Zerodha Kite Vs. ICICI Trade Racer: A Comparison Of Trading Portals

Zerodha Kite Vs. ICICI Trade Racer Options Trading Platform Comparison

Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer trading options portals is the comparison of Zerodha KITE and ICICI Trade Racer trading portals.

The Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison is aimed at finding the areas where Zerodha KITE and ICICI Trade Racer for Android are different and where they are similar.

This will eventually allow you to choose the strongest and better stock trading platform between Trade Racer ICICI and Zerodha KITE Software.

However, let us quickly look at Zerodha Kite Review and ICICI Trade Racer Review before our Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison.

Zerodha Kite Review

Zerodha KITE review described KITE as a light in weight, rapid to respond, innate, minimalistic, still strong mobile and web software applications.

Zerodha KITE software is offered by Zerodha that most of the available Zerodha KITE reviews adjudged a renowned discount broker in India.

Zerodha KITE software is rated among the best stock trading applications in India for the following reasons:

  • For a complete market watch, KITE from Zerodha consumes not more than 0.5 Kbps bandwidth
  • Zerodha KITE password is easy to reset in case of a lost password.
  • Once you open an account with Zerodha, Zerodha account login is no brainer
  • KITE Zerodha offers a wide range of charting tools in addition to more than five score indicators and six kinds of charts. 
  • When you choose KITE to trade, you will have access to different types of sophisticated orders.
  • Zerodha Kite download has been done by a lot of stock traders in India, making it the widely accepted trading portal in the country.
  • KITE Zerodha processes HTTP applications of more than two hundred million per day without any complain or issue. 

If you are a stock trading enthusiast in India, you can use Zerodha KITE software for online stock trading. 

Use KITE from Zerodha to trade at National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, or Multi Commodity Exchange markets in India.

Zerodha Kite vs. ICICI Trade Racer Comparison

ICICI Trade Racer Review

ICICI Trade Racer review is indispensable when it comes to Zerodha Kite vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer is offered by ICICI Securities that ICICI Trade Racer Review rated among the popular and biggest brokers in India.

ICICI Trade Racer Download for Mobile App can be done from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Using Trade Racer ICICI will give you the opportunity to identify and spot immediate trading in real-time.

You can do this through the customization of your much-loved technical strategies.

You can avail both offline and online trading services if you are a client and trader on the platform of ICICI Trade Racer.

 If you a trader who has a preference for online trading, you can choose any of the ICICI Trade Racer Web, ICICI Trade Racer desktop, and ICICI Trade Racer Mobile app for trading.

The Call and Trade and the branch services provided by ICICI Direct Trade Racer are for the customers who are looking for offline trading.  

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ICICI Trade Racer Software

ICICI Direct provides its numerous clients with more than a few online ICICI Trade Racer software and tools such as:

  • ICICI Trade Racer Web (This is a Web-oriented trading portal of the company
  • Trade Racer ICICI Mobile Trading Application
  • ICICI Direct Desktop trading software

Why Trade with ICICI Trade Racer Mobile?

  • Keep an eye on the movements that take place in the stock market
  • Receive current research information and calls
  • Position an order
  • Keep watch over your portfolio
  • Obtain quotes on stock
  • Deal in Options and Futures
  • Deal in Equity

All the ICICI Trade Racer for Android Trading Software allows stock investors to buy and sell Currency, Derivatives, and equity.

ICICI Trade Racer software for traders is offered free of charge to all the customers. 

This means that there are no ICICI Trade Racer Charges against customers using ICICI Trade Racer Software on the platform.

Also, ICICI Direct Trade Racer software provides customers with well-timed comfortable deposit and withdrawal settlements.

 This service is in addition to ICICI Trade Racer local and tailored service. This makes Trade Racer ICICI an incomparable and power-packed portal.

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Zerodha Kite Vs. ICICI Trade Racer

In this Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison, we will consider different areas such as the trading segments, features, and lots more.

This will give us insights into the differences and similarities of Zerodha KITE software and ICICI Trade Racer software.

Open Demat Account Zerodha kite

Zerodha Kite Vs ICICI Trade Racer Software Owners

In the Zerodha KITE reviews and ICICI Trade Racer review, it was noticed that two different India stock brokers own Zerodha KITE software and ICICI Trade Racer software.

This is as represented in our Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer table of platform owners below.

 Zerodha KiteICICI Trade Racer

Zerodha KITE Software is from Zerodha ICICI Securities are the owners of ICICI Trade Racer software.

Zerodha Kite Vs ICICI Trade Racer Product Comparison

Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer product comparison will distinguish between Zerodha KITE products and Trade Racer ICICI products. 

