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Company Information – Overview History

Stockaxis is India’s top notch equity advisory services offered by the Opulent Investment Advisors Private Limited (OIAPL), a frontrunner in providing premium services related to equity research and offering advisory services in the financial markets under its flagship brand of ‘Stockaxis’. Stockaxis offers deep research, disciplined investment processes and analysis backed by trusted guidance.

Stockaxis is a registered entity with SEBI and conferred a Sebi License. Stockaxis works as an advisory to NRIs, HNIs, and tens of thousands of investors and traders around the world. Stockaxis helps to keep abreast with the fast changing financial and economic milieu and the accompanying intrinsic challenges.

You can now get your portfolio reviewed. All you need to do is to upload your portfolio on Stockaxis and schedule a call. Leveraging Stockaxis acumen, you can spot the opportunity early to cash on with the help of the innovative approach, unparalleled in-depth research, proficient sales team for your constant assistance, and apt technology of Stockaxis.

Stockaxis has achieved the feat of servicing 500000 users of the equity investment products and services through the proprietary Stockaxis investment platform.

Stockaxis has been pivotal and instrumental to the success of their clients by enabling them to achieve their financial and investment goals, capitalising on the opportunities, and advising them on taking calculated risks and informed investment decisions.

Business Principles of Stockaxis

  • Aspire to be the best in the industry
  • Develop and World Class Organisation
  • Client focus and alignment to the client’s goals
  • Build a great team of professionals
  • Train & retain great employees
  • Open, Transparent and thoroughly Honest with internal Clients, Organisation, Colleagues, and External Clients

Stockaxis Share Price

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Stockaxis Customer Ratings

Products & ServicesRating
Advisory Services
Equity Investment
Premium Portfolio Services
Portfolio Review & Optimization
Research Tools and technical charts
Investing Education Process Documentationl
Dedicated Professional research and Support team
Stockaxis Mobile App
Overall Ratings

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Stockaxis Mobile App for Trading

India’s #1 Investment App, Stockaxis is is a great way to perform the quintessential Analysis and Research on Indian Stock Market. Stockaxis Mobile App is a great equity investment App providing equity investment platform and information at your fingertips for all your trading needs. You can easily and seamlessly download one of the most popular investment & trading apps in India and get tips and guides of equity investment and advisory.

Stockaxis App
Stockaxis App

Stockaxis app can be downloaded from the Google Play on your mobile to take the advantage of your investment needs. Invest in equity from anywhere anytime on the move leveraging the Stockaxis App for android and iOS mobile platforms. This allows you with the much needed freedom for traders to get instant information, Latest market updates, alerts, and notifications to stay abreast with market conditions and help in closing deals.

Stockaxis App Interface
Stockaxis App Interface

Stockaxis App changes the way you research and invest in stock market. Stockaxis app is India’s most trusted equity adviser allows you to engage heavily in technical and fundamental research complemented by years of invaluable experience of Stockaxis in the Indian stock market. At StockAxis you can be rest assured to receive First Class Stock Advice from First Class Research without any strings attached.

StockAxis is India’s only App that empowers the investors with the finest research tools to help with in-depth Analysis on Indian Stock Market.

You can simply install the easy-to-use Stockaxis App to explore the research tools absolutely free. What’s more? You get latest real-time updates relevant to your investments, trading recommendations from expert Research Analysts, and track your portfolio on the move from anywhere, anytime.

You can easily track latest updates of the invested stocks on the StockAxis App that covers news on companies listed in BSE and NSE exchanges. Moreover, you can track your investments with Portfolio and Watchlist tools available on Stockaxis.

What You Get from the StockAxis App

Stockaxis provides distinct advantages with its products & services to its clients.

Salient Features of Stockaxis

Offers StockAxis Top 50 Stocks

StockAxis Top 50 is a list of top 50 high ranking stocks rated by our innovative, robust, and proprietary Stockaxis Stock Rating System. Stockaxis 50 Stocks comes with higher rating and offers a higher probability of registering gains with a lower downside risk.

Stockaxis App Easy-To-Use

You are able to navigate easily through all financial data, portfolio, and watchlist. You can swipe Right on stocks present in Change In Trend, Checkup the ratings instantly, Benefit of StockAxis Top 50, Top 10 Industries, and Sector-wise Stocks that can be easily added the ‘My Favourites’ section of Stockaxis or in your Portfolio. Stockaxis App has the unique feature of the excel view in Analyser enabling you to execute Analysis and Research seamlessly with utmost convenience and ease.

