Zerodha Kite Vs. NSE NOW: The Two Fastest And Elegant Flagship Trading Portals Compared

Zerodha Kite Vs NSE NOW Trading Platform 

The goal of this Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW is enable stock traders decide on the most suitable platform for their stock trading in India.

Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW is simply putting Zerodha Kite and NSE NOW side by side each other.

Zerodha Kite Vs. NSE NOW Compare

This is to consider their differences and similarities so that you can determine the best platform that will suit your trading needs.

Find which trading software is better from this Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW comparison!

Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW Details

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite by Zerodha is one of the outstanding and superb online trading platforms in India.

Kite from Zerodha will provide you with the thrilling and excellent trading experience you need.

Kite Zerodha is in the list of the top and best players in the Indian discount stock broker market.

Kite online trading software was built by Zerodha with the aim of helping traders in the stock market. 

Users can engage themselves in trading stocks in the following India stock markets by using Zerodha Kite:

  • The National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • The Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

Kite Zerodha is modernly created online trading software that was internally developed Zerodha. 

Zerodha Kite reviews even confirmed the fact that this online portal was created using sophisticated and innovative technology.

This is to make it suitable enough to suit the requirements of different types of investors. 

The Zerodha Kite software comes with multiple features to make stock trading fast and simple.

Respective users can choose from any of the three flagship products offered under Kite such as:

  • The Kite API: This was particularly built for traders and investors who are concerned about creating their trading portals.
  • The Zerodha Kite Mobile App for Android and iOS & Android: Very useful traders because it has amazing features.

Interestingly, all the features of Zerodha Kite Mobile App can be found on your Smartphone.

  • The Kite Web-oriented trading platform: The Kite Web is a perfect and flawless trading application.

It has all the extraordinary and excellent features that make it one of the best stock trading platforms in India.

Kite Web comes with a simple-to-use interface, charts suitable for the existing market conditions, keyboard shortcuts, and lots more.


NSE NOW reviews revealed the full meaning of NSE NOW as the National Stock Exchange of India ON WEB. 

The India National Stock Exchange (NSE) founded NSE NOW trading platform.

When it comes to stock trading in India, NSE NOW Desktop Application is one of the best and frequently used.

NSE NOW Software Download is the fastest while the NSE NOW Latest Version is ground-breaking and user-friendly.

As a matter of fact, this NSE NOW Latest Version is perfected for all classes of investors and traders in India. 

Some of the main attributes of NSE NOW Online trading software include the following:

  • With multiple ground-breaking features and functions of the NSE NOW platform, stock trading is made simple. 
  • Positive NSE NOW reviews and feedback from customers makes the software popular in the stock trading market of India.
  • User-friendly NSE NOW Mobile App
  • A dependable and strongly-built NSE NOW trading software for the active investors and traders
  • With NSE NOW latest version, traders can now trade across several exchanges and trading segments in India.
  • Both the NSE NOW online website and NSE NOW Mobile App are designed guarantee stress-free stock trading for casual investors.
  • User-friendly NOW NSE Software Free Download for PC
  • NSE NOW features a lot of shortcut keys to enhance the trading experience of frequent traders
  • Affordable NSE NOW Charges

It is also noteworthy that NSE NOW desktop application is available in three versions:

  • EXE Version
  • WEB Version 
  • Mobile Version or the NSE NOW Mobile App

According to all the NSE NOW reviews, investors and traders can use all three versions from NSE for trading on National Stock Exchange.

It can also be used to trade on Bombay Stock Exchange while NSE NOW platform can also be used to invest in IPOs and Mutual Funds.

Zerodha Kite Vs NSE NOW Platform Owner  

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
ZerodhaThe NSE also known as National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. is the owner of NSE NOW trading platform.

Zerodha Kite vs NSE NOW Charges

In our Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW, we discovered tremendous differences between Zerodha Kite charges and NSE NOW Charges. 

Differences in the charges of the two platforms are as shown in the table below.

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
Zerodha Charges for API :
Traders can add KITE Zerodha to their trading portal as startups for FREE.
However, if you want to integrate API in your trade as a retailer, you will have to pay a monthly Zerodha Kite levy of 2,000INR.
Moreover, you will be levied a monthly sum of 4,000INR if you want to gain access to KITE Zerodha historical data.
Before now, the NSE NOW trading platform was made available for FREE to traders.
But NSE NOW Software Download has become a paid trading application as from July 01, 2017.
In other words, a fee is charged to brokers depending on the number of terminals that a customer used. 
As a result, a lot of Option trading brokers have chosen to discontinue offering NSE NOW trading platform, or they are now charging fees from clients to offer them access to NSE NOW.

Below are NSE NOW charges:
KITE Charges for Intraday Trading :
Traders and clients on Zerodha Kite will be charged at 0.01 percent of their trade values or 20INR, depending on which is lower for intraday trading.
0 to 5 Terminals: Rs. 300 for each terminal (In this piece, there will be a charge of the least sum of Rs. 1500 every month).
6 to 25 Terminals: This will attract a charge of Rs.1500 in addition to Rs.275 for every additional terminal in excess of five terminals.

