Zerodha Coin Review – Invest Direct Mutual Fund With Rs.0 Cost

Zerodha Coin Overview

Zerodha Coin is an idea from Zerodha, the largest and leading direct mutual fund company in India. Coin Zerodha will allow you to buy or invest in mutual funds online directly without passing through distributors, agents, or third parties. 

When you invest in mutual fund directly from the asset management companies such as Zerodha, you will avoid the huge commission and other issues associated with mutual fund investment.

In this Zerodha Coin review, you will learn about why you need to invest in mutual funds directly, how it works, and some other characteristics of the investment strategy.

Activities with Zerodha Coin
Zerodha Coin Overview

Direct Mutual Fund Investment

Direct mutual fund investment is not all that common in India, particularly when we look at it from mainstream investment point of view.

It is a system of investment whereby an investor invests with any of the available mutual companies, instead of going through the so-called distributors and agents.

Direct mutual fund investment is made possible and easy with technological advancement in the Fin-Tech industry.

Quite a lot of areas and touchpoints have been affected by this development. One of these touchpoints is the Zerodha coin mutual fund investment.

Need Zerodha Coin Platform

It is noteworthy that is the largest and the leading direct mutual fund investment that allows you to buy direct mutual funds online in India without paying commission, as mentioned earlier in this honest Zerodha Coin review. 

Your bonds, currencies, stocks, mutual funds, and lots more are all found in your Demat account.

With Zerodha Coin, you have free and unrestricted investments. This mutual fund investment using Coin Zerodha attracts no commission, brokerage, or fees.

Do you want to invest your money in mutual funds in India and paralyze the activities of the distributors? The Zerodha platform is the answer. 

It is the only way by which you can place NAV order tracking or conditional order to buy Direct Mutual Funds in India.

Once you login through Zerodha Kite, you can easily gain access to the Zerodha Coin platform. There are more than 2000 mutual funds you can choose from on the Zerodha platform.

The Role of Local Agents and Distributors in Buying Mutual Funds

Distributors and agents are the intermediaries or middlemen that volunteer to assist you to invest in certain mutual funds.

They will put everything in place including the necessary paperwork, and then place your investment alongside the funds.

These local distributors and agents make the overall mutual investment process smooth for you, but with negative effects.

The service rendered by these mutual fund distributors attracts 1.5 percent upfront commission, based on the value of your investment.

After that, they consistently charge you another 1.5 percent yearly for as long as your investments are on the mutual funds.

Without a doubt, these commissions swallowed up your investments, thereby reducing your profits and returns.

Another thing you need to note before going through a distributor is that their commission charges accumulate and increase with your investment.

Unfortunately, the only service rendered to attract this huge commission is just to help you buy mutual funds. 

Fund House Direct Mutual Funds Investment

Investing in mutual funds directly through the fund house is another option you can choose to invest in mutual funds.

However, you need to go through the process of filling a series of forms to invest in mutual funds, which is considered cumbersome and hectic. 

In addition, tracking your funds and getting your statement all on your own is another great concern of investing in mutual funds directly from a fund house. 

With this type of mutual fund investment, a lot is necessitated from your end.

This is where the Zerodha Coin has come into the scene. Coin Zerodha lets you invest in mutual funds directly in the form of DEMAT, just as if you are investing in Currency, Equity, or other segments.

Coin Zerodha will allow you to buy mutual funds online directly through the Zerodha platform without charging you any brokerage whatsoever.

The greatest part of Coin is that through the Zerodha portal, you will get the latest updates and information about some high performing mutual funds with return on investment percentages and the period of investment.

You can access the Zerodha platform via its Coin Mobile App and the web version. Download this from the Google Play Store if you are interested.

How to Invest in Coin Zerodha

Understanding how to invest in Coin Zerodha is very important if you really want to enjoy the benefits of Mutual Fund investment. 

You must understand how to invest in Coin Zerodha if you want to use the platform for your Mutual Fund investment.

You are required to open Zerodha Demat Account together with Zerodha Mutual Fund Account, in order to be able to invest in Mutual Funds on the platform. 

However, if you have a Demat and trading account with Zerodha, you can then login to Coin. Note that both your User ID and password will be the same with that of your Kite portfolio or credentials.

Coin Zerodha App

Coin Zerodha App is the separate Mobile App launched for the Mutual Fund investors by Zerodha. 

