Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi: A Comparison Of Two Most Successful Trading Platforms In India

Zerodha Kite Vs. Zerodha Pi Overview

It is no more news that you need Zerodha kite vs. Zerodha Pi comparisons if you want to choose the platform you will use for stock trading in India.

It is noteworthy that the choice of trading platform you choose for trading will depend on what you need in trading software.

This doesn’t mean that other trading platforms are not perfect for trading also. It is just a matter of choice.

For example, Zerodha KITE review and Zerodha Pi review described both KITE and Pi as unsurpassed trading platforms in the stock market of India.

In this Zerodha KITE vs. Zerodha Pi comparisons, you will learn about the similarities and differences noticed in the two trading portals.

But before the comparisons, it is necessary to carry out Kite and Pi for a clear understanding.

It is noteworthy that you need a KITE login Identification (ID) and Pi login Identification (ID) if you want to do trading on the platforms.

Moreover, you will need the Zerodha Pi password and Zerodha password issued by Zerodha to give you access to use any of these trading applications.

Zerodha KITE vs. Zerodha Pi trading portals offers different trading platforms to accommodate the different prerequisites of clients.

Zerodha Kite vs. Zerodha Pi

KITE Vs Pi Overview

KITE from Zerodha is a web-based stock trading terminal offered by Zerodha according to the available Zerodha KITE Overview. 

Its also pointed out that KITE software is a two-fold version stock trading app.

The Android version of kite software can be used for trading stock in India via Android Smartphones. KITE fro Zerodha also does well on the web.

It comes with excellent and most recent features that traders and investors can use to execute trades, fund deposits and withdrawals, etc.

It is also known as an internally developed or home-produced trading application.

Zerodha confirmed that KITE was made over the OMS, RMA, and Omnesys API. 

Its software is now one of the most popular and foremost stock trading apps in India.

KITE lightweight software can be utilized for trading stock on browsers, tablets, and mobile apps. 

With kite, traders and investors can carry out stock trading in their preferred languages. 

The traders are more comfortable using this platform for trading because they have 10 different languages to choose from.

At present, kite download for mobile can be done on the Android Play store. 

Zerodha software is great for the following reasons:

  • User-friendliness
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing and excellent features
  • Effortless kite download
  • More than 10 languages to choose from
  • Limitless data and more than 100 indicators that traders can use for charting 

Investors and traders can find KITE Zerodha customer care offline and online, while it Demo is available on the website of Zerodha.

Zerodha Pi

Zerodha Pi software was developed by Zerodha as an installable stock trading app that lets stock traders carry out stock trading on their desktops and laptops. 

With Pi Zerodha, traders can trade stock in several segments such as:

  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Commodities
  • Equities

Pi supports trade across exchanges such as MCX, BSE, NSE, and lots more all taking place from one platform.

Pi stock trading software is loaded with outstanding features such as Back testing, algos, strategies, advanced charting and lots more.

Zerodha Pi software is offered for FREE to all the Zerodha clients. No matter the type of trading you want to do, it can be done through Zerodha Pi software.

Another great thing about Pi by Zerodha is that it is absolute stock trading software packed with easy to use commands and vast technical visual charts.

Zerodha Pi desktop software is very strong, offering customers all types of stock trading facilities. 

The Zerodha Pi software is perfect and great for good reasons including: 

  • Opportunity to trade in several exchanges and trading segments all from one platform
  • A solitary trading terminal is used to trade, chart, and analyze
  • All-embraced and incorporated RMS and OMS to guarantee quick and perfect trading.
  • Zerodha Pi download is very simple
  • Pi by Zerodha is a single-click straight trading through charts
  • With Pi, you traders have the right to more than a few data
  • Zerodha Pi software is FREE
  • The Zerodha Pi Customer Care is excellent 

The Zerodha Pi Demo can be found on the Zerodha website to guide the traders and give them more information about the platform.

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Zerodha KITE Vs. Zerodha Pi Services Comparision

With areas of similarities and differences between kite software and Pi software, we are going to evaluate Zerodha KITE vs. Zerodha Pi.

The highlight below is our finding between the two terminals.

Comparison ofZerodha KITE Zerodha Pi 
Trading TerminalBrowser Based Window Based
Ideal and Suitable forNovice and beginner The Day Stock Traders
Back testing FacilityNo Back testingThere is Back testing
InternetBroadband and Dial up Broadband only
Works Best onAny Internet-enabled gadget Laptop and Desktop
Order possible via chart    Not PossibleOrder via chart is possible
Trading ExchangesMCX

Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi Platform Owners

The same company owns kite and Pi trading terminals as represented in the table below.

Zerodha KITEZerodha Pi
Zerodha Zerodha

Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi Products offered

Products offered comparisons, here is our observation.

