Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader: Comparing Two Fastest Indian Online Trading Portals

About Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader 

Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader is the highlight and a comparison of the Zerodha Pi and SAS Alpha trading terminals for key differences and similarities.

With the differences and similarities in features, charges, and other attributes of Zerodha Pi software and SAS Alpha Trader software, you will find a better platform suitable for your trading purpose.

Read our Zerodha Pi review and SAS Alpha Trader review for an easy Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader comparison.

Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader Comparison

Zerodha Pi Overview

Zerodha aka Pay Per Order Brokerage Company or Budget Broker is a discount broker with its headquarters in Bangalore, India.

Zerodha is a Fixed Charge Share Broker established for stock trading, Currency Derivatives trading, and Commodity trading.

Zerodha Pi brokerage charges are at Rs.20 or 0.01 percent for every order executed, no matter the rates or share quantity. 

However, Zerodha equity share delivery trading is free of cost.

This discount stockbroker was established in the year 2010 by Nithin Kamath and it recorded the highest volume of trade in India.

Zerodha trading platform had contributed about 10 percent of the retail trading amount on the stock exchanges of India as of January 2017.

In the brokerage industry of India, Zerodha is at the forefront in terms of customers and sales turnover. 

All Zerodha Pi software apps are free for use to customers who carry out Zerodha Pi download.

The Zerodha Pi brokerage charges formation is unique and very simple to comprehend.

Zerodha Pi review confirmed that clients who moved from other trading platforms to Zerodha have reported a saving of 80 percent to 90 percent in brokerage, unlike the full-service stockbrokers. 

Zerodha broker is one of the most affordable and most technically sophisticated stockbrokers for different types of Indian investors and traders.

SAS Alpha Trader Overview

SAS Alpha Trader is a discount stockbroker established in the year 1995 by Shrey Jain. 

SAS Alpha Trader offers services to clients for Future, Stocks, future, Commodities, Currencies, and Options at MCX, BSE, and NSE exchanges.

SAS Alpha Trader brokerage charges are pretty competitive at ₹9 for every order executed for trading in Currency, Commodity, and equity segments.

Also, the SAS Alpha Trader review claimed that SAS Online is among the stockbrokers who offer the most affordable brokerage charges in India.

Alpha Trader SASOnline has been providing discount brokerage services to clients since the year 2013.

 SAS Online Alpha Trader had more than 30,000 customers scattered all over more than 750 towns of India as of August 2019.

The daily earnings of SAS Alpha Trader are more than Rs.10,000 Crore. This is one percent of the total income of the Indian market.

Quick Facts about Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader 

DescriptionZerodha PiSAS Alpha Trader
The Website
Type of BrokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
Year of Incorporation20102013
Supported ExchangeMCX-SX
Trading PlatformsKITE Connect
SAS Alpha Web
SAS Alpha Mobile
SAS Alpha Trader 
FounderNithin KamathShrey Jain
Active UsersMore than 850,000More than 13,000
HeadquartersBangalore, IndiaDelhi, India
SubsidiaryZerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd
ServicesDerivatives Trading
Equity Trading
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading
Derivatives Trading
Equity Trading
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading

Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader Charges Comparison

There are differences and similarities in Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader charges comparison.

Demat Account opening fee for Zerodha Pi is free while the SAS Alpha Trader Demat account opening fee is Rs.200.

AMC Trading online fee for both Zerodha Pi and SAS Alpha Trader is free.

AMC Demat Account rate for Zerodha Pi is Rs.300 as against Rs.200 for SAS Alpha Trader.

 Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader trading account opening charge for both Zerodha Pi and SAS Alpha Trader is Rs.200.

Full information about the differences and similarities is as shown in the table below.

DescriptionZerodha PiSAS Alpha Trader
Demat Account Opening ChargesFreeRs.200
AMC Trading AccountFreeFree
Trading Account Opening ChargesRs.200Rs.200
AMC Demat AccountRs.300Rs.200

Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader Strengths and Weaknesses

This segment of Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader compared the pros and cons of Zerodha Pi software and SAS Alpha Trader software.

