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Tradejini App – Tradejini is a 7-year-old startup based out of Bangalore. Two entrepreneurs having a combined experience of more than 60 years in stockbroking started this company. They have successfully launched the Tradejini app.

They have depository participant with CDSL and has membership with NSE, BSE, MCX, and MSEI. Tradejini enables its clients to trade and invest across all these exchanges.

Tradejini Logo
Tradejini Logo

The startup is present in more than 1000 cities in India and overseas with the help of their direct and indirect branches. They claim to have a turnover of over 1000 Crore Rupees daily.

They work with the sole purpose of providing innovative tools to their customers and empower their trading. 

Their goal is to minimize the cost of transactions. It ethically maximizes the profits of the client in the long term.

Because of technological application, Tradejini can operate at a significantly lower overhead cost compared to existing broking houses. 

To serve this idea, they came up with an advanced mobile trading platform, loaded with high-end features of trading. 

They are a discount brokerage house and do not believe in a percentage based trading commission. Instead, they offer flat brokerage of Rs 15 per executed trade.

 Additionally, they do not have any hidden costs as well to surprise you. 

This article focuses on the salient app features of the Tradejini Mobile App and a short review of the benefits and considerations of the same. 

Tradejini Mobile App Review
Tradejini Mobile App Review

Tradejini  App Review

Tradejini is an online trading platform for the buying and selling of financial instruments. Tradejini brings all the exchanges to your mobile through this easy-to-use mobile application. 

Tradejini App has lots of exciting add-ons and convenient features that will make you fall in love with it.  

Tradejini Mobile App is available for Android and iOS smartphone users. The app is downloadable without a buying cost from their respective app stores. 

Tradejini Mobile App
Tradejini Mobile App

It is a highly developed app by the in-house development team of Tradejini Financial Services Pvt Ltd. It is a perfect front-end solution for the users who are always on the wheel and prefer their trading tool on the fingertips. 

The app has more than 10,000 active users, and have rated the app at 3.1 stars in the Google Play Store. Let’s have a look at the key app features.

  • You can trade in stocks, commodities, derivatives, and currencies through a single app.
  • It has Intraday real-time charting and drawing tools for performing extensive research. 
  • You can get the Line Chart, Bar chart, Candlestick Charts, and many more.
Tradejini App Chart Interface
Tradejini App Chart Interface
  • Multi-level security of data and your funds.
  • You can create customized watch lists and add multiple stocks to follow.
Tradejini app Watch Interface
Tradejini app Watch Interface
  • Features like Order Book, Trade Book, Net Positions, etc.
  • Market screeners such as Market Movers, 52 Week High / Low Breaker, Hot Stocks, etc. Investing in IPO, Mutual Funds, and Bonds.
  • It has advanced Order types such as Stop-loss, Bracket Order, and Cover Order.
  • It has technical Indicators such as Bollinger Bands, BARC, RSI, and Volatility Index, etc.
  • Easy, safe, and quick fund transfer. 

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Tradejini Competitor:

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Tradejini App Pros And Cons

For understanding the services better, here we do a short comparison of the Pros and cons of using Tradejini and their app as your trading partners.


  • It is an instant and safe fund transfer gateway that facilitates 28 nationalized banks of the country.
  • A rewarding referral program can earn you up to 10% of the total brokerage of your reference.
  • Discounted brokerage model to save hefty money.
  • No minimum balance requirement. 
  • The app is small, lightweight, fast. 


  • Only non-agriculture instruments are traded in the commodity segment.
  • The broking house is new and is also not backed by a traditional, experienced broker. 
  • Customer service needs improvement in many aspects.
Open Tradejini Demat Account
Open Tradejini Demat Account


Tradejini App is a decent choice in terms of pricing, exposure, margin, and performance. If you are a newbie and entirely dependent upon the trading tips, you may have to research some full-service brokers.  

However, if you are an experienced trader or a trader who does not depend upon the tips and recommendations of anybody, then you can go for this app. 

Also, Tradejini is very economical and can save additional money in terms of brokerage paid in the long run.

Tradejini App FAQs

Q. Is Tradejini App free?

A. Yes. Tradejjini Mobile App can be downloaded for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play Store as well. However, there can be brokerage charges applicable per order basis when you start trading.

Q. How to open an account with Tradejini?

A. For opening a Demat and Trading account with Tradejini Financial Services Pvt Ltd, you will need to furnish eKYC, eSignature, and Aadhar ID, and your account will be activated instantly. The Demat account can be opening is a hassle-free process. Tradejini facilitates online and offline account opening.

Q. Can I subscribe IPO with this app?

A. Yes. Tradejini Mobile App enables the customers to view the IPO listing and to subscribe to them as well. You can also invest in MF and Bonds through the app. There are additional costs for buying into these instruments.

Q. How to download Tradebulls app?

A. The Tradejini App is available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. You can get the app on your smartphone by following these steps:

  1. Launch Play Store or iTunes Store on your phone (whatever is applicable).
  2. Type ‘Tradejini’ in the search bar.
  3. The app is available with full name as Tradejini
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.

Q. What are the account opening and maintenance charges?

A. Tradejini Financial Services opens Trading and Demat accounts at a very affordable price. Demat account opening and Trading account opening are chargeable Rs 300 and Rs 695, respectively. Additionally, there is an annual charge of Rs 300 for account maintenance.

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