Motilal Oswal Review : Mutual Fund, Brokerage, Pro & Cons

#1 Let’s Know About Popular Full Time Service Broker- MOTILAL OSWAL


MOSL was established in 1987 and was found by Motilal Oswal and Ramdeo Agrawal, this is a public company offering full-service broking and has its headquarter in Mumbai. 

Today it ranks 3rd in share broking and has a rating of 8/10 on top websites of brokers.  Motilal helps you initiate products like Currency trading, equity investment, commodity trade, derivatives(F&O) instruments, mutual funds, IPO investment, SIP, insurance, Me-Gold,  Fixed Income products & service, etc. 

We at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. offer you with best services like- Demat Account, Online and intraday trading. The company currently has a base of more than 10 lakh customers who generate turnover assets of 70,000 crores.

From having almost 1500 sub-broker office to having more than 500 clients, Motilal has surely come a long way. This public company offers financial products/services like – shares, mutual funds, security, etc.

MOSL is a diversified financial service provider or firm that offers four types of clients the opportunity for financial service investing. For example Retail investor individuals, financial institutions, corporate clients, foreign institutional investors.

Motilal Oswal offers PMS (Portfolio Management Service). Over the past few years, the company’s PMS has seen a high perform. Today, MOSL PMS is a top-rated portfolio management service in India.


Company Type Public
The Established Year 1987
Founder Motilal Oswal & Ramdeo Agarwal
Headquarters/Office Mumbai
Stock Broker Type Full Service Broker
Customer Rating 7/10

#2 How to Open Demat and Trading Account With MOSL

There are broadly two ways of opening Demat accounts namely- online account opening and second is a manual visit to a branch.

Online Demat Account Opening

  • It’s a paperless online Demat account offering you with the best services, 100% paperless registration and free account opening with Motilal Oswal. 
  • It’s a two in one kind of account that aims to offer you both trading and DEMAT accounts together made in a turnaround time of 15 minutes. 
  • All you need to do is visit the broker’s website- “Open an Account” an enter your details to fill the complete form. You get convenient, secure, real-time tracking and trade operation ready in just 15 minutes

Offline Demat Account Opening Local Motilal Branch 

  • When you plan to get your account opened by a local branch, franchise or a sub-broker you need to provide them with the details on call else they can visit your place to help you start an account.  
  • Having branches spread in more than 500 cities makes it convenient for any customer to enroll with the broker. 
  • You can either call, ask for a personal visit, demo to understand account opening procedure and start with your trading journey with Motilal Oswal

Contact Your Nearest Motilal Branch

Tabel Of content
2. How to account open Demat and Trading account
3. Reasons to open an account with Motilal Oswal
4. Account opening and Brokerage/Scheme/Plans Charges
5. Leverage / Exposure / Margin / Limit 
6. Motilal Oswal customer rating
7. Motilal Oswal products & services 
8. Types Of Account MO
9. Motilal Oswal trading platform/app
10. Motilal Oswal NRI account
11. Office / Branches in India
12. Motilal Oswal Online Mutual Fund
13. Motilal Oswal Contact Support customer care
14. Motilal Oswal Compare Indian Full-Service Stock Broker
15. Motilal Oswal Compare Indian Discount Stock Broker
16. Motilal Oswal Advantages/pro & Disadvantages/Cons
17. Motilal Oswal Partner, Sub Broker and Franchise in India
18. Motilal Oswal Customer Complaints
19. Motilal Oswal FAQs
21. How to Close Demat Account with Motilal?

#3 Reasons to Open Account with MOSL

You should know about the benefits of opening an account with Motilal Oswal and these are

as follows:

  • Account Opening is secure and can be opened quickly in 15 minutes.
  • It’s convenient to use and allow you to transfer funds via an online platform as well as

via debit card.

