What Is Mutual Fund?

It is like sunshine for women who can invest their money in less capital and give a new direction to their progress with their dividend money. 

Mutual Fund– Today’s woman is taking good care of herself. She’s confident, independent, and ambitious. But most lack adequate knowledge of financial planning & investing. 

Earning well does not automatically take care of the financial future, for that one needs a proper plan & its dedicated implementation.

A mutual fund is a type of investment in which investors pool their money together to buy a portfolio of stocks, bonds or other securities in order to take advantage of diversification and professional portfolio management at a reasonable cost. 

In this, you will find your money increasing day by day in the graph by which you invest your income, and then it is the partner of both the principal and profit of the investor.

Understanding Mutual Funds

Many large companies collect money from the public investing in mutual funds and use that money to buy other securities, usually shares and bonds. 

So that it can provide benefit to the investor. And its benefits can be invested by both men and women in mutual funds for their future. 

And you can make your golden future by using dividend money.

The value of a mutual fund company depends on the performance of the securities it decides to buy. 

Mutual funds have done a really good job, in which they can quickly double their principal money. 

You have seen a more than 25% increase in the number of assets under management of mutual funds in India, which has become a source of investment everywhere.

Mutual Funds Market Capitalization

Mutual funds are a combination of bonds. These funds invest in a mix of equity and fixed income instruments. These funds are suitable for investors looking for a combination of income and medium growth. 

A mutual fund is also a mutual fund scheme, through which we invest in other mutual fund schemes. This fund protects the investor from risk and at the highest point provides the investor an opportunity to diversify the profit. 

These funds are also suitable for small and low risk investors. You also get the help of our mutual fund advisors to choose the best fund to meet your needs.


People across the Globe have been investing since many centuries. Some experienced phenomenal wealth creation and lots of them had bad experience. 

A thin line of difference between the two categories of people is right investment. Only those people have made profits that have made right investments.

Mutual Fund is promoted by an award winning team of Alpha Capital which caters to High Net worth individuals (HNI). The company has been helping their clients in creating wealth for many years by making them invest the right way.

Mutual Fund is a social effort of the company to take their successful model of wealth creation to a normal citizen of India who doesn’t have a good Financial Advisor or who doesn’t have time to think about investments. 

Mutual Fund is an Endeavour of the company to make every citizen of India a rich and happy citizen.

Mutual Fund helps people in creating wealth by keeping things simple, recommending low cost products, following the discipline of Asset Allocation and give unbiased advice with high level of transparency.

To many people, Mutual Funds can seem complicated or intimidating. We are going to try and simplify it for you at its very basic level. 

Essentially, the money pooled in by a large number of people (or investors) is what makes up a Mutual Fund. This fund is managed by a professional fund manager.

It is a trust that collects funds from many investors who share a common investment objective. 

Then, it invests money in equities, bonds, money market instruments and/or other securities. Each investor is the owner of the units, representing a portion of the fund’s holdings. 

The income/profit generated from this collective investment is distributed among the investors after deducting fixed expenses.

Despite owning broad-market mutual funds, the investor achieves success in the mutual fund market, focusing on specific investment factors, such as growth, low volatility, and value. 

This is useful because even professional investors have difficulty investing so that they can overcome that difficulty. 

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature.

Mutual funds have both advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investment in individual securities. 

The primary advantage of mutual funds is that they provide according to economies of scale and market, they provide you with liquidity according to the high level of diversification, and they are managed by professional investors. 

On the negative side, investors in mutual funds have to pay various fees and expenses. If the investor who invests money in a mutual fund, it is invested by professional fund managers according to the purpose of the scheme. 

The performance of these investments affects the returns generated by the mutual fund scheme. The securities in which mutual funds are invested are not themselves guaranteed. Therefore the returns from the fund are not guaranteed.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Investors

Mutual funds have advantages and disadvantages compared to investing directly in individual securities. According to Robert Pozen and Theresa Hamacher, these are:


  • Increased diversification: A fund diversified holding many securities. This diversification decreases risk.
  • In mutual funds, as stated by many investors, they deposit their money in many companies of mutual funds, which in turn invest these amounts to buy bonds or stocks. The goal of mutual fund companies is to invest the investment amount in assets that give good returns so that its investors can benefit from the returns generated.
  • Professional investment management: Open-and closed-end funds hire portfolio managers to supervise the fund’s investments.
  • Ability to participate in investments that may be available only to larger investors. For example, individual investors often find it difficult to invest directly in foreign markets.
  • Service and convenience: Funds often provide services such as check writing.
  • Government oversight: Mutual funds are regulated by a governmental body.
  • Transparency and ease of comparison: All mutual funds are required to report the same information to investors, which makes them easier to compare to each other.


Mutual funds have disadvantages as well, which include market risk:

  • Fees: Till the time the investor pays the investment management fee, he stays with his fund even if the value of his investment is decreasing. He also pays for the wealth distribution fee which he will not invest indirectly.
  • No choice in securities selection— if you don’t agree with choices, you must change funds.
  • No control over the sale of securities within the fund—the timing of sales has tax implications for an investor.

How do I choose a Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds invest in various kinds of securities. The various types of securities that a particular fund may invest in are mentioned in the fund’s prospectus, which explains the fund’s investments objective, its approach and the permitted investments. 

The objective of the investment describes the kind of income that the fund is looking for. 

For e.g., a “capital appreciation” fund generally looks to earn most of its returns from the increase in prices of the securities it holds rather than from a dividend or the interest income.

The approach of the investment describes the criteria that the fund manager may have used to select the investments for the fund.

Imagine asking a travel agent, “How should I choose my mode of transport?” The first thing he/she will say is, “Depends on where you want to go.” 

If I were to travel to a distance of 5 kms, an auto rickshaw might be the best option, while for a journey from New Delhi to Kochi; a flight might be the best. 

A flight would not be available for a short distance and an auto rickshaw would be highly uncomfortable and slow for a long-distance journey.

If you have decided to include a mutual fund in your investment strategy, but you do not know how to start it, it is really very easy with a little bit of diligence on your part. 

If you want to risk the investment amount, you can get just halfway to success by understanding the market’s ups and downs and being clear on your investment objectives.

