SMC Global Vs Profit Mart Comparison – Side by Side Compare


These broker companies are famous in share market for their services and offerings from so many years. So many traders are connected with these companies. These companies offer so many facilities and account features.

But there are so many differences in their offering systems and policies. If a trader goes through a clear comparison of SMC Global vs Profit Mart, then it will be better for him, to go for the better company, as per his requirements.

SMC Global is one of the renowned private companies in the share market. It came in share market before Profit Mart. They also provide trading AMC for free of cost.

Besides, Profit Mart is also a very famous company in the share market. They provide a free trading account to their customers.

With a great customer support system, Profit Mart is serving traders from 2010.

Relative Assessment on Overview: 

Here is the basic overview of SMC Global and Profit Mart. Both of these are a full-service broker organization. These details are listed below.

OverviewSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Company TypePrivatePrivate
Broker TypeFull Service BrokerFull Service Broker
HeadquartersNew Delhi, DelhiMumbai, India
FounderSubhash Aggarwal, Mahesh Gupta & D. K. AggarwalNiranjan Mahajan, Nayan Bhandari, Rudasan R K
Established Year19902010

Relative Assessment on Customer Rating:

Customers of these two companies are sharing their experiences on different platforms. Based on customer reviews and ratings, traders can get a basic concept of the company features. A relative study on SMC Global and Profit Mart regarding customer rating is listed below.

Customer RatingsSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Products & Services7.1/107.0/10
Brokerage Charges & Fees6.5/106.8/10
Stock Research & Advisory6.3/107.0/10
Trading Platforms6.2/107.0/10
Overall Ratings6.4/106.8/10
SMC Global Vs Profit Mart review

Relative Assessment on DEMAT Service:

Demat account opening is the primary step to invest in different shares. Profit Mart offers this, for free of cost, where SMC Global charges something. A detailed list is mentioned below.

DEMAT ServicesSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Depository SourceCDSL & NSDLCDSL
Account Opening ChargesRs.450Zero
DEMAT AMC ChargesINR.300 per AnnumINR. 999 One Time Fee
Trading AMC ChargesFreeFree
Margin MoneyINR.10,000Minimum INR.10,000
Offline to Online

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SMC Global Vs Profit Mart Brokerage Fee:

SMC Global & Profit Mart offers different brokerage charges. It includes equity delivery, equity intraday, equity options, equity futures, etc. Almost all the brokerage charges are the same, in spite of that trader faces some differences. A relative table is listed below.

Brokerage Charge & FeesSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Equity Delivery Trading0.30%0.30%
Equity Intraday Trading0.03%0.01%
Commodity Options Trading0.03%0.01%
Equity Futures Trading0.03%0.01%
Equity Options TradingINR.70 per lotINR.25 per lot
Currency Futures Trading0.03%0.01%
Currency Options TradingINR.20 per lotINR.25 per lot
Minimum BrokerageINR.15 per executed order0.01% for transaction
DEMAT AMC ChargesINR.300Free
Trading AMC ChargesFreeFree
Margin MoneyINR.10,0000Minimum INR. 10,000

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Relative Assessment on Other Fees:

There are so many other fees or charges in these organizations. All the additional charges are taken by both of them. It includes STT, GST, Transaction charges, etc. A detailed comparison of SMC Global vs Profit Mart is listed below.

Other ChargesSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Transaction Charges0.00315% of Total Turnover0.00325% of Total Turnover
STT0.0126% of Total Turnover0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)Depends on State (very minimal)
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
OffersSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Free DEMAT Account
Free Trading Account
Discount on Brokerage
Trading Happy Hours
Flexible Brokerage Plans
1 Month Brokerage Free
Holiday Offers
Referral Offers
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades

Relative Assessment on Services:

So many services like DEMAT service, trading service are related to trading. Most of these services are provided by both of these private organizations. A comparative study is below.

ServicesSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
DEMAT Services
Trading Services
3 in 1 Account
Intraday Services
IPO Services
Stock Recommendations
Robotic Advisory
Trading Institution
Trading ExposureUp to 10XUp to 20x

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Relative Assessment on Research:

In the share market all the previous reports are very important to invest in a better way. Almost all the reports are provided by SMC Global and Profit Mart. It includes fundamental reports, research reports, annual reports, monthly reports, etc. All the provided reports are mentioned below.

Research & AdvisorySMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Fundamental Reports
Research Reports
Company Reports
Annual Reports
Company Stock Review
Free Stock Tips
IPO Reports
Top Picks
Daily Market Review
Monthly Reports
Weekly Reports
Offline Advisory
Relationship Manager

SMC Global Vs Profit Mart Leverage/Margin

All the margin rates are different in SMC Global and Profit Mart. This leverage rates also influence your trading revenue. A relative study of SMC Global vs Profit Mart regarding leverage is listed below.

Exposure/LeverageSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Equity DeliveryUp to 3XUp to 2X
Equity IntradayUp to 10XUp to 6X
Equity FuturesUp to 2XUp to 3X
Equity OptionsUp to 3XUp to 2X
Currency FuturesUp to 2XUp to 2X
Currency OptionsUp to 3XUp to 3X
CommoditiesUp to 2XUp to 2X

Relative Assessment on Products:

Both of SMC Global & Profit Mart offers different products to their customers. Products like features, banking, SIP and all, actually make your trading easier. A comparison of products is mentioned below.

ProductsSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Equity Trading
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading
Mutual Funds

Relative Assessment on Trading Platform: 

So many different trading platforms are available in the market. SMC Global and Profit Mart provide many of them. It includes mobile site platform, real-time update, portfolio details etc. These products allow you to access you, your account anytime. Besides, it provides so many modern facilities to go for higher revenue. A clear comparison of trading products is mentioned below.

Trading PlatformsSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Desktop Platform – Windows
Desktop Platform – Mac
Desktop Browser Platform
Mobile Site Platform
Android App Platform
iOS App Platform
Windows App Platform
Other Mobile OS Platform
Real time Updates
Portfolio Details
Online MF Buy
News Flash
Research Reports
Easy Installation
Global Indices
Stock Tips
Personalized Advisory
Interactive Charts
Live Markets
SMS Alerts
Email Alerts
Multi Account Management
profit mart demat account

Relative Assessment on Customer Support: 

The support system of the company is very important for their consumers. SMC Global has a higher number of branches (250), which makes them more efficient and supportive of their customers. But Profit Mart also provides a decent customer support service. A detailed comparison will show the features of their customer service.

Customer SupportSMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Dedicated Dealer
Offline Trading
Online Trading
24*7 Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Toll Free Number

Customer Complaint handled: 

It is also a different corner of these organizations. It shows you the compatibility of these companies with their traders. It also expresses your future trading experience with these organizations. A clear comparison of SMC Global and Profit Mart regarding this, is mentioned below.

Complaints (Current Year)SMC GlobalProfit Mart Securities
Lodged in BSE2250
Resolved in BSE2170
Lodged in NSE2483
Resolved in NSE2373
SMC Global Account Opening


The comparative study tables show all kinds of features and products of these two organizations. Also, you can get a clear concept of the different charges like account opening charges, AMC, transaction charges, etc.

In this way, you can get an overview and can choose the better one. This comparison of SMC Global vs Profit Mart guides you to invest on a better option.

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