light of the sort of calculation you have set up.

When the criteria are met, you are given notice in your program. This is the time, and you can, at last, feel free to submit your request.

Launching the all-new Streak 3.0 Beta

The Streak team has been working on a new platform for a few months to improve its experience. One of the Streak team positions is the new Streak 3.0 beta platform. 

Streak are launching 3.0, with the single goal of enhancing trading performance. After many ideas and inner discussion with specialists, we have propelled the Hero highlight of 3.0. 

1. Discover Strategies

For the first run through in exchanging history, we have made a system motor that permits you to exploit choice trading strategies, and we are pleased to state. 

Exchanging thoughts are twelve. Nonetheless, there are no exchanging strategies that fit the right open door at the ideal time. 

The beneficial thing about it is that this feed is invigorated every day and the present economic situations and period factors. 

You can do Scroll and channel strategies and rapidly observe their presentation on stocks, money fates, prospects agreements and products. 

Utilize this segment as a manual for key exchanging until you have aced the specialty of building your strategies.

If it’s not too much trouble note, these strategies are for inspiration and can’t be considered as proposals. You can adjust these strategies how you like before doing it live. 

2. View Backtest

The new interface permits you to rapidly slide through the most trailing aftereffects of various offers for every methodology in one view, 

Is this the methodology you are searching for, or is it the technique you have made yourself? As usual, you can alter the following parameters for your fans and replay it. 

3. Paper Trade

For the individuals who don’t realize paper exchanging, it is merely one more term for virtual exchanging or putting speculative trades dependent on continuous securities exchange costs. 

On the off chance that you are a first-time Streak or on the off chance that you are new to the securities exchange when all have said in done, we actively prescribe exchanging strategies before you take them to live. 

You can generally redeploy it and make it live to get warnings with a request window that permits you to put orders with a single tick. 

We are sans giving access to the new Streak 3.0 beta stage to every Zerodha client from 4 GR 2019 to 10 December 2019. The arrangement will incorporate 20 backrests, two live organizations and 20 outputs for each day. 

It will dispatch our portable variant of 3.0 soon and update you as often as possible.

Zerodha Streak Support

Zerodha Streak does not currently have any customer support calling facility. If you have any question or want to ask something related to Zerodha, you can mail on [email protected].

This comes across as a weak link. That interested users want to talk to someone and understand with some questions that they may have.

Zerodha Streak Mobile App

This algo-trading platform is available in this portable format as well as through its Android app (iOS version still launching needs).

The mobile app works the same way it works on its web-version.

At the same time, here are some concerns that are raised by this mobile app:

Zerodha Streak Mobile App
Zerodha Streak Mobile App
  1. In rare cases, high-traffic instances may cause the backtesting flow to stop working due to slow Internet connectivity.
  2. The usability of some of the features of this app can be improved. for instance, there is no ‘delete all’ option in case the user needs to delete all deployed algos in one go.
  3. There are some login related issues like broken dashboard screen, slow loading/display, etc.

This is how the app is rated at the google play store:

Number of Installs10000 +
Negative Rating in Percentage7.5%
Update Frequency4-6 weeks
Mobile App Size6.5 mb
Overall Review4.2

Zerodha Kite Connect

This feature is available for experienced or advanced traders who are looking to integrate APIs with zerodha kite. with this, a wide scope of specialized and crucial highlights. 

open up for their stock market ventures. the application opens up through’connect’ to different sets of technical libraries as mentioned below:

  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • .NET
  • RUSH
  • ‘R’

Zerodha Kite Tutorial

Zerodha Kite Demo/Trial Period

Zerodha gives each of its clients a 7-day free trial to streak, where clients can build multiple strategies using the platform, up to 50 trading strategies per day, and deploy up to 5 live strategies at any given time is.

Zerodha Kite 7-day free trial to Streak
Zerodha Kite 7-day free trial to Streak

This detailed review can also be seen in the form of a zerodha kite tutorial. So, let’s start with some of the top features of this trading application:

Zerodha Streak Pricing Plan (Subscription)  

Monthly Subscription Plan for all users

Basic – Rs 500+Gst/moPremium900+Gst/moUltimate1400+Gst/mo
Scan per day100UnlimitedUnlimited
Backtests per day2005001000
Deployments at a time2550100
Entry & Exit Conditions5710
70+ Technical IndicatorsYesYesYes
Heiken AshiYesYesYes
Expert call 30 min (one time)NoNoYes

Basic Plan: – The basic plan provides to the users 200 backtest every day along with 25 live deployments.

Premium Plan: – Discussing premium plan then right now can get 500 backtest day by day and with 50 live organizations.

Ultimate Plan: – In this plan, the user will get a little more, like users can get 1000 backtest daily with 100 live deployments. And apart from it, users can get 30 min call schedule.

Discounted Bundled Plans:

In this plan users can save between 10%, 30% on his subscription fee. I am discussing annual plans.

30% OffBasic – Rs 350+Gst/moPremium – Rs 630+Gst/moUltimate – Rs 980+Gst/mo
Scans per day100UnlimitedUnlimited
Backtests per day2005001000
Deployments at a time2550100
Entry & Exit Conditions5710
70+ Technical IndicatorsYesYesYes
Heiken AshiYesYesYes
Expert call 30 min (one time)NoNoYes
Zerodha Kite Subscription Fee
Zerodha Kite Subscription Fee

Streak login Different Way

I am going to discuss zerodha streak login differently. There are two options from where you can login in zerodha streak. 

