Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro: The Comparison of Two India Top Financial Service Companies for Similarities And Differences

About Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro is all about comparing two great trading terminals in India to choose a better one for effective and smooth online trading.

Without a doubt, Zerodha Pi software and Angel Speed Pro software are two leading trading products for flawless and smooth trading.

But comparing the two after a Zerodha Pi review and Angel Speed Pro review will help you in your decision making about a better platform that will meet your trading objectives.

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Comparison

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Comparison at a Glance

This aspect of Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro considered some quick facts you need to understand about Zerodha Pi and Angel SpeedPro trading platforms.
It will help you in deciding on a better platform to choose for trading between the two sites.

DescriptionZerodha PiAngel SpeedPro 
Trading Segments SupportedCurrency
Mutual Funds
Supported ExchangesMCX-SX
Best and Suitable forHeavy Traders
Heavy Traders
Type of SoftwareTerminal Trading SoftwareTerminal Trading Software
Year of Incorporation20101987
Company TypePrivatePrivate
Head OfficeKarnataka, Bangalore, IndiaMumbai, India
FounderNithin Kamath (The Chief Executive Officer)Dinesh Thakkar (Managing Director)
Type of BrokerDiscount BrokerFull-Service Broker
Software OfferedQ
Angel Speed Pro Software for Trading
Angel Broking Software for Website Trading
Angel Broking Mobile Trading Application
Services and Products OfferedZerodha Coin
KITE Connect
Derivatives Trading
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading
Equity Trading
Equity Trading
Investment Banking
Investment Advisory
Institutional Broking
Depository Services
Retail Broking
Private Wealth Management
Life and Health Insurance
Financial Product Distribution
Mutual Funds
Portfolio Management Services
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading
Derivatives Trading
Platform Users/Active CustomersMore than 850.000More than 430,000
Subsidiary CompaniesZerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd.Angel Fincap Pvt. Ltd.
Angel Commodities Broking Pvt. Ltd.
Angel Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Angel Securities Ltd.

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Analysis Features Comparison

This     Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro analysis features comparison important information that will enhance your decision making about a better platform.

DescriptionZerodha PiAngel SpeedPro 
Timeline for Historical Charting20 Years20 Years
Timeline for Intraday Charting30 Days30 Days
Number of Banks for Transfer of Funds2243
Drawing ToolsOver 30 AvailableAbout 8 Available
In-built Trading StrategiesMore than 20More than 70
Technical Indicators8060
Charting Types Number1012
Back TestingAllowedNot Allowed
Stock ScannersAvailableAvailable
Real-Time TicksAvailableAvailable

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Automated Features Comparison

This Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro compared the automated features of Zerodha Pi and Angel SpeedPro.

The detail of the comparison is enumerated in the table below.

DescriptionZerodha PiAngel SpeedPro 
Quick Order WindowAvailableAvailable
Sound AlertsAvailableAvailable
Automated Suggestions EngineNot AvailableAvailable
DemonstrationAllowedNot Allowed
Tips and ResearchNot AvailableAvailable
Third-Party IntegrationsAllowedAllowed
Bulk Order PlacementAllowedNot Allowed
Placing Order from Charts AllowedAllowed
Algo TradingAvailableAvailable

Zerodha Pi Overview

Zerodha Pi review pointed out that the Zerodha discount broker is the initiator of a discount brokerage in India.

Zerodha began the well-known and leading discount stockbroking system in the developed stock markets of India.

This discount stockbroking system gets rid of unnecessary and variable Zerodha Pi brokerage charges depending on the level of trade.

 Therefore, Zerodha Pi brokerage charges are fixed fees regardless of the trade volumes.

This development favors investors who deal with huge options and futures provisions.

Zerodha applied a fixed charge of the highest amount of 20 to a deal, regardless of the volume and size of such trade.

Zerodha was the pioneer of the commission and brokerage-free equity transactions in 2015. 

This development was without Zerodha Pi AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges).

The head office of Zerodha is located in Bangalore, India and can as well be accessed in the foremost and popular cities of India. 

In January of the year 2020, Zerodha Indian financial service and discount Stockbroking Company became the number one stockbroker by trading revenue and the available customers.

With Zerodha Pi download, users can gain access to free brokerage trading in the following trading terminals of commodity and stock markets:

  • Institutional Broking
  • Equity Investments
  • Commodities Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds

 This is made possible because Zerodha is a registered member of MCX, BSE, NSE, and MCX-SX.