Those choosing winning investment mutual funds include options that provide good returns at a low cost, but when they strategically enhance your own portfolio and investment objectives, investors are the “winners” of the fund.

Once you are ready to invest in some mutual funds, there are several ways of analyzing them such as in the history of past performance according to the market of each mutual fund, looking at the management team and expense ratio and it’s According to the change in the position of the investor. 

If you are also taking advantage of different investment strategies, then your fund runs according to many options.

No, such as providing diversity to your portfolio with the international portfolio, buy market index (S & P 500) or to spend in different funds your money. According to all these situations, you can make many changes in your investor’s investment.

How do I Fulfill my Financial Goals?

How do you decide what type of transport you should do when you travel? Whether you want to top it, take an auto-rickshaw, a train or a flight, the investor likewise has to decide the destination according to your budget and travel time. Where he will get the profit by investing

Planning for financial goals are also uses the same kind of principles. Everyone have different modes of transport for different travel needs – different schemes (or combination of schemes) for different needs. 

We may consider liquid funds for very short term needs; income funds for medium term needs and equity funds (or a combination of different funds) for long term needs. 

Different investors may invest in different schemes of the same asset category depending on the risk that they are willing to take. 

Always remember that there are solutions available among Mutual Funds for each investor need. This is important to understand person’s own unique need to find which solution is appropriate.

Vision & Values:


  • Make every Indian a Rich Indian  
  • To be a trusted partner in wealth creation and a mutual fund of choice


  • Create awareness about the importance of Investments 
  • Recommend right Investment plans by understanding the needs and risk profile of the clients  
  • Work in favor of Clients and give unbiased advice 
  • Recommend simple and low cost products & solutions 
  • Maintain a high level of Ethics & Transparency

Mutual Fund Investment in India:-

SBI mutual fund
Reliance mutual fund
HDFC mutual fund
L&T mutual fund
Axis mutual fund
ICICI mutual fund
UTI mutual fund
KOTAK mutual fund
HDFC mutual fund login
Aditya Birla mutual fund
Canara Robeco mutual fund
ICICI prudential mutual fund
SBI  mutual fund login
Birla sun life mutual fund
Reliance mutual fund login

1. SBI Mutual Fund

The SBI Mutual fund management has comprehensive expertise and experience and is known as one of the major adviser’s to financial.

Institutions, asset management companies, and pension funds.SBI Mutual Fund – Bandhan SWP is a facility that helps you provide regular pay-outs to your eligible family members (parent, sibling, spouse or child) from the growth option of your investment in eligible open-ended schemes of SBI Mutual Fund.


SBI Mutual Funds Online through Funds India

  1. SBI Mutual fund provides Safe: 100% safe and secure online platform with bank-level security.
  2. SBI Mutual fund Smart: An award-winning team of investment advisors and market analysis to guide your investments.
  3. SBI Mutual fund Intuitive: Easy to use online navigation and market analysts to guide your investments.
  4. Technologically advanced: With a state-of-the-art Robo-advisor – MoneyMitr can offer you excellent investment suggestions based on live market analysis.
  5. Efficient: Digitally upload attested KYC documents.

An SBI Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets. 

SBI Mutual Fund offers an entire range of investment solutions covering investors across risk profiles.

When you cross off the target finish line, it does not matter whether you were slow or fast, what matter is how it changes your life for the better. 

Do something for the betterment of society. Invest in SBI Mutual funds today. You invest in future with SBI MUTUAL FUND and start the good for protecting the environment. 

The SBI Mutual Fund has a mix of the highly experienced and knowledgeable management team that has been responsible for consistently delivering value to its investors.

Adhering our values allows us to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. SBI Mutual Fund INDIA is built on serving and satisfying our clients. Meeting our clients’ needs is and always has been our Number 1 priority. We make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.


Investment SBI Mutual Funds

SBI Mutual Fund has over 30 years of experience in fund management and has a network of 222 points of acceptance across India. 

The fund strives to become the largest fund house with a consistent track record and delivering top-notch customer service. It believes in growing through innovation and stable investment policies.

SBI Mutual Fund’s Navneet Munot is overweight on financials, industrials, and telecom. 

India’s top asset management company, SBI Mutual Fund (MF), says India Inc.SBI Mutual Fund offers around 61 schemes which are spread across different categories. 

This helps meet the investment objectives of different types of investors.

We emphatically put SBI Mutual Fund in engaging our customers. So that they not only understand the plans we set up but really engage and interact with the planning process. 

As a result, our clients get as much as benefits and output out of our possible. At SBI Mutual Fund, We always do everything we can to ensure our advice is straightforward and exceeds expectations.

SBI Mutual Fund Calculator

SBI Mutual Fund has various benefits –This is simplified now, with the advent of State Bank of India Mutual Fund SIP Calculator. 

You calculate mutual fund estimated returns on the capital invested. When we talk about investments, the most important aspect is what kind of returns can be expected. 

It all starts with selecting the most appropriate plan for your purposes. The SBI Mutual Fund family has excelled under market conditions over the last 5 years. 

Which in today’s online world, mutual funds are acting as SIP calculators to estimate how much you may need to invest outright over a period of time. 

So that you can take advantage of it in your future. SBI Mutual Fund is also providing an online SIP calculator, which you can use to calculate the approximate amount required to invest per month to achieve the financial goal. 

Open SBI Demat Account

The Benefits of an SBI Mutual Fund

– SBI Mutual funds investment can multiply your wealth.

–  SBI Minimal risk as compared to other investments.

–  SBI Portfolio diversification is possible

– More chances of success and profitable returns thanks to investment diversification.

–  SBI Mutual funds are actively managed and employ a professional fund manager whose performance parameters are directly linked to the performance of the fund scheme.


SBI Mutual Fund today has a reputation for providing the entire One Stop Solution Universe One Roof with all types of business segments linked to the Financial Planning, Investment, and Taxation and Insurance departments. 

We have adopted the core values ​​of ethical business services. PTIC strongly believes in long term relationships, reliable advice, attentive care for the interests of our respected customers.

We simply want to be the best in the eyes of our patrons by providing personalized services at their doorstep.SBI mutual fund as a body together with its professional client has consistently honored with top achievement awards.

