Analysis Of Zerodha Vs Stoxkart With Detailed Comparison

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Comparison

A holistic approach comparing two brokerage companies. Zerodha and Stoxkart are two big financial companies that give services in financial stock brokerage.

Both have their trading platforms to offer their respective online financial services.

The below details of Zerodha and Stoxkart comparison covers both stock broker companies’ offered products and services, benefits that they provide, open an account online and their various account related and service charges to give you an idea about brokerage comparison.

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart

After going through this article, you will get a detailed idea about among Zerodha vs Stoxkart which is better stock broker company and will be the best for you.

Details of Two Companies Zerodha and Stoxkart


  • Bangalore based company that has various branches all over India and started their journey in the year 2010.
  • They offer their services in retail broking, institutional broking, mutual funds, bonds, commodities trading and currency trading.
  • They have become the greatest stock broker in retail broking due to their bustling client base in 2019.


  • New Delhi based company, a part of SMC group which is a well-expanded financial service company in India and abroad and established in the year 1990.
  • They offer their services in stocks, mutual funds FNO, commodities trading and currency trading markets with informed decision making through market data.

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart comparison of products


I. Zerodha Kite

It is a high-speed user-friendly trading platform with streaming market data, an elegant UI, advanced charts and more.

Enjoy a flawless Kite experience on android and iOS devices. Kite is an excellent investment and trading platform made for current stock market needs.

Ground-breaking innovations presented with excellent usability, investing in the stock markets has never been this easy.

II. Zerodha Coin

Mutual funds can be directly bought online without any commission and delivered to the Demat account directly. It is available in both android and iOS devices.

It is the greatest direct mutual fund platform in India which allows people to purchase mutual funds online directly with zero commission payback from asset management companies directly.

The mutual funds, stocks, currencies, bonds, etc, are all available in the owner’s Demat account.

III. Zerodha Console

The core dashboard for Zerodha account holders. Grasp the concepts and information of your trades and investments with inclusive reports and visualisations.

IV. Zerodha Kite Connect API

Powerful trading platforms and experiences can be built using HTTP/JSON APIs, which is super-simple.

Startups can use this investment app and can showcase it in Stoxkart client base.

V. Zerodha Sentinel

Create powerful market alerts on the cloud for stocks, futures and options, moreover its free.

VI. Zerodha Varsity Mobile

It is a collection of stock market lessons with in-depth coverage and illustrations and is easy to understand.

A person can learn on the go as the content is broken down into bite-size cards to help you.

Open Demat Account Zerodha kite


I. Stoxkart Mobile Trading Application

Enjoy a flawless user-experience in your mobile device with Stoxkart, an easy trading application that help in your stock trading.

II. Stoxkart StoxMF

Stoxkart helps you in making your investment portfolio achieve completion by investing in the best Mutual Funds online that are appropriate for your financial goals. You can choose to start small and still manage to build wealth all while securing your family’s future.

III. Stoxkart Desktop Trading Platform

A modern user-friendly trading platform which is quick, and easily accessible on your Desktop and Laptop.

It gives up to date real-time streaming quotes, advanced charts, full order entry, research and advisory support, etc.

IV. Stoxkart Browser Trading Platform

A desktop-based trading platform for those who are regularly involved in the stock market and do trading consistently.

Stoxkart provides you a robust platform that enables it to offer a quick, secure and unique trading experience.

Stoxkart Account Opening

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Compare Benefits

Zerodha Stoxkart 
No. 1 in brokerage services in terms of active client.Cost is less in terms of brokerage when compared to Zerodha.
The technology used is highly advanced for dealing with any trading issues and is user-friendlyMobile and desktop friendly with loads of features and better analytics to stay updated and quick with trading
Great customer support.Provides support through their partner platforms like sensibull, smallcase, streak and goldenpi.Great benefits and earnings from joining as a Stoxkart partner There is a learning centre option for gaining access to a lot of topics to learn before starting to trade in stocks.
Learn and gain more about trading from their education department through varsity and question and answers part.Expert help to solve any stock related queries online.

