How To Apply IPO Through SBI Bank?

How to apply IPO through SBI bank

State Bank of India- An Overview The multinational and financial service body, State Bank of India is the largest and biggest public banking sector. Having its headquarters in Mumbai, it stands among 236th in the Fortune Global 500 list in 2019. It serves the country for Banking and Financial Services. It is owned by the … Read more

How Do I Buy A New IPO?

How Do I Buy A New IPO

Introduction to IPO Initial Public Offerings (IPO), the name itself suggests that it is the offering from a company to the public. In other words, the company is going public from private for the first time and that is why it is called Initial offering. At times already listed companies also offers its shares to … Read more

What Happens When A Company Goes Public?

What Happens When A Company Goes Public

What does ‘Going public’ mean? When a private company decides to release its share into the stock market, it ‘goes public’. The term ‘going public’ basically refers to the Initial Public Offering (IPO). The private company lets its ownership to be traded by the public through the stock market.  Usually, the company gathers capital by … Read more

What Is Oversubscribed IPO?

What Is Oversubscribed IPO

IPO Allotment: Before we know about what an Oversubscribed IPO is it is important to know what an IPO Allotment and the other topics is related to Allotment. IPO Allotment is nothing but a fair division of shares among the investors. Now here comes the next questions, who are the investors? And How all the … Read more

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