Zerodha Holidays Trading Calendar [Updated]

Introduction of Zerodha Holidays

Zerodha has launched every year Zerodha holidays Calendar. Whatever its customers are, they can come on this platform and see Zerodha holidays. You can get complete information about the holidays from here.

Generally, the way we use a calendar in our homes so that we can see the holidays, we can know about it. 

There are many holidays in our country, which is difficult to remember, that is why we use a calendar—precisely the same in Zerodha.

Zerodha Holidays List (Trading Calendar)
Zerodha Holidays List (Trading Calendar)

How to Use & Access Zerodha Calendar

I am delighted to say that any customer can use it quickly, and its interface is also excellent. First of all, visit the Zerodha website.

After clicking on the link, you will directly reach this website, as you can see its interface in the image below.

See above is visible with every holiday date. Whatever holiday of December Month from January will be visible here, its customers do not forget that it is not a regular calendar, it is of Zerodha.

The funniest thing on this platform is that a green color symbol will be seen in the holidays that are coming.

Apart from this, after coming to this platform, you will get more things like, if you want to know anything about the company, then it will be found here, about company support and how to open an account, etc.

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Zerodha Holiday Calendar
Zerodha Holiday Calendar

Zerodha Holidays List

Zerodha trading HolidaysDateExchange
MahashivratriFriday,   21/2/2020TRADING,
HoliTuesday,   10/3/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Ram NavamiThursday, 02/4/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Mahavir JayantiMonday,   06/4/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Good FridayFriday,     10/4/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiTuesday,  14/4/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Maharashtra DayFriday,     01/5/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)Monday,   25/5/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Mahatma Gandhi JayantiFriday,     02/10/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Diwali BalipratipadaMonday,  16/11/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
Gurunanak JayantiMonday,  30/11/2020BSE, NSE, MCX
ChristmasFriday,    25/12/2020BSE, NSE, MCX

Here are some holidays that Zerodha has provided for its customers.

Advantage of This Platform

  1. No registration required: – Due to this facility of the company, any customer can take advantage of this platform without any sign-up or registration.
  2. No fees or charges: – Fees are levied on visiting many other websites, but no money will be charged for visiting this platform here. It is an entirely free service.
  3. No age required: – There is no problem of age; customers of any age can come to get the service of this platform.

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Generally, the way we use a calendar in our homes so that we can look at holidays. It is the same. Zerodha has launched a platform called Zerodha Calendar. So that Zerodha holidays can be seen.

Zerodha Call Back Request

Zerodha Holidays FAQs

What is the benefit of Zerodha Holiday?

First of all, let me tell you that if you are a customer of Zerodha, then you have to know about this platform. If you are interested in it, then from here you can find the Holiday, as the name suggests.

Is there any sign up needed to come here?

No, this platform can be accessed without registration and sign up. On the website where the sign option is there, the data of the customers is stored with that site owner.

Open Demat Account with Zerodha
Open Demat Account with Zerodha

In which language does this platform provide service?

The service of this platform is available only in English. If you do not know English, then you can take help of any of your friends and take advantage of this platform.

Does it exist in the Hindi language?

I believe many people in India like the Hindi language. But let me tell you that right now, this platform does not provide any service in Hindi.

Is Zerodha open on Saturday?

Yes, it is open on Saturdays. Make sure that there is no holiday. On the day when it will be Holiday, it will be open every day.

When did this platform launch?

Zerodha is one of the most famous stockbrokers. It has many platforms. It has launched the Holiday platform in the same year i.e., 2020, So that its user can benefit.

Is there any app for Zerodha Holiday?

By the way, Zerodha has given the facility of mobile app for almost all its platforms. But there is no app for Holiday yet. Zerodha may launch the app in the coming few days.

Can we access it on all devices?

Whether you are using android mobile, using a tablet or computer. Any device can access this platform. It has often been seen that more people use Android mobiles only.

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