Trading Bells Mobile App Review – Justrade Mobile App

Trading Bells – An Overview 

Trading Bells is one of the top discount brokers of Central India. Headquarters of trading Bells located at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They claim to offer an extraordinary discount. Justrade Pro is a highly developed technology product, which is the official Trading Bells Mobile App. 

Trading Bells was founded by Amit Gupta, in collaboration with a renowned traditional brokerage house of India, Swastika Investmart

The firm operates on a hybrid model of both full-service broker and discount broker currently. 

They are running on zero brokerage policy with equity delivery based transactions.

Trading Bells – Review

This article focusses on the Mobile App provided by the Trading Bells to its users. It covers app features, brokerage models, advantages, and disadvantages of the mobile-based app. 

However, we will also try to touch base on the other platforms offered by Trading Bells.

  1. Justrade Mobile App
  2. Justrade Web Software
  3. Justrade Pro

Trading Bells, powered by Swastika Investmart is an online service provider, hence they emphasize trading only through online trading software. 

They also offer call and trade services for emergencies, but these are chargeable at Rs 20 per executed order.

Let us have a look at the trading platforms of Trading Bells.

Trading Bells Review

1. Justrade Mobile App

NSE powers the Justrade Mobile App. It is freely available on both the Android Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. Justrade Mobile App comes with lots of features loaded for advanced level trading. Also, the user interface of this app is easy to understand for beginner traders.  

Justrade App has more than 10,000 downloads as of now and has a combined user rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play Store.

Here are the top app features:

  • Multiple watch lists for getting real-time tracking of your favorite stocks and commodities. These watch lists are customizable.
Trading Bells Justrade Mobile App
Trading Bells Justrade Mobile App
  • Advanced level order types such as Bracket Order, Cover Order, Stop Loss Order, etc. are available.  
  • Order Book and Trade Book for tracking pending orders, canceled orders, executed orders, and current positions.
  • You can get free market-recommendations. They also provide the latest financial news and updates through this mobile app.
  • Some of the back-office features and reports are also available directly from the Justrade trading app. 
  • Variety of Graphs and Charts such as Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candlesticks, etc. are available.
  • Technical Indicators for advanced level analysis is provided.

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2. Justrade Web Platform

The web-based software of Justrade is similar to the Justrade Mobile App. Most of the features with the browser version will remain the same.  

Trading Bells Justrade Web Platform
Trading Bells Justrade Web Platform
  • Users get an additional feature of pick and drop of different tolls directly to the home screen. 
  • Justrade Web is a suitable pick for more casual traders.
  • Justrade is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Mac’s Safari Internet Browser. 
  • You can directly access the platform using a web link. 

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3. Justrade Pro

It is a terminal-based trading platform of the Justrade series. The software can be installed on Windows computer using a .exe file. 

  • Justrade Pro also comes with the Algo-Trading facility. 
  • Installation and setup of Justrade Pro are straightforward and quick. 
  • Trading on various platforms and across multiple segments is possible through Jutsrade Pro. 
  • There is no additional charge payable for using this software.
  • Technical Indicators and Charts are available in different time frames for detailed analysis of stocks’ historical performance.


Towards the end, let us dive into the pros and cons of having Trading Bells as your trading service provider.


  • Trading Bells has an in-house Technical Analysis and Research team, which provides highly accurate and timely recommendations.
  • They are spread across the nation with 700 branches, from which more than 100 branches are their own.
  • Trading Bells facilitate the financing of IPO (Initial Public Offering).
  • Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory Services. 
  • Users can also invest in Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposit with the Demat account of Trading Bells. 


  • Their trading platform Justrade is developed and supported by a third party and may cause a delay in error resolution.  
  • Their website is minimal and lacks a lot of relevant information.
  • The technical support of Trading Bells is reported to be slow and ineffective. 
open trading bells demat account


Trading Bells mobile app and it’s trading technology offerings is a decent pick. We can say that they have a bag of mixed experiences.

On the one hand, you get benefited from low-cost brokerage, advanced technology tools, and high leverages. 

On the other hand, you may also have to deal with some delay in problem resolution due to slow tech support and third-party platforms.

Yet, the technology used by Trading Bells is useful enough that you may not be required to reach out to their customer support team quite often.

It is advisable to consider other options as well, and compare thoroughly before making a buying decision.


Q. Who can use Trading Bells’ Justrade Mobile App?

Anyone can use Justrade and enjoy fantastic app features. To login to the app, you will require a login id and password. It will be received after you sign up for a free Demat and trading account at Trading Bells. They have both offline and online processes for instant account opening. 

 Q. Are these Mobile Apps Free?

Yes. Justrade Mobile App and Browser-Based Platforms are free for every Trading Bells or Swastika customer. However, they may impose additional charges if you want to trade through ODIN Diet or NSE Now Terminals. 

Q. Do they provide advisory services?

Trading Bells provides recommendations and advice, which are highly accurate and based on extensive technical research. The advisory service of Trading Bells is free of cost. You can subscribe to the advisory service through the telegram channel of Trading Bells.

Q. Do they have zero brokerage for delivery?

Yes. Trading Bells provide free transaction when a customer wants to buy equity as a delivery. They also offer high exposure and leverage in case of equity intraday trading. It is to the advantage of the investor.

Q. Can I trade in derivatives using these apps?

Justrade and other paid trading platforms as well are enabled with the derivative segment. Hence, trading in Futures and Options is possible with these apps. The apps allow investors to take decisions on the move as well.

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