1. Login with Kite: – From here, you can log in in Zerodha Streak easily.

Zerodha Streak Log in with Kite
Zerodha Streak Log in with Kite

First of all, if you want to login to Zerodha kite, then you have to go then you have to click on three, which is near about Log in with kite option.

Zerodha Kite Login
Zerodha Kite Login

Don’t have a Zerodha account – Use login Option 2

Zerodha Streak New User Sign up Option
Zerodha Streak New User Sign up Option

2. Sign up: – Clicking the Signup option, Enter your full name, email, and mobile number. Then click to create an account button. 

Zerodha Streak Create Account Option
Zerodha Streak Create Account Option

Advantage & Disadvantage of Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak Advantage

  1. The major advantage is that any user can easily use it without any coding.
  2. Back-testing can be done through this platform. This will ensure the profitability of traders in the future.
  3. Automated trades can be placed using this platform. This will save the trader time as well as avoid the negative effects of manual trading.
  4. Using this platform, it is not necessary for traders to see stock market terminals throughout the day.
  5. The platform provides a wide variety of indicators and tools related to technical analysis. One can formulate its strategy based on these technical analysis indicators.

Zerodha Streak Disdvantage

  1. This platform is not completely free, you have to pay a nominal charge for this service. If you want to use.
  2. This platform can only work with internet connectivity. Therefore, a good internet connection is mandatory to use this streak.

Streak Webinar & Tutorial

The term ‘webinar,’ as its name itself, suggests; The words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’ consist of. Webinars provide listeners with useful presentations through live presentations and interactive multimedia. 

One of the many organizations in which webinars have played a critical and essential area is education.

Now let’s talk about streak webinars, Streak webinar has brought many features for its users, as there are many YouTube videos for webinars which you can watch, apart from this, both Hindi and English language are available.

open zerodha demat account
open zerodha demat account

Conclusion of Zerodha Streak

We have seen that the main obstacle on this platform was the lack of programming knowledge. Many people wanted to enter algorithmic trading, but they were having problems due to lack of programming knowledge.

Streak Zerodha has removed this issue of the Streak platform. Now, no programming knowledge is required to perform algorithmic trading. The use of this platform can significantly improve the profitability of traders. 

Back-testing, as well as deployment in the live market, can be done quickly using this platform, which can ensure high profitability for merchants.

FAQ of Zerodha Streak

Is Zerodha streak free?

Yes, Zerodha gives each of its clients a 7-day free trial for Streak, where clients can build multiple strategies up to 50 trading strategies per day using the platform and deploy up to 5 live strategies at any given time is.

Can I automate my trading with Zerodha?

Yes, you can automate your exchanges with Zerodha. But it requires a damnation parcel of exertion. However, they have a big exchanging stage called Pi. 

It is anything but an attachment and plays framework, and you must get familiar with without anyone else’s input to automate your exchanges.

How much does Zerodha charge for intraday?

For equity intraday trades, you must pay the charge 0.01% of turnover or Rs. 20 whichever is lower for each executed request. Also, GST charges is 18% on (Brokerage + exchange charges).

Is algo trading profitable?

Yes, Because Algo trading has plenty of drawbacks like the high exchange costs, vast expenses of framework arrangement, and so on. Aside from this, the institutional financial specialists additionally approach front line innovation.

What does kite connect?

Kite Connect is a set of REST-like HTTP APIs that uncover numerous capacities required to fabricate a total financial exchange venture and exchanging stage. 

It lets you execute arranges continuously (equities, commodities, mutual funds), oversee client portfolios, stream live market information over WebSockets and more.

What does Z connect?

Z-connect is a blog as to exchanging and contributing with Zerodha. Every single new update concerning our foundation, items, declarations, activities, and so on are posted here, 

and you could ask a number of inquiries in regard to the article you see, which would be replied by our delegates.

Is Automated Trading Allowed in India?

Yes, Algorithmic trading is lawful in India, and around 40% of exchanges Indian value markets are driven via computerized algorithms.

In India, on the off chance that you are a retail speculator, you need to do a great deal of work to mechanize your algorithm.

How does algo trading work? 

Algorithmic trading utilizes PC projects to exchange at high speeds and volume-dependent on various preset criteria. For example, stock expenses and unequivocal monetary circumstances, 

a go-between may utilize algorithmic exchanging to execute organizes quickly when a specific stock reaches or falls underneath a particular cost.

What is algo trading in India?

Algo Trading is an observable constituent of the Indian offer market and involves about 40% of NSE volumes. 

As it were, Automated Trading or Algorithmic Trading is a PC trading program that consequently submits exchanges to trade with no human mediation.

What is Sentinel in Zerodha?

Sentinel is a stage that permits you to make continuous market alarms. You can make fundamental signals dependent on characteristics, for example, value, trade quantity, volume, and open intrigue. 

You can likewise content propelled triggers by utilizing blends of traits and administrators.

What is back testing a trading strategy?

Backtesting an exchanging strategy is the way toward testing an exchanging speculation/strategy on earlier timespans. 

Rather than applying an approach for the timeframe forward (to pass judgment on execution), which could take years, a dealer can reproduce their exchanging strategy on pertinent past information.

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