Upstox Pro: An Excellent Smart And High-speed Share Trading Broker

Upstox Pro Overview

Upstox Pro share trading app & web is a free software application you can ever trust for share trading in India. Pro Upstox is excellent and the most sophisticated and extra ordinary online stock trading software that will allow you to experience the stock market like never before.

Use the Upstox Pro web software trading application to monitor the market movement in real-time with the indicators and advanced tools.

With the Upstox Pro app, you can set price alerts right from your phone and sign up for a DEMAT account ONLY when you place an order!

In order to make the process of placing order easy on web browsers and mobile phones, Upstox Pro Web trading software is built on the Omnesys NEST Order Management System.

In the course of our Upstox Pro Review, we discovered a lot of useful features in the webpage of the platform provided by the manufacturer to make the software functions at its best.

Upstox Pro App offers Upstox Pro chart, analysis, and a lot of more features just the same as Zerodha Kite and Zerodha PI.

Upstox Pro is really a reliable lightweight stock trading software application for both mobile and web.

Upstox Brokerage Charges are low per intraday order while it is the best option for any investor or trader who wants to maximize profits because of its FREE investing in Mutual Funds and FREE equity delivery.

The Upstox Pro Demo is easy to understand, while Upstox Pro Download for PC is FREE and simple as well.

Upstox Pro download is available on the website of RKSV. With Upstox Pro Download for PC, you will surely have the best and utmost experience of stock market trading and investment.

The best and interesting thing is that you can Download Upstox Pro for Laptop software application on your laptop or desktop and trade on the go.

Hence, turn your Android Smartphone into a powerful stock analysis platform with mere Upstox Pro Download.

Why Choose Upstox Pro?

  • Highly advanced charting software mixed with dependability and speed
  • Zero Upstox Pro brokerage charges on delivery trading and only 20INP for each transaction on F&O and Intraday trades.
  • Upstox Pro web application is supported by top investors
  • Pro Upstox is efficient and speedy for investors and traders who are time conscious
  • Upstox Pro is a consistent stock trading software that allows traders to trade on both web and mobile with the same account.
Upstox Pro Review
Upstox Pro Review

Pro Upstox Trading Platforms

When doing this Upstox review, we gathered that Pro Upstox offers a number of trading platforms to users for trading purposes.

These platforms listed here are the Upstox trading platforms:

1. Upstox Pro Mobile App

It was confirmed from Upstox Pro review that from all the Apps on the market for stock trading in India in the form of a mobile app, Upstox Pro App is the best and most efficient.

With Upstox Pro App, you can track the scripts marked as favorites, monitor the market by making use of the charting tools and several technical indicators that you will find in the app.

You can install Upstox Pro App in both Android and iOS versions.

2. Upstox Pro Web

Upstox Pro’s review from the users of the platform also acknowledged that the Upstox Pro web is the best in India when it comes to stock trading.

It is browser-based with many sophisticated features like Algo trading, technical indicators, charts, and API integration.

These Upstox Pro Web features are actually supportive and handy, making its users understand the market very well and also help them carry outperforming a comprehensive analysis of the market.

On the other hand, the Upstox Pro Web utilizes socket technology to enable all users to access real-time market data more rapidly.

There is also the drag and drop feature for dragging the script in the chart screen and see the script in the form of a chart.

3. Upstox NEST Trader Desktop

The Upstox NEST Trader is an advanced trading desktop software that helps users who do the required Upstox Pro Desktop Login to place orders accordingly, focus on the market, buy and sell the shares in real-time.

Upstox Pro NEST Trader desktop trading software has different features that make it unique and stand out from the crowd.

Among these features are the customizable interface, multi-monitor support, low latency, enterprise-level stability, and advanced charting.

Main Features of Upstox Pro Application Software

1. The Upstox Pro Chart

The Upstox Pro Chart feature is used by traders who know the importance of technical analysis.

The Upstox Pro chart is used to review and assess past movements in order to predict future performance.

Upstox Pro Chart helps when it comes to technical analysis and shows the performance of a security over a given period, letting traders identify patterns and look at different technical indicators.

You can also use Upstox Pro Chart to dig into the history of stocks and be aware of volatility while comparing benchmark performance to indexes and multiple securities.

2. Customization Feature

The Pro Upstox customization option is an extraordinary feature used to suit diverse kinds of trading needs. Traders can use customization to create up to five different workspaces.

Each workspace has many configurations and widgets. Moreover, there are options for the customization of alerts, layouts, and themes based on your preferences.

With this feature, traders can have five different windows opened simultaneously.

3. The Keyboard Shortcut

This is the feature used by users to access different features of Pro Upstox. This will save time when opportunities come.

4. Price Alerts

Price alert allows traders to set price alerts on their scrips. An alert can also be set by traders for the breach of the price that they want the scrip to accomplish. The alerts can be set for both rising and falling scrips.

How to Perform Upstox Pro Desktop Login

Perform Upstox Pro desktop login to the Upstox Pro website at The Upstox Pro online trading platform makes use of a two-factor authentication process, as the security of their customers’ information is paramount to them.

Upon registration, you are required to provide your year of birth, password, and username for the Upstox Pro desktop login.

The platform will send your initial password and username to you in a different email when you open or sign up for an Upstox account.

Your Pro Upstox username is 6 digits number, but you can change this first password after you log in for the first time.

On the other hand, your password can be between six to twelve characters. It is important that it must be alphanumeric with one particular character that you must remember.

In the case of Upstox Pro Desktop Login, three repeated attempts automatically block your Pro Upstox Trading account.

All you need to do if you want to unblock your account is to click on the Forgot Password option below the login window on Upstox Pro.

You can use it to reset your forgotten password. However, you have to enter your PAN card number, email address, and UCC ID.

