SMC Global App – Review, Mobile Demo, Charges And Download & More

About SMC Global

SMC Global Securities is a diversified financial services provider in India. SMC offers brokerage services across all the asset classes, i.e., Equity, Commodity, and Currency. The company formed in the year 1990 has its head office in Mumbai.  

SMC Global Securities also deals in wealth management, portfolio management, investment banking, research, financing, depository services, insurance broking, mortgage advisory, and real estate advisory. 

These services are available for corporates, institutions, high net worth individuals, and retail investors. 

As of now, SMC Global has a client base of more than 18 lakh active customers. Such a vast client base served by more than 2500 physical branches across 500 cities in India and abroad. 

These branches are either directly owned by the company or by sub-broker partners. 

Here we will go through the SMC Global Mobile App review

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SMC Global Mobile App Review
SMC Global Mobile App Review

SMC Global – App Review

SMC Global is a new generation broking house; hence they believe in online trading with Mobile Trading Platform. SMC Global offers a vast range of online trading tools, compatible with desktop, mobile, web browsers, etc. 

Yet their best offerings are the mobile trading application.

This article throws light on the SMC Global Trading App. SMC offers all of these platforms:

  1. SMC ACE
  2. SMC EasyInvest
  3. SMC EasyTrade
  4. SMC EasyGo
  5. SMC EasyGo Plus
  6. SMC eKYC

Let us look into all of them one by one.

1. SMC ACE Mobile App

SMC ACE is a next-generation mobile trading app that provides a seamless trading experience to the customers with a rich user interface. 

Just by opening a Demat and trading account at SMC Global, you can start using this app and trace across Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives.  

SMC ACE Mobile App
SMC ACE Mobile App

The SMC ACE mobile app is just a 13.5 MB file in terms of download size. 

Download the app from the Android Play Store and the iTunes App Store for free. 

There are more than 50,000 active users of SMC ACE, who have given it an outstanding rating of 4.1 stars on Google Play.

SMC ACE Mobile App Interface
SMC ACE Mobile App Interface

Here are some salient features of this app:

  • Trading in different segments is possible with one app – Equity, Commodity, Currency, F&O.
  • It has seamless and instant fund transfer, which is supported by over 25 national banks.
  • The guest user login facility is available in the app so that you can take a touch and feel of the app before buying.
  • You get a consolidated view of your holding, portfolio and other back-office reports on a single screen
  • The heat map feature is available for tracking portfolios.
  • A quick and hassle-free search feature, and you can also buy or sell with one click.
  • It has real-time alerts about news, reports, and recommendations.
  • Also, it gives a customizable watch list for keeping track of your favorite stocks.
  • Back office reports can be checked anytime within the app itself.
  • There are a variety of charts and graphs to be viewed in multiple time frames. 
  • There are technical indicators and drawing tools for extensive research.

2. SMC EasyInvest App

SMC EasyInvest is the online platform for Mutual Funds and SIPs. Unlike the previous app, this app does not deal with intraday and derivatives trading. This app is for customers who have an interest in long term investing.

SMC EasyInvest App
SMC EasyInvest App

SMC EasyInvest has a list of top handpicked mutual funds based on their past performances. This app is to facilitate users to invest in mutual funds anytime, from anywhere. 

EasyInvest app has a 4-star rating on the Google Play Store.  

SMC EasyInvest App Interface
SMC EasyInvest App Interface

Key features of SMC EasyInvest are:

  • It enables you to invest in mutual funds in more comfortable, quicker, and smarter ways.
  • Do it yourself feature – you can start, stop, pause, modify, and redeem your SIPs on your own will by using the app.
  • It has consolidated tracking of the mutual funds’ portfolio on a single screen. You can track your portfolio anytime, anywhere.
  • It has a wide range of Debt Funds, Equity Funds, TAX Saving Funds, Index Funds, and much more.
  • Fact sheets of all the schemes are available in one place.

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SMC Global Competitor:

[table id=SBI1AlternativeBroker Responsive=scroll/]

3. SMC EasyTrade App

SMC EasyTrade is an enhanced version of the older SMC MobiTrade App. The newer version is smaller in size and faster in performance. This app introduced to provide a better mobile trading experience to the users.

SMC EasyTrade App
SMC EasyTrade App

The app is approximately 7 MB in size and has over 1000 user reviews on the Google Play Store with a combined rating of 3 stars. 