2. Reliance Mutual Fund

“Reliance Mutual Fund has been renamed as Nippon India Mutual Fund. The new name came after Nippon Life Insurance of Japan completed the acquisition of 75 per cent stake in Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management from Reliance Capital NSE 4.33 %. The management change has many existing investors in erstwhile Reliance Mutual Fund schemes worried.”

Reliance Mutual Fund – Invest in select companies across small, mid and large-cap! The Nippon India Multi-Cap Fund aims to grow your investment over the long term. 

Reliance Mutual Fund has given rise to great investment opportunities in the coming year in Large, Small and Mid Cap funds.

Reliance Mutual Fund these schemes provide who different options to the investors like dividend option, capital appreciation, etc. and the investors may choose an option depending on their preferences in Reliance Mutual Fund. 

The investors must indicate the option in the application form. The mutual funds also allow the investors to change the options at a later date. Growth schemes are good for investors having a long-term outlook


It aims to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of no risk. This income may be complemented by a capital appreciation of the portfolio.

Accordingly, investments shall predominantly be made in Debt and Money Market Instruments.


This is to generate regular income to make regular dividend payments to the unit holders and the secondary objective is the growth of capital.


It aims to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of risk and high liquidity. Accordingly, investments shall predominantly be made in Debt and Money Market Instruments.


It aims to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of risk and high liquidity. Accordingly, investments shall predominantly be made in Debt and Money Market Instruments.

Reliance Mutual fund

RELIANCE Mutual Fund: All Schemes

  • Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Prime Debt Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Liquid Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund –Growth
  • Nippon India Gilt Securities PF Fund -Automatic Annual Reinvest Option
  • Nippon India Arbitrage Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Arbitrage Fund-Growth
  • Nippon India Large Cap Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Money Market Fund Direct-Growth
  • Nippon India Small Cap Fund – Growth
  • Nippon India Small Cap Fund Direct- Growth

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3. HDFC Mutual Fund:-


HDFC mutual fund Savings Direct Plan-Growth is a Hybrid Mutual Fund Scheme launched by HDFC Mutual Fund. This scheme was introduced to investors on 01 Jan 2013.

One of the strongest reasons that you can trade with the HDFC Mutual Fund can be considered the fact that HDFC provides you with tips in both your investment and profit in a wide range of businesses that are supported by the best team of experts. 

Thus, if you are a beginner who is looking for some help while investing in mutual funds, then you can take help of HDFC Mutual Fund.


This HDFC Mutual Fund invests in short-term debt instruments, looking to give a reasonable return to investors over a short period of time. Mutual Funds have emerged as one of the most popular investment choices for retail investors. These are an alternative to putting money in a savings bank account.

Top HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

  • HDFC mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G)
  • HDFC Infrastructure Fund (G)
  • HDFC Balanced Fund (G)
  • HDFC Small and Mid Cap Fund (G)
  • HDFC Prudence Fund (G)
  • HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund (G)
  • HDFC High Interest Fund Dynamic Plan (G)
  • HDFC Capital Builder Fund (G)
  • HDFC Income Fund (G)

HDFC Securities does not levy any fees for opening an HDFC Mutual Fund account. Additionally, users also do not have to pay an annual maintenance charge (AMC) for using and operating the HDFC Mutual Fund account

Ease Investment of HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund Investment is simple, especially if you have an Online Investment Service HDFC Mutual Fund Account. 

You can invest in a fund of your choice in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home or office. You can opt for a Systematic Investment Plan and ensure automatic payment from your HDFC Bank Account. 

Mutual Funds are a great way to create long-term wealth. They are among the best-performing asset classes and more tax-efficient than other options.

HDFC Mutual Fund Login

hd log.png

You can easily create login HDFC Mutual Fund – Now follow this step by step.

Firstly, Most Required document for user login:

1. Folio Number,

2. PAN Number and

3. Bank account number

You can easily create login HDFC Mutual Fund – Now follow this step by step.

Step-1, First of all, search in Google and write at URL of HDFC website as – HDFC Mutual Fund- MP online- For Inverter- Login with user id- create a user id.

Note: – HPIN- HDFC personal identification Number

Step-2, to fill the details as per require Folio Number, and then click icon investor without the HPIN. means does not required HPIN then you can put Pan Number or Bank details if you already submit in the account number in the mutual fund, so you have to fill up the same account number

Step-3, after filling up all details then clicks here to submit icon.  Now you have to receive OTP in your register mobile number and email I’d so you can verify.

HDFC SIP Calculator: Calculate returns on SIP Investments in Mutual Funds Online

India’s most advanced HDFC SIP returns calculator. You can calculate how much you can make by investing in SIPs by every mutual fund or set a target amount and find how many sips you need to make.

  • SBI SIP Calculator,
  • HDFC SIP Calculator,
  • DSP SIP Calculator,
  • ICICI SIP Calculator,
  • Franklin SIP Calculator,
  • Reliance SIP Calculator,
  • AXIS SIP Calculator,
  • Kotak SIP Calculator

HDFC Life Sanchez Par Advantage

It is a participating life insurance plan that provides an option to avail cover for the whole of life (till the age 100 years) and helps generate a regular income and build a corpus to achieve the planned goals and secure your loved one’s future.

Performance of HDFC

An analysis of the portfolio selection of these schemes shows that heavy exposure to Banking and Finance, Oil & Gas, Auto and Engineering has resulted in them underperforming broader markets. 

High single stock exposure to banks such as SBI and Bank of Baroda in the financial sector and companies operating in core sectors such as L&T, Rural Electrification, Tata Steel, Bharat Electronics, Coal India, some person which have delivered double-digit negative returns in this year, has contributed further to the loss.

  • HDFC Top 200 Performance HDFC Top 200 Performance
  • HDFC Top 200 Performance

While HDFC Funds may doing well. HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd, India’s largest fund house with assets ofRs.1.03 trillion, was the most profitable money manager in the year ended 31 March.

Open Paperless Mutual Fund Account Online

Step 1: Fill in your details on our Registration page

Step 2: Enter the OTP you receive on the registered mobile number and email ID

Step 3: Enter your PAN and click Proceed

Step 4: Enter your Bank details and PAN to check KYC compliance

Step 5: Check the auto-populated FATCA and Compliance Questionnaire fields and click Proceed.

