Upstox Pro Vs. 5Paisa Trade Station: Which Is A Better Platform For Online Trading In India?

Upstox Pro Vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Introduction 

If you are considering an option between Upstox Pro and 5Paisa Trade Station, this Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station comparison is for you.

The Indian stock market is loaded with many online trading platforms including Upstox Pro and 5Paisa Trade Station.

This makes it difficult to choose the right platform for online trading without comparing the platforms.

This Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station side-by-side comparison will guide you to decide on which is a better platform for online trading in India.

Pro Upstox and 5Paisa Trade Station are two great Indian Discount Stockbrokers. 

Going by the Upstox Pro review and 5Paisa Trade Station review, it can be concluded that the two platforms are the best for online trading in India.

Here we are going to carry out Upstox Pro review and 5Paisa Trade Station review and then do the Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station comparison.

Upstox Pro Review

The Upstox Pro software is one of the responsive online trading terminals for accessing direct trading from a mobile, a desktop, a tablet, and a laptop.

The trading applications offered on the Upstox Pro online trading terminal include:

  • NEST Trader
  • Upstox Pro Mobile
  • Android Algola
  • The Fox Trader
  • iOS
  • Dartstock
  • Upstox Pro Web

Upstox Pro software contends with many of the leading platforms like ICICI Direct Trade Racer, Angel Broking Trade, and KITE Zerodha among others.

The Upstox Pro brokerage charges are flat because the Upstox Pro trading terminal is from a discount stockbroker.

Upstox Pro charges include the following:

  • Transaction Charges
  • Account Maintenance Charges
  • Stamp Duty and Taxes
  • Upstox Brokerage Charges

5Paisa Trade Station Review

The 5paisa Trade Station EXE is a leading and top online trading terminal that delivers high-performance, suppleness, and rapidity.

5Paisa Trade Station offers the following trading applications to its dedicated customers: 

  • The 5Paisa Trade Station EXE
  • 5Paisa Trade Station Mobile App
  • 5Paisa Trade Station Web

5Paisa Trade Station EXE is a desktop online trading terminal with amazing features that delivers a great trading experience to traders.

Also, 5Paisa Trade Station App offers traders and investors faultless navigation all over multiple investments and trading products.

Carry out 5Paisa Trade Station Download now and make your online trading and investing experience simple.

5Paisa Trade Station app is a highly-developed and simple to use web-based online trading terminal.

With the 5Paisa Trade Station Mobile Trading Application, you will remain on top of your online trading and investments anywhere you go.

The 5Paisa Station demo will give you a clear view of the amazing features of the 5Paisa Trade Station platform and teach you how to trade play safe.

With the 5Paisa Station demo, you can carry out risk-free demo trading. Demo trading on 5Paisa Station is without risk because you don’t trade with actual money.

The 5Paisa Trade Station software is insightful in design, making feature navigation and user experience extraordinary.

Upstox Pro Vs 5Paisa Trade Station Comparison

Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Order Types Comparison

There are differences and similarities in the Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station comparison.

Good Till Cancelled (GTC) Order type is available at 5Paisa Trade Station but not available at Upstox Pro.

See the full report of the Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station order types comparison below. 

Upstox Pro5Paisa Trade Station
Bracket Order (BO)Bracket Order (BO)
After Market Order (AMO)After Market Order (AMO)
Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT)Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT)
Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)
Cover Order (CO)Cover Order (CO)
NRML OrderNRML Order
CNC OrderCNC Order
Good Till Cancelled (GTC)

Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Investment Offerings Comparison

According to our Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station investment offerings comparison, only 5Paisa provides Insurance and Mutual Fund SIP Investment offerings.

The details of the investment offerings of Pro Upstox and 5Paisa Trade Station is shown in the table below.

Upstox Pro5Paisa Trade Station
Mutual Fund SIP Investment
Mutual FundsMutual Funds
Currency DerivativesCurrency Derivatives
F&O and Equity CashF&O and Equity Cash

Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Main Features Comparison

Our Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station top features comparison noticed similarities and differences in the features provided by the two platforms.