  • Get your KYC right and begin your trading journey today.
  • You get an opportunity to track the real-time of your investments.
  • The holding of share and mutual funds in the same account is possible.
  • With Motilal Oswal, you get eight variants of the Demat account scheme which you can choose based on your requirement. You can choose higher transaction (Txn) vs. Annual maintenance charge (AMC) whenever you feel like switching.
  • Convert physical shares into the DEMAT account.
  • Dividends are auto-credited to the bank account previously linked.
  • Get your queries served via brokers, sub-brokers, franchise, and local branches too.
Open Demat and Trading Account With MOSL
Open Demat Account

#4 Charges Applicable at Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Demat Account can be opened on payment of account opening fee. Some even charge AMC every year like the Motilal Oswal DP charges Rs. 400 on elapse of 2 years. And a fee of Rs. 20 per debit transaction is charged from your account and it’s not mandatory to open a Demat Account. Charges of Account namely include the following-

(I) Account Opening Charges

It’s a paperless account wherein the opening account is fully paperless. Opening a two in one account can be done in just 15 minutes. For opening an account all you need to do is open an account that easily allows you to a bank transfer, be secure, and have a convenient and intuitive system, real-time tracking and supportive.

Motilal Oswal Demat Account Opening  = Rs.0 Free

Motilal Oswal Demat Account Annual Maintenance (AMC) = Rs. 299

Motilal Oswal Trading Account Opening = Rs. 1000 (One Time)

Motilal Oswal Trading Annual Maintenance (AMC) = Rs.0 Free

(II) Simple Brokerage Charges

TypeEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity futureEquity optionCommodity Options Trading

Brokerage0.5% or 50 paisa0.05% or 5 paisa0.05% or 5 paisaRs. 70 per lotRs. 70 per lot
Transaction ChargeRs.325/ CrRs.325/ CrRs.190/ CrRs.5000/CrRs.5000/Cr
STT0.01% for both buy and sell0.025% on sell0.1% on sell0.017% on sell0.017% on sell

Brokerage Charges Different Plan 

SegmentRS. 25000RS. 5000oRS. 100000RS. 500000
AMC ChargeRs. 800Rs. 299Rs. 299Rs. 299
Equity DeliveryBrokerage0.50% 0r 5 paise0.40% 0r 4 paise0.30% 0r 3 paise0.150% 0r 1 paise
Intraday Cash Brokerage0.o5% 0r 5 paise0.04% 0r 4 paise0.03% 0r 3 paise0.015% 0r 1 paise
Equity Future  Brokerage0.o5% 0r 5 paise0.04% 0r 4 paise0.03% 0r 3 paise0.015% 0r 1 paise
Commodity Future  Brokerage0.o5% 0r 5 paise0.04% 0r 4 paise0.03% 0r 3 paise0.015% 0r 1 paise
Equity & CommodityOption equityBrokerageRs.100/lot (both buy and sell)Rs.75/lot (both buy and sell)Rs.50/lot (both buy and sell)RS.25/lot (both buy and sell)
Currency F&OBrokerageRs.20/lot  (both buy and sell)Rs.20/lot  (both buy and sell)Rs.20/lot  (both buy and sell)Rs.20/lot  (both buy and sell)

(III) MOSL Other Charges

  • An interest rate of 18% is charged on margin funding facility. 
    • Bills not paid until a due date will be eligible for interest payment.
    • If there is extra need of statement it will cost you Rs. 25 but if further needed. it will be provided at Rs. 2.
    • At a charge worth Rs.35 per request, you can create pledge, close or invoke.
    • For dematerialization, you need to pay Rs. 50 per request and Rs. 50 per certificate.
    • But if you choose to rematerialize a charge of Rs. 35 per certificate or Rs. 35 per share, whichever is higher will be charged.
    • For request of redemption/SOA- a charge of Rs. 25 will be charged
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Charge TypeCharges to be PAID
AdvanceNo Charge
DEMAT transaction Charge within MOFSL (selling)Rs. 30 or 0.03% whichever is higher
DEMAT transaction Charge outside MOFSL (selling)Rs. 40 or 0.04% whichever is higher
Scheme nameAMC scheme
Dematerialization (for all schemes)50/certificate and 50/request
Rematerialization35 /certificate
Pledge, unpledged, closure, invocation35 or 0.02%, Based on ISIN request whichever is higher
AMC- Account Maintenance ChargeRs. 550
AAC- Account Administration ChargeRs. 199