26 to 100 Terminals: The NSE NOW charges is Rs.7000 plus Rs. 225 for every additional terminal in excess of twenty-five terminals.
101 to 250: NSE NOW will charge Rs.23875 in addition to Rs.175 for each additional terminal in excess of one hundred terminals.
251 to 500: This will attract a levy of Rs.50125 plus Rs.125 for every additional terminal in excess of two hundred and fifty terminals.
501 to 1000 Terminals: This category of terminals will attract NSE NOW charges of Rs.81375 plus Rs. 50 for additional terminal in excess of five hundred terminals.
More than 1000 Terminals: The levy here is Rs.106375 plus Rs 10 for every additional terminal in excess of 1000 terminals.

Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW Products Offered

 Kite Zerodha and NOW by NSE offer a lot of products for the benefits of their dedicated customers.

Described below are Zeroha Kite vs NSE NOW product comparison.

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
Back Order (BO): Back Orders are nothing but intraday limit orders that have target, stop-loss, and optional trailing Stop Loss, executed all together.Cash n Carry (CNC) 
Traders on the NSE NOW trading platform use CNC product to take delivery of Equity shares.
After Market Order (AMO): AMOs are orders placed against the next day trading. 
After Market Order can be placed by traders from 4.00 pm to 9.14 am.
NRML: NRML product is used for trading in Equity, F & O , and Commodity.
Normal F&O Trades (NRML): NRML F&O Trades are specifically used for intraday or overnight F and O trades.There is no additional leverage attached to Normal F&O Trades.Margin Intra-Day Square (MIS):
MIS product from NSE NOW is used to trade intraday in all areas or segments of NSE NOW online trading platform.
CNC aka Cash ‘n’ Carry : CNC types of orders are meant for delivery based Equity trades.In Cash n Carry Orders, traders need complete margin before they can qualify to purchase shares.Moreover, there must be sufficient stocks in the related Demat account before they can use the CNC to sell stocks.
Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS): MIS Orders are used for intraday trades in Equity and F&O sections.
Cover Order (CO): COs are intraday orders with an automatic stop-loss order.Cover Orders attract higher leverage because they have fixed stop loss.

Zerodha Kite Vs NSE NOW: Trading Segments

Zerodha KITE vs. NSE NOW trading segments examines the different areas of trading to identify the differences and similarities between Zerodha KITE and NSE NOW. 

This is as seen in the Zerodha KITE vs. NSE NOW table below. 

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
BSE Cash
NSE Cash

Zerodha KITE vs. NSE NOW Orders

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
Stop Loss (SL) aka Trigger Order (TO)
MO aka Market Order
SL-M aka Stop Loss Market Order
Limit Order
Cover Orders (CO)
Basket Orders
The After Market Order (AMO)
Market Orders
Limit Orders
Stop Loss Orders (SL)

Zerodha Kite Vs NSE NOW Key Features

There are similarities and differences in Zeodha Kite vs. NSE NOW as can be seen in the table below. 

Zerodha KiteNSE NOW
To exit several positions or orders is a matter of one click.NOW Touch: Designed to boost the trading experience of investor clients
Several Chart Views.Predefined and customizable Market Watches
Browser notification is available for effective functioning.Trade and Order Features
Zerodha KITE software features a floating order windowPositions Watch
The Control Panel and Account synopsisMore than fifteen Interactive charts
Streaming estimate featuresMarket Mover Trends
The Market Deepness View comprising of streaming updates.Real-time Updates by Streaming to access market data
Different types of Market watches available for use on the platformThe Fund Management Feature
More than eighty indicators
Market Watch
Market Depth
open zerodha kite demat acc

Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW Pros and Cons

Kite from Zerodha and NSE NOW platform come with their pros and cons. 

This Zerodha Kite vs NSE NOW compares the differences of the pros and cons of these two platforms.

This is to help you understand which of the trading platforms is most suitable for your trading.

Zerodha Kite ProsNSE NOW Pros
The KITE trading application is  popular and frequently used by traders.
It offers customers a lot of integrations.
NOW from NSE is a very stable trading platform
Zerodha Kite software functions well even if there is weak Internet signal across small towns of India.Easy alerts and notifications set up on the platform.
Benefit of trading in your preferred language because it is available in eleven different languages.NOW from NSE comes with additional plug-ins to meet the special needs of traders
You can subscribe to KITE Zerodha alerts and notifications.
This will keep you above vital information on the platform.
NSE NOW platform is safe and secured regarding installation because it is managed by NSE
You can use KITE Zerodha to gain access to some other certain features.It has numerous administration features for effective functioning
There are no levies for using the kite portal and there are no hidden fees charged by stockbrokers when traders use supplementary charts.When it comes to incorporated OMS and RMS trading, NOW is faster and unmatched
Innovative chart with a lot of indicatorsNSE NOW Mobile app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS
This is a very powerful risk management trading application.
Web apps, Mobile app, and desktop devices make online stock trading simple
Zerodha Kite ConsNSE NOW Cons
This trading portal depends exclusively on the Risk Management System and Order Management System of OmnesysThere are no APIs on the platform
IPO online investment opportunity is impossible on KITE.While some brokers charge exorbitantly to trade at MCX and BSE from NSE NOW, many of them make trading from the platform impossible
Traders cannot execute direct trading from charts.
Mutual Funds trading cannot be done on Kite from Zerodha.


Zerodha Kite and NSE NOW offer the most sophisticated features for stock trading in India. They are both excellent online trading platforms to be reckoned with in the stock trading industry of India.

No wonder Zerodha Kite vs. NSE NOW grouped these two platforms among the top and perfect players in the stock brokerage market.

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