[RKSV] Upstox Pro Mobile App – Features, Pros and Cons

Upstox – An Overview 

Upstox is a fin-tech discount Stock Broking Company that works on the platform of Mobile App and Website. It is a subsidiary brand of RKSV Stock Broking Company, based in Mumbai. 

Upstox is India’s fastest emerging stock app.

It provides an online trading opportunity in different segments such as Equity Intraday, F&O, Commodities, and Currencies. The pulse of the Market on a real-time basis is available through the Nifty and BSE indices displays. 

The technical and fundamental analysis of individual script is available on one tab.

Upstox focuses on the Mobile platform for the Traders who are always on the move. Its mobile trading app, “Upstox Pro,” is customized for mobile users. 

It has all the information and tools available within the app to enable users to do trading with ease. 

The Upstox Mobile App is available on both Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

The Upstox Pro is free for download and has more than 1 Lac users as of now.

To use the Upstox App, users are required to open a Demat account with RKSV

Upstox doesn’t charge any account opening fees currently. However, they charge a nominal brokerage fee as per the usage.

If you are paying very high brokerage, and want to save a few bucks there, Upstox will be the right pick for you.

Upstox is a new generation brokerage firm and is known for its discount brokerage model. They would charge a flat Rs 20 per order in the Future & Options category. 

Otherwise, for intraday and other orders, users will be charged either Rs. 20 or 0.01% of the total turnover, whichever is lower.

Tycoons like Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, and GVK Davix have invested in Upstox. It is a novice Company with a lifespan of around four years competing with Zerodha and 5Paisa in the broking space.

Upstox Pro Mobile App Review
Upstox Pro Mobile App Review

Upstox Application Review

With this article, we will try to dive into a quick review of upstocx features on the mobile-based trading application. Upstox Pro Mobile App is loaded with several amazing features for giving an extra edge to the users. 

We will cover the most unique and exciting features here in this article. 

We will also try to cover a few other trading platforms offered by Upstox.

  1. Upstox Pro Mobile App
  2. The Nest Trader
  3. Upstox Pro Web Portal

Upstox Pro Mobile App:

As already mentioned, Upstox Pro Mobile App is for the users who are always on the move and want all their trading actions on the smartphone. 

Users can track their favorite stocks and indices using this smart app. Here are the top salient features of this app:

Upstox Pro Mobile App
Upstox Pro Mobile App
  • Upstox Pro facilitates trading across all segments, including Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives.
  • Upstox allows you to trade across all segments with only one account and under a single app. No need to have different apps for different interests.
  • Advanced Candlestick and Line-charts with 100+ technical indicators in Real-time helps in making timely investment decisions.
  • You get unlimited price alerts and customized watch-list, warnings on set scrips, and search tools for specific stocks on the go.
  • Guest traders can check the market price and some basic details without login.
  • It’s minimal in size and occupies only 10 MB of phone space approximately. Its small size makes it lightweight and fast. 
  • Upstox Pro App has a user rating of 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store.
Upstox Pro Mobile App screenshot
Upstox Pro Mobile App screenshot

The Nest Trader

The Nest Trader is a top-class trading platform, developed by Omnesys Technologies dedicatedly for the customers of RKSV broking. The nest is for the investors who want it on their computers or laptops. 

It is a highly developed tool, which can be installed on the windows based computers using the .exe file.

  • Nest has the feature of adding multiple market watch lists. You can group up the stocks to keep an eye across different industries.
  • Orderbook feature of the Nest terminal enables the users to have a summary of all the orders placed throughout the day. It also gives a list of pending, canceled, and executed orders.
  • Many chart types, such as bars, candles, and mountains, are available on the Nest terminal. Along with more than 100 kinds of technical indicators.
  • Net position tab will give you a consolidated view of the open positions and current M2M P&L.
  • Nest terminal provides you with extended market depth, i.e., top 10 buying and selling prices offered by other traders.

Upstox Pro Web Portal

The web portal of Upstox Pro is nothing but only an online version of the Upstox Pro Mobile App. All the features and specifications are the same as the Upstox Mobile App. However, it will provide you with a more detailed interface and a back office login as well. 

  • The web portal has additional features such as Upstox API, also stock buying, etc.
  • It also provides a drag and drop feature, which can be used for dragging a script of a widget. This feature is not available in the Mobile for apparent reasons.
Upstox Pro Web Portal
Upstox Pro Web Portal

Upstox Pro app Pros and Cons

Now let’s have a quick comparison of the pros and cons of all the Upstox Apps.


  • Upstox Pro Mobile App is one of the most consistent performing Apps, also works well with slow internet speed.
  • It is a very lightweight app, hence required less storage space. It is almost crash-proof in all circumstances.
  • The Upstox mobile app has a very well designed user interface. It makes it extremely easy to use for beginners as well.
  • It’s a discount brokerage firm, so a lot of savings is done in terms of the broker fee. Also, there is no account opening charge.
  • Mobile and web-based portals are interlinked, so it doesn’t require you to login separately. What you do on the phone is automatically reflected on the web portal and vice-versa. 


  • The technical support team of Upstox has received some negative feedback in terms of quick problem resolution.
  • It has limited features in comparison to peers.
  • The desktop terminal of Upstox will require high speed and stable internet connectivity.
  • Call and Trade facilities are not free; instead, Upstox charges its users Rs 20 when placed order on the phone.
  • Investing in IPOs and FPOs is not supported by Upstox Pro Mobile App.
open upstox demat account
open upstox demat account


Upstox is a top-notch stockbroking firm with the latest technological tools which are highly reliable and fast. Upstox can help you save extra bucks because of its discount pricing models, but at the same time, you may have to face some challenges with the customer support team.

Still, the technology of Upstox is so good that you won’t find many instances where you will require to contact the support squad.

We recommend comparing Upstox with other competitors as well before making a choice. Different service providers may suit diverse requirements, after all.

Upstox Pro App FAQ

Q. Who owns Upstox  Pro Trading Platform?

A. RKSV Securities India private Limited owns Upstox trading platform.

Q. Does upstox pro offer mobile app for trading?

A. Yes, Upsotx offers mobile trading app.

Q. Can I trade in currency derivatives using Upstox Pro?

A. Yes, Upsotx pro allows currency derivative trading in both BSE and NSE.

Q. Can I trade directly from charts in Upstok Pro?

A. Yes you can.

Q. Does Upstok Pro has integrated back office?

A. No, it does not have an integrated back office.

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