Trade Smart Online Mobile App Review – Sine Mobile App

Trade Smart – An Overview 

Trade Smart Online, also known as Trade Smart is a discount brokerage firm based out of Mumbai. It is a venture of VNS Finance. 

VNS Finance is a full-service broking house in India for the last 20 years. However, Trade Smart is their latest Discount Broking Farm. 

VNS Finance was founded in 1994 and has been hugely successful since then. 

Trade Smart Online was founded by Vijay Singhania in 1999, in Bangalore. They employ innovative technology solutions to provide a seamless trading experience.  

Trade Smart Online has more than 21,000 active clients across India, and they claim to make a daily turnover of Rs 2500 Crore. Clients can trade Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives with Trade Smart. 

TSO also offers depository services. The firm is known for providing various brokerage structures and plans to serve the needs of multiple clients. 

They have percentage-based plans, flat-rate plans, zero-brokerage unlimited trading plans and monthly, quarterly and annual plans, etc.

Trade Smart Review

Trade Smart Mobile App

1. Sine Mobile App 

Sine is a Mobile Trading Platform provided by Trade Smart Online. Sine app can be used for trading Cash, Future, Options, Commodities and Currency Derivatives across all major exchanges in India.

Trade Smart Sine Mobile App
Trade Smart Sine Mobile App

The sine mobile app is minimal in size, which makes it lightweight to carry and extremely fast in terms of performance speed.  

It comes in file size of less than 10 MB. It has over 10,000 active users and is rated 3.8 stars on the Google Play Store. 

Sine mobile app is also available on the Apple iTunes Store for iOS users.

The critical app features are:

  • Trading on multiple exchanges such as NSE, BSE, and MCX through a single trading platform.
  • Multiple market watches for keeping an eye on your favorite stocks. 
  • Market screeners like Hot Stocks, Market Movers, 52 Week High / Low Breaker, etc.
  • One-touch buy, sell and fund transfers.
  • Order Book and Trade book for keeping track of all pending orders, executed orders, canceled orders and live open positions.
Tardemart Net position.PNG
Tardemart Net position
  • Wide range of technical charts, graphs and drawing tools for detailed analysis. Charts are visible in multiple time frames.
Tradesmart Chart.PNG
Tradesmart Chart
  • Technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Resistance Support Indicator, BARC, Volume Index, etc. for extensive technical research.
  • Consolidated view of portfolio and holdings is available in the app.
  • Bracket Orders and Cover Orders are processed.
Tradesmart order.PNG
Tradesmart order

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2. Now Mobile App 

NSE Now is a Mobile Trading Platform developed and supported by the National Stock Exchange of India. In addition to the Sine Mobile App, Trade Online also enables its customers to invest via NSE Now Mobile App.

NSE Now App requires a different set of login credentials that can be obtained from NSE. Users can contact customer support of Trade Smart Online or even they can directly call 1800 266 0052, which is a hotline number of NSE for technical support. 

  • NSE Now allows trading Equity, Derivatives, and Currency.
  • They have recently introduced trading on NSE Commodity Segment.
  • Password reset facility directly available from forgot password link.
  • It facilitates tracking of holdings and portfolios from the dashboard.
  • Market watch group creation according to different sectors and industries.
  • NSE Now features Utilized Margin Monitoring.
  • Easy and Secure Fund Transfer.
  • Charts, Graphs, Technical Indicators and Drawing tools for research and analysis.

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Mobile App Pro & Cons

Here is a brief comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Trade Smart Online as your online trading partner.


  • Up to 30X exposure in NSE cash ad 7X leverage in Equity Future and Options Selling through BO & CO.
  • The company provides multiple brokerage plans to suit your trading strategy.
  • No minimum account balance needs to be maintained.
  • Trade Smart Online has and extraordinary customer support team to provide swift resolution to your queries.
  • Bracket orders, Cover Order, Day and IOC orders are available.


  • The Sine mobile app has limited features when compared with other mobile trading platforms.
  • Call & Trade facility is not free. Instead, it is chargeable at Rs 20 per trade.
  • It does not provide the facility to invest in IPO and Mutual Funds.
open Trade Smart Demat Account


Trade Smart Online and its trading platform Sine are loaded with all the required features to make your trading experience memorable. 

Apart from its inability to invest IPO and Mutual Funds, there are no significant drawbacks.

High exposure and trading leverage is also an attractive feature for heavy traders. Overall, Sine Mobile Trading App is a decent option for both beginners and advanced level traders. 

Trade Smart FAQs

Q. Is Sine Mobile Trading App Free?

Yes. Sine app is an in-house product of Trade Smart Online and is provided free for all the customers. Additional brokerage charges are applicable to order placed at Rs 15 per trade. You can also choose from various monthly packages at your convenience.

Q. Where to get the login id and password?

After installing the app, you will be required to enter a set of login id and password which can be obtained from the brokerage house itself. You will be required to open a Demat Account by furnishing eKYC and eSignature along with identity-related documents. They have both online and offline processes available for account opening. 

Q. What are the Account Opening Charge and Annual Maintenance Charge at Trade Smart?

Trade Smart Online does not charge any upfront account opening fee. Account Maintenance is chargeable at Rs 300 per annum for Demat accounts. However, there are no maintenance charges for Trading Account of Trade Smart Online.

Q. Can I trade in derivatives using these apps?

Yes, both NSE Now and Sine Mobile App are enabled with Derivative Trading. Whether you want to trade Equity Derivatives, Gold Derivatives or Currency Derivatives, it is possible with Sine Mobile Trading App.

Q. How to download the Sine Mobile App?

The Sine Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store for free. You can quickly get the app on your smartphone by following these steps: 

  1. Open Play Store or iTunes Store on your smartphone (whichever is applicable).
  2. Type ‘Sine’ in the search bar.
  3. The app is available with full name as Sine by TradeSmart Online
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.
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