Upstox Pro Vs. Angel SpeedPro: Two Tech-first Trading Software with Matchless Performance Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro: A Comparison of How They Work and Which is a Better Platform

The Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro is simply a side-by-side comparison of the Upstox Pro and Angel SpeedPro trading terminals.

This Upstox Pro software and Angel Speed Pro software comparison will not only let you understand how they work but also help you to identify a better one for trading between the two.

Upstox Pro review and Angel Speed Pro review claimed that Upstox Pro Web, Angel Speed Pro for Mobile and Upstox Pro app are high-tech in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability, and general high-performance.

While Upstox Pro is one of the Indian respectable and fast-growing discount brokers, the Angel Broking is one of the fastest developing full-service brokers in the stock market sector.

You will find this Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro pretty exciting because it will reveal to you all you need to understand about the two trading terminals.

Hence, you will be able to pick a better platform between them for your online trading in India.

Upstox Pro vs. Anisongel SpeedPro Compar

The Upstox Pro Review

Upstox Pro review described Upstox Pro software as tech-first cheap online trading software that guarantees profitable stock trading in India.

Regardless of whatever you need to be a successful sharer market trader in India, the Pro Upstox trading platform is equal to the task.

From prioritizing customer service to education to free trade opportunities and innovative online trading tools, Upstox Pro will provide at low Upstox Pro brokerage charges.

Upstox Pro features are sophisticated while placing orders through the web browser and mobile phones are pretty stress-free. 

The Upstox Pro app is created on the Risk Management System (RMS) and Order Management System (OMS) OF OMNESYS NEST.

The Upstox Pro software is free even as the online stock trading platform also provides its clients with a totally free trading account in the Equity Delivery segment. 

Furthermore, traders and investors can choose to trade in Currency, Commodities, Intraday, and Equity F&O Derivatives via Upstox Pro. 

Upstox Pro review identified NSE, MCX, and NSE as the exchanges supported by Upstox Pro.

If you are an intelligent trader looking for high margins and low brokerage charges, the platform is the best for you.

low Upstox Pro brokerage charges and high margins are the keys to profitable online trading.

No matter the volume of your trade, the Upstox Pro brokerage charges are a fixed amount of Rs. 20 only per trade.

The Upstox Pro software and trading platform is your best choice if all you are seeking an advanced and simple online trading terminal.

Angel SpeedPro Review

The Angel Speed Pro software is the product of Angel Broking Ltd., a leading full-service broker in India.

Angel Speedpro review described Angel speed Pro for Mobile as one of the best online trading terminals for risk-free and effective online trading in India.

Angel Speed Pro trading platform supports trading in NSE, NCDEX, BSE, and MCX exchanges.

Angel Speedpro download is simple and the platform is user-friendly. The users of Angel Broking software can also carry out trading if there is low Internet speed.

The Angel Broking Brokerage charges are a flat Rs. 20 for each trade for F&O, Commodity, Currency, and intraday trading. 

With these flat Angel Broking Brokerage charges, traders who trade high volumes can save a huge amount of money on the Angel Speed Pro trading platform.

The Angel Broking SpeedPro is your best choice as a stock trader or an investor seeking a mobile application or a highly-developed trading portal for your online day trading in India.

The Speed Pro software is quite meticulous and robust as far as its features are concerned.

Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro Key Features Comparison

Both Upstox Pro and Angel SpeedPro have different features. Below is our comprehensive Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro key features.