Zerodha Pi review also claimed that this stockbroker is among the NSE consultative committee for developing businesses in India.

Zerodha was the winner of the 2018 NSE award of Retail Brokerage Company.

It also won the 2017 Retail stockbroker award of the Outlook Money as well as the Entrepreneur of 2017 organized by Ernst and Young.

Zerodha Pi margin calculator helps investors and traders to compute what their margin would be. 

Also, it helps them to compute their margin needs in the course of intraday trading.

Without mincing words, Zerodha is the pacesetter, pioneer, initiator of discount stockbroking system in India.

Also, Zerodha provides varieties of financial services and products in India.

Angel Speed Pro Overview

Angel Speed Pro review affirmed that Angel SpeedPro is one of the top full-service stockbrokers you can ever come across in India.

Angel Broking started it stockbroking journey in the year 1987 when it was incorporated by Dinesh Thakkar.

With Angel Speed Pro download, you have the opportunity of trading at MCX, NCDEX, NSE, and BSE.

Angel SpeePro is a full-service stockbroker that offers its customers to trade in Commodities, F&O, Equity, and currency.

The Angel Speed Pro trading terminal gives guidance to traders and investors on how to trade in the stock market.

It also offers value-added trading services and tools to boost the trading experience of the traders.

Also, Angel Speed Pro provides services in the area of:

  • Life Assurance
  • Investment Advisory
  • Portfolio Management
  • Depository Services
  • Personal Loans 

The Angel SpeedPro is registered with the CDSL as a Depository Contributor.

Angel SpeedPro is also among the two foremost commodity exchanges in India – MCX and NCDEX.

Angel Broking began its PMS (Portfolio Management Services), the MFD (Mutual Fund Distribution), and IPO Business in the year 2006.

The Angel Broking SpeedPro stockbroker engages in publishing investigative reports on the topics that are relevant to broking investment.

The Angel Broking SpeedPro has won several prominent awards in the financial sector such as:

  • The 2015 BSE Best Player in the equity segment award.
  • The 2015 Top Equity Broking Company Award
zerodha demat account

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Positives and Negatives 

This is the segment that looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the Zerodha Pi and Angel SpeedPro trading platforms.

Here is our Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Pros and cons comparison for your consideration when deciding on a better platform to choose from.


Zerodha PiAngel SpeedPro
Zerodha Pi software is ground-breaking and highly sophisticatedThe Angel Speed Pro software is robust and innovative.
Pi by Zerodha features the best Margin and Brokerage Calculators on the stock market.Angel Speed Pro for Mobile guarantees smooth and flawless online trading.
Zerodha Pi download and installation is simple.Angel Broking SpeedPro starter download and installation is no brainer.
There are no Zerodha Pi brokerage charges on equity delivery trading. Demat Account opening is free on Angel Broking.
Zerodha Pi Customer care is robust and ideal.The Angel SpeedPro customer care is strong.
Zerodha trading platform charges a fixed amount of 20 for every order executed by a trader.Angel Broking network is very large.
Zerodha Pi demo is comprehensiveDetailed and précised Angel Speed Pro demo. 
Pi by Zerodha has no minimum brokerage, upfront fee, and least contract charges.
The Call-n-Trade feature of Angel SpeedPro will let investors and traders place orders on their phones safely.
Pi Zerodha offers mutual funds for investment opportunities. High- quality research motorized by ARQ forecasts is offered by Angel Broking. This will assist Angel SpeedPro platform users when it comes to picking and investing in the top stocks.


Zerodha PiAngel SpeedPro
Pi doesn’t offer margin fundingAngel Speed Pro brokerage charges are exorbitant.
IPO investment is impossible on Pi by Zerodha trading platform.There are some hidden levies on the Angel Speed Pro trading platform.

There is no facility for a three-in-one account on the Angel Broking platform.
open angel speed pro demat account

Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro Summary

We have done this Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro to aid you in making informed decisions regarding a better terminal between the two.

However, it is noteworthy that both Zerodha Pi software and Angel Speed Pro software are great for online trading.

Deciding on a better terminal between Pi by Zerodha and Angel Speed Pro is a matter of preference and your trading requirements.

What are your online trading requirements? Define them and use our Zerodha Pi Vs Angel SpeedPro to find a better platform between the two.

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