Ventura Securities App – Mobile App Review And Download

About Ventura Securities

Ventura Securities is a couple of decade-old stock broking company in India. Ventura Securities established in the year 1994, and since then, it is providing consistent services and support to the customers. 

In the last 25 years, Ventura emerged as a company that not only includes stockbroking services, but they deal in a vast array of many financial services and products.

Ventura Securities Logo
Ventura Securities Logo

Apart from stock and commodity broking, the company deals in Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, Loans, etc.

In the financial market broking segment, Ventura Securities facilitates trading and investing in Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Derivatives, and Mutual Funds.

The company is capable of providing top-class services with the help of its primarily expanded network of the sub-brokers.

In addition to providing the customer with a facility to trade and invest, Ventura Securities also gives the customer access to relevant researches, reports, recommendations, and news from a variety of sources.

Ventura is a technology-enabled stock broking house, and they provide customizable and ready to use software for delivering seamless trading and investing experience.

We are covering all the Ventura Securities App here in this article.

Let’s begin

Ventura Securities Mobile App Review
Ventura Securities Mobile App Review

1. Ventura Wealth App

Ventura Wealth is the mobile trading platform of Ventura, which is specially designed only for stocks and share trading. This app enables the users to trade and invest on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in real-time. 

Ventura Wealth App
Ventura Wealth App

Ventura Wealth app also provides access to Mutual Funds, Bonds, IPOs, and others.

The Ventura Wealth app is a very lightweight application, which makes it super-fast in terms of performance. The download file size of the app is merely 6.4 MB.

It has over 500k active users and has more than 7000 user reviews on the Google Play Store. Ventura Wealth app has a combined user rating of 3.6 stars on the Play Store.

Ventura Wealth App Screenshot
Ventura Wealth App Screenshot

Here are the salient app features loaded in this tool:

  • Customizable watch lists for tracking your favorite stocks and funds on the go.
  • It has a home screen and dashboard with continually updating information on major Indices of India – Nifty and Sensex.
  • Trading access to Equity, Currency, and Derivatives segments through the same application.
  • It has various order types such as Limit Order, Market Order, Cover Order, Stop-loss Order, and many more.
  • Easy and instant fund transfer facility supported by more than 10 nationalized banks in India. Money transferred from your savings bank account to your trading account and vice-versa. These transactions are highly secured.
  • Historical charts and graphs are available with easy drawing tools for performing technical analysis. These charts viewed in multiple time frames ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month.
  • It offers a variety of charts, e.g., Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candlestick Chart, Hollow Candles, Mountains, etc.
  • The app facilitates a lot of popular technical indicators such as BARC, VIX, RSI, etc.
  • They help to invest in Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Government Bonds directly using the UPI payment method.
  • It has news and alerts on the stocks of your choice.
Ventura Wealth App Chart Screenshot
Ventura Wealth App Chart Screenshot
  • There are research reports, recommendations, and trading tips provided in this app. They strategically designed interface which is smooth and easy for beginners to understand.
  • Variety of charts, e.g., Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candlestick Chart, Hollow Candles, Mountains, etc.
  • The app facilitates a lot of popular technical indicators such as BARC, VIX, RSI, etc.
  • It is handy for investing in Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Government Bonds directly using the UPI payment method.
  • It gives news and alerts on the stocks of your choice.
  • It has research reports, recommendations, and trading tips provided in this app.
  • It is a strategically designed interface that is smooth and easy to understand for beginners.

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2. Ventura Commodities App

Ventura Commodities app is a very well developed front end tool for facilitating commodity transactions. It is the official mobile trading platform for all commodity customers of Ventura.

This app is capable of giving a smooth trading experience to the user at the comfort of their phone screens.

Ventura Commodities App
Ventura Commodities App

There is a lot to do, such as trading, checking account details, and placing orders on the go.

The focus of Ventura is to make their apps run extremely fast; hence they make these apps very small in size. The Ventura Commodities app is just 4.2 MB.

With 50k active users and 1000 reviews, the app enjoys rating at an outstanding 4.3 stars on the Google Play.

Ventura Commodities App Screenshot
Ventura Commodities App Screenshot

Let’s look into the attractive app features of the Ventura Commodities:

  • Market watch that helps you keep an eye on the different instruments traded in the market.
  • Major commodity indices are available on the top of the home screen for easy access.
  • Trading on multiple exchanges is possible – MCX, NCDEX, MCX-SI, etc.
  • List view and grid views are there for looking at the scrip details.
  • Charts and graphs are available in the app with historical data.
  • It has an excellent user interface, which allows you to navigate between essential features of the app easily.
  • Lightweight app for lightning-fast performance.
  • You can make easy and secured funds transfer between you saving account and trading account and vice-versa.

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3. Ventura Partner Program App

Ventura securities provide an open opportunity to everyone for building a new income stream with zero investment as a sub-broker. The Ventura Partner Program app designed to enable and support the Ventura business partners.

Ventura Partner Program App
Ventura Partner Program App

The partner program is a reference plan which can earn you a commission, and this business can be done parallel to your other job or business as well.

Ventura Securities team provides you full support for this.

As we emphasized, Ventura is very keen about making their tools fast and lightweight; this tool also occupies only 6.5 MB space on your phone.

Currently, with more than 5000 users, the app has been rated 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store.

