What is Virtual Trading – Best Stock Virtual Trading Platform For Beginners In India

Virtual Trading Review

Many of us want to become wealthy in the shortest possible time and with minimum effort. With this mission, some of us turn to the Share market. We generally are in a great hurry to earn fast money. Instead of Virtual trading, we go for real trading.

We open a trading account and a Demat account in a jiffy. We take tips from family & friends or from a third-party website and use their own judgment. Eventually, we lose a lot of money and quit the market with a bitter taste. 

So, do not follow the suite. Do not be a follower and blindly follow what others are doing or saying. 

First thing first, practice and practice before you even decide to jump on to the bandwagon. 

It is easy to practice. Do you have a question on mind, how? The answer is Virtual trading. 

Virtual trading helps to teach you how you can learn to trade in the share market. This is a platform where you can practice trading, learn strategies of investments, and understand the share market

More importantly, in the process, you make a mistake and learn from it. Virtual trading, as the name suggests, is similar to actual trading. The only difference is that here you will not use own real money but virtual money. 

Think about learning share market trading using your own hard-earned money and you lose all of them. It is a terrible experience to start with so much of stake. 

That is why virtual trading is the best way to learn about the share market as a beginner. To start trading in the virtual market, open a virtual trading account. 

To start in the real market, you need to have a Demat and a Trading account. For this, you need to have a savings account, Pan Card, ID proof. 

Last but not least, you need to hire a broker, who must be a member of the stock exchange of India.

He is the one who will handle your transactions in the share market, in terms of buying and selling shares. He will charge a nominal transaction fee. There are many brokers like Zerodha among others who charge flat fees.

To learn stock trading or any trading in the stock market without risking your own money can be attained in the form of virtual trading. 

Virtual Trading in India is slowly but steadily gaining immense popularity with the growing interest in the stock market from the beginners. 

Even experienced professionals are using the platform to test their strategy before applying it in the real terms to check how it works.

Beginners guide to virtual Stock Market

  • Register with valid email id on a Virtual trading app 
  • Get virtual money credited in your account
  • Start buy/sell shares simulated like real share trading
  • Monitor and track your portfolio and profit/loss
  • Learn the basics first by going through the Rules Tab
  • Try various strategies and experiment extensively
  • When you feel confident to enter the real market do not hesitate

Virtual Trading Platforms in India

There are many Virtual Trading platforms that are popular in India. Some of them include:

  • ICICI virtual trading
  • Zerodha virtual trading
  • NSE virtual trading 
  • Moneycontrol virtual trading
  • F&O virtual trading
  • Stock trainer virtual trading
Virtual Trading Reviews

Virtual Trading platform Pros and Cons


  • No need to have Demat/Trading account
  • No need to hire a broker at this stage
  • No need to use real money
  • Risk-free environment
  • Real-time actual stock market data to experiment
  • Free to choose various strategies and learn by DIY (Do It Yourself)


  • You may not be 100% attached as no real money involved
  • Virtual money will not give enough kick to stay interested 
  • Real time may be different from virtual platform in term of time restrictions

Popular virtual trading platforms in India

  • Moneybhai
  • TrackInvest
  • Dalal Street
  • Investopedia
  • Investfly
  • Wall street survivor
  • ChartMantra
  • MoneyPot

Benefits of Virtual Trading for Beginners

  • Ideal for beginners to start with and learn
  • Gauge how deep the water is before taking the plunge
  • Exposure to the make real world of derivatives
  • Feel good and gain confidence every time you succeed in your investment strategies
  • Mimic them in real markets
  • Learn by making mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes
  • Higher exposure on how to hedge your cash and derivatives transactions
  • Learn derivatives in a real way
  • Freedom to much more than what you could have taken with your own cash 
  • Get accustomed to the dynamics of share market in a real-time scenario
  • Play safe by cashing in virtual money on limited downside risk
  • No the risks involved as in the real market
  • Leverage the features of ICICI virtual trading platform

Need for a Virtual Trading Platform

You need it if you want to operate in the real market scenario. You will need to understand the intricacies and nitty-gritty of the stock market first. You need to break free and not get crippled in fear by venturing into the real market.

You need to experience trading without the fear of losing your hard-earned cash. By opening an account on the Virtual Stocks game website, you can play the game to your heart’s content and invest around 15 lakhs to 1 crore of the virtual money..

The profit earned is in virtual money will give you confidence. The practical experience of trading will make you ooze in confidence and prepare you for the real battlefield. You will be dexterous and achieve greater control on stocks by increasing your knowledge on how to invest in real scenarios.

