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Valutrades is one of the most reliable Fintech firms. Founded in 2012, Valutrades parades a crop of financial experts to deliver easy and quick online foreign exchange (FX, Forex) trading, innovative commodities and Index CFD’s services. Valutrades combines traditional finance techniques with modern technological tools for effective trading experience.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from various quarters about the operations of the firm.

Valutrades FAQs

Q. 1 What are the major areas I can trade on the trading Platforms of Valutrades?

Ans. Clients can choose to trade in any of the following options – MT4, MT5, or FIX API. Each of them is flexible and client-focused.

Q. 2 Why is MT4 so desirable among investors?

Ans. MT4 gained popularity among both novice and experienced trading investors novices and experienced investors alike because of its range of trading resources.

Q. 3 What is MT4 most outstanding feature?

Ans. MT4 delivers detailed analytics and trading technologies allowing easy trading at the touch of a button.

Q. 4 Can I learn how to trade in Forex on Valutrades platform?

Ans. Valutrades website is enhanced with an educational platform where you can access numerous learning resources such as guides, videos, forex trading strategies, learning how to trade and other helpful tips. You can use these resources to become a more informed forex investor.


Q. 5 What are the major tools available to traders on Valutrades platform?

Ans. Valutrades trading platforms offer varieties of trading tools and even more to help a trader succeed. These tools include Live Quotes, Sentiment, Economic Calendar, Webtrader, Forex Glossary, and Trading Indicators.

Q. 6 Is Valutrades Seychelles in any way connected to Valutrades UK?

Ans. Valutrades Seychelles is part of Valutrades Group of Companies, offering the same quality forex trading, CFDs, and commodities services across a number of devices to their clients.

Q. 7 How can I become an Affiliate with Valutrades?

Ans. You can become an Affiliate with Valutrades in quick 3 steps: Open an Account, go into Affiliate Area, and get tracking links.

Q. 8 What are the advantages of becoming an Affiliate with Valutrades?

Ans. The advantages of Valutrades advantages are numerous. They include easy to withdrawal rebates without restrictions; easy to view rebate reports, and trusted view of registered demo and live accounts. 

Q. 9 When did Valutrades begin its operations? 

Ans. Valutrades was founded in 2012 and began operations the same year.

Q. 10 What are the core areas of operations of Valutrades? 

Ans. Valutrades is a leading provider of online trading in Index CFD’s, Commodities, and foreign exchange (FX, Forex).

Q. 11 Is clients fund save with Valutrades? 

Ans. With Valutrades, the first priority of clients’ funds is safety and security. All clients’ money is held in trusted and reputable banking institutions.

Q. 12 Does Valutrades allows trading from anywhere? 

Ans. The Valutrades ECN systems allow traders to trade with any trading strategy and all trading styles from anywhere.

Q. 13 Do I have to pay to access all trading information and resources on Valutrades platform?

Ans. As a registered trader, you need not pay anything to access all the resources that are available to help investors on their website. You can get additional information from its Customer support system too.

Q. 14 What are the features of a live account of Valutrades? 

Ans. The Valutrades live account features include the lowest commission, best spread, easy access to global marketplaces, Free Virtual Private Server, Guaranteed negative balance protection, multi-lingua support, and analytical tools and trading resources.

Q. 15 Can I try the Valutrades demo account for free? 

Ans. This is to allow potential and new traders to be well acquainted with the trading practice before commencing their real trading exercises.

Q. 16 How can I become a professional trader on Valutrades? 

Ans. To become a professional trader on Valutrades, you must have carried out substantial trading activities, have savings and investments not lower than £500k or the equivalent, and work experience of a minimum of 1 year in the financial sector as a professional.

Q. 17 What are the tools that I can gain access to as a professional trader?

Ans. Every professional trader can enjoy complete access to Valutrades trading tools such as FSCS Protection, Segregation of Funds, Use of FOS, and Negative Balance Protection.

Q. 18 How can I enjoy trading with a higher leverage?

Ans. If you fulfil at least 2 of the 3 prerequisite conditions set for professional traders, you can become a professional trader and begin to trade with a higher leverage.

Q. 19 Is opening an account with Valutrades easy?

Ans. Opening any form of account with Valutrades is easy, quick, and without restrictions except for Professional trading which requires some qualifications.

Q. 20 What are the benefits of Using a Valutrades Virtual Private Server?

Ans. A VPS allows a trader to operate EAs and also be able to use the trading platform 24-7 without hassles of internet connection or latency issues.

Q. 21 Are there some terms and conditions attached to the VPS?

Ans. Valutrades offers free CNS VPS’s or Beeks to all live clients with at least one funded account and carries out one new trade each month.

open valutrades demat acc

Q. 22 How can I get support for all my trading activities from Valutrades?

Ans. Valutrades offers multilingual services and live-support, online and mobile chat options, webinars, and 24-hour support from multiple locations to its clients. You can avail these options.

Q. 23 Is there any limit to the numbers of people I can refer to Valutrades?

Ans. No limit to the number of referrals on Valutrades. 

Q. 24 What is the maximum amount of funds I can invest in Valutrades?

Ans. The choice is the clients’ choice. The more you invest, the more profit you earn.

Q. 25 How long does it take to withdraw funds on Valutrades?

Ans. Valutrades’ clients can withdraw anytime and each withdrawal is processed and effected within 24 hours a withdrawal request is submitted.

The above FAQs will help people that want to invest via Valutrades.

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