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SMC Global Brokerage Calculator

They have their brokerage calculator, which makes it easy for an investor to calculate the brokerage charged by SMC Global. Just like other stockbroking companies charge brokerage for their services. For online trading, one needs to open a 2 in 1 account that is, Demat plus trading. 

Once you open the Demat account with SMC Global, you can invest equity intraday, equity delivery, currency, and commodity market.

For which you need to pay brokerage at a discounted rate as per prescribed plan. This brokerage charged by SMC Global can be calculated with the help of the SMC Global Brokerage Calculator.

This brokerage calculator not only calculates the brokerage charged but also other government charges

SMC Global Brokerage Calculator Online
SMC Global Brokerage Calculator

SMC Global Equity Brokerage Calculator

SMC Global offers trading in Equity intraday, equity delivery, equity Future, and Equity option through their online website. For which they charge a nominal fee in the form of brokerage.

SMC Global Equity Brokerage calculator gives you a feature to calculate the net profit and loss.

The dealers who make trading for equities of companies shares on behalf of investors can make use of brokerage calculator.

Therefore, before placing orders for investors they can inform the investor about the actual charges to be borne for dealing inequities.

SMC Global Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

When trading in intraday, it is always better to know profits in advance. In intraday, you need to close the deal on the same day so broker calculators help you to reach profits if you choose the right stock.

SMC Global offers intraday trading at 0.030% on your turnover. So if trading in intraday through SMC Global makes right use of SMC Global Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator.

For example, if you have invested in 500 shares each of Rs.100/- & wish to sell it at Rs.120/-, then brokerage charges are borne by you be Rs. 33.00/- 

SMC Global Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Delivery trading is a bit risky as the stock market keeps on fluctuating. SMC Global has the facility of trading in Equity delivery.

For which they charge 0.30 % of total income. This brokerage charges borne by you can be calculated accurately with the help of Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator.

For example, if you sale 1000 quantity of shares at Rs. 250/-, which were purchased at Rs. 200/-, then you will have to borne brokerage charges or RS. 1350/- for this deal.

SMC Global Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Equity future trading is one of the safest ways of investment in the equity market. Here the investor has a choice to safeguard his investment by entering into a contract.

SMC Global facilities trading in this segment of equity-like any other segments. For which you have pay brokerage fees of 0.03% on your total earnings.

Just assume that you are selling 1200 shares of the company at Rs. 285/- which were previously purchased at Rs. 250/- you will have pay Rs. 192.60/-. Calculation of this can be done using the SMC Global Equity Future Brokerage Calculator.

SMC Global Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

An equity option is available for trading on SMC Global Website. For which they charge brokerage fees to clients for availing their services at a fixed price of RS 70 per lot.

To make it convenient for the traders to calculate brokerage charges SMC Global has its brokerage calculator.

In SMC Global equity option brokerage calculator you need to enter details buy and sell price of shares along with the quantity to get the accurate details of brokerage charged.

SMC Global Commodity Brokerage Calculator

NCDEX and MCX are a platform for Commodities trading and this facility is not available with SMC Global currently. But you can make use of SMC Global platform for trading in other segments.

Just keep watch on SM Global website as we might come up soon with commodities trading.

SMC Global Currency Brokerage Calculator

Currency trading takes place when a pair of currencies are exchanged to earn good returns. The currency market plays a key role in the stock market.

Uncertainty is quite often in the stock market which may hit currencies to rise and falls rapidly. SMC Global helps an investor to trade in the Currency market through their website for which they charge brokerage to investors.

In a stock market currencies can be traded in option and future as well. Depending on your investment pattern you may choose to invest in any of these.

SMC Global Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

To trade in currency future SMC global charges brokerage at a fixed rate of 0.03% on total takings. These takings can be calculated perfectly with the help of SMC Global Currency Future Brokerage Calculator.

SMC Global Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

It is very convenient to trade in Currency option to SMC Global at brokerage fees of Rs. 20 per lot. The only thing to get some clarification of exact brokerage charges with help of SMC Global Option Brokerage Calculator.

SMC Global Account Opening
SMC Global Account Opening

Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table

Segment Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed) NA
Equity Delivery 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options Rs. 70 per lot
Currency Futures 0.03%
Currency Options Rs. 20 per lot
Commodity Futures NA
Commodity Options NA

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SMC Global Brokerage FAQs

What are SMC Global brokerage charges?

Ans: Brokerage charges of SMC Global vary from segment to segment.

What are STT charges in SMC Global?

Ans: STT charged on sale is 0.0126%.

Does SMC Global charge brokerage on delivery trades?

Ans: Yes, of course, SMC Global does charge brokerage at 0.30% on delivery trades.

Does SMC Global charge any monthly charges?

Ans: No, monthly trading charges are free.

Does SMC Global charge a flat brokerage or percentage basis?

Ans: Flat and percentage brokerage are charged depending upon the segment.

Does SMC Global charge a flat brokerage or percentage basis?

Ans: Flat and percentage brokerage are charged depending upon the segment.

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