#5 MOSL Exposure / Margin / Limit

Margin Scheme

When you commit higher-margin money, will help in reducing brokerage charge in a trading account. Here are brokerage levied on the following segment-

SegmentMargin Exposure
Equity Delivery Margin4 times of available margin
Equity Intraday Margin20 times of margin available
Option equity MarginFrom 25 to 100/lot (both buy and sell)
Future Margin3 times of available margin only for intraday, not c/f
Option MarginNo exposure as its leveraged products
Equity co marginNo exposure
Future Co. Margin3 times of available margin but for intraday, not c/f
Option Co. MarginNo exposure
Commodity  Margin3 times only for intraday and not c/f and 5 times on margin

#6 Motilal Oswal customer rating

Gross Rating ★★★★☆ stars 7/10
Charges ★★★★☆ stars 7/10
Margin ★★★★☆ stars 7/10
PMS ★★★★☆ stars 9/10
Customer Service ★★★★☆ stars 6/10

#7 Motilal Oswal products & services 

The company periodically publishes different stock market large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap company research reports as well as sector-wise (FMCG, finance, cement sector) its technical research and fundamental analysis media reports.

Motilal offers you with following products and services-

  • Equity Trading –At Motilal Oswal, you can also trade-in equity portion of the company and embrace a great dividend on shares traded.
  • Commodity Services – You can also choose to invest in the commodity market that helps you in trading with commodity service too.
  • Depository services– if you don’t have a DP account we help you create one.
  • Customer care– At Motilal, we strive to help our customers by being available for them either on calls or emails only to resolve your query.
  • Portfolio Management– Motilal also helps you manage a portfolio.
  • Research Services– You get a research guide before you invest in the stock market.
  • Advisory Services– Our expert advisors are there at your service to guide you and not let you take any wrong decision for yourself. Our agents help you in every way possible so that you take a wise decision.
  • Mutual Funds and IPO investment services– are also provided by Motilal Oswal to help you plan your investment accordingly.
  • Brokerage calculator, margin Calculator

#8 Types Of Account MOSL

There are namely three types of accounts that you need to understand before choosing an account.

Default Account Type

This account type is specific for casual kind of traders and for those willing to invest in becoming long term stock investors. Investment options include- Equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, mutual funds, IPO, PMS, insurance and fixed income product.

Value Addition Pack

This account is for traders not willing to risk more and are rather interested in daily trade but lesser risk. You get a discount on the brokerage rate when you choose this pack.

Margin Pack

This is for those traders who trade actively in the stock market and are active with their presence on Stock exchange. Here you can place the trade at a reduced rate to help you with a marginal discount on brokerage. 

#9 Motilal Oswal trading platform/app

This platform offers you a wide range of trading software that might help you keep track of your investments. Some popular names offered by Motilal Oswal I as follows-

  • MO Investor and MO Trader is Trading Website as well as Mobile Application.
  • Desktop/ PC is accessible for an Installable trading terminal.
  • While an application for android and apple watch is also available which can be accessed via the smartwatch.

Motilal Oswal as a broker helps you serve solutions to the problems faced by you with respect to investment and securities.  As an investor of Motilal Oswal, you are granted with access to various platforms that help you trade effectively as well as on the go. So let’s learn about these in detail-

Online Trading Platform

For financial fitness, it’s very important to understand the functioning of the online trading platform. So you get a single view of your investment and can know about its health by having a portfolio glimpse to have a clear understanding of the same. Add on benefits of using the online trading platforms include-

  • You get a quote page that tells you about the “recently searched” companies. And you also get a chat box to solve your instant queries. 
  • Tells you about your ongoing and soon maturing Mutual Funds to give you an understanding about your investment.
  • TIP– Target investment plan helps you in setting financial goals and allow you to plan, track and invest accordingly.
  • Advice on a combination of equity offers you strategy and growth prospects of a stock.
  • Understands risk in your profile and offer you a solution that helps you allocate wealth and manage the same round the clock.
  • You can place bulk orders to execute many transactions at the same time.

