Zerodha Kite Vs ODIN: A Side By Side Comparison Of The Two Giant Stock Brokers In India

Zerodha Kite Vs ODIN: About these Brokers

Before considering Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN, it is very important to do a brief review of Zerodha Kite and ODIN.

This will make you know the differences and similarities between the two of them and enable you to choose the best and more powerful one for your trading purposes.

Zerodha KITE

Are you one of those investors or traders who are looking for high-performance and effectively functioning trading application software loaded with exceptional features?

Zerodha Kite ground-breaking web-application is the solution. Kite from Zerodha is among the best and frequently used trading software in India.

With Kite Zerodha, investors and traders can invest and trade all over a wide range of segments with incomparable expediency and simplicity.

The utmost updating frequency of Kite from Zerodha is the greatest aspect of the software. Zerodha Kite review claimed that Kite boosts the trading experience of the clients.

It is also noteworthy that as far as discount broking is concerned in India, Zerodha, who developed Kite is a foremost technology innovator in the stockbroking landscape of India.

Moreover, Zerodha Kite boasts the best features, extraordinary performance, and incomparable user experience.

Zerodha Kite download is one of the easiest ever, while Kite Zerodha is user-friendly, lightweight, and offer traders and investors with smoother trading experience.

Available Zerodha Kite reviews claimed that users can access this software from any browser across gadgets like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop.

Without kidding, Kite Zerodha is now being used by over 800,000 customers across India, while Zerodha processes two hundred million requests through this platform daily.

Although it can take a beginner or novice trader a couple of time to get used to the diverse features of Kite and how the entire navigation and other things work. 

However, you will get used to the whole system with time.

Without doubt of mind, it can be concluded from Zerodha Kite reviews that Kite is a successful and best trading portal in India.

Zerodha Kite VS ODIN Compare

KITE Product Offering

KITE offers the following three key products for FREE to all its clients:

1. The Zerodha Kite Mobile App

Kite Mobile App from Zerodha is developed for iOS and Android. This trading application is a very strong and easy mobile trading app. 

Zerodha Kite Mobile App offers investors and traders access to all the essential features in Kite Web.

2. The Kite Web

This is simply website oriented trading software with;

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Advanced Charts
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Order Types
  • Stylish UI

KITE Web from Zerodha operates on the browser just like a typical website.

3. Kite API Connect

Kite APIs connect are designed for those developers who are looking forward to developing or creating their individual tools or front-end to trade.

KITE APIs are nothing but easy JSON/HTTP APIs provided to clients as Platform as a Service.

Open Dealer Integrated Network (ODIN) Broker

As far as trading portals are concerned in India, ODIN aka Open Dealer Integrated Network is one of the foremost and the best online trading portal to reckon within India. 

ODIN trading software was founded in 1998 by Financial Technologies. 

Since its launch, ODIN software for share trading is adjudged the prevalent and biggest share trading platform in India. 

More than one thousand customers all over four-hundred cities and more than one million active end-users are using ODIN Trader as of December 2019.

ODIN trading software technology application gives room for online trading in a wide range of exchanges. 

ODIN comes with intrinsic risk management and order management components that make the platform easy to use for investors and traders.  

ODIN trading software download is a breeze, making ODIN more popular and widely accepted by the traditional stock brokers in India

Open Dealer Integrated Network (ODIN) functions really effectively in the franchise/sub-broker business model.

ODIN trader provides some tools such as Risk Solutions, Brokerage Technology Solutions, and Exchange Technology Solutions for smooth and effective trading. 

As far as Brokerage Technology Solutions are concerned in India, ODIN software for share trading provides:

  • Order Routing
  • Risk Management
  • Order Management
  • Branch Management
  • Franchise
  • Online Trading related software.

 On the other hand, ODIN has all it takes to trade in Commodities, Currencies, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and Cash.

An investor or trader can use only a single screen to trade in all the above-mentioned segments with ease. ODIN offers to trade at MCX, NSE, NCDEX, and BSE, NSE.

ODIN Trader Product Offering for Retail Clients

ODIN Trader has the following product offering for its retail clients.

1. Trading Website or 

The trading website or is browser-oriented. This online trading product from ODIN is easy to use, dependable, lightweight, safe, and fast.

It comes with all the important features that will give traders and investors a remarkable trading experience. has all the general characteristics such as a number of news integration, fund management, and reports.

