Upstox Pro Vs. HDFC Securities Blink Gives A Clear View Of Which Is A Better Online Trading Platform

The Overview of Upstox Pro vs. HDFC Securities Blink

In this Upstox Pro vs. HDFC Securities Blink, we will consider the side-by-side comparison of Upstox Pro software and HDFC Securities Blink software.

This comparison becomes imperative because there are loads of stockbrokers and online trading platforms in India.

Therefore, it becomes daunting to find the best one among them for our online trading purposes.

But the good news is that with this Upstox Pro vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparison, you will find a better platform that will fulfill your trading goals.

This is because we will carry out the Upstox Pro review and HDFC Securities Blink review before the Upstox Pro vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparison.

With the Upstox Pro software review and HDFC Securities Blink software review, you will understand how the two trading platforms work.

It is noteworthy in this Upsxtox Pro vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparison that Upstox Pro is a discount stockbroker while HDFC Securities Blink is a full-service stockbroker in India.

Also, Upstox Pro supports trading in NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges, but HEDFC Securities Blink supports trading in only NSE and BSE exchanges.

Upstox Vs HDFC Securities

About Upstox Broker 

The Upstox broker was established in the year 2009 and today, Upstox is in the list of trustworthy and honest online stock trading brokers in India.

Upstox trading terminal has excellent trading facilities and low Upstox brokerage charges.

According to the Upstox Pro review, Upstox began with the name RKSV under a proprietary trading company.

In 2012, this successful company began its retail brokerage businesses with a new name known as Upstox. 

Today, Upstox is among the biggest discount brokers in India that offer commodity and the stock trading at NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Also, Upstox provides its clients with services in online mutual funds.

Upstox Pro review described Upstox Pro software as web-browser specific online stock trading terminal designed for the serious stock traders. 

The Upstox Pro software is accessible on the web and mobile browsers. It allows the stock traders to trade in all exchanges and segments.

The Pro Upstox trading portal comes with an advanced Upstox Pro chart, more than 100 technological indicators, custom-made user experience, heat maps, basket order, and numerous watch lists.

Furthermore, the Upstox Pro trading terminal provides third-party integration and Upstox API for the advanced traders and app builders.

The Upstox Pro AlogLab is provided for corroborating with the AmiBroker for Algo Trading.

About HDFC Securities Blink 

HDFC Securities Blink is among the Indian stockbrokers in the industry and the long-established broking companies in India.

The platform began its stockbroking operations in April year 2000 according to HDFC Securities Blink review. 

HDFC Securities Blink review also established that HDFC Securities has more than two hundred and seventy-three branches in one hundred and ninety cities of India.

The HDFC Securities Blink trading platform is said to be rendering services to millions of clients in India.

This represents 10 percent of the whole clients who are trading on all the exchanges in India.

The detailed HDFC Securities Blink software and online trading terminal offering of HDFC Securities are what make it the choice of the expert traders.

HDFC Securities Blink provides suitable ways of investing in Mutual Funds, Currency Futures, Derivatives, and Equity.

Moreover, HDFC Securities online trading platform offers other services like:

  • Loans Services
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Insurance
  • The Latest Pension Systems
  • Tax Services

HDFC Securities Blink provides user-friendly terminal for investing in equity and several other financial products by making use of its matchless three-in-one account.

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Customer Care Services Comparison

There are differences and similarities in the Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink customer care services comparison.

There is email facility on both platforms but facility for live chart is only available on HDFC Securities Blink.

Upstox and HDFC Securities Blink don’t have a toll free number for their customers.

DescriptionUpstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
Branch OfficesAvailableAvailable
Toll Free NumberNot AvailableNot Available
Customer CareAvailableAvailable
Email FacilityAvailableAvailable
Facility for Live ChartNot AvailableAvailable

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink AMC and Account Opening Charges Comparison

The table of Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink AMC and Account Opening charges comparison shows differences and similarities.