With Coin Zerodha App, Mutual Fund investors on the platform can invest on the go. 

The Features of Coin Zerodha App:

  • Generate, update, and suspend your Zerodha Coin SIP investment at any time. 
  • With the Coin Zerodha app, all your MFs are available in a Demat format, making it simple to pledge your funds to obtain a loan against securities.
  • It is possible for you to check both your NAV and portfolio details, using Coin Zerodha App.
  • Coin Zerodha App has the option to select mutual funds from more than thirty AMCs and about more than three thousand Direct Funds.
  • Use Coin Zerodha App to obtain the details of your portfolio from one page for Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and ETFs.
  • Use the UPI payment gateway to fund your MF account instantly
  • There is an online investment option on your Coin Zerodha App for tax saving ELSS funds.

Zerodha Coin SIP

You can invest in a fund systematically, using the Systematic Investment Plan. You can start your SIP investment with a fixed amount and invest every week, every month, or quarterly. 

The Benefits of Zerodha Coin SIP to investors: 

  • Opportunity to invest in small amounts
  • Ability to set and accomplish financial objectives
  • SIP encourages savings and financial discipline
  • Zerodha SIP is also a resourceful way for new investors to invest in inequities.
  • Useful for short-term and long-term wealth making
  • SIP offers the utmost convenience of auto-debit right from a bank account.
Open Demat Account with Zerodha
Open Demat Account with Zerodha

How to Sell Mutual Funds in Zerodha Coin

You must understand how to sell Mutual Funds in Zerodha if you want to redeem a fund on the Zerodha platform.

Once you know how to sell Mutual Funds in Zerodha Coin, you go ahead to sell your mutual funds with ease. 

How to sell Mutual Funds in Zerodha Coin is by login into Coin and just below the portfolio header, you can see all the funds you have invested in. Just click on the Sell or Redeem button. 

Indicate the number of units and click on the redeem button to place your sell request.

The money of the mutual funds you sell on Zerodha will be credited to your trading account. This is how to sell Mutual Funds in Zerodha Coin.

Note that when the money will be transferred to the Zerodha trading account will be specified for every fund in the redemption window.

Coin Mutual Fund Withdrawal

Mutual Fund Withdrawal process is no brainer.

  • You can place a Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund withdrawal request by visiting 
  • When you get to the site, click on the ‘Funds’ button and choose ‘Overview’. 
  • Input the amount of Mutual Fund Withdrawal you want to make in the ‘Withdrawal Amount’ field.
  • Click on Proceed.

The same Mutual Fund Withdrawal process is applicable for the Coin Zerodha app also. 

You can open on your Coin Zerodha app browser and enter the withdrawal amount and click on proceed to make your Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund withdrawal request.

You can also learn more about mutual funds withdrawal from Coin demo.

Important:  Coin demo specified that 100INR is the least amount for withdrawal, while payment during the day cannot be withdrawn on the same day. 

Zerodha Coin Charges

Zerodha charges are based on a flat fee of 0 INR per month for making use of the Zerodha platform, irrespective of your investment value. 

Your charges per annum will amount to 0 INR. However, Zerodha users have to log in through Zerodha Kite to access the platform. 

You can have boundless transactions no matter the number and value of the transactions you carried out in the month. 

The Zerodha Coin charges for the all INR worth of investments are free for all the Zerodha Clients.

Open zerodha demat account
Open zerodha demat account


Paytm Money vs. Zerodha Coin Comparison

The only similarity in Paytm Money vs Zerodha Coin is that there are no charges levied on Direct Mutual Fund Investments for both.

Zerodha links flawlessly with the other Zerodha universe, such as the Kite platform for investing directly in stocks. Paytm Money links to the existing Paytm account.

Paytm Money is the best choice for only Mutual Funds. The Paytm Money offers the largest range of add-on features. 

On the other hand, Coin Zerodha is the best choice for users or mutual funds investors who are seeking a nominal and clean interface and would also desire to dive a bit deeper into Bonds, Options, Stocks, and Futures with other apps of Zerodha.

Zerodha Coin vs. Groww

 In Zerodha Coin vs. Groww, it is noteworthy that ease of use, the interface, and investment options are the features that set both of them apart from each other.

The similarity in Coin vs.Groww is that the two investment portals give direct plans for MF investments free of charge.