Zerodha KITEZerodha Pi
Sentinel KITE
The Pi Zerodha Quant: Offers the traders and investors with the insights and analysis of their trading behavior.Quant also enables traders to perk up their stock trading strategies and skills.
The API KITE from ZerodhaThe Zerodha Pi Q: This is a Zerodha Pi back office and reporting tool.It gives the trader an overview of accounts by making use of the donut charts. It also shows the funds page where traders can track or place their withdrawal requests.
KITE 3.0 Stock Trading App
KITE Zerodha Coin
KITE Mobile App
Streak KITE Zerodha

Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi Features

Its have different features that make the two trading platforms great.

Having done kite and Pi of the features available, here is our conclusion of Zerodha KITE vs. Zerodha Pi features.

Zerodha KITEZerodha Pi
Zerodha Fund Manager This is the kite feature used for adding or withdrawing cash from KITE Zerodha.Zerodha Pi Trade from Chart This Pi feature with a lot of drawing tools, charts, and indicators is used for stock and market analysis.
Kite Universal Search It is designed for advanced search if a trader wants to incorporate a script on the watch list.Pi Zerodha Find Symbol It allows for adding many scrips in the preferred market watch by making use of the Ctrl+F shortcut.
View your Portfolio  It contains information about the holding and position charts, orders, include, go out and the conversion selection in the portfolio screen.Pi Numerous Market Watch With the Pi manifold market watch feature, traders can generate around five market watches using the Ctrl + W shortcut. 
Advanced Charts There are many advanced charts on the trading terminal for opening numerous charts on the screen.Pi Zerodha Historical Data This Pi Zerodha feature gives support to dock-able views that let traders and investors stack their data in charts for analysis alongside each other.
Portfolio and Holdings The Holding report displays the available stocks in the Demat account, specifying the following:
Profit & Loss
Average buy price
Existing Value
Net changes in percentage 
Changes in the day 
Automated Pi Zerodha Expert Advisors This feature will allow traders and investors to gain from the real-time trade signs and tactics acknowledged by the automatic professional advisors. It is used for optimizing their trades.
The KITE Zerodha Dashboard  The Dashboard section is divided into Account Snapshot, Watch list, and Holding.Pi Pattern Recognition Screener This is the feature that allows traders to carry out profound technical analysis. 
Back testing, Strategies, and Algos The combination of these features will allow traders to code complex strategies with an easy scripting language.

Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi Order Types

Order types offered comparisons reveals the following differences and similarities.

Zerodha KITEZerodha Pi
The MIS Order The SL or Stoploss
KITE CNC Pi Cover Order
KITE Zerodha GTC aka Good Till Cancelled SL-M aka Stoploss Market
Kite MIS LMT or Limit order
CO or Cover Order MKT aka Market order
The KITE Zerodha NRML Bracket Order
The KITE Zerodha BO aka Bracket Order AMO aka After-market Order
AMO or After Market Order
open zerodha kite demat account

Zerodha Kite Vs Zerodha Pi Pros and Cons

The same company owns kite and Zerodha Pi trading terminals as represented in the table below.

Zerodha KITE ProsZerodha Pi Pros
As far as speed is concerned, It is incomparable.
Zerodha Pi software makes use of extremely low CPU resources and memory of the trader’s laptop or desktop.This enables a stock trader to carry out stock trading using a desktop or laptop with the basic configuration.
The interface of KITE Zerodha is smooth and perfect.Zerodha Pi adjudged Zerodha Pi trading terminal one of the stock trading portals that performs excellently well even under a low Internet bandwidth condition.
Considering the ease of use, KITE is pretty superb.Zerodha Pi is quite appropriate and perfect for the Intraday traders who favor fast tips, performance, and sky-scraping usability.
kite software is FREE.Zerodha Pi integrates well with the intermediary trading portals such as AmiBroker, Meta Trader, and Ninja Trader.
KITE’s features are amazing and extraordinary.Zerodha Pi comes with enormous historical data that can be used for backtesting
Due to the excellent performance, it is one of the foremost and sought-after stock trading software in India.Traders have the opportunity of trading from charts
Zerodha Pi is FREE
Zerodha KITE Cons Zerodha Pi Cons
KITE Zerodha may not function very well under a low Internet connection.Pi Zerodha doesn’t give basic reports or analysis to its customers because it Zerodha is a discount stock broker.
If you are new to stock trading in India, you may not get the required support and assistance you need from kite customer care.Zerodha Pi comes with fewer choices when it comes to backup.
It takes time for users to get used to a number of Pi features
The Zerodha Pi trading terminal supports Windows OS only.

Zerodha Kite vs. Zerodha Pi Conclusion

In this Zerodha Kite or Zerodha Pi , it is obvious that there are differences and similarities between the two trading platforms.

Without a doubt, KITE Zerodha and Zerodha Pi are very effective and have excellent features that guarantee efficient performance.

However, it can be concluded from our Zerodha Kite vs Zerodha Pi comparison that kite software offers extra facilities for trading in Algo.

Also, KITE Zerodha software is a gleaning performer when compared to the Zerodha Pi software. However, in terms of performance, KITE and Pi versions are the same. 

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