Furthermore, it can easily be included into other apps like:

  • Third-party News & Analysis Tools
  • Charting Tools
  • Back Office
  • Mutual Funds
  • Online IPO

2. The ODIN Diet

 The ODIN Diet is simply Exe-oriented trading software designed for retail investors. ODIN Diet is a safe, uncomplicated, and lightweight desktop trading application.

 It allows the clients to trade in any section such as NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX. This ODIN trading software is the most acceptable for trading at MCX. 

More than eighty percent of MCX brokers use ODIN Diet for their respective trading. This is because it has a flawless combinations with other apps.

Such apps include Analysis, Advanced Charting, Back Office, News, e-Mutual Fund, and e-IPO.

3. The API from ODIN

In order to incorporate its trading portal with third-party tools and services, ODIN provides several APIs.

More than thirteen APIs are made available for brokers to use like the Algo API, trading API, and the User Risk Parameter Upload API among others.

4. Mobile Trading App (ODIN WAVE) 

The ODIN Wave is developed for the purpose of trading-on-the-move. It is an easy and spontaneous app packed with significant features useful for all investors and traders alike. 

In addition, this mobile trading app has a feature for In-App Calling. This lets the client link directly to the desk of the dealer from this app.

Moreover, ODIN Wave features third-party integrations and plug-ins to boost the trading experience of users.

It is good news to hear that ODIN Trader is still used by a lot of notable and popular financial service providers in India and all over the world.

Zerodha Kite Vs ODIN: Trading Segments Comparison

Zerodha KITE vs. ODIN trading segment compares different areas of trading to know the differences and similarities between Zerodha KITE and ODIN. 

The table below is Zerodha KITE vs. ODIN as far as trading segments of the two platforms are concerned.

Zerodha Kite Vs ODIN: Trading Segments

Zerodha KiteODIN
BSE Cash
NSE Cash
NCDEX Commodity

Zerodha Kite vs ODIN Products Offered

Both Kite Zerodha and ODIN offer a wide range of products for trading and to satisfy their numerous clients. Here is the Zeroha Kite vs ODIN of products offered.

Zerodha KiteODIN
Cover Order (CO) This can be described as intraday order that has a programmed stop-loss order. 
CO orders have fixed stop loss which is why higher leverage is offered to them
Margin Intra-Day Square (MIS) This is the product used for all intraday trading in all the segments of trading.
After Market Order (AMO) These are the orders placed ahead of the next trading day. 
Investors and traders can place After Market Orders between 4.00 pm to 9.14 am.
CNC aka Cash n Carry This NSE NOW product is used by traders to obtain delivery of Equity shares.
Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS) These are orders utilized for intraday trades in the F&O and equiy segments.NRML With this NOW NSE normal product, traders are enable to trade in F&O, Equity, and Commodity.
Normal F&O trades (NRML) The Normal F&O Trades orders are particularly designed for overnight/intraday F&O trades.
It has no extra or hidden leverage. 
Positions taken as Normal F&O trades can be held until expiration.
But the much needed margins are maintained by the client.
CNC aka Cash ‘n’ Carry  These order types are designed for delivery-oriented Equity trades. 
For traders and investors to buy shares under CNC order, they need absolute margin.
On the other hand, stocks must be in the associated Demat account to be able to sell stocks with Cash ‘n’ Carry Order.
Back Order (BO) These are simply intraday limit orders with stop-loss, target, and an optional trailing Stop Loss, all placed or executed at the same time.

Zerodha KITE vs. ODIN Order Types

Zerodha KiteODIN
Stop Loss Market Order or SL-M
Stop loss or trigger order (SL)
Limit Order
Market Order
All or None (AON)
Special Trade (ST)
Minimum Fill (MF)
Stop Loss (SL)
Regular Lot (RL)

Zerodha Kite vs ODIN Trade Reports

The trade reports prepared on these trading platforms are as shown below:

Zerodha KiteODIN
This platform offers no report. Clients on the platform get the required reports from Zerodha back office.Stock Watch : Gives information about the cash segment delivery, depending on the available holdings in the pool account.
Trade Book Window : This is where you can check the details of all the trades carried out on a certain day. Trade book contains information about orders executed at the exchange plus the details of the execution like the number traded and the Traded Price.
Order Book : This is the book where you can view the position of all your orders. Order book shows waiting, disallowed, and executed order position for all your buy/sell orders for the existing trading day.
Back Office Reports : You have direct access to the back office reports from ODIN trading software.

