Zerodha Bulletin – How To Access And Use This Platform

Introduction of  Zerodha Bulletin

Zerodha Bulletin is a platform where important announcements and operational updates regarding scheduled maintenance, trading, downtime of servers, and other services/updates, And this update is by Zerodha itself.

Coming on this platform is free of cost; if any user wants to get information related to It, then he can enter for free. No charge will be taken for it.

There is no age limit to visit the website of Zerodha Bulletin, and no customer needs to sign up or register. That is to say, and any customer can come on this platform without any condition and take advantage.

As we all know, Zerodha is a flat fee stock broker company for trading in stocks, commodities, and currency derivatives in Bangalore.

Joined in 2010; It is the first and No. 1 discount broker in India a while by volume, the number of clients, and development. As of January 2020, It has 9.79+ lakh, dynamic subscribers. 

Zerodha Bulletin Introduction
Zerodha Bulletin Introduction

Zerodha brokerage is 0.01% or 20 for every executed order, whichever is lower, independent of the number of shares or their costs, which are free. 

With Zerodha, the most extreme brokerage you pay for any exchange is 20 for any request (in any measure and any section). Zerodha doesn’t have at least brokerage. 

It contributes over 10% of every day retail trading volumes on NSE, BSE, MCX. As of late, it has driven as the most significant stock broking organization in India by the number of clients. Zerodha Bangalore office has more than 1,000 employees.

It provides many services such as Equity Trading, Commodity Trading Currency Trading, Mutual Funds, and Derivatives Trading. 

It has many platforms like Bulletin, Console, kite, Coin, Varsity, Sentinel, Zerodha Streak, Pi Trading Platform, Call and Trade, Small Case, etc.

Zerodha Bulletin
Zerodha Bulletin

How to Access & Use This Platform

  1. To access it, first you have to open Zerodha account
  2. And you have to search for ‘Zerodha Bulletin’ keyword in the search box, then click on the first result that will be in front of you.
  3. Or if you want, you can access it by clicking this link directly.
  4. When you finally come to this platform, it will look something like this.
  5. As you can see in the picture above. That Zerodha has published some posts which are written ‘Resolved’ after almost every title.


No customer is required to register or register, and there is no age limit to visit the Zerodha Bulletin website. It is to say that any customer can come on this platform without any condition and benefit.

Open Demat Account with Zerodha
Open Demat Account with Zerodha
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