Upstox Pro Vs. Fox Trader Comparison – Which One is Better?

Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader Comparison Overview

This Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader will provide you with the side-by-side Upstox Pro review and Fox Trader review.

The outcome of the Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader comparison will help your decision of choosing a better platform for trading between them.

With this comparison, finding a better and the right choice between Upstox Pro software and Fox Trader software for your trading needs become pretty simple.

It is possible to compare five or more trading platforms at a time but for our discussion, we are comparing just two.

The Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader will focus on which platform offers the best trading software, mobile trading apps, the best services at the lowest brokerage charges and lots more.

Our Upstox Pro review and Fox trader review will give a solution to the above and other issues to help you conclude on a better platform to choose for trading.

The Upstox Pro Review

Upstox Pro is the online trading software built and developed by RKSV.

Upstox Pro software is one of the best and excellent trading applications in India.
Upstox Pro products are the Upstox Pro Web, the Upstox Pro app, and the Upstox Pro desktop online trading terminals.

The Upstox Pro is among the unfailing stock trading platforms with low Upstox brokerage charges and outstanding trading facilities. 

You can Download Upstox Pro for Laptop and enjoy trading to the fullest with the extraordinary features offered.

Using the Upstox Pro trading platform offers investors the opportunity of investing in different products to diversify their risks and widen their portfolios. 

Moreover, Upstox Pro Demo is one of the best in the Indian stock market.

The Pro Upstox online trading platform has a wide range of technology platforms to guarantee utmost trading experience.

The Upstox Pro software has many great features that simplify trading and make the overall experience exceptional.

The Upstox Pro features help users of the platform when it comes to analyzing the stock market and making informed and useful decisions.

Fox Trader Review

The Fox Trader software offers its numerous customers the absolute supports they need to have the best trading experience.

Fox Trader Charting Software is an Algo trading software  used by a wide range of Indian stockbrokers such as:

  • The Fox Trader Smart Online 
  • The  Upstox Fox Trader
  • Fox Trader Zerodha

Fox Trader is a  innovation designed to take care of the trading needs of all active stock traders and simplify trading for the frequent and roughed traders.

Fox Trader Features are ultra-modern and easy to use. The features of Fox Trader software are the kinds of advanced features expected from a new stock trading terminal. 

Fox Trader software makes online trading experience tremendous for the Indian retail traders by providing them with fruitful results.

The Fox Trader supports the following markets:

  • MCX 
  • BSE
  • NSE-CM
  • NSE-Cur
  • NSE-FO

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Upstox Pro Vs. Fox Trader Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader Exchanges/Markets Supported

There are differences and similarities in the Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader exchanges/markets supported comparison.

Both Upstox Pro and Fox Trader trading platforms supported BSE and NSE exchanges/markets.

See the full detail of the report in the table below.

Upstox ProFox Trader

Upstox Pro vs Fox Trader Top Features Comparison

Upstox Pro software and Fox Trader software offers have different great features that will make your trading experience extraordinary and amazing for traders.

The table shows our Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader top features comparison. Compare the features and decide on a better platform for you.

Upstox ProFox Trader
Workspace Customization Workspace customization is done based on your requirements.Customizing your workspace makes online stock trading more structured and tailored.Fox Trader Watchlist If you believe that stocks trend upwards in the trend scanner, you can incorporate the stocks in the watch list. A wide range of watch lists can be created.
Detailed Upstox Pro Chart The Upstox Pro chart helps traders to know the trends of the market to further enable them to make informed online stock trading decisions.  The Fox Trader Market Scanner The Real-time Market Scanner is one of the Fox Trader features that make the platform conducive and great for trading.It is designed for taking any market condition and not only trading signals. 
One-Click Trade Option This Upstox Pro feature makes performing long processes before selling your shares becomes unnecessary. You are justified once you can substantiate your preference. Technical Indicators This is the Fox Trader feature used for analyzing long-term and short-term price movements.Fox Trader technical indicators are used by active traders to identify trending atmosphere.
Pro Upstox Indicators When it comes to online trading, indicators are indispensable and pretty crucial.There are more than 100 indicators on Upstox Pro that can be used for understanding the fall or growth of the stock market.Real-time Position This Fox Trader feature is used for updating positions and orders day and night in real-time.
The Pro Orders Placement With the place orders feature of Upstox Pro, you can place bracket and cover orders with simplicity.This feature is particularly designed for novices who are just learning the tips and tricks of online trading. Automated Risk Administration The risk management feature is designed to help investors and traders minimize their losses and maximize profits. It also prevents them from taking excessive risks.