 Zerodha KiteICICI Trade Racer

Zerodha KITE After Market Order : Orders placed in advance for the following day trading. This Zerodha KITE product is short-formed as AMO.Equity :
MarginCash TradingShares TradingCall and TradeMarginPLUSEquity ATM or EatmLimit OrderMarket Order
The Normal KITE from Zerodha F&O Trades : This is merely the KITE product used by customers for all night or intraday trades in F&O.This product is abbreviated as NRML and it is traded with no extra leverage.Derivatives Futures : Stock futures and Index trading take place on the National Stock Exchange. 
It works by taking your buy or sell positions in stock or index dealing with the longer time of about three months Options: This is the ICICI Trade Racer Product that provides the investor the chance of buying or selling shares at a particular amount at or before a certain date.  Currency: In ICICI Trade Racer currency trading you can conveniently trade and pair your Japanese Yen, Euro, Dollar, and Pound Sterling against India Rupee 
The KITE from Zerodha Margin Intraday Square-off : This is the KITE from Zerodha product designed for trading in F&O and Intraday trades in the area of equity. Its short form is MIS.Mutual Fund : There are more than 2,500 schemes available for this purpose on ICICI Trade Racer Direct platform.
The KITE Back Order : This is also referred to as BO and it is the intraday frontier order that has discretionary trailing, stop loss, and target SL being positioned at the same time.The ETF aka Exchange Traded Funds : These are traded securities on an exchange. ETFs are similar to personally owned stocks.
Cover Order Product from Zerodha KITE :  Abbreviated as CO, this Zerodha KITE product is described as market order for intraday.It has a set stop loss order with higher leverage being offered for it because it has predetermined stop loss.Bonds and Corporate Fixed Deposits
The KITE Zerodha Cash and Carry : This KITE Zerodha product is designed for Equity associated with delivery trades. Traders need full cash or margin to purchase shares in CNC. There must be availability of stocks in the connected Demat account before you can sell stocks under CNC arrangement.Portfolio Management
Loans Product : There are Home Loans and Loans obtained against securities.
Trade Racer ICICI Direct ESOP Funding
The Tax Services of ICICI Direct : Get services in the areas of filing tax returns with the relevant tax authorities, Get ICICI Trade Racer advice on Optimization trading, and assist in computing tax payable and taxable income.
ICICI Direct eLocker : Keep and repossess your vital document with this service.
The Trade Racer : This is the ICICI Direct trading platform. It is loaded with great features such as the Trade Racer ICICI scanner.

Zerodha Kite Vs ICICI Trade Racer Order Types

Here is what we observed in the order types of KITE from Zerodha and ICICI Trade racer after the Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison. 

 Zerodha KiteICICI Trade Racer
Market OrderNormal Order
Trigger Order also known as Stop loss OrderAfter Market Order
Stop Loss OrderLimit Order
Limit OrderMarket Order

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Zerodha Kite Vs ICICI Trade Racer Features

Here is our review of Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer features.

 Zerodha KiteICICI Trade Racer

The Zerodha KITE Fund Transfer This is the KITE from Zerodha feature thatallows for adding and withdrawing money from your account.The Trade Racer ICICI Scanner: There is ICICI Trade Racer Trend Scanner for monitoring the movements of intraday price. There is also Trade Racer ICICI scanner designed for identifying scrips in the stock market.
The KITE Zerodha Highly-developed Charts With this feature, customers can perform different operations. They can draw numerous charts they need, view different charts in a similar window at the same time, and lots more.Several ICICI Trade Racer Watch Lists: This feature is used for the tracking of clients preferred deals and stocks.
Zerodha KITE Heat Maps and Stock Scanners : Guarantee fast and efficient stock trading on the portal.The ICICI Trade Racer for Android Snap View : This feature offers a deep examination of a particular scrip using detail such as charts, market intensity, and support and resistance echelons among others.
KITE Zerodha Technical Signals and Indicators: Investors and traders use these features deep stock analysis .ICICI Direct Trade Racer Heat Maps : These are used for identifying both the positive and negative stocks fast.
The ICICI Trade Racer Shortcut Keys : These are the ICICI Trade Racer software features used for quicker spontaneous stock trading.
ICICI Direct Trade Racer Global Indices : Used for monitoring the most important markets all over Asia, Europe, and America. 

Zerodha Kite Vs ICICI Trade Racer Pros and Cons

In this segment of our Zerodha KITE vs, ICICI Trade Racer review, we examined the strengths and weaknesses of KITE Zerodha and ICICI Trade Racer for Android. Here is what we observed review.

 Zerodha Kite ProsICICI Trade Racer Pros

Zerodha KITE software is one of the fastest stock trading applications in India.ICICI Trade Racer for Android is quire responsive.
Zerodha KITE download is very easy.ICICI Trade Racer Web can be accessed from any gadget, making it very effective for trading.
KITE from Zerodha is packed with amazing features that offer incomparable trading experience.You can customize and personalize ICICI Trade Racer software at will.
Zerodha KITE software is offered to clients for FREE.Opportunity to trade with three in one single account. In other words, you don’t need a separate Demat, Bank, and trading accounts for trading on the platform.
Zerodha KITE login is as simple as ABC. 
Zerodha Kite ConsICICI Trade Racer Cons
There is no report offered by Zerodha KITE. If you are a client on the platform, you have to obtain the necessary report you need from the back office of Zerodha.The ICICI Direct Trade Racer doesn’t provide clients with commodity trading services.
The ICICI Trade Racer software is not updated regularly. In other words, not much of it has changed ever since they were developed.
The ICICI Trade Racer charges are a bit on the high side.
open ICICI Trade Racer Demat Account


Having done the Zerodha KITE review and ICICI Trade Racer review, we can conclude that both trading portals are feature-packed.

Also, you can use this Zerodha KITE vs. ICICI Trade Racer comparison to choose between Zerodha KITE software and ICICI Trade Racer software.

Zerodha KITE Web, Zerodha KITE Mobile App, and KITE from Zerodha Connect API are all capable of offering exceptional stock trading experience in India.

Also, the ICICI Direct Trade Racer Mobile Software will let you trade stock at any place you find yourself. It is ICICI Trade Racer software for Android.

Moreover, the ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web online software will enable stock traders to use the platform from any available computer browser.

The wide range of features offered by Zerodha KITE and ICICI Direct Trader Racer make them stand out from the crowd in the stock trading industry.

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