Upstox Vs Trade Smart Online Comparison: Demat, Brokerage, Margin

Upstox Vs Trade Smart Online Comparison

We are looking at a comparison of two brokerage firms. Upstox and Trade Smart Online which are two well-known financial companies that give services in financial stock brokerage in India.

Upstox vs Trade Smart

The below details of Upstox vs Trade Smart Online compare covers both stock broker companies’ offered products and services, open an account online and their various account related and service charges and benefits that they provide to give you an idea about the brokerage comparison.

After going through this article, you will know among Upstox vs Trade Smart Online which is a better stockbroker company.

Upstox vs Trade Smart Online company details


It is a platform for trading launched by RKSV, a Mumbai based discount brokerage company.

They help institutional firms and retail lenders to invest in Upstox stocks, commodities, currency and equity products at low rates.

They are backed and supported financially by Ratan N Tata (Tata Group Chairman), GVK Davix (gives research services in pharmacology, etc.) and Kalaari capital (Venture Capital firm who invest in technology-based companies).

Trade Smart Online

A Mumbai based trading venture of VNS finance, which has 20 years of the track record of the brokerage business, Trade Smart Online puts forth the same trust and expertise similar to their parent company and give a worthwhile experience.

Like other stockbroker companies, Trade Smart Online gives services in currency derivatives, Futures and Options in commodity and equity trading.

They have a range of trading entities like investing in agriculture products, metals, etc.

Particulars Trade Smart Upstox
Company Type PrivatePrivate
Established in1999; incorporated in NSE in 20122011; started as RKSV
HeadquartersMumbai, IndiaMumbai, India
Founder(s)Vijay SinghaniaRaghu Kumar,
Ravi Kumar,
Shrinivas Viswanath
Type of Broker Discount BrokerDiscount Broker
No. of branches22 branch &
90+ partner offices Pan India
1 branch
Supported ExchangesNSE, BSE, MCX NCDXNSE, BSE, MCX
Active Client Base 22000+1,00,000+

Upstox vs Trade Smart Online products comparison


I. Upstox Pro

Upstox provide a set of tools for trading.

  • Pro Web – Experience a simple but powerful HTML-based web platform that does market analysis efficiently through relevant charts, hundreds of indicators, where you can personalize and organize the platform and have better experience in trading.
  • Pro Mobile – iOS and android mobile-based platform where one can pinpoint the trends through Upstox charts and make precise decisions and get instant notifications about their trading’s.
  • Bridge for Amibroker – It is a charting tool where strategies are made through back testing and analyzing the trading market with a set of charts and several indicators and create a kind of simulation to understand Upstox trading platform.

II. Upstox Dev

Created specifically for developers. The API can be used to create a trading and investment platform. Currently accessed by closed group people only.

Upatox demat account opening

III. Upstox MF

Mutual funds can be invested in Upstox mutual fund platform where they offer various portfolios in funds as per needs.

Trade Smart Online

I. Sine

Also known as Solid and Secure Online Trading. It is a mobile-based platform available in Google Play and Apple app store for a matchless experience in trading.

Real-time scanning to get the required strategies to understand the best stocks and to also know whether a stock is bearish or bullish.

II. Trader

Trade Smart Online provides an online trading software tool for handling of demat account by clients themselves at a professional level.

It is meant for Windows PC users and is downloadable for free.

III. Browser Based

There is a third option for online share trading where simply through a browser and an internet connection, trading is possible in commodity, currency and share trading. Particularly useful to frequently travelling people.

Trade Smart Online Account Opening
Investment Options Trade Smart Upstox
Stock/Equity Trading Available Available
Commodity Trading Available Available
Currency & Derivatives Available Available
Online IPO Application Not Available Not Available
Mutual Funds Available Available
Bond/NCD Available Not Available
Debt Not Available Not Available
ETF Not Available Available
Banking Not Available Not Available
Insurance Not Available Not Available
Forex Not Available Not Available
Equity SIP Investment Not Available Not Available
MF SIP Investment Not Available Not Available
PMS Not Available Not Available

Upstox vs Trade Smart Online Benefit

UpstoxTrade Smart Online 
No. 1 in brokerage services in terms of active client.      There is no hidden cost and trade can be done in multiple markets with different products.      
The technology used is highly advanced for dealing with any trading issues and is user-friendly.Chat facility with referral program.
Lot of option to choose from Retirement planning, Insurances, Investment Advice, Wealth building, etc.Advanced digital platform with various options to choose from. Knowledge database for educating people on the stock market.
Option to choose from either short term or long-term trading.Expert help to solve any stock related queries online.