Note: – That’s all! Starting your investment journey on HDFC is as easy as opening your very own Mutual Fund investment account online.

HDFC not too difficult to use, and after a while, you get comfortable with it. So I would give it a thumb up on the interface. I think it is probably better than ICICI in this respect, but not sure how it compares with Reliance Money.

(PS: I am just talking about the interface here. So HDFC interface might be better but ICICI might provide more features. We shall get to that later).

HDFC gets thumbs up here, although there is not much difference between ICICI and HDFC when it comes to this Trust. I know this is a very important component. I also know that most folks, who have used HDFC, use it because they trust it.

The 5 step structured process of Invest Track involves:

hdfc 1.jpg

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4. L&T Mutual Fund

L&T Mutual Fund is a mutual fund company in India. It caters to the investment needs of investors through various mutual fund schemes. 

Non-banking lender L&T Finance is raising up to some finances core through a bond sale, the proceeds of which will be used for on-lending and refinancing of existing debt.

The article also quotes and I & t Finance executive as saying, “This will be a market trade distributed among institutional investors and with no rights pursuant to Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, we wish to inform you that the Committee of Directors of L&T Finance Limited, the material subsidiary of the Company, vide resolution dated December 9, 2019, has approved: 1.

An L& T is vehicles offered by Mutual Funds which help investors invest regularly through a step by step approach to investing.

It works just like recurring deposits with the bank or post office where you put in a small amount every month.

The only difference is that in the case of Mutual Funds it is invested in the market. The minimum amount to be invested can be as small as 100 and the frequency of investment are usually monthly or quarterly.

Being a fund manager, he has been leading equity in L&T Investment Management Limited for many years. Currently, it is preparing to manage eight funds, including L&T Equity Fund, L&T Large & Madcap Fund (formerly L&T India Special Situations Fund), L&T Tax Advantage Fund, L&T.

Helps achieve your goals 

L & T help you achieve your future financial goals, like – Retirement, Children higher education, Marriage of your children and so on.

You can actually set a target amount based on your goal and achieve the same over a period of time by investing a small amount every month. You can also decide the amount of SIP-based on your financial goal.

Free Insurance – There are some schemes / AMCs who offer insurance cover up to as high as 100 times of your L & T amount without charging anything extra for this.

Major Competitors: Being a fund manager, he has been leading equity in L&T Investment Management Limited for many years.

Where the mutual fund market is a world where new securities of various financial products and services are regularly issued to the public as per the requirement of every person of all income groups. These financial products which are bought and sold in the capital market.

Money Market or Liquid Fund

These funds are also income funds and their aim is to provide easy liquidity, preservation of capital and moderate-income. 

These schemes invest exclusively in safer short-term instruments such as treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial paper and inter-bank call money, government securities, etc. 

Returns on these schemes fluctuate much less compared to other funds. These funds are appropriate for corporate and individual investors as a means to park their surplus funds for short periods.


Investors get the name of a contact person in the offer document of the mutual fund scheme, which they can contact in case of any query, complaint or complaint. 

The trustees of a mutual fund monitor every activity of the mutual fund. The names of several company directors and trustees are also given in the offer documents. Investors can also contact L&T for redressed of their grievances. 

On receipt of complaints, L&T takes the case to the concerned mutual fund and stays with them till the matter is resolved.

How are Funds rated?

Most rating agencies rate only those schemes that are older than three years and have a corpus of above Rs 5 core. They take monthly returns into account. For each month it calculates the risk-free rate—returns over and above the risk-free rate of return.

5. Axis Mutual Fund

Axis Bank great example of how the synergy between technology and financial services is creating a major disruption in the traditional payments and other financial services model”. 

He said the new features will not only bring about a vast improvement in customer experience “but will also make the transaction processing smoother and smarter for the merchants.

Investments in securities are spread across a wide cross-section of industries and sectors and thus the risk is reduced. 

Diversification reduces the risk because all stocks may not move in the same direction in the same proportion at the same time.

Mutual fund issues units to the investors in accordance with quantum of money invested by them. Investors of mutual funds are known as unit holders.

Axis Mutual Fund Securities

We are part of the lineage of the Axis Mutual Fund group and are a proud subsidiary of Axis Bank – India’s third-largest private sector bank and the choice of over 20 million customers to protect their future profit-making funds Making innovation and passion our motto in today’s time, we have grown together step by step in a very short time. 

As the Axis Securities mutual fund, we are committed to provide investment solutions and to offer a wide spectrum of Axis bank’s offerings to our customers. 

The financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account-related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. For more information, please contact to Team of Axis Bank

Axis Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer said that the bank has studied the market but has not yet found a perfect match. “We are evaluating opportunities all the time,” he said, adding that microfinance firms, which are doing well and can be a good fit, are mostly overvalued. “There is currently nothing on the card.”

Axis ASAP Savings Account Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy a no-strings-attached Zero Balance Account
  • Earn up to 7.25%* interest p.a. on your account balance
  • Get a Complimentary Virtual Debit Card / Optional Visa Online Rewards Debit Card to enjoy tons of online shopping offers
  • Avail Higher Interest Rates through auto-sweep Fixed Deposits facility above INR 10,000
  • Get account statements, fund transfers and bill payments for free

Axis Bank is the third-largest private sector bank operating in India. Globally the bank is spread over nine international offices with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai (at the DIFC), Colombo and Shanghai; representative offices at Dhaka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and an overseas subsidiary in London, UK.

Axis Bank savings account interest rate is 3.50% p.a. if the balance in the account is less than Rs. 50 lakhs. For a balance of Rs. 50 lakhs to less than Rs 100 core then the rate of interest provided is 4.00% p.a.; for a balance of Rs. 100 core and above, the rate of interest is 6% per annum.