Upstox ProAngel SpeedPro
Pro Upstox Set Orders With the Upstox Pro place order feature, placing your orders and doing their side-by-side analysis with the updated Upstox Pro charts becomes simple. You can easily position cover and bracket orders with this feature. The feature is particularly useful for beginners who are still learning the rudiments of online stock trading.
A Wide Range of Market Watch Lists This feature is designed for adding scrips to the market watch with ease. All you need is to enter the first four characters of the intended scrip to get the corresponding stock incorporated within the market watch.
The Upstox Pro One-Click Trade The one-click trade feature is the key when it comes to high volatility trading. With the use of this feature, selling your shares becomes fast and easy.You are good to go once you validate your choice.However, for you not to make any impulsive decision, you must stipulate your order preferences. The SpeedPro Market Feed This is the feature used for getting market information in real-time and without delay. 
More than 100 Indicators Indicators are a key and significant aspect of online stock trading.  Pro Upstox trading platform has over 100 Upstox Pro indicators that function over multiple trading segments and offer complete indicators.Investors and traders can use this feature to customize their trading from their trading accounts. My Account Tab With this Angel Broking feature, users can view information in their portfolios or trade report for a certain time. 
Dominant Upstox Pro Chart The Upstox Pro chart is one of the indispensable Upstox Pro features.  It is a robust and complete chart that will make you aware of the market trends and gives you the necessary assistance you need to make profitable trading decisions. Market Watch This is the feature used for checking or accessing the desired market such as MCX, Sensex or any other market. You can proceed to add scrip into the market watch across all the available segments of trading.  
Option Chain Upstox Pro option chain enables traders and investors to identify Future prices, Spot, and the vertical rates comparison.They can also use the feature to get information like the Market Depth, Open High Low Close, and Circuit Levels.Upstox Pro option chain also enable clients to measure performance indicators, open interest, volatility, and also verify Greeks. The Joint Best 5 The joint best five enables traders and users of the platform to look at the best 5 top bids for buy and sell in the BSE and NSE markets all at the same time. The combined best 5 feature is accessible on the Market Tab of Angel SpeedPro. 
The Developer Console With this Upstox Pro feature, traders can code or create their online trading applications by making use of different languages like Python. Open in Excel This is a user-friendly Angel SpeedPro used for viewing the market watch within an excel sheet. With the excel devices, traders can carry out their favorite analysis. 

Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro Pros and Cons Comparison

After our closer Upstox Pro review and Angel SpeedPro review, there are differences and similarities in the advantages and disadvantages of Pro Upstox and Angel Speed Pro trading platforms.

Below is our Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro pros and cons comparison details.


Upstox Pro Angel SpeedPro
Easy to Navigate The Upstox Pro online trading terminal is easy to use and navigate, making it one of the best Indian online trading platforms Finding your way through several available widgets on the platform and learning the rudiments of stock trading is very simple. The Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download is free for use to the customers of Angel Broking.
Seminars are organized regularly to teach traders some online trading tricks and how the platform works in general. The Angel Speed Pro New Version software is user-friendly.
There is a facility for traders to track Stop or SL (Stop-Loss) on Upstox Pro The Angel Broking SpeedPro offers Free equity delivery trades. There are no Angel Broking Brokerage charges for Cash and Carry orders.
Pro Upstox provides trading in NRI The platform charges a flat brokerage fee for services provided all over the trading exchanges and segments.
Upstox Pro is a free brokerage delivery trading terminal Traders and investors are charged a flat rate of ₹20 for every order executed across trading segments such as Currency, Equity Intraday, Commodity, and F&O.
There is Upstox Pro App Mobile trading for both iOS and Android phones without charges. With Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download, you can trade in NCDEX, MCX, and commodity exchanges.


Upstox ProAngel SpeedPro
There is no 24/7 Upstox Pro customer care service 
Call and trade Angel Speed Pro assisted trades charges are high. Traders are levied ₹20 extra for every executed order.
There are no limitless monthly trading plans on the Upstox Pro trading terminal. The Angel Broking trading platform doesn’t allow three-in-one account trading. 
Upstox Pro trading platform doesn’t offer a margin funding opportunity  
The Pro Upstox online trading terminal doesn’t offer bespoke tips and recommendations  

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open angel speed demat account

Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro Supported Exchanges Comparison

There are differences and similarities in the Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro supported exchanges comparison.

Both Upstox Pro and Angel Broking support trading in NSE, MCX, and NSE exchanges.

Only Angel SpeedPro offers trading in the NCDEX exchange according to our reviews.

Upstox ProAngel SpeedPro
National Stock Exchange (NSE)National Stock Exchange (NSE)
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
Upstox demat account

Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro Comparison Conclusion

After our thorough Upstox Pro review and Angel SpeedPro review, it can be concluded that Upstox Pro software and Angel Speed Pro software are the best for online trading.

Use this Upstox Pro vs. Angel SpeedPro comparison to choosing a better platform between Upstox Pro and Angel Speed Pro trading terminals

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