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Account Open Process Compare

Upstox lets you easily open an account online with ease.

Upstox Trade Smart Online 
Click on Open Demat Account and then sign up using email and mobile no to get an OTP of six digits.  

Click on sign up and then fill your PAN no and date of birth and after that click on next.  

Choose your gender, marital status, annual income, trading experience, politically exposed or not, occupation, father’s name as per PAN.

Whether Indian origin or not for tax residency and then click on next.  

In the trading preferences, select the section for trading, leverage plan on equity cash, enter coupon code if available and then click on next.  

Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on yes  

Enter your bank account details with account holder name, IFSC code, bank account no and click on next.  

Upload your signature, income proof of last six months and click on next  

Give your address details as per specified and then click on next.  

Upload your digital PAN and photo and click next  

Refer someone or skip the process  

If your Aadhaar no is linked to your mobile, then click on e-sign with Aadhaar otp tab or click on

i will courier the form if not linked  

Click on e-sign now, using the Aadhaar no. Type the six-digit security code and then click on submit

Enter Aadhaar no. and then OTP in NSDL e-sign service page and submit
Provide your name, email id and mobile no and then click on open an account.  

Fill your details with your PAN no and date of birth.  

Select the type of account you want to apply for in equity and whether choose whether to select commodity and currency.  

Go to the payment section and proceed to next step.  

Give your personal details, address, income and then to the next step.  

Choose your tax residency and in next step photo verification.  

Upload your digital details like PAN, cancel cheque, bank statement for six months, signature, photo and other documents.  

In the next step give your bank account details like account no., MICR code, etc.  

Confirm with link with your email address.  
Give your OTP send to your mobile no given earlier.  

Complete e-sign service with NSDL portal with Aadhaar no. and OTP and click on submit.    

* Bank account should be linked with Aadhaar no.

Upstox vs Trade Smart Online Charges Comparison

Let’s look at the account charges comparison between two companies Upstox and Trade Smart Online to know their account-based charges.

Types of ChargesUpstox ChargesTrade Smart Online Charges
Trading Account Rs. 0 Rs. 200  
Equity Accounts Rs. 0 Rs. 200
Commodity Account Rs. 0 Rs. NA
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Rs. 150 Rs. 300
Other Charges Upstox Charges Trade Smart Online Charges
Call and Trade Charges Rs. 20 Rs. 20

Zerodha vs Upstox Brokerage Charges

Segment Trade Smart Upstox
Equity Delivery Free Free
Equity Intraday Flat Rs.15 Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Equity Futures Flat Rs.15 Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Equity Options Rs. 15 per lot Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Currency Futures Flat Rs.15 Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Currency Options Rs. 15 per lot Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Commodities Futures Flat Rs.15 Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Commodities Options Rs. 15 per lot Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)

Advantages & Disvantage Compare

Upstox Trade Smart Online
Upstox understands the stock market trading needs.

It helps save costs as Upstox do not charge brokerage on trades.
More than 50000 satisfied customers with Trade Smart Online’s 25 years of proficiency in share trade with more than Rs. 5000 regular revenue.

Quick facility of fund transfer to more than twenty-four banks.

If a client is not satisfied with any brokerage plan, then they have the freedom to change it anytime.

Trade Smart Online provides the advantage of funding short term trades with the amount generated from long-term investments.  
They are stock market industry leader as they have a daily turnover of Rs. 5000 crores for all their exchanges which means that they are roughly 2% of NSEs total turnover.

So that’s a brand name that can be trusted. Upstox provides a strong support for leveraging technology.

In fact, they are a technology-based firm that is present in the financial services space.

They give every effort to constantly innovate and support their clients with tools to help make better and wiser trading decisions.

Leveraging technology to create better and innovative tools to make wiser decisions for trading efficiently.
Within 30 seconds calls of customers are received to cut short call hold time.

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Zerodha vs Upstox margin / Exposure/ Leverage

Particulars Trade Smart Upstox 
Equity Delivery No margin Upto 2.5x
Equity Intraday Upto30x Upto25x 
Equity Futures Upto7x Upto 4x 
Equity Options Upto7x (only selling) Upto 4x 
Currency Futures Upto3x Upto 4x 
Currency Options Upto3x Upto 4x 
Commodities Trading Upto6x Upto 2.5x 

Upstox vs Trade Smart Online Comparison Summary

Upstox provide a varied range of platforms to make you stock market ready whereas Trade Smart online is backed by years of expertise in the field.

Analysing the above data about upstox vs trade smart online which is better, you will know about their advantages and disadvantages and brokerage comparison.

Leave your comments about whom would you choose.

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