Axis Bank profit

  • Enjoy a no-strings-attached Zero Balance Account
  • Earn up to 7.25%* interest p.a. on your account balance
  • Get a Complimentary Virtual Debit Card / Optional Visa Online Rewards Debit Card to enjoy tons of online shopping offers
  • Avail Higher Interest Rates through auto-sweep Fixed Deposits facility above INR 10,000
  • Get account statements, fund transfers and bill payments for free

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open axis demat acc

6. ICICI Mutual Fund

Features & Benefits of ICICI Mutual Fund

  • ICICI Mutual Fund Online Service is free of charge for all ICICI Bank Customers
  • Purchase, redeem or switch online
  • Redemption & Dividend Payout facility can be availed on ICICI Mutual Fund.

At ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, we believe in creating long-term wealth for investors through a wide range of investment solutions. 

We believe that the investor’s success is our success and every employee of our organization strives to create an unparalleled experience for all the investors. 

With ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, you can be assured of ease of access and investor-centric processes and policies.

In today’s times, ICICI understands the activity of the mutual fund and the approach of the fund manager and does not recommend buying or selling in any way. 

ICICI Mutual Fund always recommends a financial plan that you Discipline and investment in ICICI mutual funds should be followed up on the basis of individual risk assessment. 

Analysts say that India’s economy is in the middle of development with stable macro and investors should enter the equity market due to good monetary policies and programs of reforms. 

The fund manager says that such funds offer investors the benefit of choosing a bottom-up stock. These investments are not affected by daily fluctuations. These funds use hedging strategies to manage the risk of equity.

ICICI Mutual Funds Important Information

  • Please note that in respect of the purchase of units of ICICI mutual fund schemes (other than liquid schemes), the closing NAV of the day on which the funds are available for utilization shall be applicable for application amount equal to or more than Rs 2 Laces, irrespective of the time of receipt of such application. 
  • Investor shall be responsible to ensure that the ICICI mutual fund application form is complete and all details as required are duly filled in. ICICI Bank is not liable for any consequence in case any of the particulars provided are false, incorrect or incomplete.

Category Analysis : Indian markets witnessed a rise in volatility in the last year or two with significant divergence in returns among various Nifty stocks. Out of the 50 Nifty stocks, 22 delivered an average return of 25% last year while the Remaining 28 stocks are down by a similar 25%, on an average. Accordingly, The one year return of the be

Best ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

  • Equity Category.
  • ICICI Prudential Focused Blue-chip Equity Fund.
  • Sector/Thematic.
  • ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Direct – Growth.
  • Hybrid Category.
  • ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund – Direct – Growth.
  • Debt Category.
  • ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct – Growth.

ICICI mutual fund good

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is a fund house. It offers a variety of mutual fund schemes to investors. Investors can choose a scheme that matches their investment objective to achieve their financial goal.

For example, investors usually invest in debt schemes to achieve short-term financial goals. They opt for equity schemes to achieve long-term.

Features & Benefits

  • Risk diversification – Diversification of funds in equity and debt securities
  • Liquidity – Investor can do partial or full withdrawal as per their need
  • Transparency – Investors know where exactly money is getting invested
  • Low cost – No entry load while investing in a mutual fund
  • Professional management- Industry experts will manage the funds
  • Tax-efficient – Investor get a tax benefit in equity and debt funds
  • Flexibility – Flexibility to switch investment amount from one fund to another fund

The best ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund scheme

  1. ICICI Prudential Focused Blue-chip Equity Fund. …
  2. ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Direct – Growth. …
  3. ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund – Direct – Growth. …
  4. ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct – Growth. …
  5. ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund – Direct.

A complete structured process:

  • Identifying Objectives
  • Establishing your Risk Profile
  • Recommending Research-Backed Solutions
  • Seamless Execution
  • Regular Reviews

Also Read: ICICI Trade Racer Software Review

open icici demat acc

7. UTI Mutual Fund

  • Top UTI Equity Funds
  • Top UTI Debt Funds
  • Top UTI Hybrid Funds

UTI Mutual Fund is India’s oldest Mutual Fund house managing company for the last 50 years and has been the sole vehicle of market capital and mutual fund investment for Indian citizens in the 90s.UTI Mutual Funds offer investing solution.

UTI has started its investment journey digitally on mutual fund platforms. Which you can get the revised website guide about UTI Mutual Fund, online investment process easy and simple.

We have been assisted by you to invest with UTI Mutual Fund as we can focus on bringing more investment through the largest segment of our country’s population, youth. 

As financial advisors play an important role in educating them about their options, market conditions, and the implications of this, a financial advisor is made a guide in the field of investment, providing each investor with the most optimal investment solution. 

It happens. Which goes beyond regular research and analysis to help you?  

With the help of a well-diversified portfolio, it uses industry-led best practices to serve the varied needs of investors.

The fund attempts to provide an effective combination of the domain leadership in the capital markets coupled with state-of-the-art technological expertise.

UTI Mutual Fund Mission

  • The most trusted and admired brand for all stakeholders
  • The most efficient wealth manager with a global presence
  • Deliver best-in-class customer service
  • The most preferred employers

UTI Equity Funds

UTI Equity Funds are moderately high to high-risk investments which invest in equity shares of high revenue-generating companies. The schemes are designed to meet investors’ long-term goals like wealth creation, retirement planning and income generation.

UTI Money Market Fund

Fund has 98.6% investment in Debt of which, 98.6% in funds invested in very low-risk securities. Money Market debt funds invest in bonds with a maturity of up to 1 year. 

They aim to earn slightly better returns than what you can get from a bank account or a short duration fixed deposit.

The report also summarizes the various types of Buildings Insurance market. Factors that influence the market growth of particular product category type and market status for it. 

A detailed study of the Buildings Insurance Market has been done to understand the various applications of the usage and features of the product. Readers looking for scope of growth with respect to product categories can get all the desired information over here, along with supporting figures and facts.

UTI Money Market Analysis

Investment in overseas markets: The success of investment in overseas markets depends upon the Ability of the fund manager to understand the conditions of those markets and analyses the information which could be different from Indian markets. Operations in foreign markets would be subject.

UTI Mutual Fund Login:

User need for logging: –

  1. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by Income Tax Department.
  2.  User password

8. Kotak Mutual Fund

Kotak mutual funds an open-ended equity scheme. The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio of predominantly equity & equity related securities generally focused on a few selected sectors across market capitalization.

