Tradelab Pi Review: Tradelab Pi Is The Leading And Most Advanced Trading Platform In India

What’s TradeLab Pi?

Tradelab Pi review adjudged Tradelab as the number one best and highly advanced stock trading platform in India. Tradelab Software trading platform is the leading and top platform for trading because it was built with the most modern technologies.

Tradelab best stock trading platform in India provides all categories of retail traders of the country with mobile, web, and desktop-based trading applications.  

More than ten stock brokers offer Pi to their dedicated customers to meet their online trading requirements.

Tradelab Software is made to order and modified for every customer on the platform, based on their various needs.

Build above OMS, RMS system and Omnesys NEST API, Tradelab Pi provides stylish, speedy and safe trading experience on all apps and gadgets.

Tradelab Pi review emphasized that Tradelab Pi platform is meant for both seasoned traders and beginners to stock trading. Even though the trading apps are easy, they are very powerful as far as amazing features and speed of execution are concerned.

Some Interesting Features of Tradelab Pi trading Platform include the following:

  • Charts
  • Market Watch
  • Reports
  • Advance Order Type
  • Workplaces
  • Stock Scanner
  • Alerts
  • Back Testing of Trading Techniques and Strategies
Tradelab Pi Review

Tradelab Pi Review: Tradelab Software Private Limited

This Tradelab Pi review is not complete without talking about Tradelab Software Private Limited. Tradelab Software Private Limited was established in the year 2012.

Tradelab Software Company is located in Bangalore, India and the purpose of its incorporation is to build highly developed stock trading tools and software for all stockbrokers across India.

In March 2015, the first product of Tradelab Software Private Limited known as Pi was launched. Pi is a frontend platform basically designed particularly for online trading.

Tradelab Software Private Limited already has more than ten online stockbrokers as customers as of January 2019.

Among the first customers of Tradelab was Zerodha, which happens to be among the foremost discounts stock brokers in India.

Also, Tradelab Software Private Limited engages in offering consultancy services to stockbrokers by incorporating advanced and amazing features into their current software to ensure that they are more accessible and easier to use.

Tradelab Pi review established that Tradelab has numerous customers all over India.

Tradelab Software Private Limited’s goal is to focus on building and making software solutions available for use by the international trading community with particular emphasis on instinctive user interfaces, perfect real-time analysis, and low latency.

The cross-functional proficiency of Tradelab Software Private Limited in capital markets and software development is what uniquely positions Tradelab to know and tackle the needs of different market participants.

In a nutshell, Tradelab Software Private Limited is a small business in the capital market domain with the dream and intention of driving finance through technology.

Why Tradelab Leads While Others Follow

This section of our Tradelab Pi review will reveal why Tradelab is the greatest and highly developed stock trading platform in India and why you must make Tradelab Software your number choice.

Enumerated below are why Tradelab is a unique stock trading platform and traders choice in India:

  • Traders have the opportunity of switching between desktop, mobile, and web apps without a glitch
  • Highly developed and best software
  • Creating a custom alert made simple
  • You can easily analyze stocks by making use of candle charts
  • Obtain real-time marketing information concerning stocks, market indices, and F & O contracts.
  • With only one click, you can generate customized market watch along with even the depth of the market
  • Tradelab allows trades to trade all over the stock exchanges and classes of an asset such as MCX, NSE, and BSE.
  • Traders can view reports like order history, and open positions along with the trade history.
  • On Tradelab stock trading platform, you can manage all given orders in a place.
  • You can trade by making use of advanced order types – BO and CO.
  • Stylish, fast and simple to use user interface
  • Ten diverse kinds of charts like Heikin-Ashi, Bar,Candle, and lots more
  • More than eighty Technical Indicators used for Technical Analysis on Tradlab Pi platform
  • There are sophisticated types of orders like After Market, Cover, and Bracket Orders
  • Tradelab offers support to multiple exchanges such as MCX, BSE, and NSE as well as sections like Commodity, Currency, F & O, and Equity
  • There are multiple stockbrokers on the platform like MasterTrust, Religare, Adroit, SASOnline, Trustline, Alice Blue, and Zerodha
  • You can get Tradelab Pi as a desktop trading terminal, mobile app, and browse-oriented trading website.

Tradelab Software Cost

The Tradelab Software is available for FREE to all traders who use the platform for trading.