There are differences and similarities in the advantages and disadvantages of the Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader comparison as enumerated below.


Zerodha PiSAS Alpha Trader
Free Trading in Equity Delivery When you use CNC or Cash-n-Carry to buy shares on the Zerodha Pi trading platform, there is no brokerage fee attached. Pi delivery trade doesn’t attract any leverage.The shares purchased are credited into the Demat Account of the trader and debited when sold.SAS Online Equity Plus The SAS Alpha Trader Equity Plus product offers Margin funding.
The Largest Broker Considering the number of users and active customers using Zerodha by Pi trading platform, Pi Zerodha is the biggest and most popular stockbroker in India.SAS Alpha Trader Brokerage Charges There are no SAS Alpha Trader minimum brokerage charges.
Zerodha Pi Referral Program You will receive 10 percent of the brokerage share of whoever you introduce to the platform to trade.There is no limitation to the number of friends you can refer to the Pi Zerodha platform.SAS Online Referral Program There is a Referral Program introduced by SAS Alpha Trader. With this program, existing clients can introduce a new client and get 20 percent of the brokerage paid by that person.There is an opportunity to refer as many people as possible. 
Minimum Brokerage is Not Applicable Minimum Brokerage charges don’t apply to Pi Zerodha.This makes Pi by Zerodha trading terminal ideal for small trades. SAS Alpha Trader Software The SAS Alpha Trader software used for online trading such as the SASOnline Mobile application, SAS Online Website, and the SAS Alpha Trader installable portal are all offered to customers free of cost. 
Hidden Charges on Zerodha Pi Software There is nothing like hidden charges of any kind for using Zerodha Pi software. Monthly Plans There are limitless monthly trading plans on Pi for customers to trade at the Multi-Currency Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and National Stock Exchange. 
Minimum Account Opening Balance The minimum balance for opening a trading account on the Pi Zerodha trading platform is not applicable. Margin Against Shares SAS Alpha Trader offers margin against shares opportunity.


Zerodha PiSAS Alpha Trader
Three-in-One Trading Account Pi Zerodha does not offer banking services, making the three-in-one trading account operation impossible on the platform.
The Three-in-One Account The SAS Alpha Trader does not offer banking services to clients, making the three-in-one account impossible on SAS Online platform. 
Pi Zerodha doesn’t offer monthly unrestricted trading plans. There is no opportunity for traders to invest in the following on SAS Alpha Trading Portal:
OFS (Offer for Sale)
Mutual Funds
The Console or Back Office of Zerodha is not included in its trading portal, compared to some other providers of three-in-one accounts.The data available at the Zerodha Pi back office are normally restructured at night. The Back Office of SAS Alpha Trader is not incorporated with the trading platform for real-time data. Nearly all the available data on SAS Online portal is updated overnight.
open zerodha demat account

Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader Transaction Charges Comparison

This section of our Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader is all about comparing Pi by Zerodha with Alpha Trader SASOnline in terms of PCM and transaction charges.

Here is our detailed observation of differences and similarities in Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader PCM Fee and transaction charges.

TransactionsZerodha PiSAS Alpha Trader
Equity Futures₹190 for each Crore₹250 for each Crore
Equity Intraday₹325 for each Crore₹325 for each Crore
Equity Delivery₹325 for each Crore₹325 for each Crore
Currency Options₹4400 for each Crore₹6000 for each Crore
Currency Futures₹135 for each Crore₹165 for each Crore
Equity Options₹5000 for each Crore₹6500 for each Crore
Commodity₹Agri: ₹275 for each Crore and Non-Agric: ₹360 for each Crore₹Agri: ₹275 for each Crore and Non-Agri: ₹360 for each Crore

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Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader Wrap Up

We have successfully done Zerodha Pi review and SAS Alpha Trader review and carried out a transparent and objective comparison of Zerodha Pi software and SAS Alpha Trader software.

Our Zerodha Pi Vs SAS Alpha Trader comparison is not to condemn any of these two trading platforms but to help our readers when they are looking for a better platform between the two.

Use this Comparison to find a better platform for you between these two fastest and stylish trading terminals.

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