Upstox Sub Broker Ship Reviews – Franchise, Authorized Person, Partner and More


To become Upstox sub-broker, the following sections below will help an investor to understand in details about Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise, its various benefits and facilities along with pros and cons, types of revenue sharing models, etc. by being a Upstox partner, which Upstox provides to its sub-brokers.

It will be also be discussed about initial investments and capitals needed, the process of application and their documentation requirements to become a Partner.

Upstox is a very popular name in the world of stockbroking. Upstox was earlier known as RSKV which came into existence by three founders, Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrinivas Vishwanath.

After starting their operations in the year 2012, with their strong mission and a far-sighted vision, made them emerge as one of the leading discount brokers in India in a very short period.

In this era of technological revolution, keeping pace with technology is important and makes one, a step ahead leading to ease of the business process and customer satisfaction.

Upstox also enhances their trading level high by using the finest technologies that in turn enhance the trading experience to their sub-brokers by leveraging technology.

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Upstox Sub Broker Ship
Upstox Sub Broker Ship

Upstox Sub-Broker plan | Upstox Sub-Broker Model | Franchise | Business Partner | Partner:

Under the franchise business model, Upstox provides only a single plan which is Upstox Business Partner and is also termed as Sub Broker Model.

As a sub-broker, Upstox provides very simply and easy to move sub broking plan and its process is very easy going which can be easily understood as well.

The process is so simple that any individual can earn easily and earn lots of profits. However, to earn, one needs to enrol oneself as a sub-broker.

Commission, Incentives, and Earnings in Upstox Sub-Broker Plan:

In Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise, the earning is simply based on per trade profit model. This means one can earn profits on every single trade basis.

The profit is distributed between the sub-broker and the discount broker based on the percentage of the brokerage generated.

The percentage of sharing between the sub-broker and the discount broker is in the ratio of 10: 90 to 30: 70 respectively.

A Tabular Representation:

Model of the Business Upstox’s Commission Sub Broker’s Commission
Sub broker/ Business Partner 70% – 90% 10% – 30%

This means, more the brokerage generated by the sub broker’s client, more will be the income of the sub-broker.

In simple words, this is just a referral model of business. All one needs to do is, simply refer to friends or relatives. After they register themselves and do business with Upstox, earnings will start flowing in, in the ratio of percentage mentioned above from the brokerages generated.

Additional Benefit:

The most beautiful of the Upstox sub-broker plan is that even someone is not an active trader anymore, still, the person enjoys earnings each time the referral trades, and a brokerage is generated.

Tracking Income:

While one is a sub-broker with Upstox, the person also has access to tracking mechanisms using various tools along with dashboards to access business and its transactions and can track their clients.

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Security Deposit / Joining Fee | Upstox Franchise Cost:

Apart from easy enrollment, getting oneself enrolled as a sub-broker under Upstox sub-broker plan is very inexpensive as well.

It is just a matter of Rs.3,000 that makes oneself enter into the world of big earning opportunities.

Following is the bifurcation of the Rs.3,000 in tabular form:

Amount Paid SEBI Registration Cost Handling Charges Services by Upstox
Rs.3,000 2,200 800

This is probably the lowest ever security deposit, in other words, initial down payment for the registration process by Upstox as compared to any other discount brokers in the country.

A simple idea behind this low charge is to encourage more and more people to fulfil their zeal by entering into this industry and join this unique Upstox sub-broker plan and earn more by gaining profits.

Apart from earning commissions from referral’s, the sub-broker can himself trade as well, and at the same time parallelly earn by helping others to trade.

Offers by Upstox to their Sub-Brokers / Business Partners:

Apart from having a whole world of benefits, Upstox has got a wonderful support team who are always ready to help its Sub-Brokers, Business Partners and Traders so that they can earn well by seamless trading without any difficulty.

Below are few of the highlighted points which the Sub-Brokers enjoy from Upstox:


  • By matching with the pace of digital revolution, Upstox developed state-of-the-art technology for using in their trading platform
  • The trading platforms are the Pro Web, the Mobile App, DartStock, etc.
  • The technologies help every user to have a compact single dashboard and also enables the user to have entire trading, every information and their utilities at a single point which help them to manage their entire transactions easily without any hassle.

Tracking of Earnings:

  • Apart from organizing own business like managing trade accounts, own earning records, etc., the platform also enables the users to even invite and refer and keep a complete track of the commission generated from their business with Upxtox along with month-on-month earning calculations and records and history of data.

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Marketing Help from Upstox Support Team:

  • The Upstox Support Team is so unique that they even help to manage the marketing for the sub-broker to draw prospect clients’ attention
  • The marketing support includes the organization’s brochures, organizational information, flyers, and so on.
  • Last but not the least, the support team also guides how to use the platform and its tools efficiently and effectively

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Eligibility Criteria and Enrollment Process / Steps to become a Upstox Sub Broker:

With the idea of ‘earning profit and at the same time helping others to trade in the stock market industry’, Upstox has come up with the easiest and simplest way possible to become a Sub-Broker.

As the Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise is a revenue-sharing business model through referrals, anybody and everybody above the age of 18 with a passion to earn along with a well-defined referral plan in mind is eligible to become a Sub-broker.

The steps to becoming a Upstox Sub Broker are:

  1. Register by filling up a few basic details like Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.
  2. Share a self-made business plan about own way forward, how to get more clients by referrals and make them engaged with Upstox
  3. If the self-made business plan is convincing and impressive enough to convince the franchise team, one can instantly become eligible as a sub-broker and gets access to all the tools for doing own business as well as gets the eligibility to refer friends and relatives to do business.
  4. The entire process includes 8 to 10 working days.

Documents needed in the Upstox sub-broker Plan for Registration:

Only a few basic documents are needed to register oneself in the Upstox sub-broker Plan. Listed below, as per the company’s policy:

  • Identity Proof: Any of govt. authorized identity proof like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, A Driving License or a Passport
  • Date of Birth: A proof of Date of Birth by submitting a Pan Card or a Passport
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Passport or a Driving License can be submitted as an Address Proof
  • Academic Qualification: Certificate of highest qualification from Board or University
  • Bank Account Details: A cancelled cheque of the account-holding bank
  • Photograph: Passport size
  • Registration certificate from SEBI / Stock Exchange

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Upstox Sub Broker Pros and Cons:


  • One of the biggest name in the stockbroking segment
  • The initial investment is very less
  • If one stops doing business with Upstox, still one has the opportunity to earn and it continues
  • Enrollment and Partnership formality is easy


  • Upstox sub-broker  has only one single plan
  • In revenue sharing plan the % of the sub-broker can be increased
Open Upstox Demat Account
Open Upstox Demat Account


It is pretty clear from all the above discussions that Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise facilitates low investment with tremendous support by their Support Team.

Also, once a person becomes a sub-broker, can enjoy referral earnings even if he stops business with Upstox. This gives an additional attraction to clients to partner with Upstox.

Upstox Sub Broker FAQs:

What is the investment needed to become a sub-broker in the Upstox sub-broker?

Under Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise Rs.3,000 is needed to become a sub-broker

What are the business models available in Upstox sub-broker/partner/franchise?

Upstox sub-broker provides only one sub-broker Plan which is called Business Partner or Sub Broker.

What it the commission percentage a sub-broker can earn?

A sub-broker can earn a commission from 10% to 30%

How long does it take to complete the registration process to become a sub-broker?

The entire registration process takes anywhere between 8 – 10 working days

Who can become a sub-broker?

Any Indian aged above 18 and willingness to earn with a good idea how to expand business through a referral program, can become a sub-broker.

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