MO Trader

This is a platform designed for investors that are keen about the stock market. And wish to earn a lot from this platform, if you the one, then use this zone for quick returns. Benefits of using this platform include-

  • You get custom searched quote page that tells you about the companies shared by you.
  • Know your order, limits, position altogether at one place called “My wallet”.
  • Get trend analysis in the form of market screener that defines the list of trending stock.
  • You can place multiple orders by using the bulk order feature where you place your order in bulk.
  • Get historical data graphically that too real-time chart.
  • “My Alerts” feature of this platform allows you to manage and set alarm on the stock.

Desktop Application

People who lead are the ones who are smart enough to understand things that multiply their investments. So this mindset of users uses desktop application that offers not just research, but allow you to have an insight about investment and then take action on the same. And also allow them to review their decision before actually investing. Let’s learn about features that matter-

  • Trading platform that allows you to take actions by having less lag in operation.
  • You get a charting tool in this platform that helps you watch action time and again.
  • Get 20 times of your margin by availing the benefit of technology-enabled leverage.
  • Get research-based recommendation that might range in hours, week, month, year or day.
  • Inbuilt trade guide that guides you about buying and selling ideas.
  • Get 30,000 research report w.r.t to assets in just a click of a button.
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Smart Watch

Motilal oswal Smart watch
Motilal Oswal Smart watch

This feature helps you keep market track in a watch named “Smart Watch”. You get a market update; portfolio based information, position updates as well as available margin with you. You can keep track by using smartwatch and features include-

  • Never miss an update about the market update and get instant notification that suits your concern.
  • Get access to market update that relates to – global index, top gainers and losers of the market to stay updated about market.
  • Get your portfolios net worth calculated across asset classes.
  • Be aware of the market and get updates pertaining to the position.
  • Get information about margins on both cash and commodity market.

#10 Motilal Oswal NRI account

According to the rules of RBI, an Indian account holder can only hold 5% paid-up capital of an Indian company. Motilal Oswal provides non-resident Indians (NRIs) clients the opportunity to invest. 
Non-resident Indians (NRIs) clients can make long-term investments in the Indian Share Bazaar by using their legal documents opening their Demat accounts here. 

Keep in mind all charges and margin plans of the broker for NRIs client will be different, Compare with local Indian investors.

#11 Office / Branches in India

You can find best Motilal Oswal branches in India namely in the listed states-

MOSL Registered Office Address:-
Motilal Oswal Tower, Rahimtullah Sayani Road, 
Opposite Parel ST Depot, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025
Website –
Correspondence Branch Address:-
Palm Spring Centre, 2nd Floor, Palm Court Complex, 
New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai- 400 064.

Motilal Branches City list All Over India 

  • Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad and Vijayawada
  • Chandigarh –Chandigarh
  • Delhi – New Delhi and Delhi
  • Gujarat Branch Address – Ahmadabad and Surat

201, Third Eye-II Building, Panchwati Cross Road Opp. Centre Point, C. G Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 380006 Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm

  • Karnataka Branch Address – Bangalore and Mangalore

No.212, 3rd Floor, Above Hero Honda Showroom, Palace Orchid Bellary Road, Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore-560080. Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

  • Kerala – Kochi
  • Madhya Pradesh – Indore
  • Maharashtra – Mulund, Mumbai, Pune, and Vashi
  • Tamil Nadu- Chennai and Coimbatore
  • Telangana – Hyderabad
  • Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow
  • West Bengal -Kolkata

#12  Motilal Oswal Online Mutual Fund

It provides you with the opportunity of equity Mutual Fund that has created traction and grabbed the attention of most investors and distributors. 

Equity mutual funds are designed in such a manner that meets your needs and is ready to invest small amounts like Rs. 500 in a month through SIP. 

Any new customer can invest with us in an open-equity mutual fund scheme that offers you with SIP plan that doesn’t even require documentation. 

So you can start with the same in five minutes and can connect the same via digital platforms be it Mobile, desktop or tablet. 