An open-ended equity scheme that invests in companies which work towards innovative products, services or business models to create value, which may give your investment an opportunity for better growth Kotak Mutual Fund, has shared its views on some of the most crucial sectors of the Indian economy and how it is playing those sectors. Here’s everything that you need to know

It appears to be a number of tools related to investing money in Kotak Mutual Fund, which generates alpha from a portfolio of companies that are leaders in their own private sector – and to protect new lines of business from many of the existing competition. 

Have gone We, as a fund house, have insisted on managing risk well. Which we have seriously understood the risk-return ratio. This can help us provide a better experience for our investors.

Impacting millions

The eventual lack of access to funds for NBFCs does not just impact the industry itself, but various other segments of the economy.

The informal and formal MSME sector was already trying to cope with several policy changes when this crisis hit.

It all begins with you selecting the best appropriate scheme for your objectives. After you have chosen the most suitable scheme for your portfolio, you can jump to calculating the amount.

This is where The Kotak Mutual Fund calculator takes in important details like your desired corpus from the investment, investment duration etc.

Based on the details you provide, you are delivered a standard amount, rate and return.

Kotak Mutual Fund login

* NRI Investors can receive the OTP in your Indian Mobile Number if same is registered against the folio

* You will receive a one-time password (OTP) email ID and mobile number for verification/authentication and this number indicates you’ are unique registered.

Step1- Enter Folio Number

Step 2- Authorize Yourself with OTP sent to your Mobile Number/Email

Step3- Create Username & Password

open Keat demat account

9. Aditya Birla Mutual Fund

Aditya Birla mutual fund takes an active approach in making the entire mutual fund management process straightforward and transparent to ease it for both investors and channel partners. 

This has the potential to not only make your life more joyful but also lead to sustained financial stability.

Financial discipline does not mean principles or habits that are difficult to follow or demand to sacrifice your comforts for a better future. 

Rather, these are smart practices capable of providing all-round success in life

After Aditya Birla Mutual Fund has been following the market for months, the ups and downs of the market can be easily detected today that Aditya Birla Mutual Fund is a very large company. 

Those who buy and sell these invested funds on a continuous market basis, therefore, allow investors to enter and exit as per their convenience.

A mutual fund is a professionally managed trust that protects many investors from loss of money and invests them in securities such as stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, and precious metals.

Invest in Aditya Birla Mutual Funds

Step 1: Register for your new account; Registered customers just need to log in.

Step 2: To register, upload the documents which are your identity proof such as driving license, voter ID card, passport, PAN, Aadhaar, etc.

Step 3: You upload the documents and authenticate address – such as utility bill, Aadhaar, passport, etc.

Step 4: Select the investment period you are comfortable with.

Step 5: Choose a level of risk you can get comfortable with high, medium or low.

Step 6: Choose Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund of your choice.


Mutual funds offer tax benefits: Mutual fund investments which are held for long term (12 months or more) qualify for capital gains 7 are taxed accordingly. Mutual funds also have a benefit of indexation. 

 Mutual funds have liquidity: In open-ended mutual funds, an investor has an option of redeeming all or a part of their investment at any given time to get the current value of the stocks held. 

This process is standardized which makes this procedure efficient & fairly quick so that the investor can get their money as soon as possible. 

Mutual funds are transparent: The performance of a mutual fund is reviewed regularly by several agencies, publications & professionals. 

This makes it easier for an investor to compare different funds to each other. As an investor in the fund, one is provided with regular updates like monthly account statements, monthly and half-yearly portfolio disclosure etc.

Required for Mutual Fund Investment

Here is a list of official documents required to validate the identity and address of an investor:

1. Identity Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

2. Address Proof

  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Rental/Lease Agreement

 Investing in Mutual Funds

  • Mutual Funds are considered safe investment options as they are regulated by SEBI which saves the Investor from any fraudulent activities by the mutual fund companies.
  • Dividends earned are tax free if the securities are hold for more than a year.
  • Mutual funds are considered to be liquid as most of the schemes are liquidated within 3 days and some of the liquid funds can be liquidated overnight.
  • Investing and redemption in Edelweiss Mutual Fund is very easy and hassle free task.


Mutual Fund SIP calculator allows you to find out how the small investments made at regular intervals will help you earn good returns over a period of time. 

Mutual Fund calculator will give you a direction on how and how much to invest to accumulate a corpus for a particular goal.

It’s always wise to calculate and invest the right amount rather than starting without any direction. We all have financial goals. The need of the hour is a consistent investment behavior that can help you fulfill your goals across different life stages. 

The Calculator helps you calculate the amount you will need to start saving on a monthly basis to meet major expenses in future. 

Mutual Fund calculators give you a quantitative direction to plan your investments. You can calculate the value of your investment at maturity period based on your investment horizon.

Sundaram Finance

Started with the primary objective of financing the purchase of commercial vehicles, the company, has today grown into one of the most trusted financial services groups in India. 

It has a nation-wide presence of nearly 640 branches, over two lakh depositors and three lakh commercial vehicle and car finance customers.

Your eligibility for a home loan from Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance is dependent on factors such as monthly income, age, employment, monthly commitments, liabilities, qualifications, assets, savings background and history of repayment of other loans if any.

Sundaram Finance Policy

It is possible for you to take a home loan in one city while you work in another city. Since the company has many branches across South India (and a few in the North), it is easy to coordinate your matters. The details of the branches can be found on the website.

Policy and internal controls here are designed to prevent bribery in such a way that it enables the company to respond promptly and effectively to any inquiry about its conduct. 

Companies that violate this policy may be subject to action on employee discipline, including the expiration of their work period.


  • To focus on low-income segment.
  • To provide valuable financial services at affordable rates.
  • To expand our network to every corner of the nation and widen the net of financial and economic inclusion.
  • To go one step beyond in serving our customers, providing a sense of security and creating customer delight.
  • To speak the language of respect, dignity, and courtesy with every customer.


These funds ensure regular income for the investors and are ideal for investors who are looking to get a regular supply of dividends. 

The fund manager of income funds invests in company fixed deposits, debentures, etc. That aim to achieve the highest capital gains. These funds are suitable for investors who are looking to give high security and give more capital.

