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Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges Review Overview

Trade smart online brokerage charges provide the best investment solution manager by offering discounts and charging affordable costs for services such as consultations, negotiations, purchase, and sale.

Power trading and value trading are the two plans of Trade Smart Brokerage online trading. In both plans, there are no hidden fees, no prepaid services, and no commitment is needed from the trader.

The certainty that there are no losses and extra charges increase the capability of a trader who uses the brokerage for trade smart to gain a larger market share than the competitors.

Other than better trade smart brokerage charges, traders enjoy;

  • Intraday exposure of up to 7 times on F&O 
  • 30 times on Equities
  • 3 times on currency 
  • 6 times on commodities

If you refer a customer to Trade Smart then you stand a chance to be rewarded a flexible referral bonus. 

This means that the referral bonus you get will depend on the initial usage of the trade smart online brokerage charges by the customer.

The Trade smart brokerage calculator is designed to assist you determine the online brokerage charges. 

With this tool you are capable of finding brokerage charges for all assets such as currency features, equity features, equity intraday, equity delivery, commodity, and currency options. 

The considerable trade smart online brokerage charges allow traders to manage their investment in the best way possible. 

This is what makes Trade Smart the broker with outstanding performance in India.

Open a Demat and Trading Account

Demat Account

If you want to trade with trade smart brokerage opening a Demat account may be essential for holding dematerialized or bought shares. 

The charges of this account may vary depending on the following factors;

  • The volume of stock in the account
  • Terms and conditions consented upon by the depository and broker
  • Type of account subscribed

When trading with a brokerage for trade smart using the Demat account, you benefit in the following ways;

  • You incur lower brokerage charges from the users
  • Support from financial experts on your investments
  • Facilitation of the account instantly hence saves on time

The following are guidelines on how to open a Demat account;

  1. Click on the icon that is written on, “Open a Demat Account”.
  2. Carefully fill the form with your credentials.
  3. You will be contacted with KYC team who will provide a link for the KYC process.
  4. Upload the KYC document online. To enhance this process, you have to upload;
  • Pan card
  • Aadhaar card
  • More details as per the online form which may include voter’s card

Once you are done with the process you will be able to log in and start trading.

Note that the trade smart brokerage charges for opening the Demat account are Rs. 200 and annual maintenance charges of Rs. 300 annually from the 2nd year onwards.

Trading Account

To enjoy the services rendered to you at affordable trade smart brokerage charges or manage your investments, it is a requirement that you open a trading account with Trade smart online. 

The following are guidelines through which you can be able to create a trading account;

  1. On the company’s website, click on the icon written “online account opening”.
  2. Fill in your name, email and phone number for registration.
  3. Fill in the form your credentials such as PAN number.
  4. Verify your details from the Central KYC portal.
  5. Upload the necessary documents.
  6. Submit your application for the account opening.

Once you are done with the process your account will be ready within a few hours for you to be able to start trading with trade smart brokerage.

Note that trade smart online brokerage charges for opening a trading account are Rs. 200 and there are no annual maintenance charges involved. 

Types of Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges

Adequate knowledge of trade smart online brokerage charges is among the vital factors that contribute to the increase in the sale by sub-brokers. 

If you comprehend this information, as a trader it will automatically improve your experience in the industry. 

The following are brokerage charges for trade smart online:

1. Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC)

This type of trade smart brokerage charges is specifically for a Demat account; therefore, there are no charges levied on the maintenance of a trading account. 

These charges are usually deducted from a trader’s account annually as from the date the account was created whether one has trade for the whole year or not.

The following are AMC and account opening Trade smart brokerage charges; 

Opening Charges for Trading Account (one time)Rs. 200
Annual Maintenance Charges AMC for Trading Account (Yearly fee)0
Charges for opening a Demat Account (one time)Rs. 200
Annual Maintenance Charges AMC for Demat Account (Yearly Fee)Rs. 300

2. Depository Participant Charge (DP)

When an intermediary makes a sale for you, there is an amount of money that is paid out to the individual at a given percentage of the actual price of the asset. 