Tradelab Pi Pros and Cons


  • Brokers made Tradelab Software available for FREE
  • The Tradelab platform is used by more than ten stockbrokers
  • Jam-packed with highly sophisticated and ground-breaking trading features
  • Traders can use the desktop version of Tradelab Pi to place orders from charts
  • Tradelab Software is elegant, speedy, and simple for online trading
  • Tradelab Software makes use of low CPU memory and resources. This allows traders to trade using their laptops and desktops easily with basic configuration.
  • It works at a very low Internet speed or bandwidth
  • Incorporated fund transfer


  • Fixing bugs and enhancements, as well as putting broker explicit features sometimes takes even more than it takes the platform to build and maintain the stockbrokers.
    There is no Mac version of Tradelab Pi

Stockbrokers Using Tradelab Stock Trading Platform

Two categories pf stockbrokers are using Tradelab stock trading platform according to Tradelab Pi review. They include the full-service and discount brokers.

1. Full-service Brokers: They comprise of MasterTrust, Religare, and Adroit

2. Discount Broker: They are SASOnline, Trustline, Alice blue, and Zerodha.

Tradelab Pi Products

Tradelab offers more than a few products for the express purpose of trading on the platform such as those enumerated below:

1. Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST)

This type of order is also known as Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) or Acquire Today Sell Tomorrow (ATST). With this type of order, a trader can sell shares a day after the buy order, without having to wait for shares credited to Demat account from buy order. In a nutshell, Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow lets you sell before when you take delivery of the stock to your Demat account.

2. Carry Forward or Normal (NRML) Order

In Commodities F & O, Currency F & O, and Equity F & O Carry Forward Orders are used for the purpose of overnight position. At the end of the day’s trading, orders placed as per the NRML products are never squared off.

3. Margin Plus Type of Order or Cover Order (CO)

A CO is an order made in advance, where the sell/buy order is placed together with a SL order in one single click automatically. The Cover Order minimizes risks and allows the trading operation with a higher amount of exposure.

4. CNC (Cash and Carry / Delivery Order)

Cash and Carry Order is used for the purpose of trading Equity under the delivery section.

5. Margin Intraday Square Off Type of Order (MIS)

This order is designed for any given Intraday trading as per both the F & O and equity segments. At the end of the trading session, all the MIS trades are therefore squared off automatically if they are not closed by the user.

6. Bracket Order (BO)

This is an advance type of trade order and it lets traders take any intra-day trading position and make the best use of maximum exposure as they are being protected by a stated booking order for profit and SL order.

Types of Orders Executed on Tradelab Pi Platform

Some of the orders you can execute on the Tradelab Pi platform as a trader are:

1. After Market Type of Orders (AMO):

This is the type of order that encourages the stock traders to place an order at the close of the market. When After Market Order is placed by a trader, it is queued up until the opening of the market, and such an order will be executed.

2. Cover Orders (CO):

Such a type of order helps the Intraday traders in order to place their orders of sell / buy in addition to an obligatory SL order in an orderly manner as already described as per the system.

3. Market Orders:

Market Order is executed when there is a buyer or seller on the ground, unlike any limit.

4. Bracket Orders (BO):

With the Bracket Order, the traders have the opportunity to bracket their orders, using two completely opposite orders of high and low sides to minimize losses and also lock the profit in a stated range.

5. Limit Orders:

The stock trader determines the price when it comes to limit orders. Therefore, the Limit Order will be executed when the price of the order amount to the limit price.

6. Stop-Loss Orders (SL):

The traders stipulate the price for exiting a position in Stop-Loss Orders.

7. Stop Loss Market Orders (SL-M):

An SL-M Order is referred to as an exit trigger price stipulated for exiting a position by the trader.

open Tradelab Demat Account

Review of Tradelab Pi Books and Reports

This is the section of the Tradelab Pi review where we will examine different books and reports kept by Tradelab. These books are:

1. The Order Book

It is the report of the current status of any orders that were placed. From this report, a user can alter the data directly.

2. Demat Holdings

Demat holdings will allow the user to view the equity holdings available in the Demat account. It is also possible to check T1 holdings under the Demat holdings menu.

3. Trade Book

Trade Book report can be easily opened by just choosing the menu below the market watch type of toolbar or by making use of the shortcut keys. Once done right, the report will display all the orders executed from the given scrip.

4. The Order History Report

Order History Report contains detailed information regarding all the orders that have been placed via Tradelab Pi stock trading platform.

The Tradelab Pi Trading Platform Demo

To get Tradelab stock trading platform demo, you will have to visit those stockbrokers for your own.


