Upstox Pro Vs. ICICI Trade Racer: Comparing The Smoothest And User-Friendly Trading Portals In India

The Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer Overview

This Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer will look at the Upstox Pro review and ICICI Trade Racer review.

After doing the reviews of both online trading platforms, we will then place them side-by-side and compare the Upstox Pro and ICICI Direct Trade Racer.

The Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer will compare the top features, the strengths and weaknesses and other characteristics of Pro Upstox and Trade Racer ICICI. 

This will clear your doubts about a better platform to choose for your online trading between Upstox Pro App and the ICICI Trade Racer Web app.

But before we proceed, it is noteworthy that both Upstox Pro Web and ICICI Trade Racer for Android are in the list of the smoothest, the most powerful and user-friendly terminals in India. 

Use this Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer to find out which of the two will offer you a better online trading experience.

Upstox Pro Review

The Upstox Pro trading platform is among the greatest, smoothest, most powerful and user-friendly HTML-based online trading terminals in India.

You can download Upstox Pro for a laptop or carry out Upstox Pro Download for PC to start trading on the Upstox Pro platform. 

If you are a specialized or new trader, the Upstox Pro Web trading app is an automated device that simplifies investing.

Upstox Pro download and Upstox Pro Login are all you need to do if you desire to start trading on the platform right away. 

With the Upstox Pro Demo, you are guaranteed online trading without any risk, because there is no real cash involved.

The Upstox Pro Demo is made available to give traders and investors suggestions and guides on how to trade stock for real money.

 Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges are in line with other leading online trading platforms in India.

The interface of the Upstox Pro app is perfect, and with the Upstox Pro Desktop login facility, you can trade stock comfortably.

With the Upstox Pro trading terminal, you can trade with comfort and also carry out market analysis in the Indian stock market immediately

Advanced Upstox Pro Chart and some other valuable features make Pro Upstox a leading and most recognized stock market terminal in India.

Just carry out the download Upstox Pro for laptop or carry out Upstox Pro download for PC and enjoy the Upstox Pro software free of charge. 

A Brief ICICI Trade Racer Review

ICICI Trade Racer Web application is a product of ICICI Securities. 

The ICICI Trade Racer trading terminal offers investors and traders a lot of extraordinary features and unmatched trading facilities that will guarantee safe trading on the platform.

With ICICI Direct Trade Racer, investors and traders have the power to discover market prospects in the course enjoying the attractive fresh appearance and feel of the trading platform.

ICICI Trade Racer review adjudged the ICICI Securities trading platform as one of the fastest-growing and largest growing trading platforms in India.

The ICICI Direct Trade Racer is a popular trading platform in the Indian stock broking sector.

Trade Racer ICICI is providing traders and investors with numerous investment options to both the institutional and retail clients in India.

ICICI Trade Racer Download is all you need to trade swiftly and with comfort on ICICI Direct retail trading terminal.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer guarantees an easier and efficient way of investing in the stock market and some other available financial instruments. 

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Upstox Pro Vs ICICI Trade Racer Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer Trading Platform Comparison

There are differences in the trading platforms offered by Upstox Pro and ICICI Trade Racer.

Our Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer trading platform comparison is enumerated below.

Upstox ProICICI Trade Racer
DartstockICICIDirect Mobile App
Upstox Pro WebTrade Racer
Fox Trader
NEST Trader

Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer Top Features Comparison

There are differences and similarities noticed in this Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer top features comparison.

Upstox Pro and Trade Racer ICICI both have charts and watch list features.

The comprehensive comparison is enumerated in the table below to guide you in making a decision of the platform with the best features.

Upstox ProICICI Trade Racer
Limitless Upstox Pro Watchlists With the limitless Upstox Pro watchlists, investors and traders can come up with different watch lists and have a view of instant prices of stocks for many time frames.Finally, in just s few clicks, you can modify the watchlist you have created.Live Trade Racer ICICI Scanner  The Live Trade Racer ICICI scanner is the feature that enables traders and investors to scan the stocks on a concurrent basis. Also, Trade Racer ICICI scanner guides and gives you information concerning the highs and lows of the scrips daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
The Real-Time Pro Upstox Market Feeds It is added to tell users o fthe platform about the share volume of stocks, the percentage change, and the net change, in the normal hours.The Upstox Pro real-time market feeds also incorporate some current market stats and hottest market news. Multiple ICICI Direct Trade Racer Views Traders and investors can choose a view on ICICI Direct based on their choices after ICICI Trade Racer login into the platform. 
Widgets The widgets are the features you can use to personalize the Upstox Pro online trading terminal so that it can operate in your special way and style.  Watchlist The watchlist feature is available for incorporating watch lists on the platform. 
Workspaces The workspaces feature will make you remain organized as it can be put together in your unique way.Use your well-organized workspaces to navigate the trading portal with comfort.    Charting The charting feature is designed for the comprehensive analysis of the stock for investment and trade purposes. This is done through the application of multiple indicators. 
Upstox Pro Chart There is a ground-breaking Upstox Pro chart provided on the platform. The Upstox Pro chart allows for making informed trading decisions and spotting the market trends. Unique Filtering ICICI Direct Trade Racer offers investors tips for particular segmentation and filtering.These may include:Profitable StocksTop PerformersHigh Price MomentumTop Revenue Stocks 
IndicatorsThere are more than 100 indicators made available for customizing Upstox Pro charts. Customize your charts now and become a real professional trader Heatmap The HeatMap directly gives traders and investors an idea about the stocks that have moved down those that have moved upwards.This is indicated with the red and green colors respectively. Also, Heatmap helps when it comes to making fast decisions at vital trading opportunities. 
 Snap View This is the ICICI Trade Racer feature made for providing traders and users of the platform with complete information concerning scrip.   
open icici direct demat account

Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer Pros and Cons Comparison

Use our Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer pros and cons comparison in the table to choose a better platform between the two online trading platforms.


Upstox ProICICI Trade Racer
You can get instantaneous market feeds that will keep you on top of your scripsICICI Trade Racer software is sophisticated and ground-breaking for online trading without risk.
Zero Upstox Pro brokerage charges on delivery trading while traders and investors will pay ₹20 on F&O and Intraday on every transaction. ICICI Direct Trade Racer offers multiple investment options from a single trading terminal.This makes it the best software for investors who are looking for technical help and high performance. 
There is the availability of cutting-edge charting devices that are far incomparable and greatly above the industry standards There are many themes available for traders to use for customizing the layout of ICICI Direct Trade Racer software. 
The Upstox Pro online trading platform is supported and backed by renowned and great Indian investors in the stock market Industry. ICICI Direct offers a low bandwidth website, making the platform functions perfectly even where there is a slow Internet connection. 


Upstox ProICICI Trade Racer
The API facility is not available on the Upstox Pro trading platform.
ICICI Trade Racer Charges are high, compared to some of the retail stockbrokers in India.
Many users recommended in the Upstox Pro reviews that the usability of the Upstox Pro app should be improved. ICICI Trade Racer review pointed out bad performance of the website during the peak periods of trading as the major complaint of the customers. 
The Margin calculator feature is not available. There is no facility for commodity trading for retail traders. 

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Final Thoughts on Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer  

The need for online trading platform comparison is considered very essential nowadays as there are many of them available.

Our Upstox Pro vs. ICICI Trade Racer side-by-side comparison above will help you decide on the better trading terminal that will provide you the greatest trading experience.

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