Ventura Partner Program App Dashboard Screenshot
Ventura Partner Program App Dashboard Screenshot

Here are the salient app features of Ventura Partner Program app:

  • Zero investment required for starting the program.
  • No financial risk involved.
  • The app has well-designed tools for referring to the leads. Thus you can track the status of your references.
  • It offers a full range of investment avenues – Equity, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives, Debt Products, portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, and SIPs.
  • There are regular pay-outs on a monthly interval.
  • You can sign in with your mobile number and refer people directly from your phonebook contacts.

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Ventura Securities Competitor:

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4. Ventura HRMS App

Ventura HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It is a tool specially developed for the internal staff members and employees of Ventura.

The access to this app not restricted only to the HR department, but all the employees of the company can use this app.

Ventura HRMS App
Ventura HRMS App

The purpose of this app is to record and manage all the HR related activities digitally.

The app comes with a download file size of just 4.6 MB. It has around 1000 active users, and because the access to this app is limited, there are not many reviews on the Play Store. However, the app has a rating of 4.6 Stars.

Ventura HRMS App Dashboard Screenshot
Ventura HRMS App Dashboard Screenshot
  • Employees can log in to this app with their mobile numbers and employee ids.
  • It provides a detailed view of the attendance of every employee.
  • An individual employee can check only his attendance and relevant details, but the managers and members of the HR department can access details of all the employees.
  • Various reports viewed and downloaded.
  • Employees can apply Overtime, Casual Leaves, and Half-day leaves.
  • EWM Mobile notifications.
  • As the stock market movements of the Ventura employees carefully observed, they can seek permission to buy and sell shares by this app.
  • HR and managers can see all the leave applications and approve or reject then and there.

5. Ventura REPS App

Ventura REPS is a limited access tool, only meant for the employees of Ventura. The employees use this app check and apply visits, as well as view their in-out timings.

The app is not available for outsiders; hence not much information is provided about it.

Ventura REPS App
Ventura REPS App

It is an excellent tool for HR to judge the utility and efficiency of its staff. It also has benefits for the team who report directly on the field. They can mark their presence without physically visiting the office.

Ventura REPS app comes very useful in case of appraisals, promotions, and calculation of incentives. It enjoys a three-star rating too.

Its current version is 1.0.5. It works on android five and above. It has 8980 downloads so far.

Ventura REPS App Dashboard Screenshot
Ventura REPS App Dashboard Screenshot

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Ventura Securities Pro & Cons

Here is a quick brush-up of the top advantages and disadvantages of Ventura Securities and its mobile trading platforms.


  • Ventura Securities enables you to trade across all different segments, i.e., Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives.
  • You also get the facility to invest in Mutual Funds, SIPs, IPOs, and Bonds.
  • The given charts and indicators are advanced and very useful.
  • Its user interface is convenient and easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Ventura offers the best front end tools, and their tools have better performance than most of the industry experts.


  • Two different apps for equity and commodity.
  • It has limited features that are not sufficient for advanced level traders.
  • No monthly packages are available for heavy traders.
Open Ventura Securities Demat Account
Open Ventura Securities Demat Account


After considering all the offerings and shortcomings of Ventura’s mobile trading platforms, we would like to conclude that this app comes under the average category.

Hence, if you are want to start your trading journey and require the necessary tools for learning, or you are a beginner level trader, you can try these apps.

But if you are an advanced level trader and you tend to use high-end features such as Algo-trading and advanced charts, then you’ll find the app to be a little less competent.

Advisable to study other available options as well and perform thorough research before making a final decision.

Ventura Wealth App FAQs

Q. What is the cost of the Ventura Wealth app?

A. The Ventura Wealth app and all the other mobile apps offered by Ventura are entirely free for downloading and using. The Ventura Wealth app is downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store (whichever is applicable).

Ventura Wealth app is free to download, but you have to pay brokerage and commission on all your transactions—these charges imposed as per the usage only.

Q. What are the pre-requisites for trading through Ventura Securities?

A. There are no such eligibility criteria for being able to use these apps. You only need to sign up for a Demat and trading account with Ventura Securities Ltd.

Upon successfully registering an account, you are provided with a login id and password through which you can access the app and transfer funds to start trading.

Q. I have a bank account with another bank, can I still trade using these apps?

A. You can not trade in stock markets using a savings bank account. They have provisions dor different types of accounts at Ventura – Demat Account, Equity Trading Account, Commodity Account, and Mutual Funds Account.

If you want to trade only in equity, you can open an equity trading account with a Demat account, or else you can open a commodity trading account with a Demat account if you are willing to trade commodities market.

For investors who only want to invest in Mutual Funds, SIPs and ETFs do not require to open a Demat or any trading account. An individual Mutual Fund account can be opened online.

Q. Is it necessary to open the Demat account with Ventura?

A. No, it is not mandatory to open a Demat account at Ventura. If you have a Demat account with any other broker in India, you can link it with the trading account of Ventura and still enjoy the benefits of low-cost brokerage structures.

Q. What is the process for account opening?

A. Like other brokers, Ventura also offers both offline and online account opening. Opening a Demat and trading account with Ventura is a straightforward process.

You can submit your PAN Card and Aadhar Card online, and an instant account opens. However, if you choose the offline account opening process, it may take up to a few days.

Q. I opened an account for Ventura apps, but where is my password?

A. A set of login IDs and passwords is usually sent on your registered email address once the team of Ventura successfully activates your account. You will receive a welcome email stating your login credentials.

Please confirm if your account gets successfully activated, then check your inbox for the welcome mail. You can also check the spam folder as these emails sometimes land in the spam folder as well.

If you are still not able to find your id and password, a recommendation is that you contact the customer support team of Ventura Securities.

Ventura Securities Alternative:

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