Zerodha KITE vs. ODIN: Brokers Using the Platforms

There are different brokers who are using Zerodha Kite and ODIN trading platforms. Here is our Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN about the brokers using the two platforms.

 Zerodha KiteODIN

KOTAK Commodities
Karvy Commodities
Sushil Finance
Arihant Capital
Nirmal Bang
LKP Securities
Bonanza Portfolio
RK Global Stock Trading

Zerodha Kite vs ODIN Charges

There are differences between Zerodha Kite charges and ODIN charges.

Zerodha KiteODIN
API Charges for Kite : If you want to add KITE to your platform as a startup, such integration is absolutely FREE.
But you Zerodha Kite charges is 2,000 INR per month if you are a retail trader who wants to include API in your trades.
Furthermore, if you want to obtain historical data, the Zerodha charges amount to 4,000INR for one month.
Open Dealer Integrated Network trading portal is third-party trading software offered to clients by brokers.ODIN Charges/Fees varies from brokers to brokers. 
Brokers pay a huge sum of money as licensing fee to give clients access on the platform.
A number of brokers pay the charges but others charge the clients who trade with the software.
Intraday Charges on Zerodha Kite Traders and clients on Zerodha Kite will be charged at 0.01 percent of their trade values or 20INR, depending on which is lower for intraday trading.

Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN: Comparison of the Features

Zerodha KiteODIN
There are more than a few Chart Views with the facility of four charts on the same screen.There are Advanced Order and Advance charts for traders to use.
Just a click to exit numerous orders/positionCustom indicators
The trading software has a floating order windowAvailability of more than a few Plug-ins for experienced users.
The browser notification featuresIn-built back-office and DP.
The Market Depth View including streaming updates.There is opportunity to install third-party plug-ins.
Multiple Market WatchesThis facility is not present on other trading portals.
Account/Dashboard summary
Streaming quote features
open zerodha kite demat acc

Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN Pros and Cons

Kite and ODIN share brokers have their peculiar pros and cons to offer. 

This Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN pros and cons comparison will help you decide which share broker will be a better fit for you in terms of share trading and dealing.

Zerodha Kite ProsODIN Pros
The portal operates credibly and perfectly even at low or weak Internet bandwidth all over small towns or cities of India.The Open Dealer Integrated Network Allows brokers to rebrand ODIN Trader. This means that the Angel Speed Pro is also known as Open Dealer Integrated Network.
The application is among the common and most sought after trading platforms that provide clients with several integrations with third-party tools like Zconnect, Quant, and Zerodha Varsity among othersInvestors and traders don’t need to choose the type of product before they can place order with ODIN trader.
It is available in many languages for better understanding particularly for clients who don’t understand English.There is facility for immediate fund trader from more than thirty banks
There is opportunity to subscribe to kite notifications and alerts that will make users keep notified regarding any explicit news the broker wishes to share concerning the application.There is a readily available screen where you can view your open positions, Demat holdings, Margin utilized & available, Ledger Balance, and other information.
In addition, Kite from Zerodha can be used like a chrome extension where you can avail particular features.The software is safe and stable because the trading software is offered as direct services.
There are zero charges for kite and there are no extra levies charged by the stockbrokers for making use of additional charts.ODIN Trading Software Download is very easy
The application comes with ground-breaking chart with more than one hundred indicatorsOpen Dealer Integrated Network offers access to all asset categories at NSE, BSE, and MCX.
Instinctive and spotless UIIt Supports a wide range of market depth windows
No brokerage charges for equity delivery and flat rate of 20INR for F&O trading.Open Dealer Integrated Network comes with an added back-office and depository account.
Live market depths and more than a few market watch
Zerodha Kite ConsODIN Cons
There is no facility for trading from charts directlyODIN trading software is expensive when compared with NSE NOW and Omnesys NEST.
It depends solely on the RMS and OMS systems of OmnesysIt is quite unaffordable for some discount brokers.
There is no choice to invest in IPOs online
There is no facility for Mutual Funds Investment on the trading portal.


When it comes to choosing the most successful stock trading platforms in India, Zerodha Kite and ODIN will make the list. 

The Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN and the side by side evaluation above will give you the better and true picture of which of the portals one will suit your brokerage requirements best.

Although the two portals are not conspicuously different, there are a number of points of distinctions between them. 

The Zerodha Kite vs. ODIN comparison above will certainly help you make a decision on the one to pick.

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