Upstox Pro Vs. Zerodha Pi Comparison – Choose A Better Online Trading Platform

Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Synopsis

When it is time for choosing a trading platform for online trading at this time and season, trading platforms comparison becomes quite imperative.

There is a tendency for you to lose out of likely profitable prospects if your preferred trading software is unable to offer speed and high-performance.

To avoid the risks associated with selecting a wrong platform for online trading, we are carrying out this Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi side-by-side comparison.

Our Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi comparison will find differences and similarities between Upstox Pro software and Zerodha Pi software to select a better and more powerful between them.

Upstox Pro Review

Upstox Pro software is a product owned by the RKSV Securities, a leading trading platform in India.

According to the Upstox Pro review, the Upstox Pro app will give you access to trading Futures, Stocks, Currencies, and Options at the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Pro Upstox trading platform is appropriate for the Heavy Traders, Intermediates and the novice.

Upstox Pro Software offered is the Upstox Pro Mobile Trading Application.

Without a doubt, the Upstox Pro demo is such a powerful tool that will educate you on how to trade without any risk involved.

Also, the Upsgtox Pro download for PC will give you the best experience while trading.

The unique and incomparable features of the Upstox Pro Web distinguished it as one of the best terminals for online trading in India.

Zerodha Pi Review

The Zerodha Pi software is the product of Zerodha, a renowned trading platform in India. 

Zerodha Pi is a window-oriented online trading portal used for online stock market trading by stock traders and investors.

Reckoning with the available Zerodha Pi review,  Pi Zerodha window-based software is equipped with all the newest charting tools and features.

These interesting tools and features will help traders when it comes to making intelligent and smart decisions in their trading. 

Zerodha Pi review affirmed that Pi by Zerodha is a Terminal Trading Application designed for Heavy Traders, Intermediates and Beginners.

Also, Pi Zerodha is suitable for the intraday online stock traders because of its high-performance and trading tips if offers.

Zerodha Pi software necessitates less memory and Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage. Moreover, Pi uses low Internet bandwidth.

With Zerodha Pi, investors and traders can trade across multiple indices such as:

  • Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
  • The National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

The Zerodha Pi demo and Zerodha Pi login will let you trade for free without real cash.

Upstox Pro Vs. Zerodha Pi Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Order Type Offered Comparison

Differences and similarities were noticed in the Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi order type comparison.

Only the Upstox Pro trading platform offers StopLoss-Limit order.

See the Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi details below for more information.

Upstox ProZerodha Pi
After MarketAfter Market
Marker OrderMarket Order
Limit OrderLimit Order

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Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Supported Exchanges Comparison

In the Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi supported exchanges comparison, Upstox Pro does not offer support for MCX exchange.

The two trading platforms support BSE and NSE exchanges as shown in the table below.

Upstox ProZerodha Pi
National Stock Exchange (NSE)National Stock Exchange (NSE)
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Key Features Comparison

There are differences noticed in our Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi key features comparison.

The key features of the two trading terminals are enumerated in the table below.

Upstox ProZerodha Pi
Upstox Pro General Search Tool With this feature, traders and investors can look for their preferred stocks.
Pattern Recognition This is the Pi feature designed for drawing bespoke patterns on the user interface.
Single Terminal The single terminal feature of Pro Upstox will allow traders to trade in Options, Futures, Stocks, and Currencies.
The Pi Inherent Screener With the in-built screener of Pi by Zerodha, traders can pay attention to the particular stock options, trading products and lots more that have passion for.
Chart There is a facility for users of Pro Upstox to trade directly through the Pro Upstox chart. The Market Watch With the Zerodha Pi Market Watch, users of the Zerodha Pi trading platform can incorporate about 250 scrips.
The Pro Upstox Highly-developed Charts These advanced charts have more than 100 technical signals or indicators to facilitate trading on the platform.Also available are Charts of numerous intervals, kinds and drawing styles that will make your trading experience memorable and tremendous.Pi Zerodha Scanners The scanners are used for setting trade notifications and alerts, depending on some certain pre-conditions. There is a huge opportunity for traders to place trades in the stock market with the Pi scanners.
 Personalized Themes This is where traders and investors can customize the filters, the dashboard, and the color-coding according to their predilections.
 The Shortcut Keys This is the feature designed for traders to carry out quick operations in the course of trading. Shortcut keys save the precious time of traders. 

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Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Pros and Cons Comparison

There are differences and similarities in the Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi pros and cons.

Use these pros and cons to decide to choose a better platform between Upstox Pro and Zerodha Pi.


Upstox ProZerodha Pi
The Upstox Pro platform is highly customer as per the trading needs of the traders.The 3-in-1 feature of Zerodha Pi makes Zerodha transfer of funds easy.
The Upstox Pro demo is user-friendly. The quantitative devices of Zerodha Pi make the platform comfortable for the intraday investors who are looking for high usability, fast tips, and high-performance.
Traders are not limited to just one version of Upstox Pro software.The Upstox Pro software is obtainable in the Mobile and Web editions. The Pi trading terminal makes use of low CPU and bandwidth resources of laptop or desktop.
The Upstox Pro is offered for free to registered members of the trading platform.The Zerodha Pi software is free for use for Pi Zerodha customers
Upstox Pro comes with many features that guarantee the users of the platform quick and top trading experience.  Zerodha Pi Customer Care is amazing when it comes to attending to issues. Zerodha Pi has a team of certified professionals who respond to queries without delay.
The HTML 5 technology of the Pro Upstox trading terminal makes it fast and simple to use.Numerous Zerodha Pi features make Zerodha Pi software great for all categories of traders.
The platform is updated frequently
The platform saves intraday traders time as there is direct order placement from the chart post-analysis.
The Upstox Pro charges are reasonable like that of other big brokers. 
Upstox Pro download is fast and easy 


Upstox ProZerodha Pi
Unlike other trading platforms, the Upstox Pro features are limited
Pi by Zerodha has fewer backup options. This causes worries for traders when high trading is in progress.
The trading experience of the users of Upstox Pro Web version can still be improved upon. There are no fundamental reports or analysis offered to customers on Zerodha Pi platform because it is a discount broker.
The Upstox Pro trading terminal does not offer facility and opportunity for investing in Mutual Funds directly. Zerodha Pi doesn’t offer the Mac version.
 The trend lines can still be improved upon because the experience of using them is not at its best.
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Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi Conclusion

Comparing two trading platforms like Upstox Pro and Zerodha Pi is aimed at helping you to choose a better one for your trading purpose.

From our Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi side-by-side comparison, we can see that both Upstox Pro software and Zerodha Pi software provide a wide range of features.

These extraordinary and amazing features make the Pro Upstox and Pi by Zerodha great and leading platforms for online trading in India.

We have also considered other imperative attributes such as the order types, supported exchanges, the pros and cons of the Upstox Pro app and the Zerodha Pi app.

These are some vital things you need to consider when doing the side-by-side comparison of two or more trading platforms if you want to pick a better one.

Therefore, it can be concluded that with this Upstox Pro vs. Zerodha Pi comparison, you should be able to decide on a better online trading terminal for you.

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