Top 10 Best Trading App In India – For Beginners

Best Trading App

Amazing Facts about Best Trading App India  Every online brokerage firm is running pillar to post to launch the best trading app India for their online trading platform. Of late, Mobile trading has grown over 100% in India due to an increasing number of beginners having started using the apps before getting into real trading.  … Read more

Zerodha Kite Vs. Angel SpeedPro: A Comparison Of Two Sleek Trading Terminals In India

Zerodha Kite Vs. Angel SpeedPro

Zerodha Kite vs. Angel SpeedPro The goal of this Zerodha KITE vs. Angel SpeedPro comparison is not to condemn any of these two stock trading terminals. One of the factors that guarantee effective and successful stock trading is the platform used for trading. If you are faced with the two options of Zerodha KITE software … Read more

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review – Charges, & Mobile App

Zerodha Streak Algo

Introduction of Zerodha Streak Founded in August 2017 Founded by Harsha Manohar, Vipul Divyanshu and Jayalakshmi Manohar Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka The Streak zerodha team has spent 6+ months with 5000+ merchants and received their valuable feedback on every feature on Streak. The Streak has made more than 900,000 customers happy by serving them. And the biggest thing … Read more

Zerodha Kite Vs. HDFC Securities Blink: Comparing Two Giant Trading Terminals in India

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink Review

Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink Comparisons Synopsis With Zerodha Kite vs. HDFC Securities Blink comparisons, you will know the right and best stock trading software suitable for your trading. It is important to also understand that stock trading and investment is a perfect step to take if you want to earn unending income. This … Read more

Zerodha Trading Platform Review – Kite app, Kite3.0 Web, PI Desktop Software

Zerodha Trading Platform

Introduction: Zerodha is the No.1 broker in India, providing services to invest in the stock market, derivatives, funds, and many other ways of investment. They are having more than 1.5 million clients all over India. Having a very high ratio of 15% of retail orders all over India. Zerodha provides services as all the types … Read more

Zerodha Kite Review – An In-depth Analysis of Kite app, Kite 3.0 Web Trading Platform

Zerodha kite Reviews

About Zerodha Kite Review Zerodha is among the top online brokers in the Indian stock market. Zerodha Kite review is an online trading platform developed by the company to assist traders in the stock market. By making use of Kite by Zerodha, users can trade stocks in these markets- BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) NSE (National … Read more

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