However, in brokerage for trade smart depositories, the charge is fixed irrespective of the quantity in commodities, shares, F&O, mutual funds, and derivatives.

In Trade smart brokerage when a stock of any quantity is sold Rs. 15 per scrip is debited from a trader’s Demat account. 

Trade smart is a member of Central Depository Services India Ltd (CDSL) hence the DP amount charged is used to pay for membership. 

3. Transaction/Turnover Charges

These trade smart online brokerage charges (exchange transaction and clearing) are levied by MCX, NSE, BSE, and clearing member. 

The transaction exchange fee is levied for segments such as commodities, currency derivatives, and equity.

Below is brokerage for trade smart charges on Turnover;

SegmentTransaction Fee
Equity Delivery0.0035%
Equity Intraday0.0035%
Equity Futures0.0024%
Equity Options0.0715%
Currency Futures0.00165%
Currency Options0.06%

4. Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT)

In India, domestic transactions done on commodity derivative exchanges are levied CTT by the Government. 

When trading equity delivery in brokerage for trade smart this charge is levied on both sides (buy and sell). 

However, it is only levied on sale in case a trader is engaged in intraday or F&O trading.

Note that trade smart brokerage charges are charged on non-agri commodities only.

5. Security and Exchange Board of India Charges (SEBI)

The responsibilities of safeguarding the investors’ interests and regulation of the market are entrusted to SEBI. 

The expenses that SEBI incur during the fulfillment of the assigned roles are the reasons behind the charge levied. Trade smart brokerage charges a minimum fee of Rs. 10 per crore for SEBI.

6. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

It represents the value-added cost which is charged on goods and services meant for domestic consumption. In India, the Government levies 18% GST on Trade smart brokerage and transaction charges.

7. Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

When a purchase and sale of securities on stock exchange is made, brokerage for trade smart levies a tax called STT. Here are some of the STT charges details;

Trade Smart Online TaxRates
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)Equity Delivery: 0.1% charged on buy and sell
Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the side of sell
Equity Futures: 0.01% on the side of sell
Equity Options: 0.05% on the side of sell (Premium)
Commodity Futures: 0.01% on the side of sell (Non-Agri)
Commodity Options: 0.05% on the side of sell
Currency F&O: No STT

8. Stamp Duty

Trade smart brokerage charges stamp duty location of the customer. 

These charges vary based in the residential states of the clients, for instance, if the distance between the broker and the customer is long it is evident that the stamp duty will be much more than if the individual is located near the firm.

Other than the above charges, it is important to note that when buying or selling stocks through brokerage for trade smart customers pay commissions.

Trade smart online brokerage charges on various segments including Equity, Commodities, and Currency are discussed below.

Power Trading Plan Brokerage Charges

SegmentBrokerage Fee (Rs.)
Equity Delivery15/executed order
Equity Intraday15/executed order
Equity Futures15/executed order
Equity Options15/executed order
Currency Futures15/executed order
Currency Options15/executed order
Commodity Futures15/executed order
Commodity Options15/executed order

Value Trading Plan Brokerage Charges

SegmentBrokerage Fee
Equity Delivery0.007%
Equity Intraday0.007%
Equity Futures0.007%
Equity OptionsRs. 7/lot
Currency Futures0.007%
Currency OptionsRs. 7/lot
Commodity Futures0.007%
Commodity OptionsRs. 7/lot

Calculators in Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges Review

Revealing of the brokerage calculators has helped traders in determining how much the amount each trade is levied by a broker. 

Trade smart online brokerage charges review discusses an umpteen number of calculators that can be used on segments such as;

  • Equities
  • F&O
  • Commodity
  • Currency

1. Trade Smart Online Brokerage Calculator

It helps in finding the exact amount of trade smart brokerage charge on trade. 

It is a very helpful tool to the traders as it acquaints them with knowledge on the market price trends hence making it easy for them to derive better plans of trade and placing relevant stop loss targets.

A brokerage calculator is a technological feature that will not let you strain since it simplifies everything for you. 

