Ventura Margin Calculator Online in 2019

Ventura Capital Margin Calculator Online
Ventura Capital Margin Calculator Online

1. Ventura Margin Calculator

  • The In-house Ventura Margin Calculator helps the trader to analyze different margin values the user gets from the broker on each and every trading segment.
  • All you need to search for the specific script or desired investment product from various available options.
  • The full-service stockbroker provides its clients with a margin calculator to calculate exposure available in different trading segments like delivery intraday, F&O, currency, and commodity.

2. Ventura Equity margin calculator

Ventura Equity Intraday margin calculator

  • Ventura provides attractive margins or exposures in Equity Intraday Cash.
  • The full-service broker promises to provide a margin of Up to 20x times on Equity Intraday trading.

Ventura Equity Delivery margin calculator

  • In the case of the Equity Delivery segment, Ventura the full-service broker provides leverage or margin of up to 2x times.
  • Ventura is playing the game of stockbroker quite well when others find it difficult to match.
Open Demat Account With Ventura Capital
Open Demat Account With Ventura Capital

Ventura Equity Future margin calculator

  • This full-service stockbroker Provides Equity future margin Up to 6x time in intraday trading.
  • Moreover, Ventura also provides a carry forward margin of 1x time in Equity Future.

Ventura Equity Option margin calculator

  • Ventura gives an intraday margin Up to 8x times in Equity Option.
  • In addition that the full-service stockbroker also provides carry a forward margin of 1x time in Equity Option.

3. Ventura Commodity margin calculator

Ventura Commodity future margin calculator

  • In Case of Commodity Future MIS Intraday, trading Ventura provides up to 3x times leverage in all contracts including buying and selling.
  • Lastly in case of Commodity Future carryover positions in NRML orders 100% margin is required in all contracts including buying or selling.

Ventura Commodity option margin calculator

  • In the case of Commodity Option margin, Venture provides no margin on its stocks. In other words, the margin is 1x time in case of CNC orders.

Ventura Broking Exposure Margin List

Segment Margin/Exposure/Limit/Leverage
Equity Delivery 2x (Time Margin)
Equity Intraday Upto 5x (Time Leverage)
Equity Future 3x (Time Limit)
Equity Option 1x (Trading Margin)
Currency Future 2x(Trading Exposure)
Currency Option 1x (Trading Leverage)
Commodity Future 1x
Commodity Option
BO & CO Margin

4. Ventura Currency margin calculator

Ventura Currency future margin calculator

  • Venture provides an intraday margin of Up to 3x times for currency future segments.
  • Carry forward margin of 1x time is also mentioned in the case of Currency’s future.

Ventura Currency option margin calculator

  • Up to 2x times intraday margin is provided by the full-service broker in case of Currency Options trading.
  • Ventura officially provides a Carry forward margin of 1x time in the Currency option.

5. Ventura BO & CO margin calculator

  • Apart from normal trading, the orders can furthermore finely tuned as a cover order or a bracket order
  • In case of Cover order or CO readily sets stop-loss position at the time of the order placement.
  • However, the traders can opt for Bracket order too which including a stop loss and a profit target at the time of order placement. In other words, a bracket order is also known as either-or order.
  • In simple words in case of bracket order when the stop loss or profit target is recharged, then automatically the other leg of the order is canceled.

6. Ventura Span margin calculator

  • For margin in the segment of Equity derivatives, few new rules and regulations are introduced by SEBI.
  • All registered stockbrokers including Ventura are bound to collect the total exposure including span margin.
  • However, by collecting both span margin and total exposure helps the derivatives positions to get carried forward for the next trading session.
  • Hence it is the responsibility of the user to maintain a sound amount of margin in its account and it helps in avoiding penalties and squaring off positions.

7. Need Ventura Margin Calculator

  • While trading with any segment we must use a margin calculator in order to make every trade a profitable one.
  • The margin and exposure are based on total stocks and other market values. It is approved by the exchange and Ventura Online approved stocks.
  • It helps the customers to analyze the margin funding facility very effective and balanced manner.
  • A margin calculator helps a trader in maintaining a balance in his or her trading account based on market values.
  • It offers auto square off position to safeguard your losses.

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Q.1. How much margin does Ventura give?

Ans. Ventura offers a margin of about 20x times based on trading segments.

Q.2. Ventura provides a margin for options?

Ventura also provides 8x times of margin in options.

Q.3. How much Exposure does Ventura provide?

Ans. Ventura provided exposure of up to 20x times based on trading segments.

Q.4. How much does Ventura charge for intraday margin?

Ans. 0.0038% based on trading plans offered by Ventura.

Q.5. What is the margin for delivery trading in Ventura?

Ans. In the case of the Equity Delivery segment, Ventura the full-service broker provides leverage or margin of up to 2x times.

Q.6. What is the margin for CNC trading in Ventura?

Ans.The margin up to 1x time for CNC trading in Ventura.

Q.7. What is LMT in Ventura?

Ans. LMT stands for Limit Order which helps in reducing losses in unfortunate market conditions.

Q.8. How to use margin in Ventura?

Ans. The additional margin provided to you by Ventura helps you to buy shares up to 20x times of the leverage.

Q.9. Can I margin trading in Ventura?

Ans. Yes, the margin trading facility is available with Ventura

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