10. TATA Mutual Fund

This is a fund that invests mainly in bonds issued by banks, public sector undertakings (PSUs) and public financial institutions. Like most other debt fund categories, we believe that retail investors can avoid this one as well.

This is a fund that invests mainly in bonds issued by banks, public sector undertakings (PSUs) and public financial institutions. 

Like most other debt fund categories, we believe that retail investors can avoid this one as well. We live in a world full of jargons. Over a period of time, we even start using them without understanding their exact meaning. Through the Prof. Simply Simple™ initiative, we will try and simplify financial terminologies and concepts.

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature. The contents are topical in nature and held true at the time of the creation of the lesson. 

This is not indicative of future market trends, nor is Tata Asset Management Ltd. attempting to predict the same. 

Reprinting any part of this presentation will be at your own risk. Tata Asset Management Ltd. will not be liable for the consequences of such action. Tata Mutual Fund is among the few actively-managed large-cap mutual funds to have beaten its passive counterparts over the last 1 year.

Tata mutual fund days and has seen him drive his portfolio with a lot of passion and innovation.  he drove the marketing business and e-channels of Tata AIG with a lot of new initiatives and focus on increasing the direct business. 

He has always been a man of new ideas with great communication skills and immaculate sense of humors. Wish him super success as an entrepreneur and everything that he will do in life.

Services of Tata Mutual Fund:

  • Purchase of Tata Mutual Funds.
  • Switch of Tata Mutual Funds from one fund to another.
  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Tata Mutual Funds
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) in Tata Mutual Funds
  • Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) in Tata Mutual Funds
  • Sale/Redemption of Mutual Funds
  • Offline, Online Demat Investment Services
  • Tata Mutual Funds Asset Allocation & Portfolio Rebalancing

Today, most financial planners are investment advisers, but not all investment advisers are financial planners. Some financial planners assess every aspect of your financial life — including savings, investment, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning — and allow you to develop a detailed strategy or financial plan to meet all your financial goals Helps in

11. Reliance Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment scheme. It is run by an asset management company (AMC) which acts as a mediator for the retail investors. 

The AMC pools in money from a large number of investors and invests it in equity shares, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. 

We offer one of the widest arrays of fund families in the industry and those that use the tools to help you choose the right fund or basket of funds to meet your unique goals. 

So that we can work together with you to develop a mutual fund portfolio. Which is the only one suitable for your specific situation or wealth creation?

Interesting news for all the investors in Reliance mutual funds Nippon India. The mutual fund schemes will remain under the same management team that has been leading all over the years. 

If there will be any change the investor will be updated and will be given away to exit the scheme. With this integration, the company will focus on recovering its market share and enhance profitability.

Reliance Mutual Fund has been renamed as Nippon India Mutual Fund. The new name came after Nippon Life Insurance of Japan completed the acquisition of 75 per cent stake in Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management from Reliance Capitals -1.68 %. The management change has many existing investors in erstwhile Reliance Mutual Fund schemes worried.

RNAM is the only asset manager of Reliance Mutual Funds. It is the only AMC which has EPFO, PFRDA and CMPF permits to have a fund management mandate.

12. Karvy Mutual Fund ( Fraud Broking )

Karvy mutual fund, which is our RTA, does all the back-end operations. So, back-end is not affected at all and investors need not worry about their investments.  

All services that are provided by Karvy mutual fund as part of its RTA service to all mutual fund houses continue to run their business as usual.

Investing in mutual funds facilitates you as an individual investor with the means to invest in equities, debt, and a wide variety of securities in global markets that we may find difficult to invest on our own. 

At Karvy, our expert analysts do extensive research to give you the best so that you can easily select the plan that meets your needs and goals.

Karvy mutual fund offer

  • Mutual Fund Schemes from 35+ AMCs
  • Research Reports (Existing Schemes, NFOs, Performance Reports, etc.)
  • Portfolio Re-balancing (based on dynamic market conditions and ongoing trends)
  • Top Mutual Funds based on Ratings and Performance

We are in the process of sending a communication to our investors saying that their money is safe and they need not do panic redemptions or withdrawals from the schemes,” said another CEO from a private fund house.

Karvy Mutual Fund provides a premier integrated financial service and has secured its place in the top several heights in the country across all its business segments so that it services more than several million individual investors in various capacities. Has been that. An increasing share of it should be received in mutual funds.

Karvy Broking Firm Scam for Customers

Karvy Broking Firm misused the power of attorney given to it by its customers to carry out the illegal transactions. 

In general, the broker gets the power of attorney from his customers to trade the shares in the stock market. So, when transactions take place in the stock market, the funds first come into the pool account of the broker.

The point here is, our investment suggestions will be completely independent, neutral, unbiased and customer-centric. 

We don’t live out of the commission income derived from these investment schemes. We focus on the fee income. Everything is transparent and you need not worry about hidden charges.

13. IDBI Mutual Fund

IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. was established in 2000 and is one of the largest Mutual Fund houses in India (in terms of AUM). 

It has developed a robust network to deliver consistent value to its investors across India. IDBI Mutual Fund aims to give the investor an opportunity to experience the growth of capital markets through mutual funds.

Whether you are a veteran or a budding investor in the mutual fund domain, in IDBIMF is made easy. 

You can visit IDBIMF to pick from a diverse you can be assured of a hassle-free quick process of selecting any product from your favorite fund house – IDBIMF. This requires just one KYC formality.

IDBI Equity Funds

The fund is an open-ended equity-linked savings scheme which invests in equity and equity-related instruments of companies across market capitalization. It aims to achieve wealth generation along with regular income with a mandatory lock-in period of 3 years. The schemes are designed to achieve long-term goals of investors like wealth creation, retirement planning and income generation.


Invest in the Best Mutual Funds

  • 100% Paperless
  •  No Transaction 
  • Charges Easy to Invest 
  • Safe & Secure

Top 5 IDFC Mutual Funds

  • IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Regular Plan
  • IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Aggressive Plan – Regular Plan
  • IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Conservative Plan – Regular Plan
  • IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Moderate Plan – Regular Plan
open idbi demat acc

14. Quantum Mutual fund

Quantum Mutual fund has always believed in leading the way when it comes to using technology to be making the lives of our investors simpler and making their interaction with us as seamless and comfortable as possible.

