Swastika Investmart Mobile App Review – Justrade Mobile Demo and Beyond App Download & More

Swastika Investmart Mobile App Review

Swastika Investmart is one of the leading brokerage houses in India. Swastika Investmart is a traditional full-service broker, headquartered in Indore, MP. The company was founded in 1992 by the owner Sunil Nyati.

Swastika Investmart enables its customers to buy financial instruments from multiple stock and commodity exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX, etc.

They provide a wide array of financial services, i.e., loans, wealth management, investment banking, stockbroking, mutual funds, IPOs, bonds, etc. Swastika also facilitates depository services with the help of its partnership at NSDl and CDSL.

Swastika Investmart Logo
Swastika Investmart Logo

The Swastika is a public limited company, which means registered on the Bombay Stock Exchange, and their shares are also available for buying.

Swastika Investmart has over 1 lakh 40 thousand active and happy clients all across the nation. The backbone of their consistent service is their extensive presence across the major cities of India.

The company has more than 2000 physical branches in collaboration with the sub-brokers and partners. They have a total of 102 branches of their own, with a total of 850+ employees working.

Swastika Investmart’s in-house research team is well known for providing effective and prompt technical analysis reports and recommendations for the benefit of their clients. They also offer various learning courses in the Stock Market and Financial domain.

The firm keeps itself updated with current market trends.  They believe in using advanced technologies to provide a better trading and investment experience. The online mobile trading platform of Swastika is an example of them being tech-savvy.

The Swastika Investmart App is known as Justrade Mobile App, and it is available on Google Play Store. This article will focus on the vital app features of the Justrade App, its pros and cons, and the brokerage structure of Swastika.

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Swastika Investmart Mobile App Review
Swastika Investmart Mobile App Review

Swastika App Review

1. Justrade Mobile App

Swastika Justrade Mobile App is an extremely user-friendly app for stock trading and investing offered by Swastika Investmart. It is a small-sized app with lightning-fast speed and loads of attractive features.

Swastika Justrade Mobile App
Swastika Justrade Mobile App

Justrade App comes in a download file size of approximately 15 MB. It is a quiet popular stock and commodity trading app and is downloaded by more than 10,000 people from the android app store.

It has a combined user rating of 3.6 stars on the Google Play Store. Additionally, it has more than 800 user reviews posted by the customers who are currently using the app.

Swastika Justrade Mobile App Login Screen
Swastika Justrade Mobile App Login Screen

Here are the salient app features of Justrade.

  • Watch list for tracking your favorite stocks and commodity instruments. These watch lists are customizable at the customer’s end.
  • Real-time news, stock quotes, and financial details.
  • There are advanced order types – Bracket order, Cover order, Aftermarket order, etc.
  • Market reports, Recommendations, and Tips are available in the app itself.
  • It has transfer funds with ease and security. More than 25 nationalized banks supported for instant fund transfer from saving bank account to trading account and vice-versa.
  • Historical charts, graphs, and drawing tools are available for performing technical analysis.
  • Multiple time frames are available for viewing charts – ranging from 1 minute to 1 year.
  • It has technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Resistance Support Indicator, and many more.
  • There are back-office reports such as ledger, portfolio, positions, P&L, etc.
  • News and market updates.

2. Swastika People Mobile App

Swastika People’s mobile app is for the internal use of Swastika Investmart employees and team members. The app is not available for outside users.

Swastika People App
Swastika People App

The Swastika People app is of 23 MB in terms of download file size, rated 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store.

Swastika People App Login Screen
Swastika People App Login Screen

Here are the key app features.

  1. Employees can check their daily attendance via this app.
  2. Employees can apply for leaves using the app.
  3. Schedules and meeting updates can be broadcasted and received.
  4. You can discuss it with the Human Resource team via chat.
  5. Check company policies and latest announcements.

3. eKYC Swastika Mobile App

The eKYC Swastika app is for updating KYC details of the customers, as the name itself suggests. As already mentioned that Swastika facilitates the online account opening process, hence this app is used for updating KYC documents of the clients online.

eKYC Swastika App
eKYC Swastika App

This app is useful for the administration or KYC compliance team of Swastika.

eKYC Swastika App Login Screen
eKYC Swastika App Login Screen

It is a 29 MB app with 4.3 stars on Google Play Store. The app is only available on the android app store, not for the iOS platform.

4. eKYC TradingBells Mobile App

As same to the above app, this app is useful for employees (administration or KYC compliance team of TradingBells).

Swastika eKYC TradingBells App
Swastika eKYC TradingBells App

For your information, TradingBells is a discount brokerage arm of Swastika Investmart. Swastika works as a full-service broker house with higher brokerage rates and high net worth clients.

They introduced a discount brokerage platform with the name Trading Bells. It was to compete with other newly entered discount brokers such as Zerodha, Upstox, and 5 Paisa.

It is a 48 MB app with a 5-star rating on the Play Store. This app is also available only on the android platform.

Swastika eKYC TradingBells App Login Screen
Swastika eKYC TradingBells App Login Screen

Swastika Investmart Competitor:

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5. Swastika GetLoan Mobile App

Swastika GetLoan app is useful for disbursing a variety of loans to the customers. Personal Loan, Business Loan, Loan against Property, Loan against shares, and margin funding are possible with this app.

Swastika GetLoan App
Swastika GetLoan App

Salient features of the app are:

  1. Quick approval and disbursal of loans.
  2. Flexible repayment options.
  3. Loan against properties and shares.
Swastika GetLoan App Login Screen
Swastika GetLoan App Login Screen
  • Affordable EMI Plans.
  • There is margin funding for Future and Options trading.
  • You get the facility of per day interest calculation.
  • It has advanced calculators for EMI, penalty, and saving calculations.

Swastika Investmart Charges

Here we are sharing a brief about the various charges applicable at Swastika Investmart.

Account Charges

Account Opening – Swastika Investmart charges a sum of total Rs 250 for opening a Demat and trading account. This charge is payable upfront at the time of KYC and documents submission.

Account Maintenance – There are no annual account maintenance charges for Swastika Investmart.

Minimum Balance – No minimum balance is required.

Brokerage Charges

Equity Segment Intraday0.02% brokerage of the total transaction amount.
Equity Segment DeliveryCNC order, 0.2%
Equity Segment Future0.02% turnover charged
Options Segment (Equity and Currency)Rs 25 per lot
Commodity Segment0.02%

Swastika Investmart Pros & Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using the Swastika Investmart app for trading.

Swastika Investmart Pros

  • Swastika Investmart is one of the oldest and reliable brokers in India. They have been consistent in their service for more than two decades now.
  • Research reports and recommendations provided by the Swastika Research House are beneficial and trustable. Many customers of Swastika have reported profits by using these research calls.
  • Strong IT team of Swastika makes sure that the technology platforms are working fine, getting updated in timely manners.
  • The customer support and tech support department of Swastika is also very prompt.
  • Easy and instant payments can be made by saving banks to the Demat account and vice-versa. More than 24 nationalized Swastika partners banks.

Swastika Investmart Cons

  1. The back-office support team has a longer turnaround time, which means a query solved after 24-48 hours from when raised.
  2. It has no mobile app for iOS users.
  3. Call & Trade service is chargeable at Rs 20 per trade executed.
Open Swastika Investmart Demat Account
Open Swastika Investmart Demat Account


After a detailed study of all the aspects of Swastika Investmart and its mobile trading platform, we can conclude that the app, loaded with all the essential tools, makes your trading experience better.

Brokerage charges are a little higher in comparison to the discount brokers. But the quality of services available at Swastika is unmatchable. If you are more concerned about service and do not care much about the cost, you should go for Swastika Investmart.

In case you are more budget-friendly, you can choose TradingBells as your trading partner. They are also a subsidiary of Swastika Investmart and facilitate the same Justrade Mobile App for trading.

Swastika Investmart FAQ

Q. How to open an account with Swastika Investmart?

A. Account opening is a straightforward process when you come to Swastika. They facilitate both online and offline account opening. If you opt for an online account opening, you can submit eKYC, eSignature, and Aadhar details online from the convenience of your house. Once your account is activated, your login credentials will also be received in your email directly.

Q. What is the cost of opening an account?

A. Not much. Swastika offers Demat and trading account st a very nominal cost of Rs 250 only. Additionally, there are no annual account maintenance charges as well.  Also, there is no hidden cost at Swastika. However, brokerage and transaction charges may be applicable as per the usage.

Q. Does Swastika offers web and desktop-based trading apps as well?

A. Yes. Swastika Investmart offers trading tools for websites and desktops. There is a desktop terminal version of Justrade itself. Justrade can be accessed in the web portal by merely using a web link in the browser. The web version of Justrade is compatible with all browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Browser.

Q. I am an iOS user. How can I use the Swastika mobile trading platform?

A. Swastika’s mobile trading platform is only available for android users as of now. However, Swastika did not disappoint iOS users. You can access Justrade on your computer. If you still want to trade from your mobile, you can access these tools in your safari web browser by a direct link. Justrade web browser-based tools and mobile-based tools are identical and have the same features.

Q. Does Swastika provide trading tips? What is the feedback of their research?

A. Yes. Swastika Investmart has an in-house research team, and it continually works on providing useful trading recommendations. These tips, based on extensive technical and fundamental analysis, have reported these tips to be very useful and profitable.

Swastika Investmart Alternative:

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