Zerodha Pulse News App & Chrome extension Review

What is Zerodha?

Let us know in detail about Zerodha Pulse News App & google chrome extension, before going about Zerodha Pulse let me tell you something about Zerodha

Zerodha is an Indian financial services company, with the help of which any mutual fund can invest in bonds or stock markets, any securities. 

Zerodha Company provides retail and institutional broking, mutual funds, currencies and commodities trading and bonds. 

It is headquartered in Bangalore and has a physical presence in all major Indian cities. This company was established in 2010. 

Zerodha is the first Indian stock broker company to offer an opportunity to invest in equity investment with the low brokerage. 

Zerodha works to overcome similar problems, support, technical and other related issues of traders and investors. 

Nitin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha, has provided a unique platform for people to invest. Through this, investors and brokers can invest efficiently. 

More than 1.5 million people access millions of services every day through Zerodha.

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Zerodha Pulse News Overview

Zerodha also runs programs such as Open Online Educational and Community Initiatives to encourage and guide investors and traders. 

You have learned about Zerodha. 

Zerodha Pulse is a platform launched by Zerodha. Whose official website is as you can see in the picture below.

Zerodha Pulse

When you come to this website, you will get all the information or news related to Finance and Stock Market from here, which can be very beneficial for you. 

Let’s assume for a while that you are new to this field, and you want any information related to finance or stock marketing. 

So in this situation, you do not need to panic, you can go to the direct Zerodha Pulse website and get a lot of information.

There are some websites which are listed on the home page of Zerodha Pulse. 

All these websites are excellent and well-known sites for finance and stock marketing news. For example:

  • Moneycontrol
  • Bloomberg Quint
  • Live Mint
  • Economic Times   
  • Reuters
  • Business Standard
  • The Hindu Business

And etc.

Zerodha Pulse

Zerodha Pulse Chrome Extension

Just as there are software in computers, there are applications in mobile, in the same way, there are some small software for Chrome Browser called Chrome Extension.

Chrome Extension are small applications that are worked on by downloading and installing them in Chrome, and they can also be called Web Applications.

When you add an App to Google Chrome from the Web Store, then that app or extension gets added to Google Chrome.

Which you can use in Google Chrome Browser.

But here we will tell you about Zerodha Pulse Chrome Extension, how will you add to your Google Chrome browser.

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How to Add Zerodha Pulse Chrome Extension

Adding it to Google Chrome is very easy

  • First of all, you have to go this link
  • As soon as you click on this link, a new page will open. At the top of that page, the icon of the Chrome extension will appear on the right side, click on it.
  • After clicking, a page will open like this. As seen in the picture below
Zerodha Pulse Chrome Extension
Zerodha Pulse Chrome Extension
  • Here simply, you need to click on ‘add to chrome’ option and then zerodha pulse will be added.
  • Apart from this, many options are available on that picture like.

Overview: – In this option, you can read about zerodha pulse.

Review: – First of all, in the review option, you can give your rating from here. And all the users who use this platform have given their own reviews and ratings here. You can view all the reviews and ratings one by one from here.

Support: – There is not much in the support option. Simply if you have any query or any questions regarding the Zerodha Pulse, you will get help from here. You have to click on the ‘contact the developer’ option and sign in after them and then put your question.

Related: – Here, you can get a lot of platform related to zerodha. If you want to read then you can.

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Zerodha Pulse App

I like the same thing about Zerodha that its service is available on every platform. 

Whether it is a website or an app. Zerodha pulse is the free programming application from the finance and fund category. 

This application is accessible in the English language and is introduced on IOS. 

Zerodha Pulse
Zerodha Pulse

The form with a record size of 2.10 MB is available for download of the site. 

Pulse is the most recent application presented by zerodha organization Which is accessible on Google play store and Apple Play store.

The application is valuable to the financial specialists who consistently stay quick to contribute their assets safely and harvest the most extreme benefit out their investment. 

If you are one of those interested financial specialists, at that point, join your insight and innovation with the most recent updates of the share market

The application gives the most recent money-related news and market news from various sources across India. Thus you can get the latest news about the financial market in any one place.

open zerodha demat acc

Zerodha Pulse App Benefits

This app has many advantages like:

  • It offers real-time news sources.
  • Keep investors updated about the market status
  • Help investors to invest at the right platform
  • Save time by merging all the information

Zerodha pulse keeps on changing and updating its features. Some of the latest changes in the app include are:

  • Improvement in the time of loading webpages
  • Addition of share option on news screen


One thing is good that if someone wants to get information about finance or stock market, then there is no need to visit different website. Direct information can be obtained from Zerodha Pulse website.

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