Zerodha Kite Vs. HDFC Securities Blink: Comparing Two Giant Trading Terminals in India

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink Comparisons Synopsis

With Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparisons, you will know the right and best stock trading software suitable for your trading.

It is important to also understand that stock trading and investment is a perfect step to take if you want to earn unending income.

This is necessary because there are many trading terminals available for trading stock in India.

Among them are; Zerodha KITE software, HDFC Securities Blink Software, and lots more.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do a comparison of the trading platform options to choose the best.

Trading platform comparison is an in-depth overview of two or more trading portals to pick the one that will match your trading goals.

When you compare two different platforms, such as Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink, you will know the best one for you. 

To get the best result, you must first define your trading goals and match it with your findings after the comparison.

Our purpose here is to look at Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink to know the differences and similarities.

However, we will first do a brief Zerodha KITE review and HDFC Securities Review before considering Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink.

Why Comparing Trading Platforms is Necessary?

A comparison two or more trading platforms will give you a clear understanding of the best platform that will fit your trading goals.

Above all, the right and top trading terminal must provide its users with three indispensable benefits.

These benefits include the following:

  • The platform must be easy to use and offer an excellent trading experience to all its users.
  • The platform to choose for trading must give its users access to quality and ground-breaking market research.
  • Such a trading platform must offer a lot of useful materials to educate its users.

With this understanding, you must be able to choose the best platform for your trading purposes at any point in time.

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink

Zerodha KITE Synopsis

The Zerodha KITE software was built by Zerodha stock brokerage company to help traders achieve their stock trading goals.

In a Zerodha KITE review, KITE by Zerodha was said to be one of the trading terminals that traders always want to use for trading in India.

This is because Zerodha KITE software was built with user-friendliness in mind by the developers.

You can use KITE to trade at different segments in India without disappointment.

You don’t even need Zerodha KITE download before you start enjoying the benefits of this software FREE of charge.

Zarodha KITE customer care team is caring and always available to answer questions from customers.

You will have the best trading experience with the wonderful and ground-breaking features of Zerodha KITE.

Zerodha KITE login is simple and the Zerodha KITE demo and Zerodha KITE user manual are detailed enough to put you through.

You will start enjoying the platform immediately you sign up for an account because you don’t need any Zerodha KITE download.

If you are making a list of trading platforms with amazing features in India, Zerodha KITE will make the list.

All stock traders and investors in India are always anxious to use KITE trading software for their stock trading. 

This can be buttressed by positive Zerodha KITE reviews and feedback from the Zerodha KITE users across India.

KITE Zerodha software stands out from the crowd with its incomparable features that are not present on other trading applications.

HDFC Securities BLINK Review

HDFC Securities Review described BLINK as outstanding and perfect trading software built by HDFC Security of India.

Users and traders alike can download and install HDFC Securities Blink on their computers. 

HDFC Securities Blink Software is a wholly useful and handy trading terminal that allows for fast order executions with coincident monitoring. 

HDFC Securities Blink is the best-fit trading terminal for all active traders in India. 

With HDFC BLINK software, you can trade-in:

  • Derivatives
  • Equity
  • Currency

HDFC Securities software and future investment and stock trading terminal complete trading deals extraordinarily faster. 

HDFC Securities BLINK allows clients to trade with:

  • HDFC Securities Mobile trading applications
  • Internet
  • Phone call

HDFC Securities Blink software was built and managed by HDFC Securities internally.

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Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Platform Owners

This Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink compared the owners of Zerodha KITE trading platform and HDFC Securities Blink trading platform.

The outcome of the Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparison is as shown below:

Zerodha KiteHDFC Securities BLINK
Zerodha HDFC Securities Ltd.

Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink: Customer Care Service Offered

Zerodha KITE customer care and HDFC Securities BLINK Customer Care departments are established for fast resolutions of issues and queries.

Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink Customer care Service comparisons compared differences and similarities in the customer care services provided by KITE and HDFC Securities.

Customer Service Support: Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink

Customer Service ComparisonsZerodha KITEHDFC Securities BLINK
Through BranchesAvailableAvailable
Toll-Free Number Not AvailableNot Available
Phone Support AvailableAvailable
Online Live Chat  Not AvailableAvailable
Email SupportAvailableAvailable
Customer Care Number “+ 91 80 40402020”91-22-3355336

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Order Types Comparisons

What are the products provided to customers by KITE by Zerodha and HDFC Securities Blink?

 Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink product offered comparison revealed the following.

1. NRML, MIS, and CNC Orders

These order types are provided to the clients on the two trading portals. 

2. AMO or After-market Orders:

There is facility for AMO aka After Market Order.

However, there is no facility for AMO on the HDFC Securities platform.

3. GTC aka Good Till Cancelled Order

The two trading platforms provide GTC or Good Till Cancelled orders.

The implication of this is that you make a deal of sell or buy a limit in equity order.