Features of the SMC EasyTrade App are:

  • Trading on multiple exchanges – NSE, BSE, MCX, etc.
  • It has real-time updating watch lists that are customizable.
  • There are multiple watch lists for tracking stocks across various industries.
SMC EasyTrade App Interface
SMC EasyTrade App Interface
  • Line charts, candlestick charts, bar charts, mountain charts, and many more in multiple time frames ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month.
  • Prompt technical recommendations.
  • An option calculator is an available feature.
  • A quick Tour feature is available for new users to understand how the app works. 
  • Historical charts and data are available.
  • Easy navigation provided for frequently used options.

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4. SMC EasyGo App

SMC EasyGo is the mobile-based app for helping users to keep track of the market and access back-office reports anytime and anywhere.

Key features of the SMC EasyGo are:

  • View markets, indices, stocks, and charts.
  • Back office reports like a ledger, trade history, and stock view are available in the app.
  • Research reports and notifications.
  • Mutual Fund information. 
  • It is a small download file size of merely 7.2 MB.

5. SMC EasyGo Plus App

SMC EasyGo Plus is a back-office solution provider for broking associates registered with the SMC Global.

This app is mainly for business partners, franchisees, and sub-broker branches for assisting their clients.

Its features are

  • Important back-office reports.
  • There are account statements, trial, holdings, open positions, etc. 
  • Commission details of the branches are also available through this app.
  • Fund deposit intimation.
SMC EasyGo Plus App
SMC EasyGo Plus App

6. SMC eKYC App

SMC eKYC is another app for facilitating the operations of branches and business partners. Mainly the sales team of SMC uses this application. 

SMC eKYC app helps the salesperson to open a paperless account within minutes by doing paperless KYC. 

It has a rating of 4.5 stars

Key features are:

  • You can open an account very quickly.
  • It takes just 15 minutes to trade after verification of supporting documents.
  • It is swift and effortless to use the app.
  • It is an intuitive App since it has an auto-filled KYC form. 
  • For account opening application, it has self-verification and Real-Time Tracking. 

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SMC Global App Pros & Cons

Now let us consider the merits and demerits of having SMC as your trading solutions provider.


  • They have Pan-India presence with more than 2500 physical offices – means better availability for customer service.
  • SMC also provides a call & Trade facility in case you are not able to access your mobile app temporarily.
  • Effective advisory service.
  • It facilitates investment in IPO, Mutual Funds, Gold and Bonds, etc.
  • It gives you a choice of multiple trading platforms.


  • Brokerage charges are high comparatively.
  • Margin and exposure offered are very less.
  • Mobile apps are updated less frequently.
Open SMC Demat Account
Open SMC Demat Account


SMC Global Securities as a company is very trustable and reliable. They have provided continuously excellent services to the customers and have a satisfied client base. 

Detail study shows that there are some drawbacks to SMC in terms of cost-friendliness and leverage offers. 

Yet, the SMC Global Apps are loaded with all the required features for making your trading and investing experience seamless.

Hence, if you emphasize better customer service and don’t bother much about the expenses, SMC Global is the perfect fit for you. 

Otherwise, if you are more concerned about higher leverage and lower brokerage charges, you can once consider other discount brokers as well.

SMC Global App FAQ

Q. Are these apps chargeable? 

A. None of the mobile app provided by SMC Global Securities is a paid app. All the apps can be downloaded and used for free. You can visit the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store (whichever is applicable) and download the apps from there.

Q. How to open an account with SMC. What are the charges applicable?

A. Account opening with SMC Global Securities is effortless. They facilitate online and offline processes for the same. You will be required to furnish your KYC and identity-related documents, and your account will be activated instantly. SMC will impose a one-time account opening fee of Rs 499 only.

Q. Are there any other charges after the account opening?

A. Yes, account maintenance charge of Rs. Three hundred per year will also be chargeable on the Demat account. Also, you will be paying brokerage and taxes on the transactions which you will make. However, there are no hidden charges at SMC Global. 

Q. I trade-in options segment. Is the app useful for me?

 A. SMC ACE and SMC EasyTrade apps are trading apps enabled with derivatives trading. Once your account gets activated with SMC Global Securities, you will be able to trade-in options. The SMC EasyTrade app also has an options calculator feature, which will be very useful for you. However, you may not want to download the SMC EasyInvest app, which especially only meant for mutual funds customers.

Q. Does SMC provide exposure and leverage? How much leverage does it provide?

A. SMC Global Securities is one of the brokers who provide very little leverage for its customers. You will get only 10x exposure for equity intraday trading and no leverage at all for any other segments.

SMC Global Alternative:

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