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Upstox Brokerage Calculator

Upstox is one of the fastest-growing broker houses in India that provides traders with various investment and trading solutions. With the various services on trading being provided by Upstox, they charge very nominal fees/brokerage to facilitate it.

It provides a trading facility in Equities and its derivatives, Currencies, and Commodities.

As we go down below this content, we will be giving out details of the brokerage charges and the Upstox brokerage calculator that helps the traders calculate the brokerage which in turn is kind of money/capital management for the trader.

Upstox has a calculator on its website that is quite different when compared to other brokers giving similar services.

Upstox Brokerage Calculator Online
Upstox Brokerage Calculator

Upstox Equity Brokerage Calculator

Equities are the most favourite or easy trading option for a new trader who wants to try in the market. It is also the best way a mutual fund can form.

Most of the brokers charge nothing when traded equity and taken for delivery. However, below we will talk about how Upstox charges and the options available in the Brokerage calculator on its website.

Upstox Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

To give a quick understanding of intraday, all trades that are bought and sold the same day ae considered to be intraday. Upstox charges a maximum of Rs 20 as a brokerage for trading in equity intraday. This is the per-order charges.

On the brokerage, calculator select the state which you are from and search for the stock in the search bar.

The good thing about the calculator is that as you type in the search bar you will get options to select from. Enter the quantity, buy, and sell price it will give the details of the profit/loss made.

Show Charges Breakup will give details of the applicable charges on the trade placed.

Upstox Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Upstox maintains the competitor’s pricing range and charges nil brokerage on the equity delivery trades. When you buy a stock in one trading session and sell in another this is called a delivery trade. Of course, there are various other charges that are part of the expense of the trade.

The same brokerage calculator can be used to calculate the other charges on the trades placed on delivery.

Upstox Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Traders can also invest in equities in their Futures form. To trade in Equity Futures Upstox charges a maximum of Rs 20 as brokerage. Additionally, if you carry forward a Future holding you will need to maintain a Span margin as per the exchange norms.

The brokerage is again easy to calculate on the brokerage calculator. The list of equities which have a future contract attached to them can be found on the exchange website.

Upstox Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Similar to the Futures, Equities can also be traded as an Option. Options have an expiration date attached to them. These are riskier than the other type of investments. On Options also Upstox charges Rs 20 as a flat brokerage.

The Brokerage calculator gives the calculation of the charges when you trade in the options segment. The list of equities whose options contract are available is present on the exchange website.

Upstox Commodity Brokerage Calculator

With latest technical advancements happening even trading on commodities have become popular. Upstox has this facility of trading in commodities through MCX exchange.

There are various commodities available for trading. Gold, Silver, Crudeoil, are the most common and popular commodities that are traded on. Upstox charges brokerage and also many other charges similar to NSE or BSE.

The trading experience on Upstox would be same in all segments. Commodities can be traded only either in Futures or Options contract. Same brokerage calculator can be used to calculate the brokerage and other charges on Upstox.

Upstox Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

Commodity Futures are easy to invest in. They are most traded in the commodity segments. Upstox will charge you Rs 20 flat brokerage on each order placed. And as always there are other charges attached which can be easily be viewed in the brokerage calculator.

Upstox Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

Commodity Options are less popular and Upstox charges are the same as the Commodity Future. It charges Rs 20 as flat brokerage per each order.

Upstox Currency Brokerage Calculator

Currencies are the most volatile segment in the market. Upstox also provides the facility to trade in the Currencies. We will have more details on the brokerage charges as we go further.

Upstox Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

Upstox charges Rs 20 as flat brokerage charges for trading in the Currency Futures. More details on the Future contracts can be found on the NSE website. The brokerage calculator on the Upstox website gives all the details on the various charges for trading in Currency Futures.

Upstox Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

Similarly, on Currency Options Upstox charges Rs 20 flat as the brokerage charges. NSE website has details on the available Options contract on various currencies.

Upstox Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table

Segment Unlimited Equity
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery Nil
Equity Intraday For every order executed ₹20
Equity Futures For every order executed ₹20
Equity Options For every order executed ₹20
Currency Futures For every order executed ₹20
Currency Options For every order executed ₹20
Commodity Futures For every order executed ₹20
Commodity Options For every order executed ₹20

Upstox BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

Upstox has an option to place an order in BO and CO order types. These provide the facility to place a trade with the target, stop loss in a single window. Upstox does not charge anything additional to use these order types. Hence there is no brokerage calculator required for this.

Upstox Span Brokerage Calculator

Likewise, Upstox also does not charge anything for the Span Margin usage, hence no calculator required.

open upstox demat acc
Open Upstox Demat Account

Need Upstox Brokerage Calculator

The Upstox Brokerage calculator is very easy to use and fast enough. It provides all the expense details in all the segments in the same window avoiding the trader to switch screens or pages.

Brokerage calculator is a tool that is very advantageous for the traders as they need to be very careful when they trade and the details of the expenses will help them plan their target prices for their profits.

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Upstox Brokerage FAQs

What are Upstox brokerage charges?

Ans: Upstox charges flat Rs 20 across all the segments.

What is STT charge in Upstox?

Ans: STT charge on Upstox 0.025% on sell-side.

Is Upstox a good broker?

Ans: Upstox is charging flat Rs 20 for as brokerage and also has good customer support making it a good broker to consider.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in Upstox?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in Upstox.

Is Upstox really free?

Ans: It charges Rs 20 as brokerage fees across all segments. Hence cannot really be considered free.

Which is better – Upstox vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Upstox is better than ShareKhan.

What is one unique thing on Upstox brokers?

Ans: Upstox charge Rs 20 as brokerage across all the segments.

Open Demat Account with Upstox
Open Demat Account with Upstox
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