However, Trade smart online brokerage charges Rs. 200 fee for opening an account.

2. Trade Smart Online Savings Brokerage Calculator

The main aim of every investment is to make a profit on the available stock. 

The brokerage for trade smart calculator is the best solution to the unending doubts that keep running in your mind when using this firm for trading online.

When trading with Trade Smart, this calculator enables you to have a clear figure of the savings to expect on brokerage over a given period.

3. Trade Smart Online Equity Brokerage Calculator

Under the Equity segment, various orders are placed which include intraday and delivery. 

This aims at helping you understand brokerage on delivery, derivatives, and intraday which are elements of the equity segment.

(i) Trade Smart Online Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Traders hold delivery trades for longer periods for over one trading session. Once you find the best trade smart brokerage charges for selling the delivery trade you can close the calculator. 

Trade smart brokerage calculator enables one to determine the delivery brokerage and other additional charges. 

You are also able to calculate your investment’s break-even point using the trade smart online equity delivery brokerage calculator.

(ii) Trade Smart Online Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Just like in any other type of trade, it is very important to determine the break-even point of your investment when dealing with brokerage for trade smart. 

In the case of intraday trading, once a trader discovers a break-even point the immediate action to take is to close his or her position.

Most traders who take part in intraday trading prefer placing a stop-loss on their orders which is very advisable. 

Trade Smart online equity intraday brokerage calculator gives you the ability to determine the exact targets where you can easily duel your position in profit.

4. Trade Smart Online Commodity Brokerage Calculator

With commodity brokerage calculator, you can determine the trade smart online brokerage charges and other transaction costs such as;

  • stamp duty, 
  • goods and service tax (GST), 
  • commodity transaction tax (CTT)
  • exchange transaction

This tool enables a trade to calculate the costs that will be incurred by calculating all the taxes as well as the trade smart brokerage charges in advance before the execution of the trading commodities, is commenced.

Calculation of costs is based on the state where the execution of the trade will take place, buy/sell price, brokerage percentage, quantity and the commodity. 

With this calculate, you can as well calculate the required points to break even since this trade smart brokerage calculator guarantees effective results.

5. Trade Smart Online Currency Brokerage Calculator

With this calculator, you can calculate brokerage for trade smart charges on currency transactions as well as the SEBI turnover charges, goods and service tax, and stamp duty. 

In the trade smart brokerage online trading, you must be prepared to deal with different currencies in the market, this calculator enables one to have an idea of the trading currencies available. 

The currency brokerage calculator can be used to determine the value of the amount in your account if it is converted to the desired currency. 

Conclusion of Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges Review

The trade smart online brokerage charges against the services offered to the traders on consultation, negotiation, purchase and sale are very affordable. 

This makes it the best investment solution manager for both beginners and professionals in the stock exchange market.

In the two brokerage plans, you stand a chance of having a successful investment since there is no commitment, no hidden charges and you only are also offered postpaid services.

With a wide range of trade smart brokerage calculators, traders can be able to determine the total charges including taxes to be levied before the execution of the trade. 

This review allows you to comprehend various types of trade smart brokerage charges that dealt with if one invests with them. 

These charges are very affordable and once you have them on your fingertips, you will have streamlined trading experience with trade smart online since you can easily account for every expense incurred through your brokerage account.

Trade Smart Online Account Opening

FAQs for Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges

Do you have trade smart online brokerage charges?

Yes, there are trade smart online charges of Rs. 15 through all segments.

What are SEBI Charges?

This is a type of trade smart brokerage charges levied by the Security and Exchange board for the expenses incurred during regulation of the market.

What are trade smart online brokerage charges for maintaining an account?

In case of a Demat account, the annual maintenance charges are Rs. 300 yearly from the second year onwards. There is no maintenance fee for a trading account.

Tell me more about the depository participant charge?

Brokerage for trade smart charges a fixed fee of Rs. 15 irrespective of the quantity in commodities, shares, F&O, mutual funds, and derivatives.

What is the standard trade smart brokerage charge on call and trade?

Every order executed is levied an additional charge of Rs. 20. 

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