There is a dedicated platform for this named as “Portfolio Management Services Transaction Portal” which is named a “mini PMS” to start with your trading journey without extra investment. 

This is a platform only for existing users to help them trade effectively and start with their trading experience in three minutes.

Motilal is keen about offering unique services in the form of investment options that help you deliver consistency while performing.  

This company focuses on keeping you stay in a company for long and helps you in the creation of wealth for yourself. So those who wish to have a return based journey will choose equity-based mutual funds offered by Motilal Oswal. 

Those who chase for return or safe investment can go with SIP- systematic investment plan that allows you to spend fewer amounts yet still earn handsome returns.

#13 Motilal Oswal Contact Support customer care

Customer care is ready to solve your problems; all you need to do is reach us out if you find any problem related to the trading.

#14 Motilal Oswal Compare Indian Full-Service Stock Broker

Equity and currency trading type are available with Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, Edelweiss, Angel Broking, 5paisa, and Zerodha. While ETE investment option is available with Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, 5paisa, and Zerodha. 

Mutual fund and MF investment options are offered by Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, 5paisa, and Zerodha but not SAMCO. And when we talk about insurance service it’s offered by Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan and 5paisa but not Zerodha and SAMCO.

Motilal Oswal Full-service Competitors broker

BrokerMotilal  OswalSharekhanEdelweissAngel Broking
Broker TypeFull-service brokerFull-service brokerFull-service brokerFull-service broker
Brokerage Range.05 to 0.5%.1 to 0.5%.01% to Rs. 5Flat Rs.30
Account Type2 in 12 in 12 in 12 in 1
Equity delivery.5% or 50 paisa.5% or 50 paisa0.01%Flat Rs.15
Equity intraday0.05% or 5 paisa.1% or 10 paisa0.01%Flat Rs.15
Equity futures.1% or 10 paisa.1% or 10 paisa0.01%Flat Rs.15
Equity optionsRs. 70/lot2.5% of premium or Rs. 250/lot whichever is higherRs.5 per lotFlat Rs.15
commodity.05 to 5 paisa.1% or 10 paisa0.01%Flat fee Rs. 15
Currency future.05 to 5 paisa.1% or 10 paisa0.01%Flat Rs.15
Currency OptionRs. 70/lot2.5% premium or Rs. 30/lot whichever is higherRs.5 per lotFlat Rs.15
Mobile SitesYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
iPad AppYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
iPhone App(iOS Mobile App)Yes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
Android trading Tablet AppYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
Android Trading Mobile AppYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
Web Trading PlatformYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered
Desktop WindowsYes offeredYes offeredYes offeredYes offered

#15 Motilal Oswal Compare Indian Discount Stock Broker

#16 Motilal Oswal Advantages/pro & Disadvantages/Cons

Motilal Oswal ADVANTAGES

Motilal Oswal offers you with advantages that make it stand out from other brokers and those pointers are namely-

  • You have a quick solution with its easy operation of cash. As it has a facility of fund transfer with 39+ banks.
  • When you choose a discounted brokerage scheme you get value for money opportunity.
  • And you also get lots to choose from w.r.t to investment choices like- equity, mutual fund, IPOs, and Derivatives.
  • It’s easy to operate with respect to cash and cash related transactions.
  • This brand offers you a facility of fund transfer with 39+ banks.
  • It can be operated by anyone once you understand how it works digitally.
  • A little effort gets you going and you are ready to kick start your journey of investment.
  • Its mobile application and web trading platform is friendly to operate.
  • They help you with trading tips so you have someone guiding you w.r.t your investments.
  • You get an opportunity to track your investment LIVE as they offer you real-time tracking.


Motilal Oswal has few drawbacks too. Being a full-service broker it too has few flaws that need attention and implementation for betterment-

  • They don’t offer any chat support facility to the investors or traders. So you need to do things yourself without relying on others.
  • With Motilal Oswal, you don’t get any Free Stock TIP.

#17 Motilal Oswal Partner, Sub Broker and Franchise in India

It offers four kinds of business model for franchise seeker and the options. If you plan to partner here you get options of business you can enroll yourself with. 

