Tradingbells Margin Calculator Online in 2019

Trading bells margin calculator
Trading bells margin calculator

1. Tradingbells Margin Calculator

  • The Tradingbells margin calculator is one of the effective and simplest margin calculators to date.
  • It comes with many customizations including different brokerage plans and other modifications that can be done based on the client’s needs.
  • In addition, Tradingbells Margin Calculator allows the user to calculate the margin or exposure and leverage offered by the stockbroker in different segments like intraday, delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.
  • It also provided ease to calculate the Tradingbells margin funding and the user can predict the extra amount of shares can be bought using the exposure based on their plan given by the stockbroker.

Trading Bells Online Margin List

Segment Margin/Exposure/Limit/Leverage
Equity Delivery Upto 2x (Time Margin)
Equity Intraday Upto 40x (Time Leverage)
Equity Future Upto 10x (Time Limit)
Equity Option Upto 8x (Trading Margin)
Currency Future Upto 10x(Trading Exposure)
Currency Option Upto 8x (Trading Leverage)
Commodity Future Upto 10x
Commodity Option Upto 8x
BO & CO Margin Upto 40x (Time Exposure)

2. Tradingbells Equity margin calculator

Tradingbells Equity Intraday margin calculator

  • Up to 20x (based on the stock) margin is provided by Tradingbells Intraday (MIS) for Premium Plan.
  • A true intraday product is a special type of products that is mainly bought and sells for a single trading day and Tradingbells Equity MIS is intraday product.
  • Up to 10x (based on the stock) margin is provided by Tradingbells Intraday (MIS) for regular plan.
  • In addition Tradingbells provides 22x times margin in regular plan for Margin Plus Orders and 40x times margin in Premium plan.

Tradingbells Equity Delivery margin calculator

  • Tradingbells provides free delivery trading so the brokerage charge is zero and the margin is 1x time for Standard Plan and 2 x time margins in case of Premium Plans.
  • Tradingbells is playing the game of stockbroker quite well when others find it difficult to match.

Tradingbells Equity Future margin calculator

  • This stockbroker offers their clients with up to 3x times for Regular Plan in Equity Future trading.
  • Tradingbells adds benefits to their premium plan clients by up to 5x times margin in Equity future trading.
  • However Tradingbells Equity Future Intraday margin is about 7x times leverage based on Margin plus Orders in Regular Plan.
  • At last tradingbells offers 10x times leverage for Premium plan clients on Margin Plus orders.

Tradingbells Equity Option margin calculator

  • Tradingbells Equity option Intraday margin is about  1x time leverage based on the stock
  • However if the equity option  position is close automatically by the Tradingbells team it is  carry forwarded for the next trading day with zero brokerage charge and  (1x) leverage is provided.
  •  As per new SEBI rule and regulation every registered stock broker need to collect Total margin (Span+ Exposure) for each trading day.

3. Tradingbells Commodity margin calculator

Tradingbells Commodity future margin calculator

  • For intraday trading of Commodity future, Tradingbells Online offers 10% of the span and 5x margin leverage on Premium Plan and adds benefits of upto 10x times leverage on margin plus orders.
  •  However, once the market is closed Tradingbells Online automatically stops the position if the clients don’t manually lock the position and the total amount will be Carry forwarded for next trading day with zero brokerage (1x) of Span leverage is given.

Tradingbells Commodity option margin calculator

  • In the case of intraday trading of a Commodity option, Tradingbells Online offers 10% of the span and  3x margin leverage for regular Plan and 7x times in case of margin plus orders.
  • However, once the market is closed Tradingbells Online automatically stops the position if the clients don’t manually lock the position.
  •  The total amount will be Carry forwarded for the next trading day with zero brokerage (1x) of Span leverage is given by the stockbroker.

4. Tradingbells Currency margin calculator

Tradingbells Currency future margin calculator

  • Tradingbells provides an intraday margin of Up to 5x times for currency future segment. For Premium members
  • Carry forward margin of 1xtime is also mentioned in the case of Currency’s future.
  • 10x for Margin Plus orders in currency future segments for Premium members

Tradingbells Currency option margin calculator

  • Up to 3x times intraday margin is provided by Tradingbells in Currency Option for regular plan users and for margin plus orders the stockbroker provides 7x times margin.
  • Tradingbells officially provides a Carry forward margin of 1x time in Currency option.

5. Tradingbells BO & CO margin calculator

Services not available with Trading Bells.

6. Tradingbells Span margin calculator

  • Tradingbells Span Calculator is a uniquely designed tool helps the clients to figure out margin required before performing any trade.
  • The most unique feature of this tool is to provide calculative margin benefits at multiple positions at the same time simultaneously.
  • Tradingbells is one of the few brokers which provide margin benefits at different positions when the exchange gives you the margin.
  • However by collecting both span margin and total exposure helps the derivatives positions to get carried forward for the next trading session.
  • Hence it is the responsibility of user to maintain a sound amount of margin in its account and it helps in avoiding penalties and squaring off positions.

7. Need Tradingbells Margin Calculator

  • If you are a trader and dealing with margin effectively must be your topmost priority.
  • It enables you to use the leverage securities you already own and on basis of that you are allow to buy additional securities or access additional credit.
  • Moreover there are multiple benefits of margin account; it helps in analyzing the risk before performing the actual trade.
  •  When you have decided to buy assets using your margin, you can analyze the leverage value of your securities to increase the size of your investments. It potentially allows you to increase your returns as the value of the investments rises.
  • The margin and the exposure is almost standard in all stockbrokers, however brokers can increase or decrease based on their interest.
  • The margin and exposure are based on total stocks and other market values. It is approved by the exchange and Tradingbells approved stocks.
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Q. How much margin does Tradingbells give?

Upto 40x in case of margin plus orders to their premium clients

Q. Tradingbells provide a margin for options?

Upto 1x times margin is provided for options trading by Tradingbells.

Q. How much Exposure does Tradingbells provide?

Up to 40x times exposure is the maximum exposure tradingbells provides to date.

Q. How much does Tradingbells charge for intraday margin?

A flat charge of Rs. 20 is charged for intraday trading by trading bells

Q. What is the margin for delivery trading in Tradingbells?

The margin of up to 2x times is offered by Tradingbells for delivery trading.

Q. What is the margin for CNC trading in Tradingbells?

A flat charge of Rs. 20 is charged for CNC by Tradingbells.

Q. What is LMT in Tradingbells?

LMT stands for Limit Order.

Q. How to use margin in Tradingbells?

To use margin you need to maintain your trading account with margin funding.

Q. Can I margin trading in Tradingbells?

Yes, you can use margin trading in Tradingbells.

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