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TradePlus Brokerage Calculator Online

1. Tradeplus Brokerage Calculator


An adding machine for trade plus is hosted on the Trade Plus Online website. Brokerages can be defined as part and parcel of the payments made by one in exchange for the main aim of protecting the business.

The computer outlines the computations to the extent that one is entitled to cater for in a particular session of trading. There is also the enhancement of necessities in various sections.

The provisions of the calculator help the traders in the planning of their trades better intending to minimize losses and maximize profits.

To open an account on Trade Plus, you start to get the details on the website on either mobile App, web, desktop, or even a back office where you contact them, and their customer care gets back to you immediately. 

An account opening charge of Rs200 is charged while the Annual Maintenance Charges for the account is free.

The calculator does the calculation of the costs for the client.

Nevertheless, when one refers to a client to open an account with Trade Plus Online, they earn Rs-500 from per referral up to the 6th person.

Onwards from the 6th account, you receive R-1000. Therefore, if one, for instance, refers 6 people, they are bound to earn Rs-3500 quarterly while the related is bound to receive Rs-500.

Transaction Duration Fee
Trading Account Opening charges One time Rs200
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Yearly Free Free

2. Tradeplus Equity Brokerage Calculator

Covered under this section are the various part of brokerage equities, which include; Intraday, delivery, and derivatives of the Equity segment.

The above brokerage charges would be defined as the cumulative trading cost that clients cater to the aim of trading in equity.

This is calculated by summing up all the types of taxes that are imposed on the brokerage of the client.

TradePlus Account Opening

– Tradeplus Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Trade Plus Online Equity Intraday charges 0.01% or Rs 9 either is the lower brokerage for its various available plans.

They also include other multiple fees as per the requirements by the exchange. The provisional charge note is found on the brokerage calculator.

–     Tradeplus Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Trade Plus Online gives a provision charge 0.01% brokerage on the delivery trade on their plans, either the selling or the buying.

They hold delivery plans for more than one trade. A trader can close the trading when he finds a better place to sell their trades.

–     Tradeplus Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

A charge of Rs 9 is imposed as brokerage on future trades. The futures on equities have a need margin for maintenance in the trading account.

Nevertheless, the combination of every fairness is not characteristically encompassed in future agreements. Broker websites and the NSE websites outline the various equities.

–     Tradeplus Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Other various forms of byproducts on equities which have abased expirationtime are Choices.

Equity Options on them are fixed charge9 Rupeesper lot in their set out available Plan. There is also a requirement for the description management of the choices.

Various types of agreements are applied to different types of accounts.

All the set types of requirements for the different accounts are outlined on the company’s official online platform.

Again, the outlines are detailed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange online platform.

3. Tradeplus Commodity Brokerage Calculator


Tradeplus Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

On Commodity Futures, Tradeplus charges 0.01% per each order on its available plan. Other exchange related charges are different when compared to the NSE or BSE.

Tradeplus Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

Similar to the Commodity Futures, they charge 0.01% brokerage on options. Options on commodities are less popular than the futures.

4. Tradeplus Currency Brokerage Calculator

            The above-named contain the potential to also trade on a securities exchange. They have the freedom to do their business in various forms, either the upcoming ort otherwise. The cash market takes a way in which it lies among those businesses where it operates round the clock.

Tradeplus Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

They charge Rs 20 flat on their available plan. NSE website gives details of all the available future contracts where the trader can trade.

Tradeplus Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

They charge Rs 60 flat on their available plan. NSE website gives details of all the available options contracts where the trader can trade.

5. Tradeplus Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Unlimited Equity
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery 0.01%
Equity Intraday 0.025%-0.03%
Equity Futures 0.01%-0.03%
Equity Options 0.017%-0.1%
Currency Futures Rs9-Rs350
Currency Options Rs 10 to Rs 35

6. Tradeplus BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

Trade Plus Online provides orders to be placed under CO and no BO. Bo and CO make provision of facilities with triggers and maximization on targets in the placement of orders for minimum loss and enhancement of laws by the trades.

7. Tradeplus Span Brokerage Calculator

This could be considered as constant since there has been no confirmed extra pay imposed on them. Therefore, no brokerage calculation is available for it.

8. Need Tradeplus Brokerage Calculator

            It has been set as the responsibility of the computer to vividly explain and educate the dealer on the various extents of the pays that will be imposed on them. The computation is user-friendly, and it speedily does its summation.

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10. FAQ

What are Tradeplus brokerage charges?

Ans: Tradeplus charges nil on delivery of equities and 0.01% on intraday.

What is STT charge in Tradeplus?

Ans: STT charge on Tradeplus 0.0126% for total turnover.

Is Tradeplus a good broker?

Ans: Tradeplus is charging nominal fees as brokerage and also has good customer support making it a good broker to consider.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in Tradeplus?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in Tradeplus.

Is Tradeplus really free?

Ans: As they charge nominal fees it is not actually free.

Which is better – Tradeplus vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Both the brokers are equally rates by the traders across various ratings.

What is one unique thing on Tradeplus brokers?

Ans: Tradeplus charge nominal fees brokerage across all the segments.

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