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One is Franchise- Commission ration of sub-broker can range from 60% to even 80%. Being a Franchise partner of MOSL you can earn a commission band as stated on the clients you bring for Oswal. 

And also offer other services like- Sub-Broker ship, Remisier, Channel Partner and Employee to entrepreneur Program. 

If you plan to become an authorized person of Motilal Oswal you get 40% to 20% commission while a sub broker gets 60% to 80%.

Before becoming a Franchise owner of Motilal ensure you do the following-

  1. Get it registered with SEBI only then you can act like a sub-broker.
  2. You must have a good reputation and clients with good track record enrolled with you.
  3. Before becoming a sub broker you must to be ready to adapt to the policies set by Motilal Oswal.
  4. Get a structure that represents Motilal Oswal and should allow those changes to take a share in your surroundings.
  5. The owner must be a major and not a minor. So ensure your age is 18 years above and should at least be a graduate.
  6. Knowledge in the field of the stock market will be an Add on.

Details for Being a Sub Broker with Motilal Oswal

For being a broker of Motilal Oswal you need to provide the company with the following details that are required to be a sub broker. Here is a list of documents that might help you be a sub broker with Oswal-

  •  PAN card copy
  • Address proof
  • Aadhar card copy
  •  Residential proof
  •  Age proof
  • Graduation mark sheet
  • Experience certificate
  • SEBI registration certificate
  • Investment proof
  • Security deposit cheque

#18 Motilal Oswal Customer Complaints

The total number of complaints received by BSE against Motilal Oswal is 23 in the financial year 2019-2020. While with NSE complains registered are 61 in the aforesaid tenure. 

#19 General Motilal Oswal FAQs

Que 1. Do I need to open another account with Motilal Oswal if I already have a DEMAT account opened with another depository?

Ans. You need to have a DEMAT if you wish to trade online you need to register your account with Motilal Oswal. But if you have enrolled for an offline account you can use the same no need to create another account with Motilal Oswal then.

Que 2. If we open an account with Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL), how much time it takes for one account opening?

Ans. Your account with Motilal Oswal gets LIVE if you are providing them with relevant documents. Once submitted your account will be provided with Client ID and password in a span of seven days.

Que 3. After signing up what modes of trade is offered by MOSL?

Ans. Once you sign up with Motilal Oswal you get eligible for trading on various platforms like-

1.  Website Trading Platform

2.  Motilal Oswal Desktop Trading application (EXE)

3.  Mobile trading application for Android phones and tab (10′ & above) and is also compatible with iPhone and BlackBerry phones.

Que 4. Does Motilal provide trading and investment tips?

Ans. At Motilal, you get free Stock and Commodity Tips to help you trade in the share market in a manner you earn some returns.

Que 5. Do you get any Market Research Report on a Daily Basis?

Ans. Yes, Motilal provides you with a daily market research report.

Que 6. Is Chat Facility Available With Motilal?

Ans. No, there is no chat facility offered by Motilal Oswal.

Que 7. Can we expect 24*7 services from Motilal Oswal?

Ans. Yes, we are at your service 24*7.

Que 8. What is the Margin funding for share and commodity trading?

Ans. Margin funding is provided by Motilal Oswal and to earn more information about this feature reach us out. As it’s only available for a few customers not all.

Que 9. Is GTC facility available with Motilal Oswal?

Ans. Placing GTC (good till canceled) through Motilal Oswal is available, wherein your order remains in the system until executed or canceled.

Que 10. What are the Trading Platforms offered by Motilal Oswal?

Ans. Trading platforms you can enjoy when you sign up with Motilal Oswal on an application are as follows- Orion lite, MO Trader App.

Que 11. Can we trade in AMO (aftermarket order) or off-market hours with Motilal Oswal? Do we take orders for trading after trading hours? Is placing an order available when the market is closed?