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Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Account Opening Process Compare

With Zerodha, you can open your account online. Moreover, opening an account for trading is very easy. To open an account online in Trading, Demat or Commodity account, go to Link

To open an account online in Stoxkart, go to Link

Upstox Stoxkart 
Signup with your mobile number. Type your 6-digit OTP number to confirm your mobile no.

Type your Pan card number and date of birth as per given in pan and click on Continue.

Choose the account you want to open and pay the account opening fee Select the mode of payment and then click on Pay & Continue.

Type your bank branch IFSC code and then your branch’s MICR code and your bank account no.

Give your details in Background info section below as per asked check the boxes of the terms regarding tax residency India and continue.

You need to be present before a webcam and show yourself along with the given 4-digit OTP for photo verification as per given instructions.

Upload your digital signature and Pan copyType your email verification code send on your email and then click on submit”

Click on Sign now enter your Aadhaar no. on NSDL e-sign service page, check the box below, request for OTP and submit
Provide your name, email id, mobile no.Type the 6-digit OTP number to confirm mobile no.

and give details about your state and city.

Select the type of account you want to apply for and then click on Apply online user ID and Password will be sent to the mobile no and email id.

So enter your PAN no. and date of birth. And click on Submit select payment method and give your bank name and account no and click on continue

Provide your personal details, confirm your email with 4-digit OTP, upload your photo and signature, upload address proof and click on Next Select.

Trading details and upload your income proof and click on next provide your bank MICR code and IFSC code along with other bank details.

Give information on your education, occupation and the annual income.

Check the terms and conditions box and click on submit.

Webcam verification can be conducted by WhatsApp using video callingGo to NSDL e-sign service page for completing the process

* Bank account should be linked with Aadhaar no.

  • For any assistance Call Back Request for Zerodha
  • For Stoxkart Call Back Request

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Charges Compare

Let’s look at the brokerage comparison between two companies Zerodha and Stoxkart to know their account-based charges.

Types of ChargesZerodha ChargesStoxkart Charges
Equity Accounts Rs. 300 Rs. 300  
Trading Account Rs. 200 Rs. 200
Commodity Account Rs. 200 Rs. 200
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Rs. 300 Rs. 300
Other Charges Zerodha ChargesStoxkart Charges
Call and Trade Charges Rs. 20 Rs. 20

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Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Advantages Compare

Zerodha Stoxkart 
All equity related delivery investments for NSE and BSE are entirely free with Rs. 0 brokerageFree delivery for life – Free Delivery of zero brokerage on delivery trade.
All equity related delivery investments for nse and bse are entirely free with Rs. 0 brokerage.Intraday trade brokerage – One needs to pay Rs.15/- per executed order regardless of the trade size whenever a person trade in Intraday in equity shares and pay when there is profit.
All direct mutual fund investments are free, i.e., Rs. 0 commissions & DP charges Rs.20 for every executed order on intraday and futures and options trades over trades in commodity, equity and currency.More exposure on intraday – Traders will earn up to 25 times more trade exposure per executed order on intraday trade across equity, currency and commodity.

Zerodha Vs Stoxkart Brokerage Compare

The table below compares Zerodha and Stoxkart brokerage charges.

Segment Zerodha Stoxkart
Equity Intraday Flat ₹ 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) Flat Rs. 15 per executed order
Equity Delivery Rs.0 Free Rs.0 Free
Equity Future Flat ₹ 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) Flat Rs. 15 per executed order
Equity Option Flat Rs. 20 per executed order Flat Rs. 15 per executed order
Currency Flat ₹ 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) Flat Rs. 15 per executed order
Commodity Flat ₹ 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) Flat Rs. 15 per executed order

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Bottom Line

Both firms have their strengths and experiences in dealing with stock trading. Zerodha is the best in discount trading and has made a name in stock trading whereas Stoxkart gives opportunities to make a lot of earnings and is backed by SMC global financial expert.

Analysing the above data about zerodha vs stoxkart which is better, you will know about their advantages and disadvantages and brokerage comparison.

Which one would you prefer? Leave in comments.

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