If you are making a list of the best platform to trade stock in India, Tradelab should be your number one choice. Tradelab Software Private Limited particularly designed this platform for all beginners and advanced traders.

Tradelab software is easy but very powerful in terms of rich features and speed of execution.

With the amazing and elegant features of Tradelab as revealed in this Tradelab Pi review, it is therefore recommended to all stock trading enthusiasts who have been looking for a secure platform to carry out stock trading in India.

FAQs about Tradelab Pi Stock Trading

Q1. How does Tradelab Pi’s Review describe Tradelab?

Ans: Tradelab Pi reviews described Tradelab Pi trading platform as a top and highly sophisticated online stock trading platform. Tradelab provides mobile, web, and installable desktop trading applications for all its dedicated retail traders.

More importantly, Tradelab provides trade all over the available exchanges and segments, making it the best and the number one stock trading platform in India.

Q2. What is net position and its functions on Tradelab trading platform?

Ans: Net position is the tool traders on Tradelab Pi platform used for watching the net window position. To use this tool, the user can navigate or click on F11located below the market watch toolbar.

Net Position offers consolidated information regarding net positions. The users of this tool can apply filters depending on net-wise, segment, day-wise, exchange, opt, product tag of their choice. Also, a user of the tool can decide to square off the position.

Q3. How much does Tradelab software cost clients?

Ans: Tradelab software does not cost clients a dime. All stockbrokers on Tradelab Pi give out Tradelab software for FREE to their customers.

Remember that the stockbrokers rent Tradelab software from Tradelab Software Private Limited and rebrand it by customizing its feel and looks.

Q4. Does Tradelab Pi have support for Algo trading?

Ans: Tradelab Pi does not give Algo trading. However, Tradelab only offers a front-end software application for trading on the platform. It utilizes OMS, RMS, and Omnesys API at the backend.

It also noteworthy that many Zerodha who offer Tradelab software also make Algo trading available by providing direct access to Omnesys trading API to their numerous customers.

Q5. Does Tradelab software have sound alerts?

Ans: Tradelab software does not come with sound alerts but users alike can utilize an external plugin for sound alerts.

Q6. What are the segments supported by Tradelab Pi?

Ans: The segments supported by Tradelab Pi include Currency, F & O, Commodity, and Equity.

Q7. What are the amazing features that make Tradelab a leading trading platform in India?

Ans: As earlier mentioned in this Tradelab Pi review, the trading software of Pi was developed and managed by Tradelab. The key and amazing features that make Tradelab the leading stock trading platform in India are:

  • Stylish user interface
  • Advanced Charts
  • Flawless user experience
  • Advanced order types
  • Technologically advanced
  • Trustworthy, safe, and fast

Q8. What is Pi stock scanner and which role does it play in the Tradelab Pi software?

Ans: As a matter of fact, Pi stock scanner is part of Tradelab Pi desktop application. The Pi stock scanner is the tool used for searching the symbols based on a definite criterion.

Q9. Are Tradelab Pi and Zerodha Pi the same?

Ans: The Tradelab software is created and developed by Tradelab. It is tailored and configured to use for Zerodha customer and then re-branded as Zerodha Pi. Technically speaking, Tradelab Pi and Zerodha software are the same.

Q10. In TradePlus Pi, is it possible for me to scan stocks after the market is closed?

Ans: Accessing and scanning stocks after market closing is impossible. However, the stock scanner provided as among the Pi Desktop Apps is a real-time scanner.

Q11. Who are the founders of Tradelab Pi stock trading platform?

Ans: Tradelab Software Private Limited is the founder and owner of Tradelab Pi stock trading platform. Tradelab Company has more than ten online stockbrokers as clients as earlier mentioned in this Tradelab Pi review.

Q12. What other services does Tradelab offer stockbrokers?

Ans: Tradelab offers consultancy services as well to stockbrokers so that they can develop their present software and make it more accessible.

Q13. Does Tradelab provide installable trading terminal windows computers?

Ans: Of course, Tradelab Software Private Limited provides an installable trading application for Windows computers.

Q14. Does Tradelab offer integrated back office?

Ans: Tradelab doesn’t offer integrated back office, but the broker provides a separate back-office software. Therefore, the back office is not part of Tradelab Pi.

Q15. Does Tradelab Software Private Limited has a website for trading?

Ans: Of course, Tradelab Software Private Limited platform offers browser-oriented trading website.

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