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open fox trader demat account

Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader Pros and Cons Comparison

Different strengths and weaknesses that will help you in your decision making were observed in this Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader pros and cons comparison.

Check out the full detail in the table below.


Upstox ProFox Trader
Continuous UpgradingThere is a regular update and upgrade to the Upstox Pro software, ensuring a silky interface for trading.Great and Amazing Features Fox Trader software comes with great features for facilitating trading experience.
Multiple Exchanges Trading  Trading at different exchanges is allowed on the Upstox Pro trading platform, making them the leading online trading terminal in India. Traders have the opportunity of trading on several exchanges like:The Bombay Stock Exchange Multi Commodity Exchange The National Stock ExchangeThe Multi Commodity Exchange-SX Fox Trader Charges Fox Trader Charges are low and at par with other popular trading platforms in the same category.
Trading Training and Seminars The Upstox Pro trading platform organizes seminars and training relating to stock trading for new traders to give them clues about stock trading and allay their fears. Fox Trader Charting Software With Fox Trader Charting Software traders can take profit and stop losses easily.  Fox Trader software informs traders any time they are about to take any risk. Also, Fox Trader charting software is unique and gives traders updates regarding market values.  
Numerous Trading Platforms There are many trading terminals you can choose from on the Upstox Pro to guarantee stress-free and professional trading. Currently, Upstox Pro software is available in Mobile, Web, and trading applications for advanced investors and traders.  Fox Trader Strategies  The platform provides traders with adequate Fox Trader Strategies concerning the stock market situations. Apart from offering valuable and adequate Fox Trader strategies, the software also gratifies the requirements of the traders. 
Upstox Pro Customer Care The Upstox Pro customer care services need to be worked upon by the management of the platform.
The Upstox Pro customer care team is somehow tardy and not always responding when it comes to serious issues. 
Future Trend Notification Fox Trader notifies traders about the future trend early enough so that the risk can be managed with ease. 
Low Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges The low Upstox Pro brokerage charges are among the major things that attract people to trade on the Upstox Pro trading platform. Upstox Pro brokerage charges are at par when compared to other available online trading platforms. Easy to Use The Fox Trader online trading platform is user-friendly. Different features of the platform are easy to navigate.
User-friendly Ease of navigation and use of a trading platform is a significant characteristic of an online trading platform.It is easy to navigate several widgets and learn the fundamental of online stock trading on the Upstox Pro platform.  


Upstox ProFox Trader
Upstox Pro Customer Care ServiceThe Upstox Pro customer care services need to be worked upon by the management of the platform.
The Upstox Pro customer care service is somehow tardy and not always responding when it comes to serious issues.
Financial Decisions
At times, making financial decisions with Fox Trader software becomes hard for a beginner online stock trader.
Upstox Pro Turnover Charges The Upstox Pro turnover charges on options and futures are higher than other brokers. The Fox Trader online trading terminal still requires some sophisticated features.
 Fox Trader Scanner From an available Fox Trader review, customers complained that the scanner option does not function effectively.  
 Fox Trader Software The Fox Trader software standard version doesn’t have some of the useful indicators. 

Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader Wrap Up

Have you ever jumped into choosing an online trading platform without doing a side-by-side comparison of two or more?

Online trading comparison will help you in your decision making when you want to choose the right platform to trade stock and succeed.

Use this Upstox Pro vs. Fox Trader comparison to select a better platform between Upstox Pro software and Fox Trader software.

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