Take Advantage of the Flagship Analyser of Stockaxis

You can leverage the latest quotes of stocks with In-depth market statistics and real-time data, such as Quarterly Result, Annual Result, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Financial Ratio and Shareholding Pattern for stocks, Interactive and historical charts, and various chart types.

Stay Abreast with the latest News Updates at all times

Using Stockaxis App, you will get the important News pertaining to stocks and stock markets, Listen to the news and articles with ‘Text to Speech’ feature, Separate section of News for your stocks from Watchlist in Top News Section.

Stockaxis Media Platform

Stockaxis Media provides you a platform wherein you can watch the past videos of queries related to stock markets addressed by the Analysts of Stockaxis expert and knowledgeable research team.

Stockaxis Flagship Portfolio Tracker

You can now monitoring your multiple portfolios concurrently across Stocks, get on time updates on your portfolio performance, and news pertaining to the stocks you hold. The portfolio can be converted in PDF and Excels formats saved in your smartphone.

Stockaxis Unique My Favourites

You can add your favorite for your monitoring purposes. You can edit, modify & change the number & order of columns in the ‘My Favourites section’.

Benefit from Stockaxis Expert and Far-Reaching Recommendations

You can track your Portfolio stocks that are recommended by our expert Research Analysts.

Stockaxis Recommended Trend/Rating

Stockaxis’s constant endeavour has been to let the Investors know the right time to get in a trade and when to get out of it. Stockaxis flagship Trend System tracks the direction of UP TREND or the DOWN TREND of a stock price movement. The identification of the Trend is designed to help you find when to buy, sell or hold a specific stock.

The proprietary Stockaxis Ratings System combines both Fundamental & Technical Rating.

Fundamental Rating

Fundamental Rating constitutes various financial data from the income statement, balance sheet, and Cash Flow statement items such as Sales, Profit, Important Ratios, Cash Flows, Working Capital, Cash Conversion Cycle, and many other financial results of the organisation in question cutting across the past quarters and fiscal years.

Technical Rating

Technical Rating consists of the technical parameters such as price, volume, moving averages, MACD, RSI, Fibonacci and other various key indicators to understand the stability & strength of a company in the long-term sustainability of the financial performance.

You can benefit from 15 Stockaxis rated listed companies on a scale from 1 to 99, where 99 being the best.

Stockaxis Product & Services

The Stockaxis is a potent equity investment advisory that helps you with their deep research capabilities, Disciplined Process, and Trusted Guidance.

We will quickly run you through the products and services of Stock axis be detailing it below.

  • Premium Portfolio Services
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Research Tools
  • Investing School

1. Premium Services

This section offers services that include:

  • MILARS Portfolio

MILARS help you maximise return on investment through their award winning equity investment strategy based on opportunity cost and separating emotions from investments. MILARS based on 6 guiding principles.

Stockaxis charge performance based fees by offering you and managing the MILARS Portfolio, thereby maintaining it with zero upfront cost.

It follows a market direction approach based on the trend acting accordingly.

  • Multibagger Portfolio

This is a long-term portfolio consisting of 15-20 young companies. These companies have the necessary potential to grow wealth exponentially in the time span of medium to long term.

  • Blue-Chip Portfolio

The portfolio carries 10-15 Blue Chip Market leaders that provide stability & liquidity to the portfolio with their established business model. These are high-quality stocks from the Large-cap companies being in the business for many years with a proven track record of creating wealth.

  • Swing Trading Portfolio

Swinging Trading Portfolio deploys a strategy designed for investors to capitalize the opportunities available in the market to make fast gains with a strong stop loss.

  • Vision 10x Portfolio

Vision 10x Portfolio identifies 8-10 relatively stable companies as compared to other companies in the market. The portfolio includes stocks based of a strong financials of the company, management quality, market reputation, track record, and liquidity.

  • Small Cap Core Portfolio

Small Cap Core Portfolio consists of 10-15 small cap companies at their nascent stage which has a strong potential to become mid-cap companies of the future.

  • LongShort Trading Portfolio

The LongShort Trading Portfolio is an active portfolio assorted with the help of advanced charts based on strong technical research and analysis ti indicates high-performing stocks enabling you to buy in an up-trending market. It further recommends short weakest F&O stocks in a down-trending market.