Use the comparison to choose your preferred platform in terms of AMC and Account Opening charges.

DescriptionUpstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
Yearly AMC for  DematRs. 150Rs. 750
Trading Account OpeningRs. 150Rs. 999
Yearly AMC for TradingNo ChargesNo Charges
Demat Account OpeningRs. 150No Charges

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Pros and Cons Comparison

Upstox Pro and HDFC Securities Blink trading terminals have their different advantages and disadvantages.

This is what we are going to consider in this Upstox Pro Vs. HDFC Securities Blink pros and cons comparison to help you in your decision making.


Upstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
The Upstox Pro Web Upstox Pro Web features top and great charting devices used for spotting the market trends and making up to date decisions.3-in-1 Account HDFC Securities Blink features an exceptional 3-in-1 Account which is a must-have for all the Indian retail stock market traders and investors. 
These accounts are: 
Trading Account,
Savings Account,
Demat Account
Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges There are no Upstox Pro brokerage charges on Equity delivery.Pro Upstox is the best online trading terminal for its low Brokerage charges. Security Your money and other investments are safe on HDFC Securities Blink platform. 
The Upstox Pro demo is easy to understand by all categories of traders. HDFC Securities Blink Customer Care There is a 24/7 HDFC Securities Blink customer care service for customers. 
Upstox Pro Margin and brokerage calculators are excellent. Ease of Use The online trading website is user-friendly and fast to respond. 
Upstox Pro Download for PC is fast and easy   
Pro Upstox offers a wide range of inexpensive pricing plans, making it different from other brokers who offer low pricing plans.  


Upstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
Upstox Pro doesn’t offer margin fundingHDFC Securities Blink brokerage charges are extremely high, compared to other trading platforms.
There are no research-oriented services on the Upstox trading platform The trading platform is not the perfect match for the penny and small stock traders. 
 The trading platform is not the perfect match for the penny and small stock traders. 
 Trading platform usage attracts charges. 

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Products and Services Comparison

Use this Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink products and services comparison to choose a better platform with the products and services you are looking for.

DescriptionUpstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
SIP (Mutual Fund)Not AvailableAvailable
Commodity TradingAvailableNot Available
InsuranceNot AvailableAvailable
Mutual Fund InvestmentAvailableAvailable
BankingNot AvilableAvailable
ETF InvestmentAvailableAvailable
Debt Fund InvestmentNot AvailableAvailable
Bonds InvestmentNot AvailableAvailable

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Order Types Comparison

Use can use this Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink order types comparison to choose the platform with the type of order you want.

There are similarities and differences in the order types offered by Upstox and HDFC Securities.

Below are the order offerings of Upstox and HDFC Securities.

Type of OrderUpstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
Bracket OrderAvailableNot Available
Good Till Cancelled (GTC)Not AvailableAvailable
After Market Order (AMO)AvailableNot Available
Cover Order (CO)AvailableAvailable
open upstox demat account

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Transaction Charges Comparison

This is the part of our Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink that compare Upstox Pro with HDFC Securities Blink on PCM fee and transaction charges by segment.

TransactionsUpstox ProHDFC Securities Blink
CommodityAgri: ₹ 275 for every Cr
Non Agri: ₹ 360 for every Cr.
Not Available
Equity Delivery₹ 325 for every Cr₹ 325 for every Cr
Currency Options₹ 6000 for every Cr₹ 4000 for every Cr
Currency Futures₹ 150 for every Cr₹ 110 for every Cr
Equity Options₹ 5500 for every Cr₹ 5000 for every Cr
Equity Futures₹ 210 for every Cr₹ 190 for every Cr
Equity Intraday₹ 325 for every Cr. ₹325 for every Cr

Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink Summary

Different areas have been considered including order types, transaction charges, and lots more in this Upstox Pro Vs HDFC Securities Blink comparison.

This will help you find a better platform between Upstox and HDFC Securities Blink.

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