This fund has consistently performed above the benchmark in Liquid segment. It has given a commendable 6.25% annual returns in the last three years.

‘Quantum India ESG Equity Fund invests in businesses that are environmentally driven. On the eve of World Energy Conservation Day, let us pledge to save energy and sustain the environment.’

Quantum Mutual fund market’s value

We manage your money prudently and with integrity, regardless of market noise, socio-economic volatilities, and/or any macro-economic factors which would often deter investors from investing.

Saving money regularly makes your money work with greater power of compounding with significant impact on wealth accumulation.

And the longer you stay invested, the more it increases over time additionally giving your money the opportunity to increase at higher rates.

How can you invest in Quantum Mutual Funds?

Step 1. Log-in to your Grow account or register as a new user.

Step 2. Upload your photo ID proof documents like Aadhaar, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN, Passport, Central or State Government ID card, etc.

Step 3. Upload your proof of address documents like any identity KYC document with your permanent address, etc

Step 4. Select your preferred investment horizon.

Step 5. Select a risk option – low, mid, or high.

Step 6. Choose the Quantum Mutual Fund you want to invest in.

Step 7. Select “Invest One Time” if you want to make a one-time investment; select “Start SIP” if you want to start a systematic investment plan

Quantum Mutual fund Vision

To stay focused on the needs of our investors and be India’s most respected mutual fund house by adhering to traditional values of simplicity, transparency and integrity while continuing to deliver steady performance over the long term. 

With a 100% Independent Board of Trustees, we are honored to have visionaries in their respective fields continue to push us as members of our Boards.


Best Mutual Fund

These systems evaluate funds based on qualitative and quantitative factors such as returns, asset size, expense ratio, Standard Deviation, etc. 

The summation of all these factors leads to the rating of the best performing mutual funds in India. However, to make the process of Investing easier for investors, we have shortlisted the best performing Mutual Funds in India along with guidelines to choose the best fund in this article. 


Best SIP plans for short term investment

  • Axis Blue-chip Fund – G  
  • ICICI Prudential Regular Savings – G 
  • ICICI Prudential Regular Savings – G  
  • UTI Regular Savings Fund – G  
  • Motilal Oswald Multicap 35 Fund – G  

15. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Mirae Asset Fund, at a time when the Sense has achieved a new high, there is no palpable sense of upbeat sentiment in markets.

 Market experts and sector analysts are keenly monitoring earnings growth, which would justify the high valuation of companies.

Mirae Emerging Blue chip Fund entered the 5-star rating it held on to it and performed exceptionally well since its inception. 

Mirae Asset Emerging Blue-chip is the top-performing fund in the large & mid-cap space. The fund has consistently outperformed its peers and the benchmark index right from the inception.

 The fund has performed well both in the bull and bear phases of the market. This success can be attributed to the investment strategy of the fund manager.

Mirae Asset Focused Fund: All you need to know-

  • The fund will invest in a maximum of 30 stocks and will have the leverage of investing in small cap, multi-cap and large-cap stocks and across sectors.
  • The aim of the fund is to generate long term capital appreciation or income by investing in equity and equity-related instruments of up to 30 companies.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has launched its first open-ended equity-focused fund, Mirae Asset Focused Fund, which will be investing in a maximum of 30 stocks. The fund will have the leverage of investing in small cap, multi-cap and large-cap 

16. LIC Mutual Fund

LIC Mutual Fund’s Multicar fund is dedicated to engineering investments in the stock market. LIC Mutual Fund is currently realigning its investments as a part of fresh strategies in the insurance market. 

The insurer is increasing its focus on pension and annuity business, which calls for higher fixed-income investments. 

Annuity requires a matching asset class which gives a steady income, i.e. fixed income. The Life Insurance Corp (LIC) associate company said the fund is beneficial for investors. 

Several mutual schemes have maintained good monthly dividend pay-out track records over the last few years and are seen as good investment options for regular income.

This would be a forward-looking step for the bank to provide a complete financial solution to our esteemed customers. 

Mutual Fund penetration in India is still very low and banks have played an important role in selling these products to the mass. This engagement increases the option for our customers to choose from a bouquet of financial solutions.

The combination of our comprehensive range of products catering to the varying investment needs of investors and the distribution reach of the bank would create great convenience to the bank’s customers. 

We are very happy to embark on this relationship and look forward to a long and mutually engaging association.

LIC profits

Many other insurance players in LIC have already gone public, including several banks offering insurance facilities such as SBI Insurance, General Insurance Corporation of India, HDFC Life Insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, and ICICI Lombard General Insurance. 

If a new scheme comes to the market in which LIC follows suit, many insurance companies prefer these services emerging as India’s largest company by market capitalization. 


The best way to invest with mutual funds is through a retirement account. If you’re just starting out, try to find a good fund with fairly low minimum investment Mutual funds is more complex than a bank account, but they’re also much more powerful. THAT POOLS THE SAVINGS OF A NUMBER OF INVESTORS WHO SHARE A COMMON FINANCIAL GOAL.

Mutual funds generally create new shares to accommodate new investors. The mutual funds are the concept where the asset management company pools the funds from the different investors and invests it in the portfolio of different assets with the investors having the shares of the fund for their invested money.

The present study analyses the mutual fund investments in relation to investor’s behavior.

Mutual Fund refers to a collective investment vehicle; that pools money from several investors for the purpose of investing it in the capital market.

Making an investment in a mutual fund scheme means that the investor is becoming a part-owner of the investments held under that scheme.

In mutual funds, the profit earned by the investment is divided into all the investors, If you are a small investor, then the mutual fund is the best option for you, while if you can invest a huge amount of stocks are a more preferable option for you than mutual funds.

Out of different investment avenues, mutual funds are considered as the safest form of investment. 

In mutual funds, many individual investors with common financial goal pool their money, and the asset management company INVESTS the total fund in securities, in the capital and money market.

Investment in mutual funds is always the best choice. As a mutual fund is a collective investment the profits above-given among the investors if you invest a small account that an investor person can get the benefit of portfolio investment.  

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