Upstox Pro Vs. SAS Alpha Trader: Comparing Two Portals Where You Can Enjoy Fast Trading

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Comparison Introduction

This Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader is aimed at comparing Upstox Pro and SAS Alpha Trader trading terminals to find a better and more conducive platform for trading.

Upstox Pro and SAS Alpha Trader are two discount brokers offering stock and shares trading to investors and traders in India.

In this article, we will learn about the Upstox Pro review, SAS Alpha Trader review, and Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader comparison.

At the end of this comparison, you should be able to decide on a better trading software between Upstox Pro software and SAS Alpha Trader software.

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Comparison

Upstox Pro Review

The Upstox Pro software is an online trading application developed by Upstox, formerly referred to RKSV.

Upstox Pro web app will make users of the platform carry out their trading in a smarter, faster, and more efficient manner.

Upstox Indian discount stockbroker guarantees consistent, fast, and user-friendly online trading terminals.

Pro Upstox is fast to sign up and free to use by all customers who sign up for trading on the platform.

Without kidding, Upstox is the sole stockbroker in India to have opened numerous Demat trading accounts in one month.

Also, customers and Upstox Pro review claimed that Upstox is the fastest-developing stockbroker in India.

The Upstox Pro software is also among the best and top-rated stock trading applications as far as the India stock market is concerned.

Upstox Pro is loaded with many superior features such as the in-built Upstox API, Upstox Pro chart, technical indicators, Algo-trading, heat maps, and lots more.

With all these Upstox Pro features, traders and investors can carry out their online trading with deep stock market understanding and analysis.

SAS Alpha Trader Review

 SAS Online is a true and superior discount broker in India.

The South Asian Stocks Limited (SAS) Company has been providing the Indian stock traders with discount brokerage opportunities since the year 2013.

SAS Alpha Trader brokerage charges are low-cost in derivatives, Commodity, Equity, and Currency across NSE, BSE, and MCX.

SAS Alpha Trader review pointed out that SAS has Zero percent brokerage plans.

Part of this plan is a flat Rs.9 for each trade plan or an enjoyment of endless online trading at Rs. 999/month.

It is noteworthy that SAS Alpha Trader brokerage charges are not in percentage. 

Whether it is unlimited or per trade online trading plan, each has a predetermined brokerage charge.

SAS Alpha Download is available for Mobile and Web Trader versions. There is also SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop application. 

All of them offer indispensable and sophisticated features for NSE, BSE, and MCX trading.

Furthermore, SAS Online provides its customers with Mutual Fund services. 

With the SAS Online Trader software, you are guaranteed superior and higher-quality online trading experience.

With the powerful SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop terminal, Alpha users can face the stock market with confidence.

SAS Online Trader software has all the potentials required for an active stock trader to do well in India – excellence, rapidity, and user-friendliness. 

Without mincing words, SAS Alpha Trader is a high-tech and innovative online trading terminal for making perfect trading opportunities in the Indian stock market of today.

Upstox Pro Vs. SAS Alpha Trader Trading Platforms Comparison

There are similarities in the Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader trading platforms comparison as detailed below.

Upstox ProSAS Alpha Trader
Pro Mobile App The Pro Mobile online trading app is used for monitoring the stock market, tracking favorite indices, and scripts.Upstox Pro Mobile app can be installed on iOS and Android.
The Alpha Mobile Alpha Mobile is an intelligent phone-oriented trading application. It syncs into your online trading account and allows you to:
Trade Stocks Place Orders Analyze Charts Monitor Quotes Confirm Your Positions
All the above tasks are performed instantaneously. It is accessible for Windows, Apple, and Android phones.
Pro Web This is a browser-oriented trading application loaded with ground-breaking features such as in-built Upstox Pro API, Upstox Pro chart, Algo Trading, and technical pointers.Access real-time market data speedily with the Pro web socket technology.The Alpha Web This is a flexible, fast, and lightweight web browser-specific trading website that offers instantaneous market feed by using the latest highly-developed socket technology.  
The NEST Trader Desktop This is a highly-developed desktop app for online trading. It allows traders and users of the platform to place orders, monitor the stock markets, buy and sell their shares instantly.The Nest Trader can be installed on a laptop or desktop.The Alpha Trader Alpha Trader is an online trading terminal created for fast order placement and execution with close monitoring. It is designed for traders who trade often and it is offered to SAS Alpha Traders customers free of charge.The Alpha Trader is used for trading across all exchanges and segments. 