Your new password will be sent to your registered email address.

Pros and Cons of Upstox


  • Upstox Pro App is FREE
  • Upstox Pro Demo is easy to understand, and it will teach you how to trade without losing a dime
  • Pro Upstox offers the option to trade across the available exchanges.
  • In credibly fast and powerful, making it one of the outstanding stock trading software in India. You will gain access to fast and precise market data with Upstox Pro Mobile and Upstox Pro Web.
  • Ground-breaking features and intuitive user interface
  • Ability to create your trading strategies and apps, making use of guides, documents, extensive libraries, and their API.
  • The easy Upstox Pro login process makes it possible for just anybody to explore the Upstox Pro app without really opening an account.
  • The software is updated frequently
  • Exceptional customization options
  • Matchless charting features


  • Limited features than other available platforms
  • The user experience of the Upstox Pro app is better than that of the Upstox Pro Web version.

Upstox Pro Stock Market Orders

There are diverse kinds of stock market orders you can place on Upstox Pro stock trading software. Some of these orders are:

1. AMO or After Market Order

After Market Order aka AMO is particularly designed for those who are occupied during market hours but desire to take part. Aftermarket order lets you plan and place orders when you like.

You can place this type order anytime between the hours of 4:00 AM and 9:00 AM or 6:30 PM and 12:00 AM. These orders will execute by 9:15 AM the following trading day.

2. Stop-Loss Market Order

In this type of order, you place your order at the prevailing market price once your stop-loss is triggered.

Only the triggered price is to be mentioned in the stop-loss market order. The order becomes a market order and forwarded to the exchange, immediately the trigger price is hit.

3. Limit order

This is the case when you want to buy or sell scrip at any particular price. A stated limit order that you place will be put into action only in the case when the scrip gets to the price you set.

In other words, you have to offer below the price, if you make a choice about a given Limit Price at a Buy-Order entry.

But you do have to make sure to offer more than the market price; if you happen to have made the choice about a Limit Price at the Sell-Order entry.

4. Market Order

This happens when you desire to buy or sell scrip at given market ruling rate. Any of the market orders shall be made effective at any prevailing market rate when such an order is placed.

5. Stop-Loss Order

This is yet another type of order that is placed to sell scrip when it gets to a particular price.

The major purpose of this type of order is so as to limit any possible loss on the scrip you have may have already bought.

The highest amount of risk you are prepared to take a loss on the scrip in question is the price you mention in the stop-loss order. A stop-loss order either can be a market or a limit order.

6. Cover Order

Cover order is a kind of special order having a stop-loss order and a market order that happens to be attached to it.

The first leg is usually a market type order when it comes to cover order. Immediately after it is executed, stop loss order, which is the next leg, is then placed.

It is noteworthy that you cannot cancel the stop-loss order. The two orders are interrelated. However, such an order can be customized as per the LTP or the most recent Traded Price in case of the positive market movement.

7. Bracket Order

Bracket order is used for limiting limit losses and locking profits together with two opposite-side orders. You can place three orders of Stop Loss Order, Lock Profit Order, and Buy/Sell Order through bracket order.

Reports Offered by Upstox Pro

Different reports offered by Pro Upstox are:

  • Holdings
  • Trade Book
  • P&L Reports
  • Order Book
  • Positions Book

Upstox Pro Cost

Upstox Pro web and Pro Upstox mobile platforms are FREE for traders.

Brokers Using Pro Upstox

During our Upstox Pro review, we gathered that RKSV Securities India Private Limited is the broker using Pro Upstox.

open Upstox Demat Account
Upstox Pro Review: Open Upstox Demat Account

It was this webpage that provides an Upstox Pro review as compiled by RKSV Securities India Private Limited.


The goal of Upstox who the manufacturers of Upstox Pro are is to make stock market trading easy and affordable for millions of traders in Indian. The stress-free Upstox Pro Login makes it possible for even a novice to explore the Upstox Pro app with ease.

Another beautiful thing about Pro Upstox stock trading software is that it will work on any PC or system, regardless of your operating system.

You can download Upstox Pro for laptop, and you can also do Upstox Pro download for PC. While the Upstox Pro demo lets you see the Upstox Pro chart at a glance, the Upstox pro brokerage charges are less, compared to other platforms.

All you need to experience the speed of Upstox Pro download is a good browser and Internet connection. The best browser to view Upstox Pro is Google Chrome.

Without mincing words, Upstox Pro is the best stock trading software and the rave of the moment in India. The ground-breaking features of Pro Upstox make it be the leader in the race with some other trading software.

Upstox Pro FAQs

Q1. What is the Upstox stock trading software?

Ans: From the available Upstox Pro review, Upstox Pro stock trading software is a leading trading terminal in India. Pro Upstox is a speedy and highly developed stock trading terminal.

Q2. What is the Upstox Pro Web?

Ans:  This is a web-based stock trading software application from Prostox. Upstox Pro Web is very much like Zerodha. However, Upstox Pro Web has a number of other amazing that are useful for Algo traders. You can also use the Upstox Pro Web to do charting.

Q3. How can I do the Upstox Pro login?

Ans:  Login to your Upstox Pro web account. Use link for your Upstox Pro Login. Use your username and initial password to do Upstox Pro Login

Note: You will be sent your 6-digit number username on the email you use for opening your account.

Q4. In Upstox Pro, what is Upstox API ALL ABOUT?

Ans: In Upstox Pro, Upstox API is described as a set of REST APIs that give data needed to create an absolute trading and investment platform. You can receive live market trades, orders, and quotes for your account.

Q5. What do I stand to gain for referring people to Upstox?

Ans: Apart from enjoying seamless trading on Upstox with your friends and family members when you refer them to the platform, you will also be rewarded for each referral. In addition, you can follow Upstox for usual updates.

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