  • Performance

You can view all the stocks categories as described above in this segment. The stocks category displayed in the section are MILARS, Multibagger, Swing Trading, Blue Chip, Small Cap, Version 10x, and LongShort. This segment of Stockaxis lists all stocks with their Profit/Loss %, Reco. Date, Duration, Reco. Price, and Result. You can also subscribe to the category to start investing in the stocks/category

  • Research Methodology

This section unveils the stock selection process and research methodology. You can read in detail through the Stock Screening Process, Business Model, Return Ratios, Outperform, Management Quality, Corporate Governance, Growth Potential, and Advisory as per your need, and Giving us feedback.

  • StockAxis Reviews

This segment shares the reviews from the customers.

  • How to Pay

This section helps you pay using netbanking, UPI, or via offline payment.

2. Portfolio Optimization

This segment is meant for setting up your portfolio. You can submit your portfolio here to get a unprecedented and historic review by the Stockaxis internal expert research team.

This involves 3 easy steps, Upload Portfolio for review, Schedule a meeting with research experts on a Zoom/Call, and get started with the optimization of your portfolio returns.

3. Research Tools

To access all the sections below, you need to create an account with Stockaxis and login with your credentials.

  • Stock trend/Rating
  • Stock Analyser
  • Ace Investors Portfolio
  • Change in Trend
  • StockAxis Top 50
  • Top 10 Industries
  • Rating Checkup
  • Sector wise Stocks
  • F & o Watchlist
  • Business News

4. Investment School

  • Blog
  • Mini Blog
  • Lessons on Buying Stocks
  • Investment Philosophy
  • Rules for Stock market Success
  • Common Mistakes Investors Make
  • Stock Trend
  • Stock Rating
  • IPO

StockAxis Pros & Cons

Let’s have quick look at the Pros & Cons of the Stockaxis Advisory.

StockAxis Advisory Pros

  • A Week-long trial with 2 recommendations
  • Pricing of Subscription is Reasonable
  • Cutting-edge mobile app technology

StockAxis Advisory Cons

  • No monthly plan
  • Complains are too many
  • Customer service needs to be beefed up and improved

StockAxis Subscription Fees & Charges

ServiceCall FrequencyQuarterly Cost (INR)Annual Cost (INR)
LongShort (A)5-6 per month12,00030,000
Multibagger (B)10-Dec12,00030,000
Premium Plus (C)20-2512,00030,000
Blue-Chip (D)10-Dec12,00030,000
All-in-One (A+B+C+D)25,00080,000
Vision 10X06-Aug15,00040,000

Stockaxis Office Address

113/114, Bajaj Bhavan, Barrister Rajni Patel Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

Stockaxis Customer Care & Support

You can write to [email protected] for any query that you may have and want someone to answer that.


Stockaxis is a Mumbai-based equity investment research advisory helps you in investing in equity stock with their robust technical research and analysis. Stockaxis platform has passed the reliability test with flying colours. Stockaxis is a trustworthy and time-tested partner for equity investment and Research as far as stability and consistency of deliverables are concerned.

The bottom line of our Stockaxis review is that it is an amazing platform with many features and it is highly rated and reviewed by its users with its positive upsides than downsides.

Stockaxis is the perfect share market partner for you, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of Stockaxis!

Stockaxis FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Stockaxis?

Ans. Stockaxis is an advisory and a equity investment and research company established in 2006.

Q2. What is Stockaxis portfolio review?

Ans. Stockaxis Portfolio review enables you with right expertise to build serious wealth via their proprietary algorithm for equity investment process and methodology through the investments in growing companies, and investment in high-strength stock price.        

Q3. How to submit Portfolio for review?

Ans. There are two ways to do it. Either you can do a manual update or bulk update. In manual update, you may key in the stocks or the name of the equities included in your portfolio one by one along with the quantities. In bulk update, you need to upload the portfolio in excel, word, or a PDF format. For instant analysis, go for manual update.

Q4. How do I know about my portfolio review of Stockaxis?

Ans. After receiving your portfolio, the Stockaxis team will schedule a zoom/call to inform the schedule date and time. Stockaxis research analysts will then share their views and feedback on the quality and improvement of your portfolio to optimize it. You may request a copy of the review in your registered email id.

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