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Supported Exchange Comparison

Both Upstox Pro and SAS Alpha Trader support trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges.

Upstox ProSAS Alpha Trader

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Charges for Opening an Account Comparison

In this segment of our Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader, we have done the comparison of Upstox and SAS Alpha Trader on AMC, Demat, and the charges for opening a trading account. 

Below is our detailed Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader charges for opening an account on both platforms.

DescriptionUpstox ProSAS Alpha Trader
Fees for Opening Demat AccountRs. 150Rs. 200
Charges for Opening a Trading Account Rs. 150Rs. 200
Demat AMCRs. 150 Per Annum
(Waived for the first year)
Trading AMCFreeFree

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Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Brokerage Charges Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader brokerage charges comparison is detailed in the table below.

DescriptionUpstox Pro Brokerage SAS Alpha Trader Brokerage
Trade and Call ChargesRs. 20 for each executable order.Rs. 20 for every order 
Commodity TradingRs. 20 Flat RateRs. 9 fixed Rate
Equity DeliveryFreeRs. 9 or 0.1 percent (which one is lower)
Currency OptionsRs. 20 Flat rateRs. 9 fixed Fee
Equity IntradayRs. 20 or 0.01 percent (Anyone lower). Rs. 9 or 0.01 percent (which one is lower).
Currency FuturesRs. 20 Flat chargesRs. 9 or 0.01 percent (which of them is lower)
Equity Options Rs. 20 Flat rate Rs. 9 fixed rate
Equity FuturesRs. 20 Flat rateRs. 9 or 0.01 percent (Anyone that is lower)
open sas online demat account

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Pros and Cons


Upstox ProFox Trader
The brokerage formation of the Upstox discount broker is undemanding and simple.
SAS Online offers monthly unrestricted trading plans to allow its customers to trade at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
There are numerous Upstox Pro brokerage plans to suit the needs of traders using the platform. SAS Alpha Trader software is free for traders to use. The trading platforms are in installable, mobile, and website trading portals. 
The Upstox Pro transaction charges are at par with other Indian discount brokers.  SASOnline trading platform offers margin against shares. 
Upstox renders trading services to its clients to buy and sell Options, Futures, and stocks online. Traders can also use the platform for buying and selling commodities online. The SASOnline Referral Program is an opportunity to earn extra income on the platform when you introduce a friend. 
Upstox Pro software is available for free to the registered users of the online trading platform.  


Upstox ProFox Trader
Upstox does not offer a facility for the investors and traders to invest in FPO and IPO.
SAS Online does not provide a 3-in-1 account facility because banking services are not available
The Back office of Upstox is not linked to its trading terminal. It is a different website with the data in the back office being updated during the night.  Traders and investors on the platform cannot trade or deal in Mutual Funds, IPO, FDs, FPO, NCDs and lots more.  
There are no boundless monthly trading plans on Upstox. The back office of SAS Alpha Trader is not incorporated with the trading platform for real-time data. 
Upstox demat account

Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader Summary

With our Upstox Pro review and SAS Alpha Trader review, it can be concluded that Upstox and SASOnline are two great platforms for trading.

The Upstox Pro vs. SAS Alpha Trader identified some differences and similarities in brokerage charges, account opening charges, pros, and cons.

Consider these differences and similarities and then decide on which is better for you between Upstox Pro and SAS Alpha Trader.

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