See the detail of the features in the table below.

Upstox Pro5Paisa Trade Station
Socket Technology This feature will allow users of Upstox Pro to access real-time market data quickly.
Advanced Charting The advanced 5Paisa Trade Station charting feature allows traders to carry out prompt and dependable trade implementation.
Charting Tools, Drawing Tools and Indicators With the charting tools, drawing tools, and indicators, traders can easily carry out great technical analysis.You can also use these features for direct order placement without having to use a different screen.Upstox Pro charting feature has ten drawing tools and one hundred and seven different indicators. The Real-time Data 5Paisa Trade Station real-time data is designed for traders and investors to monitor the market and track their different portfolios on the platform. 
Drag and Drop It is used for dragging certain scrips and dropping them within the charting screen. This will allow the system to present the scrip just like a chart. Custom Watchlist and Advanced Charts These are the features used for making well-versed investment decisions. The 5Paisa Trade Station advanced charts are also used for detailed viewing of stocks. 
Chart The Upstox Pro chart feature is used to place trades right with only one click of a button. You will have to right click your mouse and indicate or choose the buy or sell a certain stock.  
Historical Data With the Pro Upstox software historical data feature, traders can perform basic stock analysis.  
Keyboard Shortcut Keys These are used for accessing the numerous features of the Upstox Pro trading terminal. This saves traders and investors precious time when there are opportunities.  
Upstox Pro Scanner The Upstox Pro scanner is the feature that enables traders and investors to perform free stock scanning.  

Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Pros and Cons

Upstox Pro and 5Paisa Trade Station pros and cons are different.

Below is our observation regarding this Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station pros and cons comparison.


Upstox Pro5Paisa Trade Station
The Upstox Pro Web is popular and well-liked for its high-performance nature, thereby offering traders and investors a smooth and extraordinary experience.The 5Paisa Trade Station trading terminal is updated with new technologies and features from time to time.
Traders and investors on Pro Upstox can trade over all the segments and exchanges such as Currency, Equity, and Commodities. 5Paisa Trade Station provides its clients with the right to recommendations and trading calls in the trading terminal since it is a discount broker. 
Pro Upstox online trading terminal allows you to verify all your customizable various watch lists simultaneously. Only a fundamental Internet connection is required for 5Paisa Trade Station App to perform excellently well. Hence, you will be able to trade with high speed and have flawless user experience regardless of your location. 
The Upstox Pro Web is updated regularly; giving users of the platform access to the latest features and eliminate current problems and bugs in the trading application. 5Paisa Station demo login is free while 5Paisa Trade Station software registration is a breeze. 
With the Upstox Pro software, traders and investors can navigate through various widgets shown on the screen based on their choices. With the 5Paisa Trade Station application, traders can not only trade in the stock and equity segments but can also invest in the insurance segments or Mutual Funds. 
There are multiple order types available for investors to choose from on this online trading platform. 5Paisa Trade Station software is the best for the novice and the intermediate classes of investors and traders. 


Upstox Pro5Paisa Trade Station
Upstox Pro features are somehow narrow and this is creating problems for all the expert and intermediate traders.
5Paisa Trade Station software is not accessible to iOS and Mac users. Hence, they have to switch to the Windows version to access 5Paisa Trade Station.
Upstox Pro is not user-friendly, particularly for the newbie. The unresponsive nature of 5Paisa Trade Station software has been the main concern of many users of the platform. 
There is no facility for Mutual Funds SIP investment.  Chart loading may be a serious problem, and this may depend on the bandwidth of your Internet connection.  
open 5Paisa demat account

Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station Conclusion

We have considered the vital areas of Upstox Pro software and 5Paisa Trade Station software in this Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station comparisons.

We have examined the key features, order types, pros, cons, and investment offerings.

By now, you should be able to answer the question of Upstox Pro vs. 5Paisa Trade Station, which is a better online trading platform for you.

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