Virtual stocks for advanced traders

Why do want to restrict yourself to only equity? You can go limitless by trading in Derivatives! People who are pros and well versed with trading, Virtual Stocks usher you in the world of Derivatives with virtual cash to trade in futures and options.

Derivatives offer a wider perspective of evaluating the market as you may indulge in investing over the indices such as NIFTY, Bank NIFTY, use virtual markets which are considered easy to track rather than trading stock specific.

Derivatives will open up a whole new world trading and investment vehicles that will allow you to hedge interest rate risk with more accuracy. The best part, you can do all of these on a virtual trading platform as well, to begin with.

Virtual Trading apps and websites introduce you to the derivative which is the perfect way to leverage our expertise and your experience of trading.  Virtual trading platforms will surely and certainly contribute to your success in real share market trading.

By leveraging the strengths of both futures and options, you can bring the benefits of trading in the foray. Increased precision in hedging, safer market by capitalizing on limited downside risk are the major benefits that you can reap by leveraging virtual market platforms.

Virtual trading is one of the most superior and practical learning approaches designed for helping students, beginners, and professionals reach their career goals and investors and traders build expertise to invest and trade.

With this objective, the Virtual trading is the most preferred tool for education on share market and stock exchange.

Premium Virtual trading platforms in India focuses on Investor and Trader skill enhancement on Stock investing. , Technical Analysis and Derivatives Trading, Financial Planning and Wealth Management are all that can be learned by using Virtual trading.

Another key reason to use Virtual trading is to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge to trade in the stock market. Many leaders in the stock market and trading have launched Virtual Stocks Game. One of them is ICICI virtual trading game.

Introduction to Virtual Stocks Games

To match your guns against the turbulent bears and dreary bulls of the share bazaar, you need to have all weapons in your armoury.

Virtual trading games just give you the opportunity to sharpen your wits and tame the beasts and make them dance to your tunes.

Check out the Virtual trading platform as mentioned earlier and decide for yourself, which one you want to go for. Virtual Stocks game is a stock market simulator that has all the features of a real stock market.

Virtual games extended to the product range of virtual gaming by introducing derivatives that allow trading in futures and options. Virtual games are tailored to current market practices and want to provide efficient and effective access to a regulated and safe market. Virtual games allow players to gain experience in the actual trading world.

Virtual Stock trading games familiarise you with the basics of how to invest in the share market. Although the data in the Virtual Trading platform is real, the money that you would be using is not.

You can place orders as if based on real quotes of Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and/ or National Stock Exchange (NSE).

open zerodha demat account

Virtual Trading Conclusion

Virtual Platforms are the best apps to learn to trade in the Stock Exchange in India. Your money is not at stake. You are free to take the risk.

It is an excellent way to learn the basics. You do not need to spend thousands to go to an institute to learn the trick of the trade.

You can implement various investment and trading strategies without the fear of losing.

Virtual Trading is also known as Paper trading, which is recommended to try for a few weeks or a month before you plunge into the dreary yet exciting real-time share trading.

Virtual Trading FAQs

Q1. What is Virtual trading software?

Ans: Virtual trading platform helps you learn how you can learn to trade in the share market. This is a platform where you can practice trading, learn strategies of investments, and understand the share market. You make a mistake and learn from it. Virtual trading, as the name suggests, is similar to actual trading. The only difference is that here you will not use own real money but virtual money.

Q2. Can I use Real Money to trade in Virtual Platform?

Ans: You do not need to use real money to trade in Virtual Platform. You will be credited with virtual money in most Virtual Trading Platforms, which you can use to buy/sell shares. Once you finish the money, you can reset the portfolio to restore the money back into your account.

Q3. What I do not require for Virtual trading account?

Ans: There are many things that you would not require in Virtual Trading Account which are required for real share market trading. First, you do not need real money. You can use virtual money that will be credited to your Virtual Trading account. Second, you do not need a Demat / Trading account for virtual Trading. Lastly, you do not require a broker at this stage.

Q4. What I require to start with real share market trading?

Ans: To start in the real share market, you need to have a Demat and a Trading account. For this, you need to have a savings account, Pan Card, ID proof. And of course, you would require real money.

Q5. Why do I need virtual trading account?

Ans. You need it to learn the basics before entering the real market. It offers you a risk-free platform where you can experiment new strategies without the fear of losing money which is not the case in real market. More importantly, it is a platform designed for beginners and students of share market.

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