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Tradebulls App – Tradebulls is a traditional full-service brokerage house. The company was established in 2009 in Mumbai and had more than 1000 full-time employees. 

They provide trading and investing opportunities at multiple stock exchanges as they are a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SI, and NCDEX, through the Tradebulls app.  

Tradebulls Logo
Tradebulls Logo

They have a physical presence through the office in a total of 18 locations in India. The majority of their offices are in the Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

They also deal with IPO, Insurances, Personal Loans, Mutual Funds, and Portfolio Management. They claim to have over 70,000 active clients as of now. 

With Tradebulls, it is possible to trade in Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives Segments using their mobile trading platform. 

The Tradebulls Mobile App is a speedy, secure, and easily accessible trading platform. The app above is available for both Android and iOS users from their respective App Stores. 

Tradebulls App is full of attractive features and is an excellent tool for beginner and advanced level traders. Through this article, we will post a short review of the Tradebulls Mobile App, the Key App Features, Brokerage Structures, along with Pros and Cons. 

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Tradebulls Mobile App Review
Tradebulls Mobile App Review

Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App 

Tradebulls Touch Mobile Trading Application provides a comprehensive suite of features

Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App
Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App 

You can trade in Equity Intraday, Commodity Intraday, Futures, Options, Currency Derivatives, etc. with this app. 

This app will offer you real-time streaming quotes, recommendations, reports, and much more.

Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App Interface
Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App Interface

The Tradebulls Touch has more than 50,000 downloads. It has more than 1000 reviews at the Google Play Store. The overall rating of the users is 2.4 stars. The app comes in a small file size of 16 MB. 

Here are the key app features: 

  • Trading in any segment is possible during any time of the day from anywhere. Access to all different exchanges provided in a single app.
  • You get stock market information, multiple indices, and the latest news in this app.
Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App Stock Market Information Interface
Tradebulls Touch – Mobile App Stock Market Information Interface
  • Real-time updating market watch list, which can be customized to serve your specific needs. Track all your favorite stocks from one place.
  • Active price alerts for the shares of your choice. Also, there are alerts for all the trading activities happening on your account.
  • The regular alerts are an excellent way to check fraud.
  • Consolidated tracking of orders, net positions, open positions, mark to market, margin, ledger, and P&L, etc.
  • Tradebulls App supports Bracket Order, Cover Order, Stop-loss Order, etc.
  • Technical analysis tools, such as graphs, charts, technical indicators, and drawing tools, are also available.
  • Customer support is available through both call and chat.

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Tradebulls App Competitor:

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Tradebulls Mobile App Pros and cons 

Talking about a review, a thorough comparison of all the pros and cons is a must. Here we go:


  • You receive constant price alerts that keep you updated about what is happening in the market.
  • Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, and Stop-loss Orders keep your money safe.
  • Instant push notifications for all the trading activities take place on the account.
  • Contacting customer support and technical support is very easy through calls, emails, and chats.
  • It has access to back-office information such as ledger, portfolio, holdings, and many more.


  • They don’t offer discounted brokerage plans like new brokers. 
  • Call & Trade facility at Tradebulls is chargeable. 
  • The app is missing some essential features and requires more frequent updating. 

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Open Tradebulls Demat Account
Open Tradebulls Demat Account


Tradebulls Touch is fast and has comprehensive features for technical analysis. It has all the other features as well that required for smooth trading experience. 

A mobile app that can offer real-time data, prompt recommendations, high-end ordering technology, and access to all the exchanges in one place is undoubtedly a decent pick. 

They may not have cheap brokerage plans like other discount brokers, but the Tradebulls app, on the other hand, has outstanding customer service, which is not possible with any discount broker.

Rather than giving a discount, they believe in offering excellent services.

To keep the financial dealings safe, they offer a lot of safety features and alerts in their service.

Yet, one must study other options to find the combination of the best possible products and services to suit their needs.

Tradebulls Mobile App FAQ

Q. Is Tradebulls Online App free?

A. Yes. Tradebulls Mobile App is available from the Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store as well for free. There may be brokerage charges applicable when you start trading and placing orders.

Q. How can I use this app?

A. Yes. Anyone can use the Tradebulls Touch Mobile App. You can download the app from your respective stores and log in. 

To login to the app, you will require a login id and password, which can be received after you sign up for a free Demat and trading account with Tradebulls Securities Ltd. 

The Demat account can be opened in a short time and is a hassle-free process.

Q. Do Tradebulls provide advisory services?

A. Yes. Tradebulls has a team of market experts, dedicatedly, and continuously work for providing useful market tips. Their reports and recommendations are highly accurate, based on extensive technical research.

Q. How to download Tradebulls app?

A. The Tradebulls App is available on the Android Play Store and the iOS iTunes Store. You can get the app on your smartphone by following these steps:

  1. Open Play Store or iTunes Store on your smartphone (whichever is applicable).
  2. Type ‘Tradebulls’ in the search bar.
  3. The app is available with full name as Tradebulls Touch
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.

Q. Can I trade in derivatives using these apps?

A. Yes. Tradebulls enable their customers for all kinds of trading. Derivative trading also allowed by default on the Tradebulls Mobile App. As soon as your trading account is activated, you can transfer funds and start transactions in options and future lots.

Tradebulls App Alternative:

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