Ans. At Motilal Oswal, you cannot place orders once trading hours end. Some brokers allow you to perform orders in After Hour Session that helps you place an order even when the market is closed. On the trading day, you can place an order between 3:30 PM to 9:00 AM on the trading day while on non-trading days you are given 24 hrs, check with a broker to know more.

Que 12. Is Motilal Oswal free?

Ans. Yes, it’s 100% free and so it offers you with FREE trading and DEMAT account and as a result, you get a waiver of Rs.1000. It also offers you free brokerage, free advice and research are given to you for the first month.

Que 13. How do I get my money back from Motilal Oswal?

Ans. The Best Way to Withdraw Money from a trading bank is by clicking on the Bank Account > Funds > Withdraw. It will help you withdraw funds from your trading account and help you receive the amount back in your account.

Que 14. Is Motilal Oswal a genuine broker and is Motilal Oswal SEBI registered?

Ans. As per SEBI “Motilal Oswal” and “India Infoline” are not good to go in the securities market and therefore don’t deserve to be trusted with investments. These are not fit for the market, therefore, they can’t be trusted with investments. No, it’s not SEBL registered.

Que 15. Is it safe to sign Motilal Oswal POA?

Ans. It’s right to sign a POA and moreover, it’s mandatory to sign the Power of Attorney. It’s important for those investors that wish to sell shares. As the sale doesn’t happen immediately and is governed under a process, so for a Broker to sell or sell or pledge the shares you need to give them the authority to perform that action.

Que 16. Is Motilal Oswal good for intraday trading?

Ans. For earning in intraday trading you need to be good with managing margins. For earning even on intraday transactions you need to first understand the market. Any broker will be good for you if you already know about how you can earn.

Que 17. Is Motilal Oswal good for long term investors?

Ans. Yes, Motilal is good for equity linked scheme and offers you with long term investment options that offer a return of 18.6%. So it’s good to invest in the long run rather than charging short term returns.

Que 18. Why is Motilal Oswal better?

Ans. Motilal is better in terms of wealth creation, trust, larger customer base which defines its traction in the stock market. It has been rewarded six times the winner for best-performing equity trading and has earned a name for giving advice that helped investors.

Que 19. Which is better Motilal Oswal or Zerodha?

Ans. If we talk about brokerage Zerodha charges 20 per trade activity, while Motilal Oswal only charges 0.05 to 0.5% brokerage. There is a basic difference in these two and that Zerodha is a discount broker while Motilal Oswal in a full-time service broker. Therefore the former is preferred more than the later.

Que 20. Is Zerodha good for beginners?

Ans. Yes, Zerodha is the “good news” for newbie’s as it teaches you to trade and investment from the base assuming the person joined doesn’t know anything about the same.

Que 21. Who is an owner of Motilal Oswal?

Ans. The owner of Motilal Oswal is Passionate Investment Management Private Limited.

Que 22. How much does Motilal Oswal charge for intraday?

Ans. The charges of Motilal Oswal for every transaction done in intraday for NSE is 0.00325% while its 0.002% for BSE for every equity transaction done in intraday.

Que 23. How does Motilal Oswal work?

Ans. The Company focuses on providing services across institutional broking, private wealth management, retail broking, investment, etc. They basically offer you solutions to the problems you face with respect to investing and trading market.

Que 24. Motilal Oswal trading platform/app?

Ans. Motilal is not just great at offering solutions but they have scaled to such a level that they have launched platforms that can help you scale. As an investor of Motilal Oswal, you get access to-

1.      Online Trading platform

2.      MO Trader

3.      Desktop Application and

4.      SmartWatch Alert.

These platforms will help you scale business and help you keep track of your investments to earn returns and take decisions on the go.


Motilal Oswal is one of the Best Broker ready to help you with the best advice w.r.t to products or services offered. It will guide you with the investment-related decision and help you with maximizing your returns

#21 How to Close Demat Account with Motilal?

Any person having this account can close the same or it can be closed on the order of SEBI regulations. If your account is idle for more than 3 years or there are no trade transactions or it doesn’t have any balance remaining, then it gets eligible for closure.  If you are not using this account, you are advised to close this account to prevent yourself from paying maintenance fees

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