Such an order is left in the system until when it attains the stated period or when it is executed.

4. The CO or Cover Order

There is a facility for CO order on the two trading terminals. 

Traders on Zerodha and HDFC Securities Blink can use Cover Order for trading in index derivatives and equity.

5. BO or Bracket Order 

 Zerodha offers the facility to traders to place BO, but HDFC Securities does not offer BO to its clients.

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Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Trading Platforms

Zerodha KITE and HDFC Securities Blink offer different trading platforms for their customers.

Presented below is our Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink trading platforms. 

Zerodha KiteHDFC Securities BLINK
KITE Web App This is one of the best web associated trading applications in India.
Use KITE Web App by KITE Zerodha and take your stock trading to the next level.
It is silky and equipped with extraordinary features
HDFC Securities BLINK Mobile Trading App BLINK Mobile trading application allows traders to maintain the tempo of the stock markets. 
BLINK Mobile is obtainable for Android and Apple iOS devices.
The API This is an exceptional stock trading terminal created for the trading purposes of stock traders and investors.HDFC Securities Blink Pro Terminal HDFC Securities Blink ProTerminal is a modern trading terminal that lets users execute trade from their laptop or desktop. 
Depending on the model you choose, this product is obtainable on subscription.
The Kite Mobile This is a trading terminal for all Android and iOS users.
The interesting features of this Zerodha KITE trading platform will skyrocket your trading experience.
The HDFC Securities BLINK This is described as a browser-based portal that allows traders to trade quickly. BLINK is a subscription-based model.
Trade.HDFC Sec This is a web associated stock trading terminal. Traders can access this trading application from mobile, laptop, desktop connected to the Internet.

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Features Comparison

Zerodha KITE software and HDFC Securities software have differences in their features as revealed in our Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink feature comparisons.

Our observations are highlighted in the table.

Zerodha KiteHDFC Securities BLINK
Zerodha Kite software comes with any extraordinary features that will enhance your trading experience.
Some of these extraordinary features are:
The HDFC Securities Single Screen This is the HDFC Securities feature for placing an order in F&O and Equity. This makes the general trading experience seamless and smooth.
The DashboardCustomized Trading Terminal The customized trading terminal feature helps in making an informed investment decision. 
It also allows you access to most recent research reports and tips. 
KITE Market Watch listsMonitor Dealings This is the feature used to monitor different transactions in the Net Position, Trade Book, Order Book, and the summary of your portfolio.
The Streamline Trading Updates: Allows traders to have a deep view of the market.Advanced Charting This is the HDFC Securities Blink feature that will give you a clear understanding of the movement in the market for technical analysis.
The Streaming Zerodha KITE QuotesShortcut Keys This feature is used for placing fast orders and accessing other particular useful features you may need for a trading application.
The Hovering Order WindowThe Dashboard This feature allows for a higher level of customization relating to drag and drop without fuss.
There are different Charts available on Zerodha KITE software for trading and other uses.
The Browser Notices and Notifications

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Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Pros and Cons

This Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink compared the pros and cons of the two trading platforms. 

It was discovered that there are different pros and cons offered by the two trading applications as highlighted in this table.

Zerodha Kite ProsHDFC Securities BLINK Pros
Zerodha KITE software is FREE for use by its numerous customersThe buy or sell HDFC Security Blink order entry in fast
When it comes to performance, KITE Zerodha platform is fast and perfectTraders on the HDFC Securities Blink platform can keep their eyes on the synchronized movement
The amazing and innovative features of the Zerodha KITE software make it one of the best in IndiaTrading terminal customization to help in making informed decisions about investment
In general, the trading portal is insightful and cleanMonitoring transactions on the platform is very easy.
HDFC Securities Blink Charges are affordable
The HDFC Securities Blink software is FREE
The heavy traders have many features to use for their trading activities
The HDFC Securities Blink software is fast and performs excellently well
Zerodha Kite ConsHDFC Securities BLINK Cons
There is no facility to use the Zerodha KITE software as an installable trading platformThere is no trial version of HDFC Securities Blink software and this is a serious concern of users.
Direct trading from charts is not possible with KITE by ZerodhaMain concerns noticed in the course of using the My Portfolio feature.
open zerodha kite demat acc

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities BLINK Wrap Up

Selecting the right stock trading software and trading platform for perfect and successful trading can be overwhelming.

This is because there are many platforms and trading applications available to choose from.

This Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink compared the two trading platforms to help you when you want to choose between them.

The comparisons took us to all the significant aspects of Zerodha KITE and HDFC Securities Blink.

This Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparison is not to condemn any of the trading platforms as both of them are great and of high-quality.

It is basically to help traders, particularly those considering Zerodha KITE or HDFC Securities Blink to determine the one that will best fit their trading goals.

With this detailed Zerodha KITE vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparisons, you should be able to choose between Zerodha KITE and HDFC Securities Blink.

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