Groww doesn’t offer you the opportunity to invest in stocks but you can invest in stocks with Zerodha.

With Groww, you need no Demat account to carry out MF investment, while Demat account is a prerequisite in Zerodha.

Pros and Cons of Coin Zerodha


  • Quite efficient in its services
  • It is available at zero commission
  • It is cost-efficient for the beginners
  • It stands out from the crowd
  • It offers Direct investment opportunity to its users
  • Easy Documentation because it only needs the details of your Aadhaar card.
  • Just one platform for all investments – Commodity, Equity, Mutual Fund, and Currency.
  • Easy SIP, start or stop at any time you wish with no NACH requirement. You have the freedom of increasing or decreasing SIP values at will.
  • No agents, distributors or third-parties involved in this process. Therefore, you deal with the fund houses directly.
  • Zerodha saves a lot of commission, unlike the distributor-based option.
  • The mutual funds are provided in the Demat format, making it convenient to manage and control a diversified portfolio.


  • The advisory module is not available
  • You will need an active Internet connection to operate the Zerodha platform because it is rendered in web-format. Moreover, the platform cannot be accessed offline.
  • It is a new and unproven initiative in the Indian market. In other words, to mature and gain users trust will take time.
  • Zerodha mutual fund platform is not useful for low monetary investments. 

Zerodha Coin Account Opening

For the Zerodha account opening, you can go to directly and complete the registration form online. 

You need the Zerodha Coin account opening because Zerodha is a renowned and the best discount broker in India. Besides, Zerodha is the top online trading with highly-developed technology in India.

Documents needed for the Coin account opening include income proof (for F&O), Photo, Cancelled Cheque, Address proof, and Pan card.

Zerodha Account Types

  • Demat account form taking delivery of stocks
  • Trading account for Currency and Equity derivatives
  • Commodity account for trading commodity futures on MCX

Zerodha Account Opening Fee

  • Demat and Equity – 300INR
  • Commodity – 200INR
  • You will be charged an additional 100INR if you want the forms sent to you by courier. 

Zerodha Coin account opening can be done with Aadhar card or with no Aadhar card. You need to send some documents to the Zerodha office in Bangalore in the two methods.


In this Zerodha Coin review, we would like to affirm that this platform is the best way out for investors and traders who are looking to invest in mutual funds. It is an interface, by which different mutual funds can be bought in the Demat format from the fund houses directly.

This arrangement saves a lot of commission being charged while investing through the agents, third-parties, and distributors.

Its charges are the lowest for security derivatives in India. Zerodha Coin demo of the platform is designed to help you invest in mutual funds stress-free. 

Coin platform or platform is available in the Coin Zerodha app and web versions.

With Coin Zerodha, you can invest in Direct Mutual Funds without receiving any commission from AMC, unlike other distributors out there. 

Demat Zerodha Coin’s account opening is mandatory to avail of this service. This is because that is where all your Mutual Fund holdings will stay.

Coin Zerodha FAQs

How to invest in Coin Zerodha?

How to invest in Coin Zerodha is by opening both Zerodha Demat Account and Zerodha Mutual Fund Account. But all you need to do if you already have a Demat and trading account with Zerodha is for you to just log in to Coin. Your user ID and password will be the same as your Kite particulars.

Why Direct Mutual Funds Investment?

With Direct Mutual funds, there is no third-party commission, making the expense ratio lower.

What are the options available to invest with Coin Zerodha?

The options available to invest with Coin Zerodha include buying options for Mutual Fund from different choices like SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, One-tie investment or lump sum payment. 

Zerodha Coin SIP is when you invest little periodical amounts as against lump sums. You can begin as many Zerodha Coin SIPs as possible on the Zerodha MF platform with a click of a button without the need for signing any mandate forms.

Are the Zerodha Coin charges on the selling of Mutual Fund from Zerodha Demat Account?

5.5 Plus GST is the DP charges for selling of Mutual fund. There are no DP charges applicable while buying. Besides, the Zerodha Coin demo gives suggestions on choosing funds.

How do I invest in a direct mutual fund?

You can invest in a direct mutual fund via the website of the mutual fund house.

  • Sign up for an account with the mutual fund company. Nearly all the mutual fund’s platforms will expect you to create an account first.
  • Select your preferred scheme and investment details. 
  • Confirm and complete the transaction.
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