Stoxkart Mobile App Review – Stoxkart Pro, Stoxkart Classic, Stoxkart Invest App

Stoxkart – An Overview 

Stoxkart is a part of the SMC Group, which is a Financial Brokerage Firm based out of Delhi. The firm has been growing at a fast pace since its inception. They offer a range of online trading platforms at a very competitive price in India.

Stoxkart Logo
Stoxkart Logo

SMC Group was founded in 1994 and provided extraordinarily good services to the customers. However, as the market demand increased for discount brokerage models, they introduced Stoxkart. 

The Discount Brokerage Firm came up with a unique idea of paying the brokerage only after you earn the profit. 

It is for the first time in India when a broker is offering such a deal. They also provide commission-free investment in Mutual Fund.

Stoxkart Review

Stoxkart – Review 

Stoxkart is a technology-focused start-up, and they emphasize trading and investment through online mobile app technologies. 

The firm is currently offering three different mobile-based tools to facilitate trading and investment processes.

With this article, we aim to understand all the mobile solutions provided by Stoxkart. Including the key app features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The apps offered by Stoxkart are:

  1. Stoxkart Pro
  2. Stoxkart Classic
  3. Stoxkart Invest

These are highly developed front-end tools for providing a smooth trading experience on your fingertips.

1. Stoxkart Pro

Pro is a next-gen mobile trading app, loaded with essential features to analyze and trade the stock market in real-time. 

Stoxkart Pro App
Stoxkart Pro App

Stoxkart Pro was the first app introduced by the firm.

It is one of the most advanced trading apps in India that provides high-end charting tools and historical market data.

The app is free of any downloading cost and available on Google Play Store. The app has more than 10,000 downloads and over 500 user reviews. 

Stoxkart Pro App Screenshot
Stoxkart Pro App Screenshot

The cumulative rating of the app is 4.5 stars, which is outstanding. 

  • Stoxkart Pro enables you to trade in all different segments through a single app. Equity, Commodity, Currency and F&O trading is possible with this app.
  • Rich and Simple User Interface, which makes it extremely User-Friendly.
  • It has an Informative Dashboard that provides consolidated information on your trades and investments in one place.
  • Advanced Charting Tools available with 80+ technical indicators for extensive research.
  • Access to all major Indices from a single screen.
  • Actions like buy, sell, square-off, fund transfer, etc. can be performed with one touch.
  • You can set unlimited price alerts for notification and instant updates. 
  • These alerts are customizable as per your interests. 

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2. Stoxkart Classic

Stoxkart Classic is the latest Mobile Trading App introduced by Stoxkart. It provides a better mobile trading experience with historical and live market data, as well as technology tools for making informed decisions.

Stoxkart Classic App
Stoxkart Classic App

Stoxkart is Simple, Speedy, and Secure. This app is available for smartphone users with Android version 4.4.2 and above. 

Stoxkart Classic App Screenshot
Stoxkart Classic App Screenshot

Here are the top app features of Stoxkart Classic.

  • Trading on multiple exchanges across different segments is possible. 
  • Multiple watch lists with real-time streaming quotes.
  • The facility of Option Calculator is available.
  • There is a Quick Tour option in the app, which helps the new users understanding how to use the app.
Stoxkart Classic Quick Tour option
Stoxkart Classic Quick Tour option
  • Instant fund transfer facility. Stoxkart has partnered with more than 20 nationalized banks for smooth money transfer.
  • Stoxkart has the best customer care and service team.

3. Stoxkart Invest

Stoxkart Invest is a little different from the above two platforms. Invest is not a live trading platform, but it is for your long term investment needs such as Mutual Fund and SIPs

Stoxkart Invest App
Stoxkart Invest App

Stoxkart Invest is a small-sized app available on the Google Play Store. The download size of this app is 13.19 MB, and hence it has an outstanding fast performance. 

The app is available for free and has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users by now.

  • Easy and Fast-tracking of Mutual Fund Portfolios. Anytime, anywhere, on the tips of your thumb.
  • DIY (do it yourself) feature for investing in all available Mutual Fund schemes. 
  • You can purchase, redeem, and switch on your own.
  • Fact Sheet available for all the schemes in one single place.
  • User Interface Design is effortless to use.

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Stoxkart – Pros & Cons 

Here are the benefits and considerations of using Stockart services and platforms.


  • Zero brokerage on delivery and flat Rs 15 on trading.
  • A unique concept of ‘Pay Brokerage Only When You Earn Profit.’ 
  • All the apps are backed by SMC, which is a renowned and reliable market player for more than 20 years.
  • Stoxkart Pro has Award-Winning Research, which is the first time it is the Discount Brokerage Industry. 
  • It incorporates decent Charting and Drawing tools with a lot of useful technical indicators.


  • Stoxkart is a relatively new broking platform in the market. 
  • Call and Trade Service is chargeable at Rs 20 per executed order.
  • Investing in IPOs is not possible with any of the Stoxkart App.
open stoxkart demat account


Stoxkart mobile app is a good option overall considering its features, user-friendliness, and performance speed. The brokerage is also comparatively low.

If you are looking forward to getting started with the stock market and investments in general, and you do not depend on call & trade, then this may be the right pick for you.


Q. Do Stoxkart provide all these mobile apps for free?

Yes. All the mobile trading platforms provide by Stoxkart are free for download. You can download either Stoxkart Pro or Stoxkart Classic for trading, and Stoxkart Invest for Mutual Fund and SIPs.

Q. How can I use Stoxkart Cassic?

For using Stoxkart Classic App, you will require a Demat and Trading Account with SMC Group. They facilitate instant account opening, which is an online process. 

A set of login credentials will be provided upon successful activation of your account, which can be used for logging in to the mobile app.

Q. Do they provide advisory service?

Yes, Stoxkart provides advisory service. It has a dedicated team of experienced researchers who facilitate extremely accurate tips and recommendations promptly. 

The Stoxkart Pro app has an additional feature as well, through which you can directly place an order from the recommendation.

Q. How to download this app?

The Stoxkart Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store for free. You can quickly get the app on your smartphone by following these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Type ‘Stoxkart’ in the search bar.
  3. The app is available with full name as Stoxkart Pro: Stock trading app for NSE, BSE & MCX
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.

Q. How much is the brokerage charge and other maintenance charges with these apps?

Stoxkart charges Rs 15 for every executed order on an intraday basis. Additional GST of 18% will be charged with the brokerage fee. 

Apart from brokerage, you will be paying a sum of Rs 300